Eagles Wake-Up Call: Roseman Offers Hint At QB Plan

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.Soon after the Eagles find their next head coach, the attention will turn to the quarterback position.

And while Andy Reid’s replacement is poised to make the call at QB, he’ll no doubt get input from others within the organization, including general manager Howie Roseman.

Roseman met with reporters earlier this week and was asked if he thinks the Eagles are in good shape at quarterback.

Nick [Foles] has a lot of promise,” Roseman said. “But I think the analogy I would draw there is that when you watch baseball, you see sometimes young starting pitchers go through the lineup one time and get them out pretty quickly because there’s no book on them. Or play their opponents, and the same thing. They go through the first time pretty well. So we’ve got to just make sure that we’re evaluating Nick, the full package of Nick. He’s got a lot of good tools. But that and the coach are obviously the two most important things for the franchise.”

Foles had ups and downs in his six starts, completing 60.8 percent of his passes, but averaging just 6.4 yards per attempt. He was surrounded by backups on offense, but Roseman makes a good point in that teams can now game-plan against his weaknesses. The GM’s stance seems like a smart one: Develop Foles, but leave open the possibility of upgrading or at least bringing in competition.

You’ll also notice that Roseman was asked specifically about the QB position, not about Foles. Yet he made no mention of Michael Vick. Vick is still under contract, but the Eagles can get out of paying him a $3 million bonus by cutting ties before Feb. 6. Asked if the team has made a final decision on Vick, Roseman simply replied, “No.”

Earlier in the day, when talking about the team’s future, Jeffrey Lurie never mentioned Vick, but spoke optimistically about Foles.

“Nick is obviously very promising,” Lurie said. “I think when you bring in a new coaching staff, you have the opportunity to really get to know him and evaluate him. He has only played six games behind an offensive line that’s been really battered. I think they’re going to have a great opportunity. I know Andy was very excited about Nick, and that’s an understatement.”

While Roseman and Lurie’s opinions are worth noting, the new coach is going to have to make the final call.

“Nick has every opportunity, and everyone in the building thinks the world of him in terms of his promise and potential,” Lurie said. “This is going to be a decision made by the new head coach, not by the owner.”


The Cardinals could be closing in on hiring Reid.

Penn State’s Bill O’Brien is “strongly considering” interviewing with an NFL team, according to a report.

Tim takes a closer look at Mike Nolan as a potential candidate, with the help of Dan Reeves.

Our special head-coaching tracker lists every reported interview for the seven teams that have job openings.

“I think the lack of respect that maybe some guys have for other guys definitely hurt us,” said wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

What kind of coach is Lurie looking for? McManus takes a look.


Clark Judge of CBSSports.com thinks five of the six other openings are more attractive than the Eagles:

You have promising young players in DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy, plus tackle Jason Peters returns from an Achilles injury. But you still might have to overhaul the offensive and defensive lines, find new safeties and junk cornerbacks who never lived up to reputations. Then there are those 75 turnovers in the past 32 games. This club needs discipline and an overhaul, which means it looks more like a teardown waiting to happen.

SI.com’s Bryan Armen Graham offers his take on the end of the Reid era:

What’s more, Reid’s famously hermetic news conferences were the perfect fit for Philadelphia’s hyper-tempered fans — the highs were never too high, the lows never too low. Yet that demeanor grew from curious to maddening as evidence of the Eagles’ lack of blueprint mounted — and the perception changed from Belichickian poker face to self-denial borne from thinly veiled desperation. For years, the Eagles were thin at the skill positions but reliably deep on the offensive and defensive lines: Jim Johnson’s wildly creative defense kept scores low enough for McNabb to get it done in the end. By the end, the team was laden with burners at running back and wide receivers, yet was undone by the neglect in the trenches. The team’s loss of identity, a fate sealed by Johnson’s untimely death, ultimately proved fatal.


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  • dislikedisqus

    Disagree with Judge. To me, the more you have to overhaul, the more you get to brand your team as yours. The deeper the hole, the more time you’ll get, As long as you are showing improvements.

  • daggolden

    So we have established that the NEW COACH will decide if Vick stays or not. The fans wont. Thats straight from the owners mouth. Now if Im a new coach coming to the Eagles there is NOWAY in hell Im hitching my wagon to Nick Foles with no other options. NOWAY. First thing Im thinking is this owner isnt giving another 14 years. 2nd thing is teams are turning franchises around in 1-3 years, some overnight. What if Foles sucks next year and then I have to find a QB in 2014 and then wait for him. Now its been 2-3 years just to find a QB. My job will be in jeopardy. NOWAY. It doesnt have to be Vick but you better damn well understand I am bringing another QB in for competition right off the bat. If I was the new coach I would do the same thing, competition, competition, competition. Only 1st round top 10 picks are given the job not 3rd round picks, ask Russell Wilson. If Foles cant handle that then he wasnt my QB in the first place.

    • TXEaglesFan

      I don’t disagree with you that Foles needs competition, but other than the Vick fans, nobody has really thrown out a QB name to bring in. Here are the options available, other than Vick, who I don’t think they should bring back. Flacco, Alex smith (trade or if 49ers release him), Matt Moore, Jason Campbell, drew Stanton. Anybody else? So who are we bringing in, or are we drafting a QB with the 4th pick, or drafting one in round three?

      • daggolden

        Im just talking competition. Saying that Alex Smith would be my choice for the right price. He has played well the last 2 years. Is he the franchise QB of the future. Probably not but we need competition. I cant imagine going into next year with Foles and Edwards can you?

        • Johngiam

          If Nick Foles cant be better then alex smith, then we have a HUGE PROBLEM!

        • TXEaglesFan

          Agree Alex Smith is the best option available, I know some other posters here are not high on him, but he was playing great thus year (for a good team). I could see QB needy teams in a bidding war for his services not sure Eagles are close enough to compete for SB to spend it on him at this point and then he is past his prime when they are.

          • JohnGiam

            you think alex smith is a good option? have you seen the supporting cast he had in san fran? couldnt win it with them, he aint winning it with us! He will never be anything more then a GAME MANAGER! At the very least, Foles can grow into Alex smith….If He cant become significantly better then alex smith….then we have a problem!

      • aub32

        I don’t get the rationale behind people that don’t consider Vick an option. He is a better QB than all the other options you listed. What happened to getting the best guy for the job. You seem to think Vick fans are unrealistic for wanting Vick back or considering him an option. Anyone who does not see Vick as a viable option in 2013 is crazy. He is better than any QB that will be available.

        • TXEaglesFan

          Every year Vick has been THE QB the team has gotten further from the Super Bowl.  I am not saying he is to blame for that, but he did play his part in this mess.  This is not 2010 anymore, he is not the same player.  What did he do in 2012 that makes you think he is the best option of QB available?  Did you see Alex Smith play thus year?  Compare their numbers.  There is still the issue of $16 million.  No way he is worth that now.  Throw in learning a whole new offense with a different coaching staff, there is nothing I have seen from Vick that makes me think he could be anywhere as good as he was in 2010.  I just don’t want to see time wasted trying to win 5 or 6 games with him while other QBs could develop and/or we get a better one.

          • JohnGiam

            I have come to the realization that Vick isnt even worth more then two sentences to blog about! A person that doesnt understand why Vick cant be the qb next yr, will never understand…other reasons motivate their blind loyalty, lets just leave it at that!…If Vick was white, he wouldnt have a single fan left! REAL TALK!

          • Run Eagles Run

            hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! you are a crazy person.

          • aub32

            This is not a race thing. How is it blind loyalty to point out his strengths? How is ignoring the fact that if released, Vick will be the most sought after FA QB this year about his skin color? Vick didn’t look like Sanchez this season. He clearly was hindered by the O line and play calling. It’s amazing how fans can come to Foles’ defense, and say no one could succeed with this O line. Does Vick not fall into that category of no one? I have seen multiple fans claim Rodgers, Brees, RG3, and Brady couldn’t have done it behind this line. Are we supposed to expect Vick to do it when they couldn’t? I may be a Vick fan, but at least I’m being reasonable and not changing the rules based on the fact I don’t like the QB.

          • aub32

            What have you seen that makes you think Vick can only win 5 or 6 games if the O line is healthy? I know this is not 2010. The Vick of 2010 played at an unsustainable rate for any QB. Some of his performances that year will be seen as all time great. However, I hold my position that 2011 was not on Vick. He turned the ball over, but so does Brees, Luck, and other top QBs. Some help from the D or play calling and we aren’t even having this conversation.

            In regards to Smith, he was benched even though he was winning. How does that make you confident is his abilities. In addition, I don’t see our Defense suddenly rising to the level that the 49ers D has played over the past 2 years. So bringing in Smith does seem to be a step down from Vick.

            Finally, it’s not my money so what do I care what Vick or anyone else is paid for that matter. Howie has done wonders with the cap, and if Vick’s cap number isn’t keeping us from getting someone, I don’t care what he makes.

          • borkowskowitz

            Alex Smith was benched in a highly questionable gamble that depends on the success of a volatile rookie with “big play” ability. The head coach decided he wanted something different, didn’t have the patience to wait for next year, and pulled the trigger. That reflects very little on Alex Smith, or at least tells us no more than we already knew. If anything, that’s one of the reasons I would want Alex Smith to hold me over while I wait for a real franchise QB in the draft, he’s dependable.

            As far as Vick goes, we’ve seen his ceiling, we’ve seen all that we’re going to see, and we’ve seen that he isn’t going to turn into a pocket passer as his skills deteriorate. You can blame the line for this year not going as planned but unless you are confident that Vick is going to suddenly and greatly improve skills to prop up his aging body, in addition to a major improvement in line play (which very well may happen when Peters and Kelce return) then you’re looking at further regression.

            Look at McNabb for comparison. If you look at McNabb’s stats in his last year here, they don’t look bad, good even. But the signs of regression were there, and the right decision was made. Maybe McNabb “deserved” another year, but it would have resulted in diminishing returns. I think it would be foolish for the front office (or new coach) to hold on to Vick because maybe the line will be better next year. Even if the line is better, you still have a turnover prone qb, whose physical skills are rapidly disappearing. You bring up Brees’ and Luck’s turnoves, but you leave out the number of tds they throw, and also you leave out how many of Vick’s turnovers are absolute head scratchers. Maybe it’s because I have less invested emotionally in a Drew Brees interception, but 9 times out of 10 I understand why Brees got picked off, not as much with Vick. If Vick were throwing interceptions, but also winning high score shoot outs, then I might agree, but this team wasn’t averaging anything close to 20 ppg.

          • aub32

            How is Smith dependable? He was considered a bust before last year. He has been in multiple systems and has only had success under Harbaugh surrounded by a great defense, running game, and special teams. We don’t have any of the three things I just mentioned, although we could have a great running game with a coach who believes in running the ball. My point being the most likely outcome is that Smith will fail outside of SF.

            McNabb did pretty well in his last year. He still made the playoffs, but Dallas clearly had our number that year, beating us 3 times. He was let go because the franchise thought they had their guy in Kolb, boy did Reid get lucky there. I do not think we have that guy yet in Foles. Vick’s skills may not be what they used to, but he is still an athletic marvel. He is still the 2nd fastest QB. Most of the times he gets caught is because he is hesitating. He is not slow, just slower. He also still has a cannon. In fact I would argue he has the best arm of any QB that will be available this offseason.

            I do think the line will be better next year. Let’s face it. They can’t be much worse. You also can’t look at this for ppg averages. If you’re going to acknowledge the O line was unmanageable, then how can you look at the points put up. However, in 2011, with a healthy O line, we averaged over 25 ppg.

          • TXEaglesFan

            Smith wasn’t benched. He got a concussion and Harbaugh decided to stick with the younger guy in a risky move. Let’s see if that turns out to be the right decision in the playoffs. 49ers were 6-2 when he got hurt. 104 rating 13 tds/ 5 ints.

          • aub32

            He got healthy and remained on the bench. The same happened to Kolb, then he went elsewhere, and we’ve all seen how that’s worked out. The fact is Alex Smith is lacking, and he has proven that without Harbaough he isn’t any good. Why does a season and a half erase that?

          • TXEaglesFan

            As for 5-6 wins, I say based on 2011 with a healthy oline they won 8 games. His skills will have deteriorated, he relies more on athleticism then most qbs. That is fine if he is 20 something but he will be 33. Osi umenyori ran him down the other day. When dlinemen are catching him from behind, his days are numbered. How many years do you think Vick can still be a viable QB? Also, I counted three times in the game where the giants d showed something, vick audibles, and the giants call the play out the eagles end up running. Why couldn’t Vick go to another audible? The defense has announced they know the exact play you are about to run! Maybe that is coaching, but more likely it is inability to have full grasp or confidence in the play book or to go off script. And now you want him to be the guy to learn another offense from another coach in another system?

          • aub32

            So you are basing Vick winning 5-6 games based on the fact he went 7-6 in 2011. Remember that in 5 of the losses Vick gave the team a lead in the 4th. You can’t blame the teams entire failures on Vick. He doesn’t play defense or special teams, which were both bad in 2011. In 2010 he got a team that most thought would be happy to go 6-10 to the playoffs and won the division. In 2012 everything was a mess.

            In regards to the play call, I am not as worried. The Giants are our division rival. It is not a surprise they figured out the audible. Perhaps Vick still thought it was the best option. You can only option so much in football. You have to worry about the play clock and whether the rest of the team hears you. This isn’t Madden, where you can practically create plays at the LOS.

        • JohnGiam

          Vick is a 33 year old QB who still makes maddening 23yr old mistakes! NUFF SAID! I dont need to say another word to win this argument!

        • dislikedisqus

          Well i watched every game this year but one and Vick is a has been. Plus his cap number is far too high to be anything less than a pro bowler

        • atb124

          Ok, so you have 2 quarterbacks who performed equally under equal circumstances.

          One is 33 with years and years of experience in this offense and this league and has regressed for consecutive years.

          The other is a 23 year old rookie who showed consistent progress from week to week.

          Pretend these are two guys you don’t know on another team. No one would actually consider the old guy as an option. That’s the rationale.

          • aub32

            They didn’t perform equally. I saw Vick win 3 games (one against a playoff team). I saw Vick put the team in position late to win 2 others. I saw Vick looking pretty good against the cowboys before getting hurt.

            I saw Foles only win one game (against the worst team in the league. I saw Foles lose to teams like DAL and CAR. I saw Foles with a scaled down offense in which he was not asked to throw down field nearly as much as Vick.

          • 1972

            U seem like a rational vick fan let me ask u this question. If the o line was terrible, the d was terrible, everything around him was terrible

            why dont you think the eagles want him back?

            If they believe he’s the best option why are they cutting him?

            If he’s a top tier qb the money shouldnt matter, so im just trying to figure out why an organization would give up a top qb if everything around him wasnt good enough, but he was.
            My opinion is he wasnt good enough, whats ur?

          • aub32

            Last I checked, he hasn’t been cut yet. The comments pertaining to Vick being cut has been conjured strictly by fans and the media. To my knowledge the Eagles organization has yet to say anything in regard to keeping or cutting Vick.

          • 1972

            What im asking aub32 is if he’s a top qb why so much debate on weather to keep him or not.No debate on roethlisburger,eli manning, phillip rivers, cutler,stafford romo.. none of these qb’s made the playoffs this year but mike is the only one talked about being moved.

            Answer some questions. Bring some substance to the table

          • aub32

            Vick is a bigger name and much more polarizing. Vick is a QB that people either love or hate. Therefore, he’s going to be in the conversation a lot. Some fans want to get rid of Vick simply because he doesn’t look like any of the past SB winners in the last decade. Others have much more concrete reasons. In the media, some people see Vick as being Reid’s project, and with Reid gone, Vick will follow. However, take a look at the QBs that you mentioned. Neither Romo nor Rivers has taken their team to the most season in the past 3 years. Stafford was vastly overrated coming off of last season due to his 5000 yards passing. Many ignored the amount of attempts Stafford had. This year he broke the record. Finally Cutler hasn’t got it done either. The offense was that good in the second half of the season, and he only threw to one guy. I would argue each of these guys deserves to be on the hot seat as much as Vick with the exception of Ben and Eli.

            I know Vick has turnover issues but look at Romo. In 2011 Vick turned the ball over a lot, however despite those turnovers he still gave the team leads heading into the 4th quarter. The defense was not able to hold on to those leads, and we lost. On the flip side Romo had I believe 10 picks last year. However, one was to Revis to lose the opener. Two more were against the Lions in which they both resulted in pick sixes and the loss of the lead. He is also 1-6 in games where it’s win or go home.

            My point is fans are upset, but the grass isn’t always greener. If anyone believes that Foles, A. Smith, G. Smith, Flynn, or any of the potential Eagles QBs for 2013 could have done any better than Vick did this year than fine. I do not agree. This team was an absolute mess, and I do not blame it’s destruction on Vick, nor do I think he could have done much to save it. Therefore, I look at 2011. In 2011 the fan’s vitriol was directed at the defense. They were the weak link. The offense averaged over 25 ppg. Defense and special teams have to play their part.

          • 1972

            You make good points. but the media and fans dont make decisions on personnell. The organization does.Alot of fans wanted mcnabb to stay but he still was traded.

          • aub32

            And if Vick is let go. I will still support the eagles. I just wouldn’t agree with the decision.

          • JohnGiam

            dont you feel stupider after trying to explain to people why you dont want Vick? the fact that I have to tell people why Vick cant be an eagle next year is crazy! sometimes I feel like I am being PUNKED when I hear a pro Vick comment. 2013 and its damn sad that Race is still an issue involving Vick! Cant we take race out ofd the equation and just judge the man for what he has done on the field? judging what he has done on the Field, I find it hard to believe ANYONE would want Vick back as their QB!

            I mean, if we had a great team around the QB…and we were knocking on the door of the superbowl, OF COURSE YOU WOULD WANT TO HAVE VICK ON THE ROSTER. We have one of the youngest teams in the nfl, and we are about to get younger…yet we want this 33 year to do what exactly other then stunt the growth of Foles, who might or might not be the future!

            get a clue you blind Vick Nuthuggers!!!

          • aub32

            You seem to be the only one bringing up race. I have brought up many points on why I think Vick is a better option than Foles, and none of them have to do with their complexion. Would it be fair if I said you and all the Foles’ supporters only want him because he is white? I know you don’t like Vick, and you have your reasons. However, don’t dismiss everyone else when they bring up legitimate just because you can’t get pass race.

  • Kristopher Cebula

    When i was reading lurie’s statements about the declinig franchise qb, i interpreted that he was referring to mcnabb

    • Wilbert M.

      I thought he was talking about Donnie LowThrow as well. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    • sdk152

      I misinterpreted there. I think you’re right. Just fixed it. Thanks for the heads-up. -SK

    • Graham

      I thought this too

  • daggolden

    The part of this article that is so disturbing is Howie indicating that once teams have a book on him the 2nd time around he may not have successs. I didnt know that he had much success the fiirst time around. So it may get worse? Isnt the GM suppose to say now that Foles has seen the defenses once now he may be better equipped to exploit them? This doesnt sound like a GM and owner who is very confident in Foles.

    • aub32

      They don’t and I can’t blame them. I have seen many fans point out how RG3 will not have as much success in the future once defenses figure him out. Yet these same fans seem to think Foles will grow and exploit defenses. I think we really need another option at QB besides Foles, just to be safe.

      • Johngiam

        Dude………Foles is a TRADITIONAL POCKET PASSER! You know, the type of qb that has won 98% of the superbowls in the history of the game! This has nothing to do with Foles or RG3 The Player,,,,its about what TYpe of QB they are. This time last year, Cam Newton was a God! The FUTURE of the game…year 2, seems like they figured him out. RG3 style, Cam newton style of QB have never won a superbowl in the history of the game…RG3 has a chance to be steve Young like, so he has a chance. You think the entire world isnt in friggin AWE of RG3? Even Nick Foles mother would love to have Rg3…but the fans who say that the league might catch up to him, ARENT WRONG AT ALL! and If you dont see the argument for it, then I probably shouldnt be talkin to you lol,,,,Even RG3 most loyal fans, dont believe he will option is way, all the way to a superbowl! His biggest supporters think he can evolve into a pocket passer, who also happens to run like vick! No one cares about RG3 legs, History has shown it only takes you so far…the admiration of RG3 comes from the fact that he has the legs to be that running qb, but people believe that he will grow into a player that can pass his way to a superbowl. No one thinks he can run his way to a superbowl, its his arm and intelligence that people like!

        The league will catch up to the option and RG3 legs…what he can grow to do with his arm will decide if he is a contender or a pretender! Im willing to bet that the offense in washington the next few years will evolve away from the run option,,,Thats the plan at least assuming RG3 is that rare special running qg that cen evolve away from it and only use his legs to win! The league catches up to the running QBS. Im willing to bet, that next year or the year after, RG3 will no longer be able top win games throwing only 20 times. If he evolves, he has a chance…

        • 1972

          big ben won a superbowl throwing 20 times a game. Rodgers is a scrambling qb. rg3 is somewhat reckless when he runs. but he doesnt turn the ball over like most runnning qb’s and his decision making is all ready at a higher level than foles’.U cant just say traditional pocket passer and leave it at that.
          Matt moore’s a traditional pocket passer too..That cant be the deciding factor to a winng qb

          • JohnGiam

            My point was totally lost, guess I should have been more clear..My post has NOTHING to do with RG3. Every fan in Football would kill to have RG3 as their QB..me included! you think I would say No to trading Foles straight up for RG3? the point I was trying to make is I do not believe RG3 can be successful going forward in this system..and Im willing to be that the coaches in washington agree, and that every year after this year, the offense in washington will evolve more and more away from what we saw this year! we have seen wildcat offenses in year 1, we have seen a supreme athlete like Cam in year on have plenty of success…yet that success doesnt really ever repeat itself in year two…If RG3 wins a superbowl, its cause he develops into a better pocket passer…big Ben is a POCKET PASSER!!! just cause he can extend plays, keep his eyes down field and complete a pass, doesnt mean he ius a running QB! You wont see Big Ben run the option, or take off down the sidelines for 30 yARDS..iF BIG bEN IS A SCRAMBLING qb, THEN SO IS fOLES LOL!

            Just watch, every year after this year that passes, washington will evolve more and more away from what we saw this year..Eventually RG3 will become just like McNabb…rarely taking off, only using his legs to extend plays…You wont ever sustain success running the option for years! Its what you do with Rookie QBs who have mobility…5 years from now, the redskins offense wont look anything like this and RG3 style of play will be drastically different…why? because every one knows that THe mike Vick style of QB will NEVER WIN IT! Rg3 isnt the first supreme athlete to come along and play QB in this league….you think its a coincisdence that all the coaches, who are the experts, try and evolve them away from that style of play, and into the pocket passer role?

            give me a break!

          • 1972

            cam newton
            didnt make the playoffs and was a turnover machine his first year. They both can run, but rg3 is a 70 percent accurate thrower in college and the pros.. cam was primarily a runner in college.
            I think rg3 will be better than mcnabb because of his accuracy.
            rg3 70% u cant just ingore that

        • atlvickfan

          Scrambling QBs haven’t won as many Super Bowls because there haven’t been as many of them and until very recently very few coaches (especially at the college level) knew how to develop them as passers. Not to mention, capable passers often got switched to other positions back in the 70s and 80s. Historical stats mean very little since the NFL has changed so much.

        • aub32

          My point was not that defenses will not be able to learn and play RG3 better. My point is that fans act as if the same is not true of Foles. You spent your entire post ranting on RG3 and ignoring the Foles’ aspect.

          Foles may be a drop back passer, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a book out on him. Many thought Foles had a big arm. Add that to the Eagles speed, and teams have to worry about the deep ball. After watching tape and seeing Foles can barely complete passes over 20 yards, now teams know to play closer to the LOS, and put a safety in the box to help against the run.

          I have much more confidence that defenses will be able to stop Foles drop back abilities long before they stop RG3 from running with the football.

          • Joe Jones

            I cant wait to hear the excuses for Nick next year…”its his first full year as a starter.” “Nick is in his 2nd yr and his 2nd offensive coordinator, not fair to judge him with so much turnover….” “the playcalling wasnt suited to NIck’s game….” Gonna be fun.

        • 1972

          the point i was making about roethlisburger wasnt that he was a runner but u said rg3 only throws 20 times a game.. but so did big ben the year of his super bowl win

      • Borkowskowitz

        That’s a very good point and I “liked” it even if I don’t completely agree with it. Though I don’t know how many of Foles’ proponents are also RG3 detractors, I think it’s important to acknowledge that players, especially rookies, develop at different paces, and hit peaks or strides at different rates. RG3 has hit a stride (a sudden maturation and level of success), Foles is still more potential than action. Ok, now is this because RG3 is a 100% better qb? Or is this because he is more explosive and just faster out of the gate? So if Foles hits a stride next year, becomes a well rounded QB, and RG3 regresses, then who would you rather have?

        Player development is not a linear process, you can set benchmarks, and you can spot indicators, but there’s a lot of patience and good faith involved. My argument is mainly that Foles has shown enough to warrant faith and patience. I could be completely blind on this one because I do, like many others, want a pocket QB with “intangibles.” There’s a reason I’m not an NFL coach, and just a pretty well informed fan.

        • aub32

          I think RG3 would have to regress significantly along with a huge progression of Nick Foles for the two to even be comparable. RG3 right now can do everything that Foles can. He also does many of the tangible things that we hope Foles can do in the future. This isn’t Vick, who relied mostly on talent and athleticism early in his career. RG3 is right now a better pocket QB than Foles. He was injured when they faced one another the second go round. He barely ran the read option, if at all. Yet, he still beat Foles at his own game.

  • Juice

    Eagles have to much talent to have 2 straight years of losing football. Michael Vick is 1 of the best QB’s in football. The RB position is solid with McCoy. Next year when this team gets healthy they’re be 1 of the favorites to win the super bowl.

    • TXEaglesFan

      have you been watching this team the last two years? They were relatively healthy in 2011 and were terrible save for 4 wins at the end of the season against other teams going nowhere. No sane football prognosticator would say this team is a Super Bowl favorite in 2013, even if a RG3 clone emerges in this draft.

      • aub32

        They were picked to win the SB by many analysts after the 2011 season. This was with Vick and his known flaws. The O line went down, and the D didn’t step up for a second year in a row. With a better defense and a not so hasty decision at QB, this team has a shot.

  • Andy

    Pretty insightful comments from Bryan Armen Graham there, Clark Judge doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • Brian

      agreed on both points

  • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

    That is the problem in a nutshell no discipline and nothing in the trenches. This is an offensive line that has been woeful for years. Every QB that set up behind this line has been taken off the field at one time or another via meat hook. Beginning with McNabb. The D Line has carried the Defense for years, there’s nothing in terms of linebacker and Defensive Back support.

    Rebuilding the Eagles is going to be a long term project beginning with finding a coach and franchise QB, after watching Foles, he doesn’t compare to the rookies who are leading their teams into the playoffs this year.

    Truth be told, importing mercenaries doesn’t fit the Eagles bill.

  • secondstring lineman

    How about….we needto get Foles behind a First string NFL line so so we can see what we have

    • Run Eagles Run

      so you can judge vick’s year off that line but its not fair to judge foles? you are a hypocrite

      • Cordero51

        I agree while alot of people ahave short term memory or simply have forgotten. Vick actually performs well it’s our defense that’s horrendous. Last year we went 8-8 why? Because if the wide 9. If y’all don’t remember we had 6 games were we had 4th quarter leads but our defense couldn’t hold up and we lost SIX!! Tht had nothing to do with vick or our offense entirely. There was alot of talk back than saying how the wide 9 was a failed experiment an that hireling Juan Castillo as the defense coordinator was a mistake. But we some home managed to win the last 4 games to go .500 and because they saw some “improvement” quote on quite they decided to keep it. Fast foward to this season. It was a hell of worse we get rid of the wide 9 way too late and we stich to a scheme and ask our players to do it well in less than 6 days before a game and what happens we get blown out aguan. And that was evident in the giants game because they scored in every posseson. 2010 the team did well because we DIDN’T HAVE THE wide 9 correct if I’m wrong. But defense wins games. And it’s evident cause the saints lost a lot this season even tho the scored alot cause they got a crappy d