QB EJ Manuel Wants To Play For Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly has a connection with Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel. He recruited the 6-4, 240-pound signal caller when Manuel was coming out of high school. Manuel, a Virginia native, ultimately chose FSU because it was closer to home than Oregon, but continued a relationship with Kelly.

And now, he wants to play for him.

“We had great conversations back in the day. He would call me and we would catch up,” said Manuel following Senior Bowl practice Tuesday. “When I saw him take the job in Philadelphia I was like, ‘Hey, Coach Kelly, give me a call, man.’ That would be nice. That’s kind of what I’m hoping for but whoever takes me in the draft, I’ll be happy to play for.”

Manuel completed 68 percent of his throws for 3,392 yards with 23 touchdowns and 10 interceptions for the Seminoles this season. He  also scored four times on the ground and  ran for 310 yards (3.0 avg.). He is thought to have a first or second-round grade. NFL.com had this to say about him:


Physically imposing passer. Throws from the shotgun formation quite often, but is also effective on play action. Flashes the velocity to stretch the field and throw in tight spaces between defenders and on the sideline. Displays good touch on throws to each level of the field, finds receivers between defenders and drop passes over their head. Good athlete with the mobility to step up in the pocket to avoid pressure and take advantage of openings to pick up first downs with his feet. Quick release, though it often looks as though he’s throwing darts on shorter throws. Intelligent, high character team leader.


Gives opponents too many chances for turnovers by forcing throws into coverage trying to make a play. Area code accuracy – short throws are often low or wide, preventing receivers from making a play after the catch. Deep ball accuracy is uneven, as well. Gets happy feet under pressure, spins to the outside to avoid the rush. Inconsistent recognizing blitz. Must step into his throws more consistently to fully utilize his arm strength.


The Eagles met with Manuel on Monday night, as did quarterback hungry teams such as Arizona, Buffalo and Kansas City, according to a source. Some believe that the QB’s stock is going up because of the recent success of the read-option on the NFL level.

Manuel is a fan of the system that Kelly ran at Oregon, and believes he could be the fit for it on the pro stage.

“I think it’s a beautiful offense,” said Manuel. “I’m sure people are skeptical whether it will work in the NFL, but I think if you have the right guys, the right people running your offense, it can get done.

“I think it’s an easy transition. We did the option [at Florida State]. We did the spread. We did the four verticals. We did everything.”

The Eagles are meeting with a lot of players in Mobile this week, so the fact that they sat down with Manuel should not be read into too much. Right now, we know Manuel is interested in the Eagles. Time will tell if it is mutual. Howie Roseman was asked to comment on the quarterback following practice.

“You’re talking about someone who had a lot of success in his conference and throughout his career. And just a really good kid,” said Roseman. “I think for us, we’re just starting the total evaluation process, and this is part of it here at the Senior Bowl. Obviously, all of these quarterbacks have had tremendous success. That’s why they’re being able to come to a point in their career like this.”

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  • theycallmerob

    Interesting kid, can’t say I’ve seen much of FSU on tv but it seems he had good stats on a good team. But reading the strengths and weaknesses, I can’t help but close my eyes and see Vick.

    Moreso, is it really worth either a 1st or 2nd round pick this year on a QB? Especially out of this draft class?

    • B-West

      Agreed. The only thing worse that not having a QB is reaching for the solution and ending up going backwards.

      • 1972

        honestly foles is a reach too. I want him starting this year but what do u think he does better than manual?I Know college and pros are apples and oranges but what did foles do in college better tha manual?
        Theyre both projects

        • theycallmerob

          I agree, with one caveat: Foles now has game experience in the NFL. If nothing else, I think he at the very least showed some positives re: recognizing defenses/audibles, pocket-mobility, and ability to take a big hit. But, there’s still a LOT of work to be done.

          IMO, I would be ok hitting home runs in the draft but not getting a QB, having a stellar run game and defense this year, and if Foles isn’t the answer hope we get a good one next draft.

          • johngiam

            can we not waste a top 100 draft pick on a qb this year! do your Focking Job and COACH foles UP! smart, intelligent, fearless, accurate, big arm…why the fock would we try and develope him, after being fortunate enough that he got 7 games of experience…I looked up thje stats yesterday….compare the stats to flsaccos first 7 starts to foles first 7…keep in mind, flacco played with a great defense from day one, and a darn good Oline..after reviewing the stats remind me why we shouldnt be building around foles? lol

          • The Guru

            Exactly….this secondary needs immediate help, we need a SAM LB and the offensive line could use some depth. No need to waste a high pick on a QB when there are going to be 3-4 great QBs coming out next year….and without knowing what you have in Foles.

          • 1972





            luck.. everyone of these qbs made it to the playoffs this year. i dont wanna hear any excuses at the qb position next year. he has to go 9-7 for me to give him another shot at 2014, lets see what he has but dont put all your eggs in foles basket. i want competition

          • The Guru

            I agree…but I don’t think it should come from the draft. Way too many holes that need to be fixed before the QB position.

          • MAC

            I agree with both John Giam and Matt Jacobs. Do not reach to take a QB just to get one ever, but much less this draft or this kid! I am not saying that Foles is definitely the answer at all. Just thought there were positive signs in his play. He has a few attributes that can’t be taught from what I saw. He is intelligent which I saw throughout his 7 starts by the way he made adjustments at the line and directed the run game and o line blocking. We heard a few examples of him being able to learn plays and game plan info very quickly. I felt he stepped up in the pocket well and improved week to week at that. The improvements were quick and noticeable. He also managed the clock and the huddle well. We had a few different hurry up situations w Foles and even with a history of Reid making mistakes in the hurry up Foles didn’t seem to have any of those issues. I also saw a QB that is tough, took some hits and got right up. . He showed poise and leadership qualities as well IMO. These are all things that you either have or do not. With a terrible o line and many injuries to his targets and running game Foles stats were very solid for a rookie thrown in half way through the year. I am not saying the kid is a definite franchise QB, but I think he showed enough to at the very least get a shot next season.

            The majority of people who hated Foles are the Vick lovers. While if you believe Vick is a viable option after last 3 years here then your opinion on QB’s is questionable at best. They compare Foles #’s and wins to Vick’s when Vick came into the NFL 10 years ago. The fact our offense moved the ball as well and better than it did with Vick while Foles was playing should never happen with the difference in experience of the two QB’s. Not to mention difference in pay. Foles cut down the turnovers a good amount after his first 2 starts.

            I do worry Foles does not fit Kelly’s system, but Kelly claims he will fit system to his personnel. We will see if that is true or if he is just saying the right things to the media and fans. I think if we build around Foles on offense, which is already in solid shape IMO, and we build an excellent defense we can be a playoff team in next 2 years. We need to address entire secondary and o line in the draft. We have enough holes that need to be filled elsewhere on this team/ We have some talent though on this roster and are not as far off as our record indicated. Give Foles a chance this season, they can bring in competition to push him also. I think if Foles was in this years draft he would be a first round QB maybe 2nd at worst.

          • http://twitter.com/Coatesvillain JustTIM

            Foles ended his season with four turnovers in his last two games. That doesn’t exactly say he cut down on turnovers.

  • B-West

    Please no. I saw enough area code accuracy during McNabb’s tenure.

    • 1972

      hey b west maunual is 8 percentage points higher than mcnabb was , and hes not a big runner.( 300 yds last year)that comes out to about 27 yds per… Him and foles are on the same level as draft status goes.

  • ICDogg

    Sounds like a 4th rounder, maybe a 3rd in this draft without a lot of good QBs.

  • The Guru

    Inconsistent reading the blitz and inaccurate passing is all I need to hear. PASS!

    • MAC

      Exactly! Intelligence and accuracy are 2 of the most important charecteristics required to be a franchise QB. Also tied into those two charecteristics and along the same lines is amount of turnover a QB averages. This league games and teams are to close in terms of talent. Most important games come down to a few plays and mistakes. Your chances of winning in the playoffs or anytime really go down significantly when you loose the turnover battle or just turn it over in general. We saw this with Vick the last 2 and half years here. He could not stop turning ball over consistently & our record shows the results. Accuracy and intelligence dictate most turnovers. No thank you on any QB that has problems in these area’s!!!

  • eagle fan dwn south

    E J not bad but remind me to much of mcnabb of out shape that’s y he’s inaccurate alot regardless what his stats say abt 68% he played in a conference with absolutely no defense ACC

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Hes not out of shape wtf u stupid

      • eagle fan dwn south

        Hell no but im in the south and I know football

  • GoBirds1

    The NFL.com excerpt is ridiculous. The strengths and weaknesses parts completely contradict each other. He is a project at best. Not nearly as developed or has the field vision and decision making abilities that this year’s stellar rookie QB class has exhibited.

    • Run Eagles Run

      yeah, i thought the same thing, haha. all this predraft shit is a bunch of baloney. tim couch, akili smith. the list goes on. lets wait till the draft is over to get worked up. lets see how they look in the pre season, or at least camp, before we jump on a players bandwagon. I’m just excited to have a coach who is going to play to his players strengths!!! its a crazy idea right? I have confidence whoever is back there is going to be competitive with our solid backfield and (hopefully) healthy and beefed up O-line. This will be the most entertaining eagles draft in a long long time.

      • BrickSquadMonopoly

        I have confidence whoever is back there is going to be competitive….true

  • usmcnole

    I’m a fsu alum and have been watching him through the years. He has tha athletic attributes needed and maybe enough football acumen to be good in the nfl. Plus he was a great team guy and leader. But he was absolutely frustrating in the same ways mcnabb was plus he throw picks and fumbles at bad times in the game. Worth maybe a late 2nd round or 3rd round pick

    • 1972

      3rd round projection. after the combine high 2nd.I hate the combine, its entertaining but too many people put too much stock in it.Remeber mike mamula over warren sapp? remember Dontari Poe last year? u gotta watch the games

  • Joe Jones

    We have Nick Foles…isnt he the QB of the present and future? He’s smart, tough and accurate. And according to all the experts and QB gurus on this site, he has no issues with blitz recognition, pre-snap reads or turnovers. So whats the problem?
    The issue is that most Philadelphia fans were so desperate for any QB other than Vick that whoever followed him was gonna get the benefit of the doubt. I’m a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly knows what he wants at the QB position.I trust Chip Kelly to evaluate Nick Foles and the crop of available QBs and make the right decision.

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      Quit overhyping the kid we know he aint all that he cant win games hes not a WINNER. I say give EJ a shot cuz its not like we got anything better.

      • Graham

        Ya but only give him a shot if he’s there in 3rd possibly 4th round… can’t be spending any higher than a 3rd on him and even then

        • JohnGiam

          please look up the stats to Flaccos first 7 starts and compare them with Foles…silly instant gratification fools

          • 1972

            This is a win now league john, the one stat u continue to leave out is flaccos WINS. they went 11- 5 flaccos first year. And im aware of the defense he had that year.. Whats ur issue with competition for foles?

            Him being”THE GUY” is wishful thinking at this point. The comp should make him a better player or fold him like a cheap tent. we’ll see.. 9 wins NICKY. Only 3 more than last year. can u do it???

          • MAC

            You do realize the guys your comparing him to had much better coaching and talent around them on offense. Flacco had a team the year before was in the playoffs and was an efficient QB away form being a contender, Russell wilson had a top 5 rushing attack and not to mention the #1 scoring defense! RGIII has a coach that brought a system that defenses have no idea how to deal with at this point. Shannahan protected RG3 in the sense of his reads of the defense and the efficient throws he was asked to make, Not to mention the top running game in the league to make it much easier on him. Ryan to be honest I do not remember much. I remember it was after Petrino left before end of season.

            All I am saying is Foles was thrust into a situation and team that was as bad as possible for a rookie QB. Now we do have talent on this team, but it has done us no good. Hopefully Kelly will put us in better position and we will not get the injury problem we had this year again. I understan Foles needs to win more games, and I agree about competition. Just understand Foles after the first 1.5 games he played in was rarely the reason we lost. It was either Brown fumbling, or the defense unable to stop anything. The kid averaged over 22 points a start with no Celek,McCoy, Jackson, and the o line injuries. Can only control so much. I do not know if Foles is legit but I know he did some real nice things. His #’s for his first 7 starts are better than most of the guys you listed. Including Wilson first 7 and Flacco’s. RG3 is a freak and he put up #’s that no one can touch in first 7 starts. We have to see how this team responds to Kelly and what we play like in every area next year before putting an amount of wins Foles needs to get. What about the eye test in general? Why don’t we just see what Foles does and decide if it’s enough to continue with him. What is your problem with Foles specifically what didn’t you like about his performance? Also are you a Vick supporter? Meaning do you think we should bring back Vick for the competition?

          • 1972

            I dont want vick back, the competition should be in the form of another young qb.Which is why i want manuel.

            I definitely want foles penned in as our starting qb next year. BUt i dont want the franchise handed to the guy prematurely. Thats the same mistake we made with KOLB. and he was a much higher prospect than foles.

            Your post has alot of reasons why we loss last year, those excuses wont fly this up coming season. I want him to be great, but if he’s not i want us to be prepared to move on too.

    • aub32

      I’d be all in on Foles too, if I believed what you’re stating to be true. You’re forgetting he did turn the ball over plenty. He also has major difficulty completing passes over 15 yards. Also, for all the injury prone talk there is in regards to Vick, Foles has played a little over half a dozen games and got injured. I don’t know much about Manuel, but I don’t feel at all comfortable if Foles is going to be our starting QB.

    • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

      >We have Nick Foles…isnt he the QB of the present and future?

      The fact that you even have to ask makes it clear that the question is still very much up in the air. It’s impossible to know right now. The Eagles would be making a big mistake if they didn’t hedge their bets at QB and left no alternative to Foles.

      • Joe Jones

        I asked the question facetiously…..I agree with you. I am not tied to any player, I am tied to the team. I trust Chip Kelly to make the right choice for the team.

  • Wilbert M.

    Sounds too much like LowThrow McBlow.

    • Sensei

      Because the team has done a lot since he left……

  • Justin

    Ready those strengths and weaknesses, we might as well just stay with Foles. Hell, make it a competition in camp between he and Edwards.

    • theycallmerob


  • http://abigbuttandasmile.com/ A Big Butt and a Smile

    They are taking a QB just a matter of when and which one

    • MAC

      I disagree. If they take one then that tells me most likely Kelly is not fitting scheme to personnel like he said he would. He said he likes Foles and I know he has to say these things, but he gave much of that praise before coming here. It is well known that this is a very weak QB class, We have many other holes to fill, especially in the secondary and with possible switch to the 3-4 defense. If he takes a QB to run his system then to me that says he is not as flexible with his scheme as he claims. He would be most likely deciding that even though Foles would be a top QB in this class if he came out this year. If this was a decent QB class then maybe I would understand, but that does not seem to be the case.

      If Kelly says I know Foles is better but he doesn’t run well enough for my system. Then throw out all thoughts of Kelly setting scheme according to personnel and get ready for the scheme to dictate the personnel. Which probably means the same style he ran in college.. All good coaches make there scheme around personnel. They adapt and play to the players strengths.

      The Eagles claimed they brought him in bc he can adapt and even set trends with his offensive mind. Belichek is a defensive coach his entire career, but he got Brady and realized that he needed to change his scheme to fit his best player. Belickek is one of the best coaches ever, especially defensively. So Kelly needs to be flexible and open minded about approach. He is new to NFL and will learn quickly that you are not smarter or more talented than every other team at this level. I am hoping he can be innovative, but also understand that he needs to maximize his talent. The best teams draft the best available player, not the best player for there needs. I hope Kelly does not draft for need and grab a QB even though they are not best available.He seems intelligent enough to know you do not rewrite the book. So I hope he is speaking the truth about fitting scheme to personnel. Otherwise history tells us that the Eagles will be looking for a new coach in 3-4 years.

      • http://twitter.com/Coatesvillain JustTIM

        Let’s something straight. The Eagles drafting a QB does not mean that Chip Kelly isn’t adapting his scheme to fit the personnel. What it means is that he wants to bring in a developmental prospect to compete for the job. It also could potentially mean he doesn’t buy in Nick Foles as the long term starter.

        You’re making a lot of assumptions here based on one player. Nick Foles put up decent stats but not enough popped out in games that was impressive. People completely overlook his absolute inability to hit throws down field. He has all the looks of a backup QB.

        If the Eagles go into next season without even bringing in competition they’re making a mistake. With how the NFL is it doesn’t take two season to get back to the playoffs. So they can’t just hitch a wagon to Foles.

    • http://twitter.com/pjcostello Paul Costello

      I agree, if for no other reason than to have a third QB — remember, they have three today: Nick Foles, Michael Vick, and Trent Edwards. Who among us thinks anyone except Foles will be an Eagle next season? So they need a rookie to develop, AND a veteran behind Foles (assuming he’s the starter). But a QB will be drafted in the third round or later, mark my words.

  • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

    I’m happy to see a post about EJ Manuel. I was going to ask you guys what you thought about him in practice down there. I would absolutely love it if the Eagles were able to grab him in the 3rd round.

    EJ Manuel is a 6’4″ specimen with more physical talent than any QB in the draft. But he could be available at this spot because his pocket presence is questionable and his accuracy comes and goes. But when he’s on, he can throw frozen ropes all over the field and frustrate a defense with his speed.

    This game from Clemson is where you see him put it all together. All of the potential is shining through and a performance like this makes you believe he could follow in the footsteps of Colin Kaepernick if he’s given some time to learn in the right situation.


    When you look at the skills he shows in this cut-up and think about what Chip Kelly wants from his quarterback (someone durable who can attack the entire field with his arm and his legs), Philadelphia could be the perfect place.

    • Myke Lowery

      what I took away from the video was someone given one read. when that was covered he either forced it or dumped off. to rb. sometimes he even ran it but not to prolong the play or to throw to someone else down field. overall reminds me of Dante Culpeper, which could be good or bad, or J Russell.

      • 1972

        he’s a developemental player thats willing to learn. why not a 4th rd pick on him if he drops that far?his size alone is enough for me to take a look at him.This isnt andy reids system. QB’s THROW 25 OR less in kellys offense. thats how these types of players can succeed

        • Myke Lowery

          rather just use that pick on another need and get Dennis Dixon who already knows the system.

          • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

            Dixon does’t have the upside. He would be a depth guy, where as Manuel could be a project pick to eventually start.

          • Myke Lowery

            Dixon doesn’t have upside yet Manual does?Dixon has barley been given a chance plus he’s 2-1 as a NFL starter. both seem questionable at this point imo.

          • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

            Manuel has a special size/speed/arm combo that gives him much more upside than Dixon.

            Dixon is a depth body right now sitting on a practice squad for anybody to take. If teams saw a lot of upside with him, that wouldn’t be the case. Now I don’t think it would be a bad idea for the Eagles to take a look at him, but the idea would be to replace Trent Edwards, not to make him a developmental QB. It wouldn’t serve the same purpose as drafting a guy like Manuel.

      • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

        It’s really not possible to tell how many reads he had on most plays from a broadcast angle without knowing the call from the sideline. A lot of his check downs to the flat came when there was a free blitzer, so those throws showed good awareness.

    • The Guru

      EJ Manuel stinks. That fact that you think he’s a good fit here proves to me you don’t know the game. Thanks for further cementing it

  • Zachary Kahn

    Anyone opposed to bringing back Jeff Garcia?

    • Graham

      HAHAHA… maybe Chip can lure Donovan out of retirement for another season

  • GRiley07

    I wouldn’t mind taking Manuel or Geno Smith in the 2nd or 3rd round. We need another big QB like McNabb. And for all of the McNabb comments and comparisons… I’m 30 years old and the only time I watched our team consistanlty dominate our division and compete for the Lombardi Trophy was with McNabb at the QB position. I guess we’re still blaming him for our defense letting teams score on us and take leads late in championship games. Anyway.. Back to present day. We need more than Foles. Bring in somebody to compete with him.

    • MAC

      I agree 100% about the negative talk about McNabb and his time here. The guy was not Brady, but we had a chance every season with him at QB. He even had 2 years or so of MVP candidate play. People need to respect what Donovan did here in Philly. I am pretty sure if we struggle to find a QB & Foles does not work out that many of them would wish to have a McNabb like QB here. I am huge Eagles fan and always have been. I was born in Philly, but my family had to move to Buffalo, NY when I was 4yrs old. I am 32 years old now so i was in Buffalo during there 4 super bowl run. They fell short, but people there and NFL people in general respect what Jim Kelly did for that franchise and city. The K gun offense was legendary innovation. Kelly was a first ballot hall of famer. I bring him up because if you compare McNabb’s #’s to Jim Kelly’s they are much better. Kelly never played well in a Super Bowl yet he is idolized as one of the great QB’s in history. I do not understand the way people hate on McNabb here in Philly & also many skeptics in the national media on him. The lack of perspective on McNabb and lack of appreciation frustrates me. The football Gods or Karma could make sure that we do not get a ring bc many fans do not appreciate what they had in Donovan. It’s not all Eagles fan’s but more than I can understand.

      • B-West

        The saddest thing in life is wasted talent… McNabb was great, and of course he will always be associated with the great run this team had. But he could have been even better with a better work ethic. Never improved his footwork, thus the constant throws at guys’ feet. And he was rarely in great shape (great shape being the default for a professional athlete), thus one of his lasting images will be throwing up during the Super Bowl and being unable to run the hurry up.

        Despite how good he was, the idea that he left some of that talent on the table is what doesn’t sit right with some fans.

    • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

      I would be shocked if Geno Smith fell past 8. I think that’s his absolute floor in this draft.

  • Mr. Magee

    If the description of his weaknesses is in any way accurate, there is no way Kelly will touch him…

  • 1972

    If he was there in the 3rd rd i would definitely take him.his qb rating and turnovers were better than foles coming out of college.Foles needs legitimate competiton coming into this years training camp.And vick is not it.

  • Mostel

    Florida State …………….NO THANKS!

  • Loke2112

    Draft this guy and make him the starter. Seriously I’m just looking for one good reason to become a Raven or Giant fan. Please Chip, put me out of my misery!

  • JofreyRice

    My take on Manuel is that he looks like a great prospect, because of his physical tools, but is very inconsistent with ball placement and accuracy on downfield throws, and has some major issues with dealing with pressure. His accuracy takes a nosedive anytime he gets blitzed, and he generally has a tough time when there are bodies around him in the pocket. He holds the ball for a really long time, and sometimes doesn’t just take off to pick up yards when he actually should. Other times, he makes these headscratching throws into the middle of the field, like against Florida. I also think he’s a bit like Foles–you expect a guy that big to have a bigger arm; it’s serviceable, but his deep throws leave a lot to be desired.

    Obviously, he’s got tremendous physical tools, and could turn out to be a fantastic player if he maximizes them, but to take him high would be too much of a projection for me. If Tajh Boyd had come out, I could see a Kelly-Boyd marriage working much better for Kelly’s zone-read scheme, if that’s what he wants to do. IMO, Boyd’s a better runner and QB. The Eagles need to add a QB (or 2) to develop down the line, but if I had to spend more than a 3rd rounder on Manuel, it’d be too rich for my blood.

  • bbeSupaStar

    Everybody soooooo worked up about Nick Foles….great kid but if he is “ALL” we have to turn to then we wont be making the playoffs NO TIME SOON! what have he done for us ok lets see played in 7 games won one all the other games not even close to winning im not saying vick is the answer but we no da#n well that nick isn’t

    • MAC

      Few of the losses were on Foles, but more so on Brown’s fumbling issues as well as a terrible defense. He had zero support up front and had lost many of major weapons on offense. (McCoy, Jackson, Celek, and entire o line including top 3 LT in football. He got better almost every game and showed poise and pocket presence, I know many are concerned about his deep ball, but he has a strong arm, just needs better footwork. If you have a bad o line you rush throws and have bad footwork as a veteran in those seasons. This kid was thrown in as a rookie 7 half way through season with little to no reps with first team before that. His #’s for a rookie first 7 games as a starter are very favorable to many top QB’s in the league. People need to realize his supporting cast and situation should have meant terrible #’s, play, and win percentage. Say what you want but no one knows if Foles can be a franchise QB or not based on the circumstances. He showed signs of things you can’t teach in one of worst situations a rookie could been thrown into.

    • MAC

      By the way one more thing; no one can know Foles isn’t the guy after 7 starts with an awful line and all the injury issues. It’s is ridicculous to conclude that and it’s a very close minded approach toward a player. If coaches gave up on QB’s as a rookie after 7 starts with the parts around Foles is a joke. especially considering his #’s are favorable compared to other QB’s that ended up being successful in the league after there first 7 starts.

  • metaReign

    I’m not really looking to take a QB, since we picked one last year and next year they’re probably 5 or 6 good seniors to choose from.

    Chip needs to watch the films and evaluates the personnel. That means looking at the defensive and offensive spots to upgrade.

    Every draft pick the Eagles have, must be use with caution. Taking a QB is reaching, when it’s not needed. Last year we traded up and got Cox, and got BPA in both second rounds, M.Kendricks and V.Curry. All defensive personnel.

    We might go OL at pick #4 or trade out and get an extra pick, use it for an extra BPA. I can’t see the Eagles reaching for a QB unless he’s UDFA. We need to find as much competitions coming out of this year’s draft, especially the OL and DB situation.

    I think Kelly would want to start off his first year on a good note, if not for the organization, for the fans. We, the fans are watching him make developments as he goes along. We scrutinizes everything if he does something wrong and does not make corrections. The fans are the core that keeps the organization at the top of the league. Chip is here, we are stuck with him, we better hope he does a fine first impression as the EAGLES HC.

    • MAC

      I hope he understands our personnel and stick’s to his statements about running a scheme that fits personnel not other way around. We have other holes and the QB’s in this class do not excite anyone. I am very skeptical of the Kelly hire, but am trying to have an open mind. I hope he does not come in and try to rewrite the book on how to win a championship in the NFL. If he thinks he is able to do it his way and change the way rings are won then that will and always has been a recipe for disaster. Many “great football Minds” have come to the NFL with there system and refused to adapt and all of them failed. Take best available player and build scheme and philosophy around our strengths. I am hoping his statements about adapting to personnel are not just to appease the fans and media. He does not seem that arrogant or stubborn, but I have my doubts. I am starting to come around on him bc as an Eagles fan this is who the coach will be. I just hope my skeptical thoughts on his system and philosophy are wrong. I will be glad to take criticism from anyone who loved this hiring ! I will be glad to be wrong on the hiring!

      • metaReign

        I don’t think there is a wrong or right way about the Eagles hiring Kelly. Fans allows their opinions to be expressed. There are those who are strongly against it, those who are happy about it and those who are remaining neutral.

        At Oregon, it was easy for him to get his personnel motivated, there’s no leader on the team. It is entirely different in the NFL, besides a coach, every team needs a leader for every unit from the QB to the defensive backs and the special teams, because they are the personnel on the field executing the coach’s expertise gameplans.

        Right now there’s no dice rolling, no crapshoot, nothing until he gets his staffs built and evaluates every player before the FA and Draft day.

        We will know a little more about him and his staffs by the time OTA, Mini Camp and Training Camp comes around. There will be alot of uncertainties between the fans and media when the preseason games end. Give it until the first quarter (4 games) of the season for Kelly to begin adapting into the NFL, we really won’t know until his first 4 games in the league of the elitist level of pro NFL.

        So don’t waste your time holding your breath, breath easy until you know more of what this organization is heading into. We know the changes on the offense will happen, we will know how the defense will be built on, later. Those uncertainties are what we haven’t yet seen or heard.

        This is where Kelly must begin and develop within the organization, from the staffs to the personnel. I have no idea how much he holds in the FO, since AR held the VP position, while being the HC.

        We, the fans holds different opinions about the team, the organization and the FO, yet it’s the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that keep us, fans, coming after all those years of offensive and defensive looks that made us roar with excitement. We all have one thing in common, we want that excitement back on the field, both sides of the ball.

  • Sensei

    I wouldn’t be mad if every draft pick was used on safety and corner

  • http://twitter.com/Coatesvillain JustTIM

    Not only was Pat Shurmur hired to help Chip Kelly adapt his passing game to the NFL, he was also brought in for how good he is with developing QBs. So common sense would be expect the Eagles to take someone this year with the idea of potentially developing him moving forward.

    Nick Foles is a third round pick and the new coaching staff isn’t handcuffed to him. Just expect that if he starts next season there’s no guarantee he’ll be the starter in 2014.

  • http://twitter.com/pjcostello Paul Costello

    It seems to me, given what I’ve read of (and by) Chip Kelly, that the unmeasured attributes are more important than height and weight. He needs a QB who can listen, learn, adjust… work within the framework of the offense, and absorb new information quickly. Believe it or not, that’s Nick Foles. Remember at one point in the season, he read over the offensive game plan in a minute or two, and gave it back to Marty. He got it. He absorbed it, knew the concepts, and knew what was expected of him, quickly and accurately. Think of the different game plans the Eagles put together for his starts, and whether we liked them or not, this kid executed them — pretty well, all things considered. While he’s not the next Aaron Rodgers, I think he’s shown that he’s got enough on the ball to be a starter in this league… and with the right tutelage, can definitely be a good QB.