Reports: Oregon DL Coach Azzinaro To Join Eagles

Chip Kelly has not officially named any new members to his coaching staff.

But according to multiple reports (one by Jen Beyrle of Comcast SportsNet Northwest and another by Bruce Feldman of, Kelly is expected to bring Oregon defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro with him.

Azzinaro, 54, spent four years as the Ducks’ defensive line coach. He has no NFL experience, but has been all over the place in the college ranks. Here’s the rundown:

Marshall (DL coach, 2008)
New Hampshire (DL coach, 2007)
Duke (Defensive coordinator, 2004-2006)
Syracuse (DL coach/recruiting coordinator, 1999-2003)
Maine (DL coach, 1998)
Boston College (DL coach, 1995-1996)
UMass (Defensive coordinator, 1994, 1997)
UMass (LBs coach/recruiting coordinator, 1992-1993)
American International College (Defensive coordinator, 1987-1991)
Western New England College (Head coach, 1986)

Azzinaro’s most well-known pupil is probably Dwight Freeney, from his time at Syracuse.

The Eagles had a Jim Washburn/Tommy Brasher combo at defensive line coach last year. A year after tying for the league lead in sacks, the Birds finished tied for 25th in 2012.

Below is a YouTube video of Azzinaro mic’d up. Thanks to Bo Wulf of for the link.

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  • PaoliBulldog

    If Tony Soprano had ever needed a defensive line coach, Azzinaro would have been at the top of his list.

  • GoBirds1

    Is this a kiss of death from the ghost of A. Reid. The beginning of the end was when Reid hired a DL coach BEFORE hiring a DC. How did that work out? Both Reid and Kelly are offense only guys and defer 100% to their DC to run that side of the ball and team. You know what one of the first things Reid did as the HC of KC, he hired his DL coach BEFORE his DC. Stupid! Hopefully, Chip does not make the same mistake to help out one of his buddies! GoBirds!

    • Bdawk20

      Difference is that Washburn had a different style than most (Wide 9). Other thing to note is that he has not been hired yet.

    • allenjones

      Well, nothing is official yet. And it seems like Grantham from Georgia is the frontrunner (who knows), but maybe Kelly was like, “Hey Grantham, I’m geting Az if that’s cool?” and Grantham was all, “Yeah, no probs, we go way back.”

      • ChandlerMc

        And Chip says “Right on, brah” and Todd comes back with “Brah? Did u just ‘brah’ me?” Chip says “Yeah. I ‘brahed’ you. So what?” And Todd says “I ain’t your brah.” And the whole thing degrades into playground name calling and the deal falls apart.

    • rls255

      Just to build on the point others have made, I also think one difference is that Chip is assembling the entire staff, whereas AR was plugging holes with an existing staff. Obviously, Chip is very familiar with AZ and it’s his job to bring in a bunch of coaches who’s styles will mesh with his overall plan for the team. As Chip said in his interview, he’ll be involved with every aspect but on gamedays he’ll let his coaches do their thing.

  • eagle fan dwn south

    He got a lil nasty to him like wash had just hope they play well for more than one year

  • Graham

    This guy seems like a great coach and all… concerned about no NFL experience tho. You see him yelling at the kids and stuff that whole video, how well do you think those methods would work on 30 year olds instead or 20 year olds? who knows… seems like an interesting coach tho and a great teacher

    • allenjones

      I hear you. But I’m hoping football is football. They were competing at a pretty high level at Oregon. That team may have been able to beat an NFL team. 30 is kind of old for a pro football player. Obviously there are 30+ year olds, but i think the average age is like 25.

      • A Roy

        You absolutely should readjust your thinking a bit. There is no way any college team can beat any pro team. None. They used to put together a team of college all-stars to play the NFL champs, admittedly the best team, but still a bunch of pros that cared less about that game than the pro Bowl. The NFL crushed every year to the point the stopped playing the game.
        It concerns me that Azzinaro has zero pro experience. He’s worked with DLs where there may have been a couple studs and a couple duds across from them on the O Line. Even the NFL duds are going to be tough. Not saying he can’t do it, but we fans are in for at least a two year learning curve here.

      • Graham

        As long as the guys buy into it right? Like I noticed above, the Dline is actually rather young with Graham, Cox, Curry…. Jenkins is the only one over 30, and TCole is like 29 or 30… this guy seems interesting very VIOLENT lol

    • daggolden

      Gus Bradley was a hero when he did it. Whats the difference. How about Bill Cowher? Washburn did it. Alot of coaches yell.

      • Graham

        It’s not about yelling, it’s about the influence you have on men instead of boys when you have no prior experience of coaching men and the men are well aware of that. The line he will be coaching comprises of yes a 24 and 21 year old, then also a 31 and 29 year old… come to think of it the line is rather young… If they can effectively buy into this guy he looks like a great teacher and motivator….. sucks that he has no NFL experience

        • aub32

          Curry, Thorton, and Graham are all 24. Cox is 22. I don’t see a huge age gap between who he was coaching and our best D line prospects. Not to mention, I trust that Cole and Jenkins will be professional and adhere to anything demanded of them. Lastly, Hunt really doesn’t have much of a leash. He will get on board quickly, since I’m guessing he doesn’t want to be back in Canada any time soon.

          • Graham

            Agreed… As I noted it’s actually a very young line, Cole and Jenkins are the oldest at 29 and 31…

  • The Guru

    Don’t you dare hire a DL coach before a Defensive coordinator. Let the d-coordinator come with a list of his guys….

    • Johnny Domino

      C’mon, Chip needs a mole in the defensive meetings.

  • Dawkins20Fan

    Did you see the video where he yells “Everybody Runs!” He’s going to fit in just fine in Philly: “Everybody Runs…WooHoo!”

  • Aaron Colvin

    I get why Chip is doing this before the d coordinator. He doesn’t know any NFL guys, so he needs someone in Philly that he trusts from day 1. I don’t think he’ll do this with any other position though and if he does that’s a problem.

  • Frank Berrodin

    Holy Hell this guy is freaking awesome.

  • gilly#32

    I am a new yorker who played for coach azz. He is not only the best coach I ever had he is one of greatest human beings i have ever known. He will do great in the NFL. Philly is lucky to have him.

  • JF

    Azz is the real deal. I grew up with him, nobody will out work, out talk and out motivate him