Eagles Wake-Up Call: Waiting On Gus Bradley

As Week 2 of the coaching search nears its conclusion, a lot of Eagles fan are asking: What is going on with Gus Bradley?

It was back on January 4 when word came down that the Eagles requested and were granted permission to speak to the Seahawks defensive coordinator, but all has been quiet since then.

This much we know: The interview has not taken place yet, according to a league source. Some have opined that perhaps the two sides already met and were keeping it under wraps, but that does not appear to be the case.

The sense I get, though, is that the Eagles are laying low on the Bradley front out of respect for the coach. If there is a date set for the sitdown, they’re not saying just yet. Bradley wants the attention squarely on Seattle’s playoff game against Atlanta Sunday.

Still, it can’t be blocked out completely. Bradley was asked about the Eagles’ interest in him at his press conference Thursday.

“Well, it’s flattering,” said Bradley. “And I know people talk about our entire focus is on Atlanta, and it really is. It’s so important to us and we worked so hard to get to this point. And our whole message to the team is keep raising the bar and keep getting better and better every week. They are talking that and we’re talking that, so it’s easy to stay focused on it. It’s flattering but really our entire focus is on Atlanta and doing everything we can to get one step closer.”

It’s hard to picture Bradley taking the time this late in the week to interview for the job. So does it spill into next week? Beyond that if the Seahawks win? Jeffrey Lurie has demonstrated  patience when it comes to this process, a virtue that will come in handy as Bradley and any other coveted assistants finish out their postseason runs. [Note: It has since been reported that the Chargers met with Bradley on Thursday night; maybe he’d be open to a sitdown this close to a game after all.]

In the meantime, here is Bradley’s press conference to keep you satiated.


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Dan Graziano senses that Kelly’s flirtation with the Eagles is all about gaining leverage with Notre Dame:

But from here, what this looks like is an attempt by Kelly to get a sweeter deal in South Bend. Kind of a transparent attempt, actually. And if it is, good for him. That’s how the world works, after all. That’s how you get raises. Make ’em think somebody else wants you.

Would this mean the Eagles are being used as a pawn in this game? It would, yes. But there’s no harm in that. It’s not as though the Eagles are putting off other interviews while they wait for Kelly to come back from vacation. They’re still talking to Lovie Smith today and proceeding with the methodical process of trying to find their next head coach. They are not, as we discussed Wednesday, behind any kind of reasonable timetable here and they’re determined to find the right guy.

Could RGIII‘s recovery take more time than people think? From SI.com:

With Griffin requiring extensive work on both his LCL and ACL, his status for the 2013 season is very much in jeopardy. Initial reports tabbed Griffin’s recovery at six-to-eight months, but injury expert Will Carroll told SI.com that may be pushing it.

“With a ‘normal’ ACL reconstruction, we’d normally say eight-to-12 (months), but even that is a bit optimistic unless we start considering the kind of returns we’ve had,” Carroll said. “It’s more than just Adrian Peterson and Wes Welker — those are the extreme positives — but six-to-eight seems a bit short to me.

“Possible? Yes. Optimistic? Probably.”


We’ll continue to track it all for you.



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  • Johngiam

    Thanks for the update Tim….so there is no shot that we already interviewed him and they aren’t gonna announce it til the Seahawks are eliminated?

  • RC5000

    Old news, this was reported yesterday by others from the PC. You should have this report up immediately. Philly reporters have been slow and dependent on other media sources concerning most of this coaching search.

    • Gotta love when people complain about the speed of reporting on a quality free blog with excellent content. Don’t like it, go elsewhere.

    • jabostick

      I couldn’t care less about who the original source is. I care more about the interpretation of the information and in that respect, you can put this blog up with any other out there.
      And, frankly, with the inaccuracy of sources lately (Reid ‘95% to the Cards’, Chip Kelly ‘done deal to the Browns’) being the first to report something that turns out to be false or a blatant negotiating ploy isn’t something to hang your hat on.

  • daggolden

    Anthony Gargano on 94WIP had Raheem Brock, native Philadelphian, Temple and former player of Gus Bradley on yesterday and he said Bradley is unbelievable. He is a motivator and leader. He makes adjustments at halftime and had nothing but great things to say about Bradley. “Do your job” is his battle cry! But I also heard Mike Mayock say Brian Kelly is great to. Dont judge him on Notre Dames offense he adjusted the whole team to fit his personnel, his only problem is he knows nothing about NFL.

  • JohnGiam

    Its admirable the stance that Gus is taking, putting his team in front of his future which is who you want your leader to be…and after being jerked around and used as leverage by every college coach that wanted a damn raise( dial 1-800-Rose-man for a raise hahahaha), I hope Mr. Lurie recognizes and admires this!!!
    Then again, I would be the least bit surprised if we already interviewed Gus and had a deal in place with him. he would NEVER be announced as coach while his team was still playing in the postseason..And I always had a feeling that he was interviewed that Sunday or Monday when McCoy was interviewed. We didn’t know the exact date of the McCoy interview either until after it happened…Is it possible the Gus interview happened, and we don’t know about it because it went so well that they have a deal in place? I sure HOPE SO!…Andy Reid dumb draft philosophy did one thing right…fast, undersized high motor philosophy on the Dline, gave us a tailor made roster to run Gus hYbrid defense. Gus can’t find a roster around the league more ready to switch back n fourth between a 3-4 and 4-3 over the course of game…all we are missing is a star Latululei type that can switch back n fourth between a tackle next to Cox in a 4-3, and then move to nose guard to hold down a 3-4…Could that be the reason we all of the sudden signed Antonio Dixon? the one tackle on the Roster that could possibly play nose tackle? Since our other tackles(cox,Jenkins,thortont,landri) are all tailor made to play the the End in a 3-4? While all our undersized ends are the perfect type of ends in a 4-3, that can switch to Rush Linebacker spot of the 3-4(Cole,Curry,Graham,Hunt)?
    if Gus is the coach, it’s IMPERATIVE to get him Star or Jarvis Jones even if you have to give up something to trade up a spot to ensure it..If we can’t get either of them, the only other players that will do are Milner, and dAMonster, who I believe has the ability to flip that switch and take over games. he is a special player, and by the time the combine is over, Damontre and The German tank Werner could both jump star and Loki aka Jarvis Jones in the draft, leaving both Star and Jones on the board for us at 4… Would anyone really be shocked if Joekel,Damontre,Werner were the first 3 picks? I wouldn’t!!! Would anyone be surprised if a stupid franchise like the Jags or the raiders FAll in love with Geno smith? I know Andy won’t pass up Joekel (you Never pass up the chance to draft one of the best prospects in a decade at one of the 3 VALUED POSITIONS: QB,OT,DE) for Geno smith(what is he the 20th best prospect to come out this decade?)…but by the time the combine is over the jags or raiders could very well fall in love with him. there will be a DAMN GOOD defensive player that we could DEFINITELY USE left at number 4 for us! Even if it’s not Jarvis and Star, it will still be a very valuable pick that Gus Bradley can turn into a defensive weapon! No coordinator mixes and matches unorthadox parts like him to form a cohesive Unit of defensive destruction! Just give him supreme talent and watch him do his thing!
    Joe Banner…EPIC FAIL to hire any DC besides Gus! Any chance Gus wasnt considered when Banner was obviously considering DCs for the HC job because Gus already has a deal in place with the Birds? lol cant a guy dream?

    • Mr. Magee

      John, do you really think people are going to take the time to read all of this?

  • According to NFL Network’s Albert Breer, Seahawks DC Gus Bradley interviewed for the Chargers’ head-coaching vacancy Thursday night.

    So, was that something about the fact that there is no way he would be interviewing for head coaching jobs two days before divisional round, hmmmmmmmm

    Eagles sure are taking there time

    • Johngiam

      The news Of Gus Bradley already being interviewed by the charges made me sick to my stomach…I’m seriously leaving work to go home and cry! Way to ruin my darn Friday!! Sinkin eagles! Do they always have to break my damn heart?

  • Hurricane Dave

    While the suspense of knowing who the new coach will be intrigues me, I can’t help but look at this another way: At the end of this, we will know whether the FO actually knows what they’re doing (i.e., they’ve had their man/2nd choice all along and went ahead with their due diligence to gain intelligence about the HCs-to-be and other coordinators across the league) or they will be revealed as bumbling, inept and subject to being used and ridiculed by college coaches, HC candidates and others throughout the league. The latter would, obviously, portend a return to the dark days of this franchise..

  • Lenny A Duncan

    Eagles just announced MARTY is the HC ………and that suicides are expected to be higher then normal on Sundays in 2013

    • Bob A

      Hey, I like a good joke as much as the next guy but…..