What DeSean Jackson Thinks Of Chip Kelly

As Chip Kelly continues to evaluate the Eagles’ roster, one player he’s probably looking forward to finding a role for is DeSean Jackson.

Jackson suffered broken ribs in the team’s Week 12 loss to the Carolina Panthers. He finished the season with 45 catches, 700 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Jackson’s 63.6 yards-per-game and 15.6 yards-per-catch were his lowest averages since 2008, his rookie season.

But as we showed constantly with the All-22 during the season, Jackson was put in spots where the quarterback failed to get him the ball deep, or the protection broke down before Michael Vick or Nick Foles even had a chance. In nine games with Vick at quarterback, Jackson averaged 76.2 yards per game, which translates to a 1,219-yard season.

We don’t know who will be throwing Jackson the ball in 2013, but we do know that Kelly will be coaching him. The 26-year-old wide receiver recently talked to ESPN about playing for a new coach.

“I was looking at what he did at Oregon. My little cousin is actually De’Anthony Thomas, the Black Momba, so our styles are kind of similar,” Jackson said. “What he’s done in that offense as far as lighting it up and getting in that end zone, that’s what I’m excited about.”

Thomas (5-9, 173) had 32 touchdowns (18 rushing, 14 receiving) in 27 games under Kelly.

“Just being in different positions in the offense, being able to come in to 2013 with a different look, no defense out there will have ever seen anything the Philadelphia Eagles have done,” Jackson added. “If Chip Kelly’s able to bring that edge to the table where we can go out there and keep people off-guard, and people won’t know what we’re doing… I’m very excited about the opportunity.”

Thanks to Brian Solomon for the link.

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  • aub32

    It doesn’t seem like the offensive guys will have a problem buying into what Kelly is saying. I can’t wait to see what he can do with talents like DeSean and Shady.

    • UKEagle99

      I think a lot of that depends on what he can at QB…

  • theycallmerob

    all this article taught me is that #10 needs a new cool nickname. Black Mamba is pretty sweet

    24/7 community….GO!

    • hillbillybirdsfan

      I was always partial to Fraction Jackson

      • UKEagle99

        I never quite got that, sounds to me like he didn’t catch all the balls that were thrown his way… I guess it’s a play on Action Jackson but what’s with the fraction?

        • bsn

          He’s a fraction of the size of a normal WR?

        • MAC

          His size, bc he is smaller WR. He is a fraction of the size of normal players.

      • aub32

        Then can we call McCoy “Traction” since he literally leaves players lying injured on field from attempting to keep up with his cuts.

    • xlGmanlx

      What is wrong with peanut?

      • aub32

        Taken, but I like that you’re thinking. We need to get Rich Eisen on this stat.

    • JR Marifax

      “Stretch”, cuz that what he does to the defense… “Jackrabbit” after Long Beach Poly HS roots…..or “The DJax Experience” aka “the Experience” cuz after all although not many recently, he has made a few “once in a lifetime experience” type plays thus far in his career.

      • TRock

        How about “Jaxrabbit” or “RVM” for rear-view mirror as you are in his rvm when he catches the ball.

  • BrickSquadMonopoly


    • Xam

      You his new baby momma ?

  • 1972

    Black mamba ran kickoffs and punts djax. 2 td’s aint gone cut it for 50 mil.. No more ducking and diving at the goaline like that arizona game buddy.I know he’s too scared to do kickoffs but he definitely should be back there returning punts, i dont care who else is on the roster.
    Hes gone from 8, 4, 2 td’s over the last 3 years.
    Whats the sense in having a skill if you don use it???
    He played teachers pet the last 2 years here, time to man up and earn ur money

    • aub32

      DeSean came out and said he was willing to do punt returns, but it was the coaches decision not to let him do it. Hell, it would have barely made a difference as our blockers hardly ever kept the gunners in check. Also, if you frequent this site you should’ve seen how many times he was wide open down field. The guy can’t throw the ball to himself. Lastly, I for one have no problem with DJax stepping out of bounds for and extra half a yard if he is averaging over 17 yards per catch. He is only so big. Why risk fumbling or injury for a meaningless yard or two. I see you didn’t mention when he caught that bomb just before being knocked silly by Ed Reed.

      • UKEagle99

        1972, aub32 neither of you are wrong, you are just talking about different plays. There are 2 Desean Jackson’s, he can disappear at times and light it up at others. Personally I think there are receivers out there earning 50m that are more productive that #10 but last season is not one to judge on due to the woeful play at QB & OL for most of the season.

        I guess we will find out whether he was playing to protect himself or the coaches were. I agree with aub32 he SHOULD be returning punts until we have a half decent option.

        • 1972

          i agree, i dont hate the guy he’s just not a consistent enough player. What made him a star was the return game along with the deep threat.That was a great catch down the side line against reed, but he still had a chance to score in that arizona game when we were getting nothing from anybody else.. THATS WHAT STAR PLAYERS DO.

          And i definitely dont wanna hear this crap about the coaches not wanting him back there.His last year as a returner he stunk, which is probably why they didnt want him back there.
          Remember the chicago game when he refused to field practice punts????

          • aub32

            Like you said, DeSean makes his money off the big plays. He’s a small guy and he is not going to win many battles at the goal line. The fact is he did get us to the goal line, and we should be able to punch it in from there, and it’s a slight against other players and coaches that we didn’t.

            In regards to being consistent, he can’t throw the ball to himself. Seeing the stills from the all 22, I can tell you he was consistently open.

            In regards to his ST play in 2011, I don’t blame him. The team was paying everyone but him, and as we’ve seen injuries can strike at any time. The guy wanted and deserved to be paid. He did, and I saw a DJax that was putting it all out there on the line this season. Demaris was brought in to field punts. Why wouldn’t the coaches let him do it? I agree with putting Jackson back there in big spots, but why let Johnson, who was seemingly a good option, go to waste, while at the same time risking your franchise WR.

            The only team that has a franchise player returning punts of kicks consistently is the Cowboys, and their idiots for that. How stupid will the entire coaching staff look if Dez Bryant gets injured returning a punt 7 yards?

          • 1972

            Jacksons not a franchise player. shady is. and by week 8 we saw that johnson wasnt good enough and we needed a spark from wherever we could get it

          • aub32

            Jackson makes 10 mil a year at WR. How is that not a franchise player?

          • 1972

            because the management were idiots when they gave him that contract. the best player on the team is mccoy. Is jackson wirht 10 mil in ur eyes? he scored twice last year. thats pathetic

          • aub32

            I agree McCoy is the best player, however Jackson makes what he makes for whichever reason, and that puts him in the class of franchise WR. You don’t put a player making franchise money on punt return if you have a second option or unless it’s a crucial spot in the game.

            On a side note I do think he is worth the money. Like I said before, Jackson cannot throw himself the ball. His production is a direct result of the QB and O line. I saw far too many still shots as well as live TV views of Jackson wide open. I also, saw some route running ability this season on post and out patterns that I hope continues in 2013.

  • Myke Lowery
    • PhEagles Phan

      I couldn’t agree with D-Jaxx more. I know there are a lot of people who don’t want to see Vick back but I have always been a believer since he joined the Eagles that he can get us there. If you were to ask me who should start in 2013 between the 3 options we have now, Vick hands down. Better arm, better accuracy, better legs. You can come at me all you want with the injury argument, but that does not negate the fact Vick is the best QB out of the 3 on our roster. Now let the disagrees and whiners roll on in!

      • aub32

        Foles played half a season and got injured. So that excuse shouldn’t be valid. Anyone can get hurt.

        • UKEagle99

          Behind our OLine… yup. We could have Mike Tyson playing QB and I don’t think he stand 16 games…

        • 1972

          aub32 you bricksquad and a couple of others are big vick fans, he definitely has the bigger arm the more accurate arm , and better feet.

          The thing that no one wants to look at is his inability to make percision throws when a blitz comes, especially up the middle.

          He’s slower reading the play than top tier qb’s

          Prime example. fourth down and 4 against the giants, they blitz straight up the middle. 3 step drop BANG the ball should be out to maclin, what does he do? 7 step drop and tries to loft it over the defender. The ball gets there late, loss on downs.

          Its not that i dont like him, but his size and inabilty to process the information quickly and make stick throws arent good enough.

          He rarely escapes pressure anymore like when he was younger, u almost never saw the guy get ran down or hit hard in 2010.

          Now Umenyiora can run him down. its just time to turn the page.

          • aub32

            I am a Vick fan, but I am looking at this objectively. I don’t disagree with what you are saying, and if we run a west coast offense that requires the QB to navigate everything from under center then I am looking elsewhere.

            However, I believe Kelly will be running more of a read option type offense. If this is the case, I don’t see how Vick isn’t the clear choice. There won’t be many 3 step drops, as the majority of his snaps will be out of shotgun. He also, would go from throwing 40+ times a game to just over 20.

            Vick is slower but not slow. He has been getting caught because he hesitates about whether to run or pass. Also, many times this season, I saw Vick escape one guy just to get popped by another. The read option can fix this. If the DE chases the RB and leaves Vick unaccounted for, that’s a quick first down and out of bounds. When the DEs crash on Vick, he gives it to Shady, who is good to make the first guy miss, but now that first guy isn’t there. Can you imagine what Shady can do if the first guy gets stuck looking at Vick even just 3 or 4 times a game?

            Lastly, running the ball on a consistent basis might actually make the play action effective. If this comes to fruition, I would much rather have Vick launching bombs to Jackson than Foles. From what I’ve seen out of Foles, in 2012, Jackson would always out run any ball he attempted to get to him.

            I would like to read your rebuttal against this course of action.

          • Johnathan Birks

            You are forgetting a couple of things aren’t you? FIrst, Vick is due $15.5 next year, which is way more than he’s worth. Second, Vick turns the ball over much, much too often for an offense-minded HC like Kelly. Finally, Vick is always hurt. You can’t count on him to be your starter, so why have him at all?

            This is not necessarily an endorsement of Foles. I want to see him play behind the first-string O-line for once before rendering judgment. But we know what we have in Vick: an aging, inconsistent, injury-prone turnover machine who’s due a boatload of money. See yah.

          • 1972

            HE pretty much echoed my sentiment. I definitely could imagine vick flipping the ball to shady, but on the other end i could vision him out for 3 weeks with broken ribs or a concussion, hes not worth the risk art this point in his carrer

          • aub32

            It’s not a flip. It’s a handoff. Vick wouldn’t get hit so he wouldn’t get injured

          • 1972

            knowing him he would hold the ball too long and take an unnecessary hit. Happened far to often for me to forget. The man missed 5 games with a concussion. He’s played one year of inury free football. how can u trust ur franchise to a player whos odds of missing games are so high?
            he’s not a running back or linebacker he’s the starting qb.
            HE wont get injured if the lines better
            he wont get injured if we change the scheme
            he gets injured every year u cant really make an excuse for it at this point

          • aub32

            Now you’re being unfair. Hold the ball too long on a handoff, that’s just your bias and frustration talking.

            In 2011 he was injured in the pocket because someone missed a block. That’s not his fault.

            In 2012 Foles got hurt too. The O line was bad. I am amazed he lasted as long as he did.

            I trust the hell out of that flack jacket after last season.

            I am not suggesting we have him do designed QB runs. I want to see him running an up tempo read option handing off the ball 90% of the time. The 10% being when the DE crashes on the RB so Vick can escape untouched, get a first down, and get out of bounds. Add to the fact the safeties have to stay deep, or it’s DJax over the top. Foles can’t make that throw yet.

            I get your trepidation, and if he can’t do it in practice or the preseason scrap him. I just want to see if it can work.

          • 1972

            i can respect your take on it.. Hope he takes a pay cut. cause hes not getting 15 mil for practice and preseason.

          • aub32

            I agree Vick is making too much. I also would not keep him at his current salary, and for the sake of the 2013 season hope he restructures.

            In regards to being injury prone and a turn over machine, I stress my point that this is a different system. The best part about 1 TE two back sets are that there are only 2 or 3 reads. The back will be either taking the ball, running play action (creating more time) or blocking before escaping to be the check down option. Their are only two WRs, so their is less for Vick to decipher.

            Also, I am not advocating for designed QB runs like the Redskins were doing to get RG3 killed. I would instead look at the 49ers. When Kap ran against the Packers, there was no one even looking in his direction. One of the best pass rushers in the game, the good Matthews, was fooled on numerous occasions. Then against the Falcons Kap just handed the ball off, without taking any hits and only rushing twice.

            All of this is compounded by the fact Vick still has a much better arm than Foles and actually presents a running threat that must be accounted for.

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        Yep…The natural born leaders always rise to the top.

      • MAC

        How about the historically bad turnover pace he has brought to the team? Even if you believe Vick is best of the 3 QB’s that means little. He is on the down side of his career, The guy only has 2 playoff wins since he got in the NFL 10 years ago. Both those playoff wins were in the same year. he has consistently failed to win in playoffs or even get to playoffs. The NFL is to close to lose the turnover battle in important games and succeed. You may be able to pull off 1 playoff game if your team loses turnover battle, but to win 3 like that never happens. Flacco has zero int’s this year in playoffs. That is a huge part of why his team is in the super bowl. That is why Vick can’t be our QB. He is who he is and 10 years later he has had one true run at it. That was in his prime and we are far past that! Also his inability to read defenses and not take negative plays are a huge issue. You can’t dispute this bc the evidence is on tape for the last 10 years. The Eagles are not built to win a super bowl now anyways so Vick is to old to put anymore time into.

        Please tell me I am wrong, and back it up with some facts or something legit. Not just your love for Vick. Why all of a sudden is he going to stop turning it over and missing games consistently? Also exciting does not equal wins. Vick has always been exciting, but that has gotten him no where.

        PS: Vick is definitely not the most accurate QB on this team.

        • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

          You present some good arguments, but none of those arguments overcome the basic fact that Vick gives the Eagles the greatest opportunity to be successful.

          If you don’t want turnovers it’s best to put the best protection around your quarterback. There is no denying the punishment Vick has taken behind the Eagles line the last few years. Thorough analysis that I agree with determined that Vick sacks and turn overs are tied to him trying to make something when nothing is available after protection break downs. His holding the ball is commonly related to receivers inability to read defenses and react to blitzing defenders. No less than 7 of Vick’s interceptions were due to balls that bounced off of the hands of receivers into the waiting hands of defenders. Balls that hit receivers in their hands should be caught. That’s an issue of receive concentration and plays against a QB’s confidence.

          If Kelly plays to his best players skills, Vick is the perfect fit to run the option read, there’s no doubt about that. But the Eagles offensive line has to be reworked to provide the best protection.

          The Vick kid is as tough as they come. Everybody knows he was getting killed in that pocket and not once did he complain or attempt to shift the blame. He’s a team player no matter what some of you may say about that kid.

          As for his record over 10 years, 2 of the last 5 years he was not in the league, the last 3 years he was an Eagles Quarterback, the Eagles no matter what were not built over the last few years to contest for a Title. In one of those 3 years, Vick was runner up for League MVP and lead the Eagle single handily into the Playoffs after replacing Kevin Kolb.

          Before the dog trouble, Vick missed a year with an injury to his knee. Which leaves 4 Years, and, in one of those he lead Atlanta to the NFC Championship game played in Philly,, which was solely accomplished on his raw talent. By his own admission he never worked on the technical parts of his game in Atlanta.

          Within 3 years, Vick played for a NCAA and NFC Championship strictly on raw talent with no understanding of complex defenses which was pretty remarkable.

          I’m not trying to change your tune on Vick, but your version of the truth on Vick over his 10 year career was pretty murky and did not accurately tell the entire story as it unfolded.

          • 1972

            he played 12 games in 2010,so he didnt single handedly do anything.

            How do u feel about his injuries? he misses key games every year of his career. the top qb’s in the league dont.
            And if he did all this stuff on his own why didnt he carry the eagles to anything this year? if its all about him.
            which one is it, does he need a line or can he carry a team on his own?
            does he need a better scheme or can he put the team on his back regardless?
            vick fans gotta make up their minds

        • 1972

          Good post. This isnt vick hate, its legit facts.

    • aub32

      Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed the read. This just goes to show that Vick is still seen as a leader in the locker room for all the fans who clamor about Foles’ intangibles

      • Myke Lowery

        I think there’s more in the audio…sounded as if he was skeptical of the hire.

      • MAC

        As we have seen when Vick is the leader of this team we are in big trouble. We were undisciplined team. We turn ball over at a record pace and take negative plays far to often. Vick is a warrior and Jackson, Maclin, and McCoy remember Vick highlights in Atlanta when they were growing up. These players have no idea what a leader looks like. The lack of leadership on this team has been a major issue for last 3 years. I am not knocking Vick as a person, but just bc Jackson and few guys view that as leadership does not mean anything. With Vick as our leader we have consistently failed. Also remember Jackson is friends with Vick and has been teammates for 3 years. He has to show loyalty to Vick and also like I said Jackson and many of current players have no idea what a true leader is in the NFL since the team has failed to find one since Dawkins left. Vick is a warrior, but since he has been the leader of the offense we have been very bad and undisciplined. No more talk about keeping Vick please. It makes zero sense and has proven to be disastrous. Also if you listen to the other WR Maclin he had a ton of great things to say about Foles also.

        • aub32

          Who are you to determine what a leader looks like and whether or not these players recognize one? These guys having been playing football most their lives, and I am sure they know how to recognize someone they deem as worth following. If you recall Jackson was on the team with Dawkins, McNabb and Westbrook. (You may feel different about McNabb, but I doubt you will disagree with the other two)

          Secondly, shouldn’t the lack of discipline be on the coach (who was fired), or was it Vick’s fault that there were a million turnovers against Cincinnati, including one by Nick Foles. The lack of discipline was a direct result of Andy Reid’s leniency, and unless you were in that locker room or huddle, you have no knowledge of what kind of leader Foles or Vick are.

    • http://www.jhkayejr.com Joseph Kaye

      I saw an ESPN interview with #10, and it was really clear that he wanted Vick back.

    • knighn

      Vick was on the radio, discussing Chip Kelly’s coaching philosophy with the hosts (can’t remember if it was on 94.1 or 97.5). Vick did not seem to buy into Kelly’s philosophy that “every sack is the quarterback’s fault” (example here: http://fishduck.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Chip-complete.pdf). Chip also STRONGLY dislikes turnovers. He does not accept them as “just part of the game”. If Vick doesn’t buy in, or he simply can’t adjust, he won’t be here, and it won’t matter what any player on the team thinks of him.

      • MAC

        Vick can’t stop taking sacks or turning ball over. He is 33 years old and these problems have plagued his entire career. The guy can’t even learn to slide still. Players do not change much after 30 years of age. If Kelly really feels that way like he said he did about sacks and turnovers; then Vick should be gone no matter what. If anyone thinks Vick can change then I have no idea what evidence you see to support that other than your blind loyalty to him.

        • aub32

          I am a Vick supporter but not blind to his flaws. Every QB has warts. Rodgers is notorious for taking sacks. Brees turn the ball over more than Vick, but their upside outweighs their short comings. I believe that under Kelly, in a run heavy system, and behind a good O line, Vick is a better option than Foles. He has a better arm and is a threat to run, which will benefit Shady as it has Gore and Morris. With less passing options (more 2 back, 1 TE sets) there will be less receiving options, and therefore less reads and opportunities to make mistakes.

          If Chip wants to run a Pats like version of the up tempo offense, then I am on board with Foles or whomever else is brought in. I just can’t help but see what Kap is doing in San Fran, and saying Vick can do that. He can thrown 20 times a game and hand the ball off to Shady and BB. He can complete bombs off of play action (which teams might respect if we run the ball). He has a much better deep ball than Foles.

          Does this make sense, or do you feel it’s just more blind loyalty.

          • D3Keith

            this is pretty much the only scenario in which keeping Vick makes sense, providing they can work out the money, but it happens to make a LOT of sense.

            Under Kelly, our first two options should be McCoy and Brown. If they go OL at No. 4 and Peters, Kelce and Herremans heal up, we could have a great line. Then if we have a fast-paced, run-based offense in which Vick threatens the edge every now and again, as you mentioned, the deep balls will open up with so much focus on the run, and Vick is lethal on those. Also he’ll drop back less often, and therefore be exposed to fewer injury-causing hits.

            I gotta admit I’d be really curious to see it, but the money and the fact that Kelly has to convince Vick at 33 to change his stripes makes it highly unlikely. And even if it did happen, and 2013 was deemed a transition year where the record was not important, if Vick couldn’t shake the turnovers or sack-taking, Foles could get 10-12 starts.

            So much is left to be determined, but what I love about Kelly so far is he seems to be a student of the game and not married to one style of play, and he’s eager for the challenge of making this work.

  • JofreyRice

    wow, actually getting excited at the possibilities of how Kelly can get the ball in Desean’s hands. If he’s willing to do stuff like option reverses, that could be fun to watch.

    • Bubba Duck

      At Oregon, Chip didn’t run trick plays or reverses. We were talking about this on a Duck forum a month ago and the consensus was, Chip didn’t run a trick play all year this past season.

      • JofreyRice

        That’s an interesting perspective. I thought he at least had some plays with ghost motion by the WR to give the Defense something to worry about on the option, but I could be wrong. I’m kind of hoping that Kelly can come up with something to get the ball in Desean’s hands a little more than Reid did–which was about 5-6 times a game. If that means reverse-options, or more bubble screens or whatever, I’m interested to watch.

  • Mr. Magee

    It’s WAY more important what Kelly thinks of DJ, as opposed to the other way around. And DJ’s opinion as to who should be the QB couldn’t be more irrelevant.

    Anyone (including DJ) who thinks Vick should or will play QB for the eagles next year should have their heads examined….

  • Birds are back baby

    lets not forget what a dog jackson really is after he gets hit hard. the shrimp receiver is not very valuable in todays NFL….look at the Ravens…they have big strong receivers…not tiny guys that can’t take a hit

  • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

    With proper protection in place on the O Line, the run Option with Vick, threatening a hand-off to Shady, keeping the rock or tossing it down the field to D Jax sounds to awesome and difficult to defend. I can see the Eagles running this play over and over, to the left or right and for good measure throwing in a quick pitch or shovel pass up the gut.

    There’s an opportunity to drive opposing defenses off the nearest cliff. Kapernick killed the Packers with the option using his legs and then slaughtered,with the option; the Seahawks throwing to his Tight End, and Crabtree in the Championship game, as his backs were burning up chunks of yards in both games.

    Kelly’s offense is a little more than just a wrinkle and in my opinion suited perfectly for the weapons the Eagles have on their offense.

  • knighn

    For the Vick fans:

    Either Vick has to buy into Chip Kelly’s ideas on QBs (and show that he can play like one of Chip’s QBs), or he’s gone.

    The Eagles may pay Vick the 3 million roster bonus due on Feb 6 to keep him on the team, but that doesn’t mean that Vick will make it to the regular season and the 15 million pay-day. The 15 million would put Vick in the category of the elite QBs, and the last two seasons (not just 2012, but also 2011) and Vick’s play at the tail end of the 2010 season (including the one playoff game) has NOT shown Vick to be an elite QB.
    Some of you have compared Vick to Aaron Rodgers (sacks), and Drew Brees (turnovers). The simple fact is that both of these guys were more productive, per game, than Vick has been over the last two years. The other two guys have also shown to be a lot more durable. (The Eagles O-line in 2011 was fine, but Vick wasn’t much better. The Packers O-line in 2012 was about the same as the Eagles in 2012).

    Another comparison I saw was to Colin Kaepernick – Vick is also NOT that young! Or that fast! He was a long time ago… but he’s not now. Vick will be 33 before the 2013 season. He’s not getting faster and he’s not likely to drop his bad habits.

    And please: do not compare him to Nick Foles, a 3rd round, immobile, rookie QB who played at basically the same level as Vick with a fraction of the experience. That is not an endorsement for Foles, it’s simply an indictment of Vick.

    All of this is to say: Vick will not make 15 million this year, and he is very likely to be off of the Eagles roster.

    • aub32

      I agree with your points. However, I blame the defense more than I do Vick for 2011. Vick is not a top 10 QB now, but I could make an argument for top 14. Also, he may no longer be as fast as Kap, but where Kap may get 25-40 yards escaping through the back door, Vick will 15-30. I will take that. I only want Vick to be an option for this team and this new offense. I think he can perform well. However if he can not. I wish him the best of luck for another franchise.

      • knighn

        We will have to see what Chip and The Eagles decide here. His line on Vick has been “I haven’t watched the tape yet.” Of course there is also the money issue. Let’s take it from that angle and let me make another point. I think it is fair to say that the Eagles are rebuilding right now – Their performance has declined the last 3 seasons and they’re not ready to seriously compete for a Super Bowl. They need a lot of new players to help rebuild the roster so they can’t necessarily spend a lot of money on one player who won’t be in the league much longer. Vick, unquestionably, is on the downside of his career. Whether you’re talking The Tape or The Money: I just can’t see Vick here next season. To put it another way, just look at all of Vick’s stats over the last couple of years, including games missed. Forget Vick’s name and just look at the numbers. If you look at the stats alone and compare him to EVERY other QB in the league, he just doesn’t look like the future franchise QB. You only spend 15 million on him if he is. In conclusion: either he takes a significant pay cut or he’s gone.

  • Xam

    If you are scare of getting hit, and you’re scared of returning kicks, and you can’t go over the middle to make a catch then you should stick to rapping or rawdogging/impregnating groupies or whatever it is that is a more worthwhile way to spend your time than football.