Coaching Buzz: Reid, Castillo And the Interest In Chip

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.Andy Reid‘s plan is coming together in Kansas City.

The Chiefs announced that they are parting ways with general manager Scott Pioli. Looks like Reid’s vision for the franchise does not include Pioli as GM. It appears that was the final hurdle to getting a deal done.

It is very possible that a Reid/Juan Castillo reunion will happen.

A league source has told CSN’s Derrick Gunn that Castillo has an offer from Reid to be the offensive line coach for Reid’s new team, which at the moment looks like it will be the Kansas City Chiefs.

Reid has several former assistants that currently on the market, including Pat Shurmur and Brad Childress.

Adam Caplan indicates that the Eagles and Browns have different levels of interest when it comes to Chip Kelly.


By the sounds of it, the Browns will make a heavy push for Kelly. And we know that Jeffrey Lurie wants to leave “no stone unturned” during this process. It will be interesting to see if Joe Banner‘s aggressiveness will force the Eagles to alter their game plan.

Finally, Colts general manager Ryan Grigson — previously employed by the Eagles — says the team is willing to do what it takes to keep Bruce Arians. From

Bruce Arians has drawn interest from teams with coaching vacancies. The Chicago Bears have asked permission for an interview and others are expected to make the same request.

“We would try to do whatever we could to keep Bruce, but again, he’s his own man and will make his own decisions,” Grigson said on “NFL AM” on Friday.

“It’s kind of a great situation we have here. It’s pure speculation, but we’d love to have him back.”

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  • Joe D

    An epic battle of weasels. Banner vs. Lurie. Vying for the affections of a gimmick coach. This should be a pay-per-view event.

    • Johngiam

      Actually I’m starting to get the feeling that Chip won’t be an eagle! It really seems like the eagles want to take their time, and be thorough..a lot of the people they want to interview, they can’t talk to til they are eliminated from the playoffs. I think chip will be announced as a HEADCoach on Monday, and I’m not getting the feeling anymore that the eagles will be ready to make an announcement on Monday. I hear they really plan on talking to jay Gruden, we know McCoy will be interviewed this weekend. Oregon to Philly is an insane transition. Kelly said he expects nfl decision quickly, And the only team that seems like they could offer that is the browns. I honestly don’t think they Ffer Kelly a job without talking to McCoy and Jay Gruden first! Looks like Banner will be the Wiesel heavyweight champion of the world in the Kelly battle…wich knowing the eagles was probably just a smoke screen to get McCoy or Jay anyway!

      • Joe D

        I hope you are right. The fact that Kelly does expect to make a decision quickly coupled with Lurie saying they want to conduct a thorough hiring process should work to keep Kelly away. We shall see.

        • Johngiam

          Starting to think that our real target is either McCoy or Jay Gruden!

      • MAC

        I can only pray that the Browns do not let him leave Cleveland. Just really have zero interest in him. I like Jay Gruden, but I fear he is to inexperienced in the NFL to jump to a head coaching job. I believe he has only been in league for like 3 or 4 years. I could be wrong on that one though. Why are we interested in Jay Gruden but not John Gruden? I am guessing they have similar philosophies and John has more NFL experience. Unless John has indicated that he is not coming back so that is why no interest. I would like McCoy (would have liked O Brien) and would like Wisenhunt if Horton came with him, I also would not mind the 49ers offensive coordinator or the Stanford head coach. I have to admit though I do not know enough about either guy, just like both there philosophies and what coaches they have been under. I like Arians also, but just for some reason do not see it happening.

        • Johngiam

          Don’t shoot the messenger, but Salpal was very clear and certain yet that the ONLY gruden on the eagles real Radar is JAY…

          man, I’m with you, I would absolutely LOVE Arians! Who knows if his boys don’t get the HC jobs they are looking for, he very well could end up with Wisenhunt and corn roll Horton as his coordinators!!! I would love to have that Trio from the steelers coaching family tree…Look, there hasn’t been a single peep regarding Arians coming from the Eagles…and the style of the eagles is smoke screen, smoke screen, smoke screen, then come out of no she and hire or draft a player that was never once mentioned, so I guess there is hope for guys like us who want Arians. the next coach will be here for 5 years, it won’t be another 14yr Andy Reid situation…so If we only are going to keep a coach for half a decade, I don’t see how Arians age would be a problem.

          Lets all hope that Banner gets his man, puffs his chest all happy and announces that he has signed chip Kelly. Philly is a long way from Oregon…I believe our true targets are Jay Gruden, McCoy and a sleeper in the defensive coordinator from seattle! I don’t know enough about him to be able to just list his accomplish like I could for a guy like McCoy who I also endorse…but what I do know about hiring the DC from Seattle is that every defensive coordinator values running the football because they know the importance of how it keeps his defense fresh…and I mean, has anyone seen the Seahawks play defense? OMG! They Viciously Hit EVERTHING that MOVES! I dream and drool over the thoughts of seeing that type of defense in eagles green!

          My two ideal scenarios, but both are really far fetched would be:
          HC: Bruce Arians, OC Ken Wisenhunt, DC Ray Horton

          HC: McCoy , ASSISTANT HC seatles Dcoordinator

  • Johngiam

    Wait what? Reid isn’t offering Juan the QB coach position? Shocker! Lol…Regardless of what we think of Reid as a coach, he is a very good man, who worked tirelessly thing to bring us that trophy…he took a beating this year and was heavily ridiculed. I’m happy he landed on his feet quickly, but far away from Philly.

    I would have loved for our new coach to bring back jUan as the line coach…Now let’s hope goodolAndy does us a solid and takes Joekel ofthe board at number 1. you know it’s either Joekel or a qb with Andy!!! So either way, he will take a player ofthe board that I don’t want!


  • NK

    Let the Brows have Kelly…Many good candidates with NFL experience and more than decent resumes out there.

    As a non-NFL specialist, I like McCoy.

    • Johngiam

      Agreed! mcCoy has PROVEN to have gotten the most out of every single QB he has ever touched, with the exception of Peyton who was always great… All the other QBs McCoy had, arguably had their best year with McCoy..He is probably the man I trust the most with Foles! Plus he has been in the league a while, is well connected, respected so should be able to put together a good staff. he is also extremely SCHEME FLEXABLE while also offering the new cutting eye fast tempo hurry up style that fans love about Chip Kelly

  • Kimbafuzz

    Hold up – Reid offers Castillo OLC but not DC? Why is that bitterly funny to me?

    • xlGmanlx

      Seriously, if I’m castillo I feel confident to be a coordinator from here on out. I think he proved he could hang as a DC, who is to say he didn’t want to be a OC as well? He works hard and made better adjustments for the most part than reid. Yes, there were some break downs, but I believed in his defense, not the wide 9 portion of it.

  • Kushan Patel

    @Tim McManus – After the second Adam Caplan quote, there’s a typo in the text. It reads “..Banner’s aggressiveness with force the Eagles..”. I assume you meant “will” instead of “with”.

    • Johngiam

      Gotta love the grammar police

    • Tim McManus

      Thanks, Kushan.

  • Johngiam

    ALERT!!! On 97.5 John marks is about t get Westbrooks Imput on what Trottere said about Reid yesterday. Should be interesting

  • atb124

    Sources close to the situation have confirmed that the Eagles interest in Chip Kelly is a ploy to get Banner’s Browns to over commit to the college coach and vest too much personnel power in him, thereby crippling the franchise for years to come.

    • Johngiam

      Yeah right

      • atb124

        Just continuing to poke fun at the anonymous source crap flying around. Not at all meant to be taken seriously.
        I seem to have a real bug up my arse about that the last couple weeks.

  • 1972

    Chips style would work alot better here than with a power back no receivers and a 28 year old second year QB.Everyone keeps saying tthe eagles like kelly, i think they liked him more when vick was still fast and less injured. Now lets get a coach that knows how to groom qb’s.
    Dont get me wrong, i like him but the media is going way overboard with this chip kelly stuff.

  • That Andy Reid can be cold-blooded when he needs to be, I tell ya.