Kelly Considered Eagles, But Opts To Stay At Oregon

After a three-day flirtation with the NFL, Chip Kelly has decided to stay at Oregon, a source confirms to Tim McManus.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported the news, saying that Kelly considered the Eagles before making his decision.

On Thursday, Kelly’s squad beat Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. On Friday, Joe Banner and the Browns met with him and were said to be close to a deal, according to an NFL Network report.

The Eagles got their shot at Kelly on Saturday and made the most of it. The Browns were supposed to meet with Kelly over dinner, but his meeting with Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski lasted longer than expected, as the Eagles’ brass apparently put the hard sell on. But in the end, Kelly decided to stay at Oregon.

The obvious question is: Where do the Eagles go from here?

They’ve already conducted interviews with Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, Falcons special-teams coach Keith Armstrong and Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. And the Eagles are expected to interview Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley and Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden.

There were a couple other college candidates who drew their interest, but Bill O’Brien is staying at Penn State, and Syracuse’s Doug Marrone was hired by the Bills.

There are several others who have not yet had interviews scheduled, but could be in the mix, such as: former Bears coach Lovie Smith, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo.

There are currently five openings around the league. The Eagles are competing with the Browns, Bears, Cardinals and Chargers.

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  • Yas

    Gus Bradely should be given serious consideration, now that he was able to devise a game plan to stop RG3. How abt Chris Clemons on Seattle defense has got 11.5 sacks, although he got injured today. Another player Eagles missed out

    • Randy D

      Injury was the only thing that stopped RG3.

      • aub32

        I agree. If RG3 was 100%, I believe the outcome would have been very different today.

  • Graham


    Mike McCoy or Gus Bradley… and whichever one is chose you bring in an expert DC/OC to manage the other side of the ball…. COME ON LURIE MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION….

  • TXEaglesFan

    Well good. Now back to talking with the ones who really want to coach the big boys. I can’t blame Kelly, probably got another few million in his pocket from Oregon/Nike. Why leave a place where the locals think you are god?

    • Vic

      I don’t know why don’t you ask Andy……sorry needed a laugh. Glad we didn’t get Kelly, though I have to admit I was intrigued. I guess the real trick is making sure we get a strong coordinator for whichever side of the ball the new coach isn’t on.

  • Oscar Gabriel Campos

    I’d love Mike Zimmer to be the next Eagles HC.

  • Mr.Magee

    We dodged a bullet there fellas…

    • Graham

      Sure did lol I was so worried I’d be waking up in the morning to hear “Eagles have Hired Chip Kelly”… I imagine it would have been a nightmare

      • Johngiam

        Yeah I was so scared last night. Why do we have to have an owner who thinks ish like this was a good idea?

        • MAC

          Hey Buddy. Was not available yesterday at all, but great news I think. Lurie scares me now because i think he is looking for an offensive guy instead of just not worrying about what side of ball they coach just find the right guy. He seems big on what he calls the direction of the league and thinking it’s offense. The rules favor the offenses yes, but a good smash mouth run game and defense still gets it done in this league. Just look at half of the teams still standing. Let’s see what happens with who we hire. I am starting to lean toward a defensive guy just because I think finding a guy to run your offense as a coordinator is easier to find on offense than defense. Bradley had those guys playing physical and looked ready to play yesterday in a big game. So that got my attention. I just want us to run a no nonsense hard nosed, disciplined team and hoping Lurie is not looking for more flash than smash you in the mouth style.

          • Johngiam

            Couldn’t agree more Mac, and we Def share the same concerns….Seat,e traditionally is terrible on the road…they really impressed yesterday….it isn’t so much the X and Os iit’s the style of physical football that they p,Ay on both sides of the ball in Seatle. Really admire the way they go ant their business hitting everything that moves for 60minutes, on both sides of the ball…tell me Seatle isn’t an nfl east style team?

            I was petrified that I was waking up today as chip as our coach….exhale lol! We live to fight another day lol

          • MAC

            Yea I am so relieved. Will see who we get. I am not sure who is my top choice. I do like things about McCoy as coach, but been reading on him and have grown concerned that he may not be that assertive. Now everyone leads differently, but this team needs discipline and a smack you in the mouth NFC East mentality. Not sure he provides that. Now I do not know that this is correct. It’s just based off what I can find on him. I liked Marrone but Buffalo scooped him. Will see leaning toward Bradley, Arians, and Wisenhunt if Horton came but Wisenhunt does not appear to be in running.
            Seattle definitely looks like NFC East team. In this league if you do not have an Elite guy at QB like Brady, manning’s, Rodgers, Brees, Ben, etc then to win a super bowl you are not going to try to outscore those guys. In order to win it all you out physical teams and play intelligent, run the ball and play great defense. Like a Seattle team and they have an up and coming franchise type QB in Wilson. I just hope Lurie is not to offensive minded. All of his early comments make me think he is though. Hopefully we get it right, but I feel better about anyone left than i did about Kelly. I am so relieved. I forgot how much of a roller coaster it is when the Eagles are not stable at coach and QB. It’s fun to speculate, but still stressful and tests the fans patients and sanity. LOL

  • xlGmanlx

    I will wait for chip kelly to tell me that. This is probably coming from the same geniuses that said he was all but locked into the browns.

  • Alex

    Mike McCoy. He’s our man. I sure hope.

  • Kimbafuzz

    Thank god!!

  • I want nolan or mccoy but mainly nolan hes a good defense coach think he could fix eagles like they were back in the day

  • Run Eagles Run

    Im not saying Im against him, but I love the wagon hitching to Mike McCoy. What exactly has this guy done? peyton manning would have been just as good without him. tebow was awful, and complete luck and great D carried that team to the playoffs. Orton put up 3000 yards passing, yeah, cause they were coming from behind every game. I like the guys resume, but the knocks on him are he doesnt have a very strong personality. not sure its the guy I want with a team that has locker room issues.

  • daggolden

    Chip Kelly said it best at his press conference. It doesnt matter who the coach is. You cant win without players. Its the talent that wins in the NFL. You bring in Gus Bradley and magically think we will have a secondary like Seattles? lol. Doesnt work that way. Those type of players dont grow on trees. Every team in playoffs has a franchise QB except SF.Thats what you need to succeed in NFL.

    • Um…Ponder? Flacco? And I think SF thinks they have the guy in C.K. What you need is a good TEAM. If that starts with a superstar QB great, but it could be a superstar defense (Ravens) or a superstar RB (Vikings) – but you do need an identity, something you are known for and do well and right now the Eagles don’t have one.

  • Allen_jones

    Gus Bradley please!

  • Eh. The only interesting coach out there was Kelly. Everyone else is the same retread ish. None of the other candidates are remotely interesting, bring no spark and with out Qb situation being what it is and our defense with no identity, yeah. Not exciting at all.

    • Smegga

      Yes. I don’t understand everybody being delighted that Kelly is not coming. Saying his style of coaching would have ruined us and that the spread offense doesn’t work in the NFL.

      He would have adapted his coaching, but most of all, given a lift to the organisation. His players and coaches love him, as does Oregon itself.

      But no, because he hasn’t coached in the NFL, lets get somebody who has. *sarcasm*
      Really disappointed that he’s not coming.

      • Johngiam

        What faith do you have that he could have put together a good nfl staff, as opposed to well respected coordinators that have paid their dues and know the ins and outs of the coaching personel around the nfl? To me,the staff a guy can assemble, is just as important as he HC himself. Can anyone say with certainty that Kelly wasn’t going to bring most of his Oregon staff with him to the nfl? That put the fear of god in me!…at the end of the day, he was just a Wiesel that didn’t even want to be here, not exactly sure how you can defend him now, but we can just agree to disagree. To each his own

    • Mr. Magee

      I’ll take LT wins over ST excitement

  • run that funky O

    Get Kelly’s OC as our new OC and get on the bus with Gus as our head man