Eagles Wake-Up Call: Pressure Is On Now

The Eagles’ game plan heading into this coaching search now seems pretty obvious.

They were going to swing and swing hard at some of the big name college coaches early, and see if they couldn’t land a Kelly or an O’Brien or any collegiate coach with an Irish last name and some sizzle. There was an inherent risk in this strategy: such a pursuit will draw headlines, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to lure these guys out of some of the top programs in the country. Come up empty, and your quest will look like a failure.

After Brian Kelly became the third coach to deny their advances, the Eagles have to be stinging a bit. It has undoubtedly served as a reality check  that, while this is certainly a good job, it might not be as desirable as Jeffrey Lurie made it out to be when he called it “the most attractive place for a head coach to work in the National Football League.”

That said, they knew that striking out was a possibility, as evidenced by the number of interviews they have conducted or will conduct in the coming days. It might be Plan B, but there is a plan in place.

The trick now is to get one of the targeted assistants to say, “Yes.”  And the pool is dwindling.

Bruce Arians, slated to meet with the Eagles Tuesday, reportedly favors San Diego as a landing spot. Jay Gruden, interviewing with the Eagles Monday, has a few suitors and does not sound in a hurry to leave Cincinnati in the first place. Mike Nolan and Keith Armstrong  don’t appear to be moving the meter. A couple reporters have suggested that the interview with Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy did not go all that well; and Lovie Smith might have a tough time convincing Lurie that he can cure what ails the Eagles’ offense.

That seems to leave Gus Bradley as the most desirable/realistic candidate. His name is playing well in Philadelphia, he’s extremely well-respected by his peers, and his coaching acumen and personality appear to fit the bill.

But with a total of five openings across the NFL, who is to say they can land him?

Losing out on the college coaches is not the end of the world. But now the pressure is on.


Sheil with some details on Kelly’s decision to stay at Notre Dame.

The Eagles reportedly reached out to Bill Cowher about their coaching vacancy.

Kapadia details how the Eagles will have to proceed if they want to further pursue Bradley.


Paul Domowitch caught up with Monte Kiffin, who is very high on Bradley:

“I try not to exaggerate,” Kiffin, who once called Bradley a once-in-a-lifetime coach, told the Daily News in a telephone interview last week. “But this guy is good.

“I’ve told people I’ve talked to in the last week or so, if you interview him, there’s a good chance you’ll hire him. He’ll walk in [to the interview] and take over the room.”

Arians talked about his future with USA Today:

“I have a great job. I love it here so much,” Arians said. “I’ve never been treated with more respect in my career than I have here, so it would be hard to leave.

“It’s going to have to be a perfect fit for me to leave, but you always want to win one of those Super Bowls on your own.”

Irsay wouldn’t disclose how much he’s paying Arians as coordinator, but said he’s offered him a sizable six-figure increase to remain with the Colts.

“You want to have him here,” Irsay said, “but if he has an opportunity to be a head coach, it’s hard to stop that. Money can’t really stop that.”


Phase III of the coaching search. We’ll keep you up to speed.

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  • Billy from Philly

    If Seahawks lose today, give Bradley an offer he can’t refuse. Hopefully he takes offer and helps us get solid Offensive Coord. By summer Eagles Nation’s new motto will be “In Gus we trust”

    • Johnngiam

      hopefully there is already an agreement in place.

      Arians will be a charger, McCoy will be a Bear…we are flat out dumb if we thik we can do better then Gus at this point.

      • Graham

        But who will the OC be, that’s the real question. What options are out there for OC???? anyone know some good ones

        • Johngiam

          Mcadoo the qb coach of the packers…of Vince lomardis grand son or nephew, drew Bree’s qb coach..Wisenhunt mite be available but he will probably join Arians chargers staff

          • Graham

            Good options there ya.. It’s hard to poach another current OC, so a QB coach is prob best alternative.

          • Johngiam

            yeah…are best bet is promoting a qb coach to OC…unless we get lucky with a fired HC like Wisenhunt, if he doesn’t get a HC job, he mite not want to sit out a year so he could become n OC…in that case, I’m Su Bruce Arians would have an inside track to get Wisenhunt to join his staff in sn Diego

          • JohnGiam

            Let’s Hope that Gus even wants to come here. I don’t worry about the chargers, who will hire Arians….But It was announced that besides the eagles he will interview with two other teams. We have to not only hope that Lurie and Howie want him, but we have to hope that he wants us!

      • Graham

        Hue Jackson?

  • Johngiam

    Rueben franks say sources in the front office say we are very high on Gus and he is at the top of our list. Hope this is true

    • Graham

      PLEASE BE TRUE!!!!

      • Johngiam

        jay Glazier just said Gus had a really good interview with us yesterday, and if they lose today he will be brought back for another interview….just hand the man a 5million per year check and let’s get things started!!

  • Mark Sitko

    Tim…such a typical Philly writer…talking smack with facts you can’t back up…you are ASSUMING that the Eagles got rejected 3 times….they could have not liked the college guys…B Kelly did not say no until they met with Gus…maybe the birds called and said “yo…nevermind…keep fighting for the Irish we found another guy”. The Eagles are conducting a thorough search. Why not wait until you actually have the facts before writing articles like this? Oh, because you have to write something every day and maximize readership…well, that’s not journalism. Everyone here should read Tommy Lawlor at Iggles Blitz and Jimmy Kempski at Blogging the Beast if they want accurate analysis with supports arguments.

    PS…I teach freshman composition to young college kids and your bad logic and use of supporting information would not pass in my class Tim…come on man

    • Johngiam

      Y r u here?

      • lol

        Johngiam u live in the phillipines. The real question is why the hell are you here?

    • Absecon

      If you teach composition, why does you sentence end with poor grammar…”if they want accurate analysis with supports arguments.” Guess it was just a typo, huh? Keep up the great work Tim and Sheil!

      • Johngiam

        I just don’t understand how people could be such observable trolls. Y waste a moment of your life on a site that you feel so negatively about? I just don’t understand it. What worse is,he sounds like he is a grown man, teaching a freshman class? If you are really an adult, and actually teaches young adults, that’s scary. I guess some people just live miserable lives

    • allenjones

      You invalidate your whole argument by reading and posting here.

    • Alex Karklins

      Do you teach your students to cram ellipses into every other sentence, while ignoring other rules of punctuation?

    • JofreyRice

      You should continue reading the blogs you are comfortable with; obviously, reading things that do not reaffirm your worldview are upsetting for you. Lawlor & Kempski are both good at what they do, but both take a pretty rosy views of the Eagles org. I’d encourage you to continue going to those sites, so you don’t have to consider something you don’t want to.

    • Bob A

      Several writers on different sites have said the eagles were ready to hire both Kellys and O’Brien. Ron Jaworski reported that they offered Chip Kelly 8 million. There’s nothing wrong with being an Eagles fan..but you have to face facts. They’ve been rejected by more than one party. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn’t. But you don’t have to teach your kids to be an apologist.for the Eagles; they already have plenty.

  • Mark Sitko

    To act like Lurie is bad at his job when you are so bad at your own is pathetic…Lurie would fire you if he had you on staff…you couldn’t write his press releases

    • Bob A

      Lurie was handed the money for his business by his aunt.I’m not saying that anyone else wouldn’t have taken advantage of having a rich relative,but let’s not make him into a great businessman who was self made.I have no doubt he’d fire any of us,he fired one guy in the organization on Thanksgiving and another the day his brother came here as the DC of the Panthers.Because he’s a creep that thinks he’s above treating people well,which is why people on these boards don’t respect him. Get it, now?

    • MAC

      Mark go away. We like this objective site and the information they put out there tends to be pretty reliable. Funny but my guess is this site gets many more followers than the 2 others you mentioned. Also all your post does is make less people want to go to those sites bc of troll’s like yourself promoting it!!

    • MAC

      Did you interview for 24/7 Birds & get rejected or something?

  • Mark Sitko

    Bet finding your replacement would be much quicker…hehe

  • trixman

    Tim, who is the agent for Gus Bradley?

    • Johngiam

      Wish I knew. I have been asking for weeks

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    We are in a bad place. Although JL has absolved HR for his roles in the 10, 11 drafts and the 11 free agency debacle, the rest of the league knows what happened and has not forgotten. Candidates with options including staying as a coordinator will take them. We are at the wrong end of the 10-foot pole and that won’t change until JL make a front office change. Bradley won’t be a savior, he’ll be pulled under by the dysfunction that reigns in the Eagles front office.

    • JofreyRice

      I’m inclined to agree with you, but what is making Howie seem like the guy to *keep* in Lurie’s mind? If Roseman really was the guy that screwed up the drafts, and he really does have this horrible rep around the league, why keep him?

      I’m mostly playing Devil’s Advocate, here. I’m very skeptical of Roseman–I pretty much view him as Mike Tannenbaum-lite–but there must be something Roseman is doing that made Lurie side w/him against Banner & Reid.

  • Johngiam

    Great games last night. Hopefully the falcons win today by a score of 6-3 lol….wouldn’t mind seeing JJ watt prison rape Brady either

  • Typical Philly scribe reaction to everything Eagles. Stating the obvious as sources and rumors and then taking cheap shots at the organization for not hiring somebody fast enough – Even though most teams haven’t hired their new HC yet.

  • Chris

    Who knows if the Eagles left an offer on the table with these college coaches? Sheil’s 6:30 am article yesterday starts with a report that they didn’t give Brian Kelly an offer. If a coach decides to stay put for a nice raise while the Eagles moved on without making an offer, I’m not sure that is rejection. If the Eagles really were “all in” they would have made an offer.

    A lot of the info leaking out to the press may be a smoke-screen to conceal their intentions from other teams that are looking for coaches. A lot of the news we are getting so far is speculative to a degree. But you can’t blame Tim and Sheil (who do excellent work) for that because we’d all pretty bored with no stories to consume.

    If you want to find the best tree in the forest, you have to look at a lot of trees. Interviewing so many coaches is a way of gaining a better perspective by comparison. Let’s just hope they do make the best decision for our team in the end.

  • barry_nic

    Jeeze, what’s the rush? Tim, why are you stirring things up with this headline? There are many good coaches out there that aren’t mentioned. How about Zimmer? Nobody talking about him, but the Eagles love to surprise us. There is a good possibility the guy they want is still in the playoffs. So hold on tight guys, we’ll find out soon.

  • mdeaglesfan32

    Throughout the weeks gone by without a head coach, and all the names that came up regarding whom the eagles brass has interviewed, one thing came to mind that is really scaring me: I don’t get the impression that they don’t know what the identity of this team is, or don’t have a clue of what direction to take this team. My first thought is, why would they know anything about identity and direction if Andy Ried and his staff were the ones at the helm for the last 14 years? If Jeffrie Lurie is a “hands off” kind of owner, what inclination does he give to show us that he cares about the identity or direction of his team when all he does is pass it off to his staff?
    I don’t follow Donovan McNabb too much and I take what he says sometimes with a grain of salt, but he made a good point about the eagles brass “picking names out of hats” because, any NFL owner who knows the ins and outs of their teams (ie, Pittsburgh, New England) would already have in mind who their next head coach would be because that head coach would have to not only win football games and get us to the promised land (Superbowl), but also due to them knowing that this head coach must fit what we are as a team, and represent US as FANS!!