Ken Whisenhunt Works Into the Mix

Gus Bradley left for Jacksonville this morning without a deal.

That does not guarantee that he will not be the next head coach of the Eagles, but it does open the door to other scenarios.

One name to keep an eye on is Ken Whisenhunt, who  interviewed on Monday. One league source believes it is a two-man race between Whisenhunt and Bradley right now, but really only Jeffrey Lurie knows for sure.

The 50-year old Whisenhunt is coming off six up and down years as head coach of the Cardinals, going 45-51 and 4-2 in the postseason. Arizona made the playoffs in two of his first three seasons at the helm and defeated the Eagles in the NFC Championship during the 2008 season, putting the Cardinals into the Super Bowl for the first time in their history.

The Cardinals have had three winning seasons over the past 28 years, and two came under Whisenhunt. His quarterback situation deteriorated when Kurt Warner hung it up after the 2009 season. Replaced by the likes of Derek Anderson, John Skelton, Kevin Kolb and Ryan Lindley, the Cardinals went 5-11, 8-8 and 5-11 over the last three seasons and Whisenhunt was shown the door.

Prior to his stint with the Cardinals, Whisenhunt was the offensive coordinator of the Steelers from 2004-06 and helped Pittsburgh capture a Lombardi trophy.

Just how interested are the Eagles? According to a league source, Whisenhunt vaulted ahead of Brian Billick in the Eagles’ pecking order after Monday’s  sit-down.

Billick and Lovie Smith are two names still rattling around as well.

If it is indeed Bradley versus Whisenhunt, then it pits defense against offense, freshness against experience, promise against a known commodity.

Lurie allowed Bradley to leave town. That puts other options back on the table, and Whisenhunt seems to be one of them.

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  • Tim Greene

    You would think that just looking at the Cards over the past few years would be enough to scare any reasonable person away from Whisenhunt regardless of how well he interviewed…I just don’t see any reason to pick Whisenhunt or any of the other re-treads over Bradley

    • Bob Purpura

      Oh, you mean when they were in the Super Bowl?

      • Tim Greene

        No his 18-30 record over the last three years.Think about it. After everything he has said Lurie is now considering a coach that went 5-11 last year….he might as well have just kept Andy.

        • The record over the last few years has been bad b/c of QB and o-line issues. His overall record is pretty good. I’m not a fan necessarily, but dude isn’t a bad coach. He’s just had a rough few years.

  • Cleetus

    I heard that the ghost of Bear Bryant is also high on their list


    Denny Green anyone?

  • Kris Swanson

    Like most fans, I’m on board the Gus Bus. But if we somehow lose out on him, I’d much rather have Lovie than Wiz. As far as re-treads go, would you rather have a guy who’s coming off a 10-6 season or a 5-11 season? If you’re thinking about the answer to that question for too long, your name might be Howie Roseman.

  • morgan c

    I have waited until now to chime in on this coaching search, and I just want to ask, why is everyone so obsessed with Gus Bradley? Out of all the coordinators of teams that were good this year, why him specifically? To me, this seems like an example of the tail wagging the dog (the media, including this very blog, have made him out to be some huge deal when really he’s just another solid coordinator). I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a good coach, but I am questioning the many posters on this blog who just vaunted him to the top of their list, when none of us had heard of this guy until a month or so ago. He is a “good teacher,” and a “good motivator”? Sure, so are all the guys in the running for any head coaching job; it’s kind of a necessity to get to the top of the NFL coaching ranks. Personally, I don’t see what makes him different than a Steve Spagnulo (or a Todd Hale on the offensive side), or any other good coordinator, who fails as a head coach. I honestly think people have just got it in their heads that they like this guy, and that’s that. They won’t accept anyone else, and it’s silly.

    • The Guru

      I posted exactly this a week ago. No one knew Gus Bradley. People like him because his personality and specialty are the other end of the spectrum compared with Reid. And people have grown weary of this search.

      The other issue is he’s the best of a bad group. Compared to Billick, Lovie, Jay Gruden, Bruce Arians and the Mike Nolan’s of the world….and add in Chip Kelly and Brian Kelly…..Gus Bradley looks like Vince Lombardi.

    • daggolden

      Making sense has no place here. Stop it. lol

    • nicksaenz1

      You’re probably right in that the media sparked it, but, in my opinion, it’s the realization that he’s consistently built a better D over the last 3 years into one of the league’s most formidable while using some of the same tactics we had here in a Philly with great corners and bone crushing safety play that makes him so attractive to Philly fans. His defense reminds one of what Philly’s used to be under Jim Johnson, the man who was really behind Reid’s best seasons in Philly. I, and again, my opinion, many Eagles fans, have had enough of “high-flying” offense with an average-at-best D. I’d rather have a staunch D knowing we’re always in a game than a gimmick offense that 4-5 times a year blows a team out while losing most of the rest because we got out-coached.

  • jabostick

    It isn’t the ‘retread’ part of it that bothers me so much as it is that I was an Andy fan but realized it was time for a change. Change being the operative word – as in new, fresh, exciting, different…

    Lovie doesn’t inspire that in me. Billick CERTAINLY doesn’t. Wiz… You could talk me into him but his success seems to be so tied to having top notch QB’s. A lot of coaches look pretty good with top notch QB’s (Andy Reid included).

    I like Gus because it brings energy and the sense of a new era. Wiz and the rest seem like ‘tweaking’ of the existing regime.

  • 1972

    im cool with wisenhunt if he can get lovie to coach this defense, or vice versa.

    • nicksaenz1

      yeah, this is the ONLY way i’m good with bringing Wiz to Philly

    • Johngiam

      how did this happen? How is Gus in Florida? E was just at the damn mansion! I want to cry lol

  • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

    The “known commodity” is that this guy was part of a brain trust that thought Kevin Kolb was the answer to their QB problems and won 4 LESS GAMES than Reid over the last three seasons as a head coach. Seriously?!?

  • nicksaenz1

    Leave it Howie Roseman to funk this up. This clown needs to go.

  • Bob A

    97.5 the fanatic just reported that the reason that Bradley isn’t the coach is because sources have told them that Chip Kelly may have changed his mind.

    • Johngiam

      Chip Kelly is our new coach. Digesting!!!

      • jabostick

        Wow… Insane

  • Johngiam

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!! CHIP KELLY seriously back in play with the eAgles! This is NOT a joke! I will be disgusted if we take Chip over Gus

  • Johngiam

    Chip Kelly is the coach of the eagles. I am disgusted!!! !

    • Bob A

      Im thrilled.. Its Super Bowl time!!!!

    • HarmsWay

      Then go find another team to root for. I’m tired of reading all of your opinions stated as though they were fact. I for one am excited and keeping an open mind about this.

  • Bob A

    Chris Mortenson reports that Kelly is the new coach of the Eagles