Vick More Open To Return After Meetings With Kelly

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickAfter multiple meetings with Chip Kelly, Michael Vick is much bigger on the idea of staying in Philadelphia than he was just a few weeks ago.

Vick was ready to move on from the Eagles after a very bumpy 2012 season. His offensive line ripped apart by injuries, the 32-year-old had his worst campaign since taking over as the team’s starter. He sustained a concussion in November against the Cowboys, lost his job to Nick Foles, and then was forced into action in the regular-season finale — a 42-7 loss to the Giants. Fed up by the group’s lack of effort, he ripped into his teammates once the 4-12 season had mercifully come to an end.

“If guys cared, if they focused their attention on something other than what’s going on around them [it could have been different],” said Vick. “It’s all about focus and dedication and commitment, and until you get guys who are willing to better themselves week in and week out, and want to win, you’re not going to win. I just haven’t played with guys like that, and it’s unfortunate for Coach [Reid] that things turned out the way they are and they could have been a lot better, and this locker room could have dictated that.”

Asked if he wanted to return to the Eagles in 2013, Vick responded, “I don’t know.”

He sounded ready to leave Philadelphia behind, just as the team was seemingly ready to part with Vick and his rich contract.

Time helped soothe his frustrations, and the quarterback’s mentality really shifted after talking to Kelly. According to a source close to Vick, the two have had a couple meetings now, and Vick came away very high on the former Oregon coach.

Kelly told reporters down at the Senior Bowl: “I really liked my meeting with Michael.”

None of this guarantees that Vick will be back in an Eagles uniform next season. Kelly needs to not just like Vick, but be convinced that he is the right quarterback to run his offense moving forward. Kelly wants to really study the tape before making a decision. If he comes away certain that Vick is his guy, the next conversation is about the money. Vick is scheduled to make around $16 million next season. There was a report a few weeks back that the signal-caller would be unwilling to restructure his deal. However, that was when the wounds from a trying season were still fresh, and before he got to sit face-to-face with Kelly. It is very possible that tune could change, especially after honest evaluation of his market value.

As has been reported elsewhere, the $3 million guarantee set to kick in on February 6 is really only a factor if no other team pays him that amount this season, meaning that the Eagles have some more time to make their decision. Kelly has not hinted which way he is leaning when it comes to Vick. But we at least know that Vick seems to be on board (money aside) if Kelly calls his number.

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  • Mike

    I’m still open to Mike Vick never being seen in Philadelphia again

    • If Gus Bradley had been the coach I’d agree. Now that Chip Kelly is the coach I’m singing a different tune. I remember Chip Kelly saying during his initial press conference that some of the Eagles QB protection issues were due to poor scheme. If he can keep Vick then offense is set IMO. It’s the defensive that needs the bulk of the work.

      • D3Keith

        Yeah I’m intrigued to see what Kelly can do with a multitalented QB, and I’m inclined to think Vick could still be very good with a guy who knows how to use him.

        Still, it’s likely for 1-2 years, bad long-term strategy and there’s the matters of getting Vick to get rid of the ball more quickly and not turn it over. However, Kelly could simplify the game by leaning on McCoy and Brown. If Peters, Kelce and Herremans are healthy and Joeckel is the pick, we could have a great OL and only need the QB to throw 20 passes a game.

        Foles could probably do it too, but Vick + Kelly is so intriguing I’d back it even though I know it’s not smart money-wise or long-term development-wise.

        Odd as this might sound, Vick’s leadership could be an asset as well.

      • nicksaenz1

        Vick still can’t read a defense. I was under the impression that most of the scheme was based on that flaw, thus Kelce calling protections, not Vick.

    • jtaylor8251

      That figures but who cares what you thnk the Eaglfes don’t thank God!

  • I’m not a Vick supporter (anymore), but I’d like to see what ole’ Chip can do with what we have and draft for D (NT,CB,S). Look for a QB in next years draft or draft a developmental QB late if anyone is available.

    • This is a reasonable expectation. Eagles aren’t getting a QB this year in the draft or in Free Agency so that shouldn’t even be a thought. There is a need over the entire roster for remaking. Crucial would be to revamp the Offensive Line and hope that Peters returns. Without grunts in the trenches nothing else on offense is obtainable.

      • UKEagle99

        This ^

  • jabostick

    I’m completely guilty of falling for “what if’s” and highlights of Vick and talking myself into him (and excusing away some of his past performances). But the bottom line is that, even if him and Chip are a fit, he can’t stay healthy enough to count on him so you’re looking for someone to replace him anyway.

    Unless the well is completely dry, might as well just move on from Mike.

  • Myke Lowery

    did he rip into them during the season?Or were they not listening any longer after all the turnovers?

    • Graham

      lol ya lets bring Vick back after he called out the entire team after the season…. Great Idea I think that would work wonders for the chemistry in the locker room……

  • ICDogg

    Vick still has mobility and a strong arm, but it’s not enough. His style doesn’t fit what Chip Kelly says he is looking for: the kind of guy who makes a quick read and releases. Foles isn’t that guy either, but he’s closer to it and still young. Not sure Alex Smith is really the guy either. I’d take my chances with Foles and draft another QB in the middle rounds. I like Foles’ former teammate from Arizona, Matt Scott, who probably will be there in the 5th. He’s got about as quick a release as I’ve seen, and he’s reasonably mobile. Could be a good fit.

  • eagles2zc

    Ehh…Vick’s going to follow the cash, so he doesn’t really have too much of a say in whether he stays or goes

  • The Guru

    Michael Vick isn’t even a top 20 QB at this point is his career. You could probably make the argument he isn’t even top 25. Why on Earth would you be open to letting him come back? I hope it’s just a ploy to move him. If he wanted to play for free, I still wouldn’t have him as my QB. Let this coach killer end his career killing one final coach off in New York.

    • jtaylor8251

      And Nick Foles is a mobody!

    • Jeff

      your just dumb, if i was you i would stop embarassing myself with non sense comments .

      • The Guru

        Actually, it’s YOU’RE genius. Please share what you have a problem with.

      • MAC

        I think Vick is at best # 16 or #17 best QB. Either way he is in bottom half of league. His wins and #’s show that. Believe what you want but no team can win consistently with Vick at QB. The NFL is to close to turn ball over more than other team game in and game out. Vick has always had turnover issues. He used to be able to win with legs, but he is past that point and even when can out run a guy he is very fragile and can’t take hits. He has no idea how to slide so there is no stopping these issues,

    • Graham

      Agreed… I’m just waiting for the morning I wake up and the big news is he is released…. Need to get rid of him.

  • Jeff

    Well that would be the end of the Kelly era before it begins. I assume im not the only long time fan that would have to tune this team out if they plan to start Vick again. I simply cant take anymore ineptitude from this franchise. Too many decades of it. My interest is already at a all time low.

    • ohitsdom

      As a fan, I don’t understand how your interest can be at an all-time low. The Eagles just hired their first new head coach in 14 years, who put together one of the most exciting offenses in recent college football. That’s got to excite you a little, no?

      • Jeff

        I can only assume you are a new or young fan. You will understand someday.

        Sure getting rid of the old regime is great. Long long overdue. But if Kellys first big decision is to keep a aging Vick around, then no im not really excited about the team going forward.

        • Don’t patronize him because you’re a pessimist. This IS an exciting time.

          • MAC

            Pessimist because we have seen what Vick brings to the table for 10 years and know that it can’t work. How many playoff wins does Vick have in his career? All he is saying is that if we bring back Vick the result is inevitable. It also would seriously make me question Kelly’s ability to evaluate what will work in the NFL. Vick is who he is and has been a turnover prone, negative play king, and injury prone QB since he entered NFL 10 years ago. That does not change at age 33. It would take any excitement I have for this team next year and ruin it. Most fans that want a super bowl and to start heading in the right direction would agree,

          • I’m not worried about past stats. If Kelly is a genius I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Compared to our other options Vick is clearly the best QB available. Alex Smith… thanks. He’s this year’s Kevin Kolb.

          • MAC

            How is he clearly the best option? We moved the ball better with Foles who was in his first 7 starts. You are assuming he is a genius in the NFL. If he thinks he can fix Vick he is no genius. That is the impossible. Just like Spurrier thought he could win with Weurful at QB.
            Successful franchises like Steelers, Giants, and Packers would never try to outsmart what has worked since the league began. They choose the formula that is proven to win. Others try to make there own path and outsmart the rest of the NFL with new ways to win. These Genius teams know more than history has proven. That is how you end up on your butt going through coach and personnel every 3-5 years.

            Also clearly if Eagles flirted with Smith last year they may have seen that Vick is not a viable option. I am not for or against Smith. I just know what Vick brings to the table and that it is not and never has been good enough.I just hope Kelly sees that also, I am hoping he is a genius and iif so then I have nothing to worry about bc he would be just trying to raise Vick’s trade value. We may not have the future QB on roster, it’s certainly not Vick!

          • Routinely, when Vick was healthy, it was the Eagles Defense that loss leads in the waning minutes of game. Foles on the other hand, threw 6 Touchdowns, with 5 interceptions in 7 Games…… The question is how does that compare with the other Rookies who started more than 5 games last year.

          • Graham

            Was it the defense that turned the ball over more than 2 times a game? And don’t give me this Oline business….. Oline has nothing to do with proper ball holding techniques and being rushed into a throw into triple coverage when you can just throw it away…. Terrible decision maker get him off the Eagles already….

          • The Eagles offensive line was the beginning and the end of problems, I don’t know what kind of football you are used to watching…..The Eagles current O Line isn’t going to cut it for Kelly. I’ve seen Oregon trap and pull to make that option work and the Eagles don’t have the talent to get done what Kelly wants.

            Some Eagles Fans believe Herreman’s is a suitable Tackle and Celek gives you juice at Tight End. That says all there is to say about the Eagles Offensive Line.

          • Jeff

            Again another senseless response. Vick got injured and turned the ball over due to the worst o-line the nfl has ever seen. Sports science gave vick and average of under 2 seconds to respond after the snap of the ball to make a decision which average for the league is 3.5-4 seconds. Do any of you remember 2010 at all? What you think players forget how to play only after 2 years? Get real and get real facts. Watching and listening to media outlets are not always facts. Watch film and you get all your answers.

          • Graham

            If he doesn’t want to negotiate to about 5 mil this year then he should be gone, as simple as that.

          • MAC

            Why can’t you see that I am not only talking about Vick last season. he has had these issues for entire career, He has never learned to just throw the ball away or slide. He continiusly has been tops in league in fumbles per snap played. He has done this with every coach, team, season he has played in the NFL. The guy has 2 playoff wins in his CAREER and both in same season. I am not basing my opinion only on last year but since he came into league 10 years ago. Also 2010 was the exception and once teams saw the blue print the Giants gave of overload blitzing with corners and safties who could run down Vick he became innefective and turn over prone. So please lets not get upset and lets look at entire career of Vick. Would you consider Delhomme a good QB stat wise while he was in NFL? Probably not and Vick’s #’s are very comparable to Delhomme. Here are there stats comparibly. Now please tell me besides last year what has Vick done to warrant us even considering him still to try to win a super bowl?

            Delhomme: 96 career starts, 56-40 record, 81.3 QB rating, 20,975
            passing yards, 126 TDs, 101 INTs, 5-3 playoff record, 1 Super Bowl

            Vick: 99 starts, 56-41-1 record, 80.7 QB rating, 19,375 passing
            yards, 120 passing TDs, 80 INTs, 2-3 playoff record, 0 Super Bowl

          • Looking at the roster, getting rid of Vick serves the Eagles no purpose in being in a position to contend for a playoff position.

            Put Tom Brady at QB and the Eagles still don’t have the pieces to contend for the playoffs no less a Championship.

          • dislikedisqus

            Been an Eagles fan for 50 years and I’m w/ Mac & Jeff. If he trots out late career Vick next year, the odds are very high we have another mediocre to poor season and the rebuild is just delayed one year.

          • The Eagles rebuilding process has been delayed since 2009, McNabb left in i2010, The Eagles was never supposed to be in contention for a playoff run, Kolb would have been the Quarterback that year and was knocked from the game, enter Vick. Had Kolb not gotten injured, who believes the Eagles would have been in the playoffs in 2010?

            the Eagles should have never went to the playoffs in 2009 and in 2010 went back and loss to the Packers at the Linc. Those were not supposed to have happened.

          • Run Eagles Run

            Exactly. Its good to see some positive fans come out and make some comments. I am so sick of the bullshit negative cloud that hangs over this city’s sports teams. You dont have to be a complete shit negative nancy, and you dont have to be a blind, spoon fed, rah rah cheerleader fan. Its understandable that people were angry with the end of the AR era. I was. Its time to let that go. You dont have to expect Chip Kelly to move mountains, but there is no reason to be negative yet. Let him build the team. Start throwing rocks at least after the first game…. at the very least the pre season games. I think everyone expects him to draft a QB he wants for his system. Whether that is the starter or not, remains to be seen. Whether the starter is Foles, VIck, Dixon, whoever… I expect Kelly will have a decent back up plan as well. Just chill.

      • MAC

        Not if your very very skeptical about this hiring and his overall philosophy translating to the NFL. I have explained several times on here why I am not at all a fan of this hiring. There are plenty of cases of college coaches who were “exciting” and innovative in college that didn’t work out at all. If Kelly keeps Vick then I will lose a ton of faith in his ability to evaluate players. I am an Eagles fan no matter what, but keeping Vick after this hiring would really be a huge let down. There is nothing interesting about losing football! Kelly stated the things he looks for in a QB like durability, no negative plays, getting rid of ball fast, etc.. If he keeps Vick who is awful in everyone of these categories then i will have a hard time believing what Kelly says in the media at all and his eye for evaluating players. I am hoping just trying to get trade value up or something.

        • atb124

          Seriously. It would be a complete disaster.

        • Jeff

          Your explanations are ridiculous, and so far from the facts. Kelly’s philosophy is a personnel one which means he builds his teams endurance and stamina. Doing lots of subs to keep the freshes legs on the field which equals out lasting the opponent which leads to success.

          • based

            Lol no. D3Keith was indeed correct. Essentially your perception of CKs philosophy would also make Jim Washburn an innovator and genius coach. Fuck outta here

        • The Eagles have been on the loosing end of big games for 50 years. For my money I’ll take exciting and competitive. Vick wasn’t the problem as much as it was a lack of talent roster wide and a failing defense the last few years.

          • MAC

            So leading the league in turnovers when he was at QB had nothing to do with the problems huh? He came in for last game of year and once again showed how great of a QB he is against the Giants also. LOL Give me a break the guy was not the only issue but his turnovers where a major part of it.

          • No, loosing leads in the late portions of games was the problem, it began year before last at the Linc against the 49ers and, in following games over 2 years, with or without Vick the Eagles continue to surrender leads late in games. a 4-12 Record in 2012 speaks to those facts rather well.

            The effort on Defense got worse the Defensive Coordinator was fired!

            Well Foles threw 5 interceptions in 7 games, it’s not like you have better on the bench. True he’s a rookie, but so was Griffin, Luck and Wilson

        • Geoff

          i’d like to see what skeptics like you say after the season is over if we have a successful year.. People like you clearly don’t know or understand Chip Kelly. You think Kelly is a “one trick pony” and only knows one system. if you actually did your research, you would know that chip mends his playbook to the abilities of his players, not the other way around. I’m not guaranteeing anything, but I would not be surprised at all to see kelly weave his schemes and other traditional formations into our playbook for a combination that is hard to plan for.

          • D3Keith

            Yup. Kelly’s whole base philosophy is run when there are two safeties high and pass when the eighth guy creeps into the box. Which is nothing different than anyone else is doing. Kelly’s innovation is tempo — meaning they practice fast, play fast and get off more snaps than the other teams. Couple that with the run game and you get an offense that wears down defenses and busts big plays.

            Could you imagine if McCoy, Vick, Jackson, Maclin, Celek et. al. were all healthy AND we took what the defense was giving instead of trying to force the passing game.

            One thing Philly fans will grow to love about Chip Kelly is in-game adjustments. As great as AR and MM were at drawing up gameplans, they were stubborn in sticking to them when they weren’t working. This is not Kelly’s m.o.

          • MAC

            I have no clue? Ok pal. I have been watching football for 25 years and have coached high school football for last 8 years. I am giving Kelly the benefit of the doubt. I just think that if he decides to go with Vick then I have to question his evaluation on this level. Vick has had marginal success throughout his career and accorsing to Kelly’s wish list of what he wants in a QB (no sacks, get rid of ball in 1.5 seconds, no negative plays, durability, etc) Vick is the opposite. It would make me feel like Kelly has not been following up what he says with the actions to back it. Vick is terrible in every category that kelly seems to emphasize.

            I like Kelly’s philosophy as far as taking advantage of teams #’s as far as how they play your formations. I think it’s a great idea and intelligent. I just do not see how I am suppose to believe what Kelly says about he will tailor his playbook to personnel when if he keeps Vick his statements about what is important in a QB are contradicting to what he said. Where did I ever call him a one trick pony? Did you even read my statement? Your bashing me bc your assuming my thoughts on why the Kelly hiring is risky. I promise you I want this hiring to work out bc I am a huge Eagles fan. I just know that no coach can fix Vick and anyone who believes they can scares me.

          • There is absolutely no way given the level of play from the Offensive Line and the inexperience of his receivers to evaluate Vick for Kelly’s System. It’s a fair bet that once Kelly reviews the tapes of the Eagles scheme and the disaster it became he’s going to evaluate everybody on the offensive side of the ball.

            The Eagles are in for wholesale changes….. Vick staying or leaving does nothing to get the Eagles into contention in the NFC East. There are two safe bets in Philly on offense, Peters and McCoy….. DJax has not been used efficiently. Vick in Philly wasn’t the problem.

    • Jeff

      Do you even know basics of football? Every professional knows your team is nothing with out a decent o-line which the eagles were far from last season. It’s so damn funny you dumb ppl blame Vick. Go ahead and go with Foles lmfao and you would be lucky to win 2 games let alone 4.

      • All the leads the Eagles Defense gave up over the last 2 years and Vick haters will still blame Vick for those defeats……

        • MAC

          He lead league in turnovers during that time. So that had nothing to do with his record? Please explain and don’t bring Foles into this. I didn’t mention him. Vick also had another chance week 17 against Giants. How did he look there? Pretty awful as usual. I am looking at Vick in his entire career. he has not been very successful at all.

          • This isn’t a statement motivated by reality, just in 2010 he was again a finalist for league mvp in leading the Eagle to a division title when he replaced Kolb. Without Vick the Eagles aren’t close to being Division Champs and the playoffs.

            That negates your not successful claim and renders your credibility moot.

      • MAC

        Look at Vick for 10 years. There is no excuse every year to be a very average QB with one playoff run in 10 years. STOP refering to only last year. He has been mediocre for almost 10 seasons other than 2010. Please understand that we are not talking only about last year. Vick has nothing to offer a team now and in my opinion was never really that good. yes he was exciting and sold tickets, but I am talking about success in playoff wins and big game wins. He has failed almost every year since entered league. We know who Vick is and it’s simply not good enough and that is based off of his career not just last year!!! Wow can you please just tell me what Vick has done throughout his career that makes you believe in him. Would love some facts not just blind love!!!

    • Your interest and reply in this forum, and the Eagles 65,000 Season Ticket Holders suggest you and those with similar sentiments are lying. I doubt Lurie, the Eagles and Micheal Vick missed your attendance the last few years.

  • DWS

    ZERO chance Vick is with Eagles at current 15 to 18 million dollar contract

  • MAC

    If Chip Kelly watches tape and decides that Vick is worth keeping I will lose a ton of respect for his evaluation ability. Vick is not worth keeping for $1 million next season. Time to move on from this guy. He was a warrior and I like him as a person, but his turnover issue has been there since he came into league 10 years ago. He is always making poor decisions and our offense has way to many 3 and outs with him at QB. He has played for several coaches and all different styles. Only one season resulted in a playoff win. He is 33 years old and this team is far from a super bowl. Time to move on and just bring someone else in or ride out with Foles. Even if Foles stinks and we do not find another guy, then at least we exhausted those options and won’t waste anymore time on any of them, Keeping Vick would make next year an absolute joke! Please tell me Kelly is more intelligent than that. He says that durability, negative plays, not taking sacks, & turnovers are things that he stresses in his QB. Vick is terrible in all those categories. If Kelly keeps him then I do not believe much of what else Kelly has said in the media. It would make me question his other comments about making his system fit the personnel, I get Kelly has to evaluate and maybe they are trying to raise Vick’s trade value, but just cut him already. No team will give up any draft pick other than maybe a 5th or 6th rounder if we are lucky.

    • Bdawkbdawk

      So youre saying that if one of the brightest most studious football minds of the last decade doesn’t see the same thing watching tape, as you do from your couch, that he is automatically unintelligent? I know Vick has looked less than spectacular over the past couple seasons, but If Chip thinks he can fix it, I’m in. You don’t hire an innovator and then blanch, when he does the unexpected. This is coaching not crowd sourcing.

      • MAC

        Spurrier was one of the brightest most innovative minds in football at the time and he tried starting Danny Wuerful. How did that all work out? Spurrier wasn’t crowd sourcing either. LOL
        I think if he can’t watch Vick over his entire career and realize he is everything he said he does not want in a QB then I question his ability to adapt in the NFL. I hope Kelly is a great coach I love the Eagles and always will, but Vick is who he is. My point is that just bc he was a great college coach and innovator does not mean it translates. I hope it does, but many people including myself will be very worried about Kelly if he chooses to keep Vick at any price. If he keeps Vick then all he said he wants in a QB like durability, not taking sacks, not taking negative plays, and low turnovers would seem to be a lie. Those are and always have been Vick’s weaknesses, Now I am not dumb and know coaches can’t always be honest in the media, but the things he stressed about a QB that are important should be the same to all winning coaches. Going with Vick would show me he thinks he is smarter than many other successful coaches throughout the NFL’s history that value those traits in a QB. He would seem to think he can do what no one else has ever been able to do as a coach which is over come turnovers and injuries at QB. That is how you get bounced out of the NFL quickly.

        • Bdawkbdawk

          There are two very simple, interrelated assumptions that I am making. First, I believe there is an asymmetry of information between coaches and fans. Second, I think that Chip Kelly is able to evaluate this information better than you would be able to evaluate this information. If you grant these two very small assumptions, I don’t know how you can come away with any other conclusion than mine. I’m not saying that Vick is right or wrong. I’m saying that it is the height of stupidity to claim that you don’t care about Kelly’s process, so long as he comes to the same conclusion as you. I trust Kelly because I have every reason to. A personnel decision alone, without seeing how he uses that personnel is not a basis to stop trusting him. Now, what can you offer me Mac?

          • The Guru

            To blindly follow a coach and NOT question him or his decisions is foolish. No one here is claiming they know more than Kelly, but to accept every decision as gospel makes you incompetent.

          • theycallmerob

            I think you and Bdawk are arguing the same point; of course questioning the coach is fine, but one personnel decision (in this case, Vick) would not immediately qualify Kelly as a bum coach or the next Spurrier.

            MAC- I see your point, and I personally would rather not have Vick on the team, but look no further than what the change of scenery (i.e., coaching) did to Alex Smith’s career. He went from a indecisive, turnover-prone QB to an efficicient game manager playing to his (and more importantly) the team’s strenghts- good O-line, running game, receivers with good hands running more “possession” routes (slants and curls vs. outs and posts).

            To be honest, I don’t see QB being the primary issue that is resoundingly resolved this year. If Kelly can at least bring in good players, strengthen the defense, and bring back some character into the locker room, I’ll consider that a successful first year.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            Thanks Rob, that was getting difficult. I too understand people’s hesitancy with Vick. But Kelly is known for getting a lot out of players that have traditionally been undervalued. This makes me think that he evaluates personnel differently than most people. And he appears to be good at it. So I actually believe that a vote of confidence, either for or against Vick inherently carries weight. Thus if he doesn’t think that Vick would fit into his offense, I believe him, and if he does think that Vick would fit into his offense… well then I would believe that. I’m not saying that Kelly is infallible, he might be wrong, and he should be held accountable for it. But if you truly believe that Kelly is an innovative coach, I think you have to give him the pieces he wants to make a good run at things. And yes Spurrier was a dud. But is the simple fact that a former “great college coach” is a dud, reason to believe that the next “great college coach” will be a dud? Please, lets look at this think rationally instead of playing Captain Hindsight.

          • The Guru

            Except Smith was 25-26 yrs old when that happened….not 33. And Smith can actually read a defense….Vick still cannot after 10 years.

        • The Guru

          By the way, remember when Spurrier brought in Danny Wuerfel and Shane Matthews to be his QBs in Washington…..same thing as Kelly signing Dennis Dixon

          • theycallmerob

            not the same thing. different names, different people.
            they don’t even look alike.

  • Shark

    I see 3 decent options: Mike Vick, let’s face it, odds are this team is going to suck 1st year (I’m just hoping for overall better play and clear progress moving forward), so why not see what Vick can do in the option. What’s the worst that can happen? High draft pick next year? There aren’t too many draft options or free agent options. The knock on Vick is his contract, must restructure. Foles might be able to work. No he isn’t a runner, but I can picture him running a more pro style hurry up spread under Chip, and Foles has plenty of time to learn. Alex Smith I think would be a solid addition (not saying I want it, but I wouldn’t be upset). Smith ran the read option to perfection at Utah and has much better wheels than people give him credit for. Other QB’s I think should be considered, Dennis Dixon, Darron Thomas (was a star with Kelly a few years ago and is now in CFL), and TEBOW (that’s more of personal pick haha I would hate to see him bring all the attention and media but the kid can run an option and wing it…without much accuracy)

    • MAC

      Wow you lost me at Vick then you showed me your football IQ at Tebow. NO THANK YOU!!!

      • Shark

        Haha yeah a bit too confusing. The Tebow part was a joke though.

    • The Guru

      The knock on Vick is way more than his contract. His inability to stay healthy, his turnovers, his decision making, his inability to read even the most basic of defenses, his inability to audible, his inability to escape the rush by stepping up in the pocket….

      To go into another year with him is just to completely stunt the growth and rebuilding of this franchise. And Tebow? That had to have been a joke right?

      • The most basic of defenses in the NFL are more than enough to run over and through the Eagles Offensive Scheme. The problem in Philly is and has always been lack of talent in key positions on both sides of the ball. Removing Vick does nothing for the talent drain throughout the roster.

      • Run Eagles Run

        the problem with Vick in philly was andy reid not making adjustments. but you spin it however you want, you dolt. Ignore the fact that once the line got its shit together last year, the offense and vick looked good. ignore the fact that the year before that, vick torched the league for 8 or 9 games, and then hit a roadblock when reid couldnt adjust and opposing defenses were laughing, saying they knew what was coming every time. You are not the dumbest person Ive seen post here, but you are the loudest dumb person.

        • The Guru

          And in Atlanta, he couldn’t be successful because of Reeves and Mora? Fact is, he’s had two teams, three different coaches, and 3 different schemes and he’s won 2 playoff games. Thanks for playing. BOOM!

          • Run Eagles Run

            And before he came to the eagles, I would agree with you. he was a coach killer. just enough talent to tickle your balls, but not enough to get the job done. The changes in his game are as obvious as his existing flaws.

            Without chip kelly, it wouldnt be worth bringing vick back into this situation. even if he was the best qb option. But at a reduced price, with a coach that will play to his strengths, I dont see what you argument is. you’re overlooking the streaks of vick playing really well. With a solid offensive line, a new offense set to his strengths, and a coach that can adjust his offense when teams start to catch on, vick is a solid option. this doesnt mean they wont be grooming a guy behind him. There is no reason to rush nick foles if thats who you like. there is no reason to rush whoever they draft if they go that route.

            you’ve shown unrelenting hatred for the idea of vick no matter what the circumstances. its clear you hate him. its ok. but between you and some other mopes, its just pollution. you have the same crap to say.

          • The Guru

            Wrong as usual….Vick strengths were escaping the rush and throwing the deep ball. Good for 3-4 plays a game. His flaws for the other 50 plays a game completely outweigh the 3-4 exciting plays he makes. The guy flat out stinks and isn’t a top 20 QB. To be honest, I have to question your football acumen for not seeing this guy has won 2 playoff games in 10 years.

  • Ron

    If the Eagles bring back Michael Vick then they deserve what they get (or don’t get) and if they keep him at that current price tag then the Eagles are suckers…he’s a wreckless QB who is an injury waiting to happen….Foles may not be the answer but neither is Vick

    • Graham

      There is absolutely no chance he is kept at 16M against the cap. Zero. Zulch, Nadda.

      • The Eagles could play Cheap Ball, but how long are the fans in Philly going to support a boring team winning only 5 or 6 games a year? The Eagles fans bailed out last year, there’s no way Philly Fans are sticking with a loosing team for any length of time.

        Philly is notorious for having Front Running Fans.

        • MAC

          Vick will help people to run away bc he will lose most of his starts as usual. It’s not about $ with Vick; its about his ability as a QB. He simply put will ensure we are a bad team.

          • Actually, with or without Vick the Eagles don’t have the talent roster wide to compete. With Tom Bradly QBacking the Eagles, Philly still doesn’t get a ticket to the playoffs.

            The Eagles are in need of wholesale changes…. top to bottom. It’s a Bad Team…..

  • Addicted2Mula

    If the o-line can protect vicc I think he’ll do just fine

    • MAC

      Look at Vick since he ebetered the league 10 years ago. He always has turned ball over and allowed way to many negative plays. He can’t stay healthy especially now. There is nothing to learn about Vick. We have seen it for 10 years and all it ever resulted in was a total of 2 playoff wins in his career and both of those were in same season. No thanks and I hope Kelly is smart enough to see this.

      • addiAddicted2Mula

        Tru. But at the same time the mentality vicc had last year if the o liene was healthy I believe he wouldve stayd healthy all year with less turnovers. Tom brady would have been some shit wit eagles o line last year

        • MAC

          I am looking at Vick’s entire career, What evidince do you have that he would slow down the turnovers since he has been turning ball over a lot since he entered the league. Why do you believe he would all of a sudden figure it out? It doesn’t happen this late into a career, Vick has been this guy his whole career. You are making a huge assumption. Yes Tom Brady would have struggled last year, but not every year that Vick has struggled since he came into league 10 years ago.

          • addiAddicted2Mula

            I understand but bacc then he didnt have a slide mentality. Dont get me wrong Vicc fucced up a lot on his on. But my opinion I feel he would do good wit a better scheme and better o line. Besides Alex Smith who else is worth being the starter

          • If you don’t want your QB to turn the ball over, protect him from hits. It’s simple. Even before Vick was the QB in Phila, the Eagles surrendered 48 QB Sacks a year, more than enough to have gotten all of their QBs since McNabb knocked out of games and seasons.

          • MAC

            This has been happening for his entire career, not just last year! Please tell me every year Vick has been QB in NFL he has had a bad o line? He has highest fumbles per snap of any player in NFL history. So please respond to entire career of this not just last season.

          • Wrong argument, Smith has 81 tds and 83 turnovers through his career. Foles in 7 games has 8 fumbles and 5 interceptions. Your knowledge base to support your stance in this debate is incomplete on the players you’re lobbying for as replacements.

          • BleedsGreen

            if you actually looked over his stats, you would know that Vick average turnover per year is actually less than Peyton Manning. The most interceptions he has ever thrown in a season is 14, which by most standards is around average and less than guys like; Peyton, Eli, Brees, etc… The fact of the matter is that the only season the offense was actually tailored to Vick’s strengths were in 2010, where we ran the ball more and he only average 33 attempts per game, that stat has risen each year. Mike Vick will not beat anyone dropping back and throwing the ball 35+ attempts a game, but under that his completion percentage is close to 65% and his interception % is much lower. With Shady and Bryce Brown and a much more balanced attack, why cant a Vick work? Allow our ENTIRE line to return, because 4 out of our 5 o-linemen were injured this year and it wouldnt shock me to see this team actually competing again. Before you want to run off stats about players or talk about reading a Defense, at least back it up with some knowledge or legitimacy that you know what your talking about, rather than what Joe Buck says on Sundays…

          • MAC

            You do realize fumbles are factored into turnover stats right? Vick combined INT’s and fumbles are always one of worst in the league. If you add those into stats then his #’s are not anywhere near Mannings or any other good QB.

          • it is clear you are not holding Foles and Smith to the same standard, why? Each has more turnovers than touchdowns.

          • MAC

            Funny back it up with stats when you ignore fumbles as a turnover in your stats. LOL

      • Run Eagles Run

        Once again, you are clearly biased on the guy. the same line that was so bad you use it as an excuse for foles, you wont accept for vick. Vick was never the right QB for andy reid’s system. Chip Kelly will tailor his offense to his players strengths. Vick hasnt had that benefit since coming back into the league with a different mindset. he is not perfect, but there are no better FA options.

        • It was an idiot scheme to ask the most dangerous player on the field with the ball to stay tattered in the pocket. Given the horrible pass protection Vick was subject to the Eagles should have designed plays for his running ability.

          Kelly recognized that the scheme didn’t fit the personnel in Phila.

        • The Guru

          He wasn’t the right QB for Dan Reeves, Jim Mora, and now Andy Reid….but all of a sudden at 33, it’s going to work?

  • FootballFan101

    Give him a Chance in the new playbook. Foles isnt much better and he doesnt fit Kellys scheme at all. If Vick does do bad, You still get a high draft pick and Foles would do the same but again he doesnt have any chance of working in Kellys offense. If you cant get a reliable QB out of the draft or get an Alex Smith out of Free Agency or Trade then deal or cut Vick.

  • Addicted2Mula

    Lets remember the 2010 Vicc. U can blaim him on a lot of mistakes but u can also blaim the o-line

    • MAC

      Let’s remember that 2010 was the exception in his entire career. He always had turnover issues and health issues. He has only won a total of 2 playoff games in his career and both of those were in same season. He has had plenty of coaches, scheme’s, and all different players surrounding him throughout his career, It has never been enough for him. He is a warrior and I like him a lot, but it’s not just last season he has been a problem. It’s been a very average career and actually disappointing career considering all his potential. He has been very average as a QB, but exciting. Exciting never won a team a championship.

      • peteike

        well said, my sentiments exactly. People get too caught up in everyone hating on him because of who he is, instead of his actual play. Mediocre is right. A team should only gamble on potential for so long, this book is complete at this point. He is a warrior and plays hard and actually did start to put in the time, it wasnt all his fault. At the same time, I dont see him winning a superbowl, time to move on.

      • Joe Jones

        Those 2 playoff wins are twice as many as Tony Romo, Matt Ryan and Alex Smith each have. Mike Vick was part of the problem the last two years, but not the biggest part of the problem. O line and at least 6 4th qtr leads squandered in 2011-12. Pittsburgh and Detroit this year. ATL, NYG, SF, AZ last yr.
        Again, not suggesting that Vick has played great, but the hate and vitriol he inspires, as evidenced by the 100 comments this article generated, is ridiculous. Less about football, more about personal bias. Which is sad.

  • Jenn

    I hope those same team mates he threw under the bus kick his ass. He said it figuring he was out of Philly at the end of the season. He’s a loser who can’t even complete a season.

  • I’ll be honest. This article got me pumped up.

    I wish I knew how to quit you, Mike Vick.

    • lol

      • PhEaglesPhan

        Thank you for making the top comment a positive and funny one. Tired of hearing these Vick whiners, they’re the same ones who pissed and moaned about CK getting the head coach job.

    • The Guru

      More proof you’re a complete dope….thanks!

    • theycallmerob

      The greatest Madden QB to ever play the game!

    • lol….i liked that one!!

  • addiAddicted2Mula

    Who would yall want as the QB?

    • metaReign

      I’d hold on to Foles for now, but if the application allows, draft another QB. Otherwise, find a vet in FA, but I’m not going to be interested in getting a QB to lose some valuable draft picks, especially getting early picks in every rounds throughout the draft. It’s too precious to give up, Kelly is now the HC and he’ll need those early picks to build this team back up. Next year’s draft should have a stronger QB class, so patience is the virtue of all things. I don’t believe Foles is the answer, what I believe is build the team up personnel-wise and Foles will have to do. He’s young and tough enough to play a whole season and I don’t want to worry about Edwards come in to back him up. All I care about is that the Eagles build and restructure both offense and defense, comftable enough to grab another QB between mid rounds to UDFA. There’s over 20-some QBs heading into this year’s draft and more than a few that can play the spread-option, yet, even fewer than that are NFL ready. Most important is to fix both OL depths and the secondary, priority is the secondary. Kelly’s priorities is making his decisions and gauging the competitions, pool the best players and put them through extreme conditioning and keep the best of 61 players.

      • addiAddicted2Mula

        I agree a lil. But kelly would have to make an offence for Foles then for a mobile wen he gets a mobile QB

        • metaReign

          Sorry, I didn’t think my first post got through, thus made another post. Bad mobile connection I suppose.

          Not to worry about building the offense around Foles. Kelly’s system is base on the running game, which allows for the passing game. The personnel will be individually driven, not scheme-wise. Foles will have receivers to pass to, as well as giving the ball to RBs. He should have the line protecting him for 2 seconds, in which he should have rid the ball in that time frame. His safety nets will be receivers doing underneath routes, other than that he has good RBs to attack with the OL complementing them.
          It’s not a lost cause, he just needs to think and react quicker before the DL reaches him. He will be trained to change his approach of how he looks at the game, each seconds counts. Each of Kelly’s QBs weren’t great, but they could peel the defenses apart, because of Kelly’s philosophy.

    • metaReign

      Team-wise the secondary is a priority, as well as OL depth. As for Kelly, his priority is a viable QB to get his offense to work in his philosophy of the game.

      Foles may not be it, but he’s there. Should circumstances allow, draft a QB. Eagles have early picks in every rounds, throughout the draft. I’ll not give up any of those or future draft picks for another QB. It’s too precious to waste, since Eagles needs to build and structure on both offense and defense.

      There are more than 20-some QBs entering this year’s draft. More than a few plays in the spread-option, yet, even fewer are NFL-ready.

      Next year’s QB class should be loaded with exceptional talents, compared to this year’s class.

      Eagles have issues that needs fixing. Defense has been the most critical issues of the 2 units. Offense could use depth on the OL, WR and QB, which depends on whether the defense issues could be covered with starters and depth, itself. While the defense needs a dramatic change, most of the draft picks should be dedicated towards the defense, with a few going towards the offense.

      This should be a high grade for the Eagles, in this year’s draft. One, we have early picks in each rounds and able to get the picks to cover everything from the defense to offense. Two, provides fierce competitions to break down from 90 to 80 players, then the final count by season’s opening with 61 players. Not to forget, those players left on the street, can also be looked into. There are possibility upon possibilities in building this team back up into the NFL’s top challenges, especially in the NFC EAST.

  • djack10

    just for once can we please have a smart QB? vick is a total moron. any team that throws something new at him will leave him perplexed. and he is getting slower every year. that said, the defense is such a disaster you can’t fix it all at once. vick gets one more year with huge incentives and we get some help on defense.

  • peteike

    I agree with Jeff down below. I will seriously tune this team out if Vick is the starter. How does that excite anyone? He will not do himself any favors to start his coaching career here, there is too much negativity on Vick at this point. Then again, this could just be Kellys way of handling Vick, say nice things get some good press out there, then tell Howie to release him. Im not a Vick hater, I actually thought he was best option going into this season, although this season was lost from the beginning. Just dont think hes worth wasting more time on, he wont win you a superbowl. From another long time older fan.

    • This sounds like the Philly Fans when Reid Drafted McNabb. The more some things change the more they stay the same. I can remember similar rumblings right before Randall left Philly, right before he was sent to the Vikings and led them to a deep playoff run…..

  • jtaylor8251

    Write a story and put Vick’s name in the title and they crawl from under every rock pretending to be fans.

  • PhEaglesPhan

    Sweet! Hope we see him back next season!

    I love quotes like this “Michael Vick isn’t even a top 20 QB at this point is his career.”

    Right, and Foles and Edwards are!? Look no one expects the Eagles to make a SB run this year, so why not give Vick a chance, hell, if he tanks at least we get a good draft pick in a QB heavy draft. Stop whining so damn much, enjoy the game.

    • MAC

      It’s not enjoyable with Vick at QB!!!

    • The Guru

      Who says Foles or Edwards are your starting QB? If they’re not making a Super Bowl run, why waste your time with Vick?

  • mj

    vick is the truth all u hoes stop hatin

  • I like Foles, I don’t like Foles behind the Eagles Offensive Line. If Foles has a future in the NFL it’s not in Phila with the Eagles if there is not a massive remaking of the Offensive line, and the additions of a big receiver who can fight for balls down field.

    There was nothing in the 7 Games Foles started that convinced anyone he is a franchise Quarterback, especially when you compare his play to that of last year’s rookies.

  • VAslimm

    Its all aboutt the right QB in the right scheme. Tom Brady wouldnt have been able to take the Redskins to the playoffs.

  • If they did bring Vick back I’d just enjoy it to watch folk head explode. That would be win enough. lol

    • Joe Jones

      The sad part is many of these so called Eagles fans would root against the team and Michael Vick, just so they could say, “I told you so, he sucks….” I support whatever decision Chip Kelly makes and I support the Philadelphia Eagles.

      • MAC

        Not true. i support Eagles no matter what, but just tired of the same old Vick show. it has been 10 years and still only one playoff run of 2 games. Not effective and I do not want it here in Philly again. However I will still be hoping that they win week in and week out. Just know it can’t happen with Vick at QB. it’s been 10 years and things do not change after 10 years.

        • nonsense. 2010 no Vick, no division championship.

    • MAC

      You know nothing about football!!! Our heads will explode in frustration of dejavu. Sack,fumble, turnover. that will make our heads explode with Vick at QB. You are same person who thinks Eli and Flacco are lucky and below average, but Vick is elite. Enough said you have no clue!!!

  • dislikedisqus

    I would not like this but as i commented before, i cd see CK sticking with Vick in a simplified run first offense for a year or two, maybe adding Dixon and even Tebow to reduce the wear and tear. Then when he sees the qb he really wants in 2-3 years, going for that guy.

    • D3Keith

      Right. No matter who is the QB, Kelly is about tempo, and he’d rather run it if that’s what the defense is allowing. I think leaning on McCoy and Brown is the way to go no matter who the QB is.

      In that scenario, I admit to being tempted by the idea of Vick, but I think Foles could run the offense too if it’s designed this way. The key is going to be the line either way — imagine if Peters, Herremans and Kelce are all healthy and we draft Joeckel at 4.

      Then all you need is a QB who can hit DeSean in stride once the safeties start creeping down into the box to stop the run. In that sense, if money is no object, Vick is the guy for the job.

      I just find it hard to believe that Kelly/Shurmur would be able to teach him to avoid sacks and not hang on to the ball if Reid and Mornhinweg couldn’t.

  • The biggest problems with the Eagles the past two years were defense and offensive line. QB was way down on that list. Vick isn’t a QB who you want throwing it 40/50 times a game. Keep him to 30 passes or less and have a run heavy offense with Brown and Shady and they will have success.

    • Run Eagles Run

      to the people downvoting this comment, take a look a joe flaccos numbers. now take a look at vicks. not much of a difference. a great QB can win you a superbowl, but so can an average QB, great D, and great o-line. and you cant tell me a better o-line wouldnt have allowed vick to have a season as good as flacco, stat wise.

  • bryan

    Wit him and an offense thats willing it would defin work defense needs to get it together especialy corners i mean corners put vick in pistol

  • UKEagle99

    This offence sucked from day 1 regardless of who was pulling the trigger. 280 points, 17.5 ppg was good for 29th in the NFL. The defence had nothing to do with that stat, you could put my grandma out there on D and give up a TD eveytime, that has little impediment on the O’s ability to score. The D is a whole other sob story for after we hear who will be DC…

    This offence lacked production from game 1. Blame losing O lineman and a reshuffled line (hello Baltimore shuffled their line about in 2012) all you want but that’s football. You cannot build a team hoping that losing a lineman or two wont happen. Teams have won superbowls with backups. Our line played poorly but that goes beyond an injury or two.

    Anyone who believes a quick change at QB and everything is sorted is delusional. You could stick Aaron Rogers back there and I doubt we score more than 17 points a game unless the fundamentals change. This team needs a good kick up the arse. The problems with this team were, coaching (at times), player commitment (at times), discipline (at times), lack of effort (a lot of the time) and more.. Now a coaching change allows for some serious self scouting and a chance to resolve some of those issues right off the bat.

    My assesment of this team based on last season along with talent, commitment, effort, pay grades, coaching, wind direction and hot dog prices is that we are about a 4-12 team that underachieved on offence, struggled on special teams and whiffed on defence most of the time but not every time.

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    Well one things for sure and thats Mike Vick articles get waaay more comments than Nick Foles. Even Vick haters cant stop yappin about him.

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    Vick is a tough dude but he is not durable. Even if he could recapture some of the 2010 magic the Eagles still would need to not only look for a long-term answer, but a stopgap for next year because Vick is likely to only play in 10-11 games. That still leaves a third of the season where you would need some sort of temporary solution if you’re not sold on Foles.

  • 1972

    This is a old story revisited because of a slow news week. Vick aint coming back here.he’s the 4th highest paid qb in the league. God i hate Andy Reid

  • Peanut Chew

    I want Vick gone almost as badly as I wanted Reid gone.
    Have any of you actually watched him the last 2 years?
    There was no problem with his O-Line in 2011 when he was still a turnover machine.

    • sorry, there has been problems with the Eagles line since the Andrews injuries. When King Dunlap and Herremen’s are your tackles there is a problem. For crying out loud, Reid brought in Mudd.

      How could Eagles fans say the line was not a problem?

  • James Lopez

    damn,you white people need to get lives. go criticize ben rapeistberger for rapping 2 women. first yall are dogging ray lewis and now vick. can you say obsessed?stop trying to point out the black mans “fault” and go point out the white mans “fault” because yall sure as hell got alot of them.

    • MAC

      Just so you know I am african american. This is not a race thing at all. It’s an ability to win important games thing. Turnovers will always kill you in the playoffs and Vick is the king of turnovers.

    • MAC

      Who is the racist here? I am black buddy so stop wasting the race card on non issues so when it’s really there people take it seriously. If Vick was played well no one cares about his race so why assume when he plays awful and people say so it’s racist?

  • phillyfanatic

    Cut Vick already. Lets move on to better things.

  • peteike

    the message boards here have turned into esque and is all negative all the time. I cant win

  • Banks

    I say give Vick another year. No one in the draft or free agency jumps out as a upgrade, so why bother. Worst case scenario we find another quaterback in next year’s drat. Hopefully they will have a better quaterback clas

  • Matthew Consentino

    Lets all look at where we were a few seasons ago and the fact that Andy was still the coach and should have been gone a lot sooner? This team had no heart no leaders fans gave up….hope? It was the same old conservative game plan week after week…Nick Foles???? Not the answer either. I hope this coach comes in with some bark or this city and fans will destroy him and break him down very quickly.Welcome to Philly!!! Thats what we do!!!