Ten Thoughts On the Super Bowl: Ravens 34, 49ers 31

Here are 10 observations from last night’s Super Bowl.

1. During the power outage in the third quarter, I Tweeted the following: If Niners come back after this, we need a 30-for-30 by the end of the week. “What if I told you darkness could create light…”

At the time, I was just joking around. Jacoby Jones had just returned the opening kickoff of the second half 108 yards to give the Ravens a 28-6 lead. It looked like we were headed for a blowout. But that’s when things got fun, as the 49ers reeled off 17 in a row. When I was growing up, everyone always joked about how the Super Bowl was a blowout every year. Not so lately. Five of the last six have been one-possession games.

And I try not to speak in hyperbole, but looking at the bigger picture, that might have been the best postseason of my lifetime. The divisional round, conference championships and Super Bowl were all off-the-charts in terms of entertainment value.

2. Sometimes, things just have a way of working themselves out. In my previous sports-writing life, I worked in Baltimore for 2.5 years. Before the 2008 season, the Ravens fired Brian Billick and hired John Harbaugh. But guess who they first targeted as their new head coach? Jason Garrett. And I’m not just speculating here. The Ravens thought they had a deal in place with Garrett before he decided to return to Dallas as the offensive coordinator (obviously with an assurance from Jerry Jones that a head-coaching opportunity was coming).

And so, Baltimore had to “settle” for Harbaugh. All he’s done in five years is go 54-26 (.675) with five playoff berths. The Ravens have won at least one playoff game every year, have made it to the conference championship game three times and now have a Super Bowl title.

Not bad for a backup plan.

3. And then there’s Joe Flacco. You won’t find that silly “elite” argument here. All I know is I can’t remember him making a single bad play – whether that be an off-target throw or a poor decision – last night. Flacco completed 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, earning MVP honors. In the postseason, he tossed 11 TDs and zero picks. Now, the fifth-year signal-caller will be rewarded with a new contract. It’s going to be a pretty good offseason for Flacco.

4. The whole “clutch” thing is overblown and often misguided, but the true definition should be someone raising his level of play when the stakes are highest. I think Anquan Boldin would qualify. During the regular season, he averaged 61.4 yards per game and had four total touchdowns. In four postseason games, Boldin averaged 95 yards per game and had four touchdowns. He came down with six grabs for 104 yards, including a 13-yard score last night. Boldin’s biggest catch might have been in the fourth quarter. The Ravens faced a 3rd-and-1 from their own 45, up 31-29. Niners cornerback Carlos Rogers had Boldin covered, but Flacco threw to his back shoulder down the right sideline for a 15-yard gain. Every QB needs to develop this throw with at least one wide receiver. It’s un-guardable. Of course, it’s easiest when you have a receiver like Boldin who makes contested catches better than anyone in the league. Not the most talented wide receiver when you look at size and speed, but certainly one of the toughest of this era. And few possess his ability to make plays on the ball.

5. Really tough game to evaluate for Colin Kaepernick. The final numbers were pretty good: 16-for-28 for 302 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He also ran seven times for 62 yards and a score. But Kaepernick missed some opportunities. Specifically, on 3rd-and-2 at the end of the first half, it looked like he had Michael Crabtree on the sprint-out to the right, but Kaepernick failed to pull the trigger and took a sack. San Francisco had to settle for a field goal. I’d have to look at the All-22, but it appeared that he had an open receiver when he threw incomplete to Ted Ginn on third down in Ravens territory in the fourth. And finally, in the first quarter, Kaepernick got out of the pocket, but fired high to Crabtree in the end zone. San Francisco ended up settling for a field goal.

Still, 49ers fans have to be excited about the future with Kaepernick. I still say he has many Randall Cunningham-esque qualities, except Kaepernick has the benefit of a coach who knows QBs and an outstanding offensive line. The 15-yard touchdown run around the left corner was a thing of beauty.

6. Delanie Walker did everything he could do to help the 49ers in that game. Great under-the-radar performance. He delivered a great block on Ed Reed during Frank Gore’s 6-yard touchdown run. He reeled in three catches for 48 yards. And he was great on special teams. Someone at CBS said Walker has great hands, which really isn’t true, statistically speaking. According to Pro Football Focus, he had 11 drops during the regular season. But Walker (28), a free-agent-to-be, was spectacular vs. Baltimore.

7. I’m always amazed at how two children, raised by the same parents, can turn out to be so different. Jim Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the league, but man, does he act like a baby on the sideline. If my four-month old daughter develops Harbaugh’s tantrum-throwing ability, I’m not sure I’m going to make it through these next few years.

8. I wonder what Howie Roseman thinks of Paul Kruger. The Ravens’ rush linebacker had a pair of sacks against the Niners, adding to the nine he had in the regular season. Kruger (6-4, 270) turns 27 later this month and is scheduled to be a free agent. I know of a certain team that might be switching to a 3-4 and could be looking for an outside linebacker. Kruger would be especially intriguing if the Eagles end up hiring Ravens linebackers coach Ted Monachino as their new defensive coordinator.

9. All season, the crew at Football Outsiders argued that the Ravens were pretty much average offensively and defensively during the regular season, but their special teams was the key to getting to 10 wins. That narrative didn’t exactly hold up in the postseason (Flacco was great), but the special-teams part rang true last night. Jones’ return to start the second half was huge. One of the coolest feelings in sports has to be watching yourself on the jumbotron to see if any defenders are on your tail.

10. I’m hesitant to make this point because I know Phil Simms agrees with it, but I’ll go with it anyway. In the coming months, we’ll hear about how arm strength is overrated when talking about draft prospects. And I’m in agreement that it’s not everything. There are several other factors to consier. But you saw last night what a huge advantage it is when the QB can throw lasers. Flacco made a few passes that simply don’t get completed if he doesn’t have a gun. The one that stands out is the 13-yard TD to Boldin that he fired past linebacker Patrick Willis.

Extra points: I’ve missed you, Saul Goodman. Thanks for making an appearance in that Samsung commercial. … Nothing says German beer like No Diggity. Well done, Beck’s. …There could have been a flag thrown on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith on the Niners’ final possession. Then again, there could have been a flag on San Francisco for hitting Flacco late on the previous set of downs. I’m fine with both no-calls. …I enjoyed the Dodge Ram/farmer commercial. Made me consider going out and grabbing a shovel, but I decided I didn’t want these dainty hands to get too dry. …We’re at Fast And Furious 6? I am proud to say I’ve never seen a minute of any of the first five. … Seeing Kevin from The Office out-of-character in that Subway commercial was the worst part of my night. …It pains me that CBS can advertise Big Bang Theory as America’s top comedy and be telling the truth. I thought my mother in-law was the only person who watched that show. Where did we veer off-path as a nation? …I’ll admit it. I laughed when Leslie Knope said ‘Dongle.’

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  • Niels

    Great work Sheil. Hopefully you will be covering the Birds in a SB soon. Agree on Harbaugh being a total jerk on the sidelines. He should have been sent to bed without his supper on multiple occasions, including last night.

    • I agree to an extent, but you gotta think seeing your coach that fired up has to motivate you a bit. Can’t say he’s not emotionally invested, haha.

  • Sensei

    “I’m hesitant to make this point because I know Phil Simms agrees with it” = laugh of the morning

  • The Guru

    Best commercial of the night was the model making out with the guy who could have been in the Big Bang Theory.

    • Oh god, lucky guy, but damn, I almost puked listening to that one. They had the smooch track turned up way too loud.

    • bentheimmigrant

      He was in Chuck, I think.

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    The worst part of the night for me was watching the Ravens win their 2nd while we still have none. You congratulate Harbaugh, which is okay, but Ozzie is the reason Baltimore wins that Super Bowl. Meanwhile, back at our ranch, we’re being told Howie can pick ’em just like Ozzie and the other great talent evaluators. That lie is so laughable that the whole situation is just depressing. Chip may be a great coach but talent wins in the NFL and our talent bus is beng driven by the “gifted amateur.” All of this translates into more years of no SB. At this point, I wish Lurie would sell the team.

    • JofreyRice

      Yep, tend to agree with this. Ozzie gets guys from all over, a true eye for talent; Delaware, Rutgers, Temple, Maryland. Meanwhile, we’re supposed to believe that Andy & Joe–the two guys that were around for 5 NFC Championship game trips–were responsible for all the horrible decisions in the draft and free agency since Howie took over in 2010, and that’s he’s only responsible for the good ones?

      • Thank you for putting that so well. I don’t have an axe to grind with Roseman, but I am flabbergasted that so many people took Lurie’s comments after the Reid firing at face value. I guess you can attribute it to mass delirium in the aftermath of Andy’s exit.

        • JofreyRice

          Thanks, yeah, time will tell on Mr. Roseman, but there really has been a seismic shift in the way the Eagles are running things over the past few years–specifically, since Howie took over. Lurie’s explanation struck me as odd in that it was highly defensive of Roseman; to accept it at face value seems a bit simplistic.

          The strongest argument I can find on the other side of this is: “If Roseman is so bad, why would Lurie side with him?” It’s a compelling point, but I think it is possible that Lurie is making an error in this case. All conjecture on my part, but is Lurie mistaking Howie’s acumen as an administrator & employee with football management acumen? To rise to such an important position by his late 30’s, Howie’s got to be some kind of dynamo in terms of work ethic, organization, etc.

          • I don’t think Roseman is so bad. I just don’t buy the line that his hands can be washed of everything while the guys who are out of the organization get scapegoated. It’s just too easy and convenient. In my mind, he shares blame with Lurie, Reid and Banner for the way things have gone (just as he would have shared in the credit for success). I can accept that Roseman is the best prospect to go forward, but don’t try to sell me this story that he had no hand in things going wrong since 2010.

    • FMWarner

      Look, I have no idea how Howie will turn out. But it’s a bit disingenuous to compare him unfavorably to Ozzie and ask Lurie to sell the team as a result. Ozzie’s been in that job for YEARS. Of course a guy in his second year of actually running things isn’t going to compare.

      • HowieDon’tKnow

        Lurie gave us Andy but he also gave us Joe and Howie. He is cheap (we were $17 million under the salary cap this year) and deludes himself into thinking that his way is best way. Anyone who has watched the Eagles talent moves since this guy became GM “knows how Howie will turn out.” Enough already.

        • FMWarner

          First of all, can I borrow your crystal ball? Secondly, anybody who repeats the tired old “Eagles are cheap” bit automatically loses any argument.

        • “Lurie is cheap”

          You’re losing me here.

        • Birdseed

          Lurie is cheap?? Have you been to the Linc? Novacare facility? Remember Bramen? How quickly you forget what cheap, Bramen cheap, looks like.

  • Bdawk20

    Delanie Walker is also a Free Agent – while not the prototypical TE, he has a spark and plays with passion the current Eagles do not…

    • Look I’ll take any number of the Ravens possible left overs…Reed, Boldin, Jones, McKinnie…all may be cut and any one of them I wouldn’t mind in an Eagles jersey. lol

      • MAC

        McKinney seems like a good idea genious. He always is consistent and plays with a ton of effort. Funny how you would take all there left overs, but if Flacco didn’t get a contract you were against the Eagles going after him, That’s right who needs Flacco when you got Vick. Flacco won more playoff games in just this run than Vick has since he entered the league 10 years ago. Wow you can’t make this stuff up.

        • LOL. Someone has a serious hard on for a QB he claims he hates. Never bought up dude, but you and your buddy Mat Jacobs can’t get enough of the Eagles QB.

  • RandyJobst

    Better Call Saul- I was horribly disappointed when no one at my SB part got that. I agree, both no calls were the right calls. Also, there were 3 total rollout plays last night. 2 of the passes were throw aways and one was a low pass to Vernon Davis. I hope Chip Kelly runs ZERO rollout plays. We take away half the field. Maybe this is why Greg Romans didn’t get a job offer.

  • Myke Lowery

    i wonder if Leon Sandcastle will be available at #4

    • Alistair Middlemiss

      Hope so – 4.2 40 for a CB? Hell yeah

  • Explorer51

    I remember when Anquan Boldin was available from the Cardinals back in 2010 and the Eagles didn’t even take a sniff. So the Ravens traded their 3rd, 4th, and 5th in that draft to get him. Our picks in those spots? All gone: Daniel Te’o Neisheim, Keenan Clayton, and Ricky Sapp. Ozzie vs Howie? If there was a mercy rule like in T-ball we’d be invoking it.

    • The Guru

      Or that they wouldn’t give up a 2nd round pick for Tony Gonzalez? Yeah that turned out well. They traded it so Dallas could draft Sean Lee.

    • Andy

      Hey guys. In fairness to the front office, all these draft pick trading scenarios are going to look terrible because they’ve had so many horrible drafts.

      • Explorer51

        Actually, the horrible drafts aren’t the only troublesome thing. We’d have to add in free agents signed and those ignored, as well as a slew of bad trades…ranging from getting a 7th rder for Asante Samuel to multiple draft day trades surrendering higher picks for more lower ones…and we’ve seen how most of those have turned out.

  • JofreyRice

    I blame the 49ers loss on the presence of Chad Hall on the roster. Bad mojo.

    Kaepernick’s misuse of the clock, and inability to progress through reads has everything to do with him being such an inexperienced player. Like you mentioned, he’s in good hands in SF, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with for years, unfortunately. It looked like the Ravens decided to straight attack Kaepernick and the RB on the read option, as opposed to the way the Falcons sort of stood back and tried to figure out who had the ball; it seemed to be a better strategy. I think facing a veteran defense like the Ravens was really tough to overcome for such a young guy.

    Still, Kaepernick’s talent is undeniable, and I think he made some really fantastic plays to bring them within striking distance. Really, the weak area of that game for the 49ers was the fact that Justin Smith was so hampered by the triceps injury, and couldn’t create havoc on the LOS and free up rushers to get to Flacco. Also, Donte Whitner gets abused in coverage in the playoffs. He should have had tighter over-the-top coverage on Boldin on the first TD, and looked like he got sucked up on a route combo that resulted in the busted coverage for the long Jacoby Jones TD. One reason why I’m not super high on Matt Elam–reminds me of another Whitner.

    I still see people downplaying Flacco, saying Jacoby Jones or Anquan should have gotten the MVP. It’s just crazy how this guy can’t get the respect he deserves. Baltimore basically funneled their entire offense through his arm–not just in this game, but in the playoffs, in general. His ability to read coverage, and throw into tight windows in the second and third levels of the defense are why the Ravens have a Lombardi. Most NFL QBs don’t even throw that ball for Boldin to make a play on.

    • Um…Flacco threw pass after pass by lofting it in the general direction of a receiver and luckily for him those receivers are the likes of Boldin and Jones. You look at Kaep’s passes and Flacco’s passes and there isn’t even a comparison.

      They are going to pay Flacco an ungodly some of money and with the gutting the team is about to take they are seriously going to regret that contract in a couple of years.

      • JofreyRice

        Wow, it’s really amazing that people continue this narrative with Flacco. I mean I respect your opinion, but the guy threw for 11 TD’s and 0 INTs in the playoffs. That was all luck? Jacoby Jones is now some all-pro wide receiver that snags ducks the QB just tosses up there? The long TD was a blown coverage by Whitner who was sucked up by Boldin on a crossing route. Other than blowing such an easy catch because you overthink it, what was the degree of difficulty in that play for Jones? The first TD to Boldin was a frozen rope shaded to the center of the field, away from Whitner and over Bowman; either Boldin came down with that, or one of the photographers in the endzone was going to lose an eye. You think the 3rd and 2 pass back shoulder laser to Boldin was “lofting it in the general direction of a receiver”? It was a great contested catch, but to not credit Flacco for A) recognizing the defense was looking for a run, and checking out of the play to take advantage of the man coverage of Boldin on the outside B) The throw, which was in an incredibly tight window, and hit Boldin right in the hands for the conversion makes it seem like you’re just seeing what you want to see.

        Kaepernick has an absolute hose for an arm, but his downfield accuracy was just a bit off. I disagree that “there isn’t even a comparison” and assert that Flacco has just as big an arm, but with a little more accuracy, in terms of ball placement. Also, you have to take a holistic view of evaluation QB play, IMO. Kaep was not managing the play clock well, at all. Like I said, he’s a great natural talent, but at this point in his development, he locks onto his first read and that’s pretty much it. With the kind of attack the Ravens are running under Jim Caldwell, there’s not a QB in the NFL that was asked to test and stretch the defense with more intermediate and deep throws into tight coverage.

        • The Guru

          It’s a lost cause arguing with that one. She doesn’t think Eli is any good either…..but Vick is a God

          • And you continue to show how much of an idiot you are.

            Eli ISN”T a great QB and neither is Flacco…Flacco benefits HEAVILY from having Boldin and Jones and some of those other cats to throw to. HEAVILY. Let’s see Eli play for anyone other than Coughlin and see how that works for him. Neither are bad…but they aren’t great, but Flacco is about to be paid like he is.

            I’m not “knocking” Flacco I’m pointing out that his receivers make him look REALLY good and make IMPOSSIBLE catches that lesser guys wouldn’t make and with the gutting this team is about to take you will see the difference.

            As far as the rest of your comment…the only one who seems to think he’s God is you. Can’t seem to go a post without mentioning his name.

          • The Guru

            Hahaha….Flacco and Eli aren’t “great”? Please astonish me who is a great QB.

          • JofreyRice

            So who do the 49ers have, chopped liver? Crabtree has really come on for the 9ers, and displayed some impressive hands and running after the catch skills. Vernon Davis made some plays, and Randy Moss, at this point in his career plays the same field-stretcher X role, at about the same level that Jacoby Jones does.

            You also have to take into account the read-option, and how that affects coverage, and the degree of difficulty of throws Kaep is making versus Flacco.

          • lol. I’m not arguing that point…Kaep is surrounded by great talent and in the end I think Kaep will be the better QB, remember my comment was on how well they throw the ball…and Kaep throws a beautiful ball, he makes it look stupid easy…Flacco not so much, but he has more experience under his belt and didn’t make the rookie-ish mistakes Kaep did.

          • The Guru

            Keep in mind, she will change the argument to fit her opinion as well.

          • JofreyRice

            I guess. No doubt that Kaepernick throws the ball extremely well, in terms of velocity, but there is a lot more to it than just throwing, and Flacco made some pretty amazing throws as well.

            Like I said, I respect your opinion, and you could be right about Kaep developing into a better QB, eventually, but I think you’re minimizing Joe’s brilliant performance. I’m not a Ravens fan, and I’m not Flacco’s agent; I’ve laid out my points well enough. As we can see with the way the 49ers skill players exploded after switching to Kaep, I think more often it’s the QB that makes the receivers, rather than the other way around.

          • MAC

            You seriously know nothing about football. You really continue to embarass yourself with your horrible opinions. You seem to have something against QB’s that are not African American. You give Vick every excuse ever, but Eli and Flacco are lucky. Ok sounds logical and seems to be backed ny playoff wins and super bowls, What a joke of opinions, You really have a terrible eye for talent! LOL
            JofreyRice it’s not worth arguing with him/her. This one never admits there wrong and changes what the argument is about half way through it when being proven wrong. Not worth even spending another second of your life on. It’s clear that they have no idea what talking about. This has been proven through many many posts and opinions!

        • I was strictly talking about their passes…Kaep is inexperienced and it showed, but wasn’t the reason they lost…the vaunted San Fran D forgetting how to play was their big problem..they just didn’t play well and the Ravens were fired up and ready to go.

          • JofreyRice

            Agree that the 49ers defense didn’t execute, the lion’s share of the loss should go to them. It’s pretty clear that Aldon Smith has not been the same passrusher since Justin Smith tore his triceps. The tear in Smith’s triceps however many weeks ago probably cost the 49ers the Superbowl. I think Kaep’s clock mismanagement played some part, after the team was down, but yeah, he can wing it, throw on the move, run, all that. Clearly, he’s got more physical skills than Flacco, but pure arm-talent? edge goes to Flacco. Skill at craft of QB play in NFL? Flacco, as well.

            All this being said, I’d love to have Kaep as the Eagles QB–was hoping they would have drafted him a couple years ago. I think we were busy snatching up Danny Watkins and Jaiquawn Jarrett.

          • “Skill at craft of QB play in NFL? Flacco, as well.”

            Yeah I’m not sure I agree with that. Maybe now…it’s just Kaep’s 10th career start…give him a few years and I think he ends up being the better QB.

          • JofreyRice

            Yeah, I’m not talking about future projections or anything. Maybe Kaepernick fulfills every bit of his immense potential and talent. Right now, though, Flacco is better at playing QB.

            According to Bill Barnwell of Grantland, Kaepernick missed Moss a few times because he was not progressing through reads, and just locking onto the first one. Kaep had Randy in the back of the endzone, in the first quarter, but threw it to (a covered) Crabtree, instead. They ended up kicking the first FG. On the throw that Davis couldn’t haul in (just a bit too much on it) Moss was open again, and that throw was actually easier (not as tightly covered) as Vernon was. This whole article is pretty good, if you have time to read it.


            When Kaepernick did seem to progress through reads, he was half-a-beat slow. The near-interception in his own territory he threw that Cary Williams was sitting on comes to mind. I think he’ll get there, but that’s hypothetical. I’m just talking about yesterday, and right now.

          • You do realize that that article praised Kaep more than anything else. And didn’t find anywhere near the fault with him that you seem to. And i quote:

            “Yes, he made a bad throw that led to a first-half interception, and he
            was late on a second throw on the subsequent series that was nearly
            picked. It’s hard to find a bad throw from him the rest of the way, and I
            can recall at least one glorious pass up the sideline to an open Vernon
            Davis that wasn’t caught. Kaepernick played well enough to win.
            Sometimes, you can play well enough to win and still lose. This was one
            of those times.”

            And that’s the exact same sentiment I came away with. He made a few mistakes, but there wasn’t much else he could do to win that game. Especially when you consider it is his 10th career start. Flacco def didn’t look that good his 10th career start.

          • JofreyRice

            Where have I said that Kaep was a bad QB? To the contrary, I’ve said numerous times that Kape made some big plays to bring them back into striking distance, and shouldn’t get the blame for the loss. You created the comparison by talking about how pretty his balls are, in comparison to Flacco, that was basically just throwing up prayers to his talented WRs. I mentioned that he had a hard time progressing through reads, and getting to the second target, and that his downfield accuracy was just a bit off. The Grantland article largely supports that. I’ll agree that Barnwell agrees that Davis should have made that catch, but it was not exactly a routine snag, because of the way it was out front.

          • “On the throw that Davis couldn’t haul in (just a bit too much on it) Moss was open again”

            Sorry. Davis shoulda caught that ball and clearly Bill Barnwell agrees with me.

      • FMWarner

        I’m so tired of the “Joe Flacco sucks and Boldin bails him out” story. What does the guy have to do to get a little credit? Drive the team bus and wash all the uniforms too? Anquan Boldin is a very good receiver, but lots of QBs have very good receivers and don’t put up the wins and stats like Flacco. This argument depends on elevating Boldin to some kind of cross between Jerry Rice and Superman. If all it takes for a modestly talented guy to play like that is a great WR, why aren’t Kevin Kolb, Andy Dalton and Matt Schaub winning Super Bowls? The whole argument is ridiculous.

        • We will see what Flacco looks like once the team is missing the WR talent ’cause of all the cap issues.

          • daryksr

            Actually, the recievers wont be the issue. The defense will however. But the team was the 27th ranked d entering the playoffs. Bottom line, Flacco will have them competing for years to come

      • MAC

        Here is this genius who has hated on Flacco yet loves Vick!! LOL yea we should all be listening to your very great football mind. Excuses for Vick and telling everyone Flacco is below average. Also to say throwing to WR who are talented like Jones. LOL boldin yes but jones come on! So Flacco on the roll out where he put it up so Boldin could catch it in one on one coverage while 2 49ers defenders chased him was all Boldin huh? Sometimes we all have to admit we were wrong. It’s ridiculous after what Flacco just did this playoffs and as many playoff wins this guy has already had in his 5 year career to discount all of that bc of Boldin. Please get a clue and learn to admit when you are wrong. Although to your credit you are consistent in sticking with your poor opinions even after the proof continues to be put on tape your wrong. Perfect example is you love for Vick.

        Then to continue in another comment and give no credit to Flacco and say the 49ers defense came into the Super Bowl not ready to play! I have no idea how you expect anyone ever to respect your opinion on a player. It’s unbelievable that you still refuse to give Flacco his due. Your football IQ is definitely not to good. You seem to have a very skewed opinion on players you like versus players you don not. You are also one who said Eli is lucky and not good. Wow this one has no clue about QB’s. Funny how you back Kapernick so hard since he is also African American and so is Vick. I think Kapernick is a beast and has a great future.

    • Andy

      If Haloti Ngata doesn’t get injured the Niners don’t come back the way they did in the third quarter. Up to that point they had no run game and their offense was one dimensional.

  • JofreyRice

    How much you wanna bet Jim makes that “holding” signal across the table to John at Easter dinner?

    • Andy

      Only if John wears his ring to dinner.

  • stephenstempo

    Sadly you’re right Big Bang theory is only funny to people with a sense of humor. How’s the air way up there on that pedestal?

    • Do people laugh at this show because it’s actually funny or because the delirious audience laughter takes over their brain?

      Watch it without the laughter and see what you think:


  • Sheil I am surprised that you did not observe that John Harbaugh’s Super Bowl win was the first for a member of the Andy Reid Coaching tree. :)

    • daryksr

      Actually, its SB trophy number 4 of the Ray Rhodes coaching tree. Pr9bably the BEST talent evaluator the Eagles have and will EVER have.

  • FMWarner

    I so enjoyed the shot at Phil Simms. I don’t know how he keeps his job on CBS’ #1 team.

  • aub32

    I think arm strength is going to play a huge factor in a cold weather SB.

  • I think the 49ers let their best chance at an amazing comeback slip away when they got cute on 2nd and Goal from the 5 with 90 seconds away. If there’s one place where power football reigns supreme, it’s there. You have to trust that your beef up front can get those 5 yards in 3 plays. It’s even easier to live with it if you come up short because you know you didn’t beat yourself and you just got outmuscled. Trying to throw it in that congested area played right into the Ravens hands.