Chiefs Make It Official, Sign Reid

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid.Andy Reid is officially the first head coach off the market.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced the signing of Reid to be their new head coach, and even sent out some visual evidence.


An introductory press conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday.

“Congratulations to Clark Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs for hiring a good man and a good coach,” said Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie in a statement. “We wish Andy, Tammy and their entire family all the best in their new home.”

The Chiefs finished 2-14 this season and hold the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. They are scheduled to play the Eagles in Philadelphia next season.

Earlier in the day, Kansas City parted way with general manager Scott Pioli, apparently the final hurdle to get Reid on board. A new GM has yet to be announced.

Early reports that Reid was close to signing with the Cardinals proved premature. He was scheduled to fly out west to meet with the Cards and Chargers Thursday but those plans were eventually scrapped after a long meeting with the Kansas City brass the day before. The contingent that came to Philadelphia to meet with Reid included Pioli, who has since been let go.

It is now Reid’s show.

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  • Rapoport is also saying that the Browns are close to signing Chip Kelly.

    Of course, there were various reports that Arizona was “close” to signing Andy Reid earlier this week, too.

    Edit: Looks like I should have read the whole front page first.

    • Run Eagles Run

      whoa whoa whoa stop the clock… Reid was going to sign Andy Reid!!!???!?! how was that not on comcast sportsnight?

  • Wilbert M.

    Vick has bags packed and is heading to KC. Nnamdi tried to follow but got turned around and gave up. (props to original author – not sure who it was but not me)

    • BrickSquadMonopoly

      ur names Wilbert lol.

      • Wilbert M.

        I’m in the Eagles Hall of Fame you tool.

        • BrickSquadMonopoly

          And im Barry fuckin Melrose

  • TDR

    I believe the godfather has the quote that best sums this up: “I wish to congratulate you on your
    new business, and I know you’ll do very well; and good luck to you — as
    best as your interests don’t conflict with my interests.”

  • jon h

    this is a good move for all parties – best of luck to Andy Reid in KC

  • xlGmanlx

    Good luck, too bad you didn’t win the lombardi here in philly

  • Dan

    Good Luck Andy….

  • djack10

    check out the comments on — they are so happy. he is an upgrade on romeo c. all i can i say is, “good luck with that”

  • Johngiam

    Yo, did you guys read the statement last the cheifs put out talking about why the fired Pioli? It was like: we decided to moVe Ina diffent direction from Scott…and then listed all the reasons why. Bad drafts, bad decisions, blh, blah blah……it sounded like the exact reason why we didn’t want Andy anymore lol

    • morgan c

      Haha, ya I agree – I was laughing out loud at my desk at work when I read how he got Pioli fired, and wants to bring in Heckert! The more things change the more they stay the same; true insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results… all that applies here. Andy’s stubbornness and lack of a fresh approach (re: hiring re-tread people around him that he knows and bring zero innovation vs. having a handle on the changing dynamics of the game today and bringing in hot new guys with fresh ideas) will haunt him again. The Chiefs will be competitive (8-8 to 10-6) for the next few years, will maybe win 1 or 2 playoff games, and will not sniff a SuperBowl, while he is coach. I love what Andy did for our franchise, but it’s hilarious that he has learned nothing.

      • Johngiam

        Dng ding ding!!! Like everything else in life that doesn’t evolve, you get left behind!!

  • Johngiam

    incredible the POWER that Andy still has! Two days ago Pioli interviewed Reid for 9 HOURS!!! Sometime after that interview, Andy obviously toldt he’s either Scott or Me, and a few hours later Pioli was Fired, and Andy was able to negotiate for final say on all personel decisions. THAT’S Some SERIOUS POWER right there for a man who just ran a franchise into the ground.

    FACT: Rich KOTITE is the most Maligned coach in the history of the Eagles…FACT: IN Rich Kotites 4 seasons with the Eagles, he won 3 more games then Andy did in his last 4 years as Eagkes coach………THAT’S BAD! The decision making was what Andy really screwed up…and yet after so many boneheaded decisions, he still wields all this power? IMPRESSIVE if you ask me!

    this is an epic win for Eagles fans! Not only do the Cheifs come to Philly next year, but Andy gets the number 1 pick, and he has final say… is there any doubt at all that he will take Joekel off the board at number 1? I would say there is a 99.8% chance that Reid drafts Joekel…now we just need Oakland and the Jags to pass up on Star Latululei and we are SET!!!! If he is on the board at 4, I would be shocked if we didn’t draft him! Let’s hope Werner goes to Jacksonville, and Oakland screws up Manti Teo’s career so we are left to chose between Star and Loki, the God of Chaos aka Jarvis Jones lol

    • WillinBrasil

      I am sorry but your comment is really assinine. AR made Philly a destination place. He helped build the ornization into a winning one. We expect the Eagles to win because of the Andy years….it comment like this and people like me who spout some moronic stat they found from somewhere that make me want to puke. I will admit, the last 4 yrs Andy hasn’t been great, but give the guy a break. He did a lot for our city, the organization, players and fans. Your sir crawl back under your rock. Laurie can talk all he wants about …” We want to win now ” but he nor Howie, call plays, coaches, catches or tackles anyone . Lets just see how successful The Eagles are the next few years.i hope I am wrong but it takes a lot more to winning then just talking about it

      • Johngiam

        You are a fool. I stated facts not oppinion.
        Fact: he grabbed an old man out of retirement and allowed him to astically change the way our lineman had blocked their entire lives, without a five year organizational commitment.
        fact:Oline coach is made coordinator, after he already empowered a GIMICKY Doine coach for the coordinator with no experience to work around
        fact: countless boneheaded draft decisions
        Fact: his coaching staffs got worse and worse over the years, he is so out of. Ouch with the league that he had to beg old men out or retirement
        fact: Kotites four years in philly are the four ost maligned years in eagles history
        Fact: KOTITE won 3 more games in his disastrous four years then Andy has the past 3 years..
        FAct: Andy created the most dysfunctional situation I had ever seen
        fact: Andy left the franchise WORSE the when he found it

        Those are facts! If you want to be a clown and attack me personally that’s on you…doesn’t change the fact that these are the facts…and this is the decision maker try handed KC over to? Hahahahaha good luck with that! In not saying Andy shouldn’t have gotten a HC job, but who the hell thought it was a good idea to give him absolute power is a fool!

  • Andy

    Enjoy Monday’s press conference, Kansas City.