Eagles Players Talk Chip Kelly

There are a bunch of questions when it comes to Chip Kelly as a potential fit for the Eagles, not the least of which is how his style would match the Eagles’ current quarterback situation.

While the eventual head coach will have to be consulted, the Eagles sound ready to move on from Michael Vick. And from what I can gather, Vick is more than ready to move on from the Eagles. That leaves Nick Foles for the moment. Jeffrey Lurie in particular sounds high on the young signal-caller, and it was suggested that Foles will have every opportunity to compete for the starting job.

But Kelly’s system at Oregon is not a match for what Foles brings to the table.

“I think you know the answer — I have never ran the zone read; I’m more of a dropback [QB], but I’ve been under center, I’ve been in the gun,” said Foles. “If I can adapt I want to, but I’m not a zone read quarterback. Some people are gifted with different things, that’s just not one of my skill sets. I mean I can work on my speed in the offseason and get better at that, but I’ve always been a dropback in the pocket, been able to make plays on my feet, throwing the ball or running for a first down.”

A Kelly/Foles union could not work unless Kelly is willing to adjust his approach. On Wednesday, he suggested that he is open to change. From the Daily News:

“Anything you do has to be personnel-driven. You’ve gotta be able to adapt to the personnel that you have. There’s a lot of great offenses out there, but does it fit with the personnel you have? I think the key is being sure what you’re doing is giving your players the chance to be successful.”

It has been noted that Kelly helped influence how the Patriots run their offense. Obviously Tom Brady is not fleet-footed, so that offers some hope that Kelly can adjust to the situation.

“Nick can’t run the option?” joked Casey Matthews, who played for two years under Kelly at Oregon. The Eagles linebacker became a popular man at the end of the season as reporters searched for nuggets on his old college coach. Matthews has the unique perspective of being a defensive player under Kelly, and being on the other side of the fast-pace, no-huddle offensive approach that Kelly deploys.

“It was tough,” said Matthews. “Especially in practice, he’s going full speed, no-huddle. You never have to condition because practices are conditioning. I think it could work. Obviously it would be a change — we would be going fast-tempo, and a lot of these guys aren’t used to that.”

Oregon runs what Matthews described as a hybrid 3-4 under Kelly with a heavy emphasis on sending pressure. Was Kelly hands-on with the defense?

“Tried to be,” said Matthews. “At first he was strictly with the offense then he started to come over and talking  to the defense. He knew what we were doing — obviously as a head coach he should know — but he would come over and at first it was kind of weird, he would come over and start talking about what you need to do, but he did a good job of knowing the game plan.”

Matthews indicated that Kelly, a New England native, wants to end up back on the East Coast and would have no issue operating in a big media market like Philadelphia. He also believes the players would enjoy working under him.

“He is a players coach. He can relate you,” said Matthews. “He is always up-tempo, you listen to music at practice, stuff like that. He was a fun coach to play for. He’s a great motivator and I think players really respect him. He’s very feisty, and he’s just a fun guy to play for.”

Even if he’s a little different.

“When you walk by his office it is completely dark. He’s pretty quiet,” said Matthews. “But when you talk to him he’ll crack jokes, at practice he’s always running around. He’s not a scream type of guy but he’ll get on you. He’s very passionate about what he does.”

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  • johnGiam

    Only way that I am happy to have Chip is if he comes with a PROVEN NFL Dcoordinator..and uses his system the way the Pats have! I can not stomach another running QB. I just cant do it! Im 30yrs old, its all I have ever known, and in 30years, it hasnt worked…Im down to let St. Nick sit back there and chuck it next year…Kelly wants to use his philosphies the way the Pats have with Brady then, ok…..but if hiring Kelly means you have to draft Geno Smith, then HELL NO!

    • Smith isn’t a running QB. He’s just black. I know for some it’s hard to understand they are not synonymous. But they aren’t. And in case you missed it, Foles can’t chuck ish. He’s 6 of 27 on throws over 20 yards. Also running QB’s don’t work? Tell that to the QB who took this team to 5 NFC championship games and one super bowl appearance.

      • JohnGiam

        I will! 5 NFC championships and a superbowl appeance? is that what you strive for? if thats good enough for you, you shoulda just kept andy! Nothing besides a superbowl win means anything.,…so any argument besides HE WON X numbers of superbowls, is an EPIC FAIL!! The gold standard! 5 NFC championship games, LOSING 4…hahah what a joke! Only “running” QB that has ever won a damn thing that matters is steve YOUNG pal!

        • laeagle

          No, it’s not. Sorry, it just isn’t. The point is obviously to win Super Bowls, but not everything is under your control. Could McNabb have done anything about the Patriots cheating in that Super Bowl? Didn’t think so.

          I’m not saying McNabb was perfect and didn’t have flaws. But you can’t dismiss an entire career, one which many quarterbacks would KILL to have had, based simply on the number of super bowls. That’s a very narrow view and no amount of rah rah nonsense or “victory or nothing!” can change the fact that McNabb had a very successful career as an Eagle. Jim Kelly and Dan Marino are HOF quarterbacks. Ask them how many Super Bowls they won. Of course it’s fair to be upset as a fan that we didn’t win it all. Of course Andy and Don will always be looked at differently because they didn’t hold the Lombardi. But don’t crap on what they DID achieve. Because it was a hell of a lot.

          • JohnGiam

            I dont dismiss his career at all! but after 14 years of close but no cigar, Macnabbs career isntn acceptable going forward! McNabbs career was acceptable after Kotite and Ray Rhodes…but That will not be good enough in the next era! I would consider 5 NFC title games and a superbowl in the next 14years and ABSOLUTE FAILURE! and if you dont, go root for the Jaguars!

          • laeagle

            If you’re saying it’s absolute failure, you are in fact dismissing it. We all wanted a Super Bowl win, and it’s a shame we didn’t get it. But 5 championship appearances is damned impressive no matter how you look at it. You can lay off on the “I won’t settle for anything less than success” crap. No one here works for you and you’re not either the coach or the player. That stuff is as useless as fans talking about how they have to look at the season one game at a time. Wrong. Players do. Fans can look 100 years into the future if they want; it has no impact on the outcome of the game. And neither does your misplaced motivational speaking.

        • 1972

          i dont want a running qb either, but you definitely need a mobile qb, similar to a big ben. One of the major issues with a runnig qb is bad decision making, and inaccurate passes. Two qb’s that are concidered running qb that are much better than foles right now is rg3 and russell wilson.
          I know u would take those guys over foles right???

          • 1972

            best qb in the league is mobile( Aaron rodgers)

          • johngiam

            aaron rogers is a pocket passer who happens to be a good athlete…dont get it twisted

        • Joe Jones

          You got your “intelligent, pocket passer” in Foles….lets see how it works out. Because we know Philly is tired of “athletic, rushing” QBs. Good news……. after watching Nick Foles play, no one will accuse him of being athletic. We heard the same stuff about Kolb, “he’s so smart…” “he gets the ball out quick….” Unfortunately, he got the ball out quickly to the other team. I watched the Cincinnati game where Nick was 16-33 with the majority of his throws being slants, bubble screens and checkdowns, yet he completed less than 50% of his passes. Next year when the safeties are creeping up to take away the short passing game and corners are driving on every route, we’ll see if Foles has the ability to get the ball downfield. The small sample we saw, which is enough to convince many that he’s the answer, well, then it should also be enough to hold him accountable, 6.4 yds/attempt would rank 30th in the NFL. Bottom line, jury is stil out, yet, we’re supposed to make a decision on the head coach based on whether Nick Foles can run his offense? Gimme a great coach and I trust him to figure out what to do with NIck Foles……. Foles has earned a chance to compete for the job next year. Nothing more

      • Jamie Parker

        The only “running QB” to play in the SB since 2000 was McNabb. All others have been pocket passers. Unless you consider Gannon a “running QB.”

      • Septhinox

        McNabb wasn’t a running QB. He was a passing QB who could run.

        Vick is a running QB who can throw.


        • 1972

          mcnabb was a option qb that was turned into a west coast offense qb.. he had a good career, but u cant be 59% accurate in the west coast offense and win championships.He was too high or too low in too many big games in his career

        • I won’t argue that point. Though there are those who would disagree…my point was that this team did just fine with McNabb who many few as a running QB.

      • professor619

        or tell that to RG3 who took his team to the NFC East champions… or Colin Kaepernick who’s the NFC West champions… running qbs work only if they’re in the right scheme and the coach can utilize their skill set

    • 1972

      damn john, im rolling with foles next year too but you and alot of other guys are way off on geno smith. he’s a pocket passer, just like josh freeman, or byron leftwich. its a sterotype thats still prevelant to this day. I watched romo get the hell blitzed out of him sunday. and all i heard monday was, the coaches arent helping him out. Romo doesnt know how to slide protection? hes not smart enough to read the defenses??? i never hear that though. Gotta get passed the race thing..
      That being said , i dont want geno smith either.
      His percentage is outstanding(70%) but they look like hollow numbers when i watch the games.

      • johngiam

        I dont want anything to do with Geno smith, regardless how you want to label him, i only missed two of his games this year, yet I was only impressed with 3 games! NO THANKS! Stats only matter after you already pass the eye test…eye test FAILURE if you ask me. I dont want anything to do with that kid, or Barkley or the over rated kid from NC state….the most you are getting out of this draft is blaine gabbert or Locker…just my oppinion…I wouldnt draft a qb this year, anywhere before the third round….If Geno woulda came out with last years qb…he wouldnt have been picked higher then the 4th round…leave the reaching for QBs to the bad franchises!

        • laeagle

          In all honesty, I’m a firm believer in the eye test as well. You can just sort of see that “thing” that sets a QB apart from others. So far, the thing that most impresses me about Foles is that I think he passes the eye test. The way he stays cool, the way he moves in the pocket, eyes downfield, he just seems to have it. Can he keep it? Or is it a flash in the pan? Kolb had great stats in some of the games he played but didn’t have that “something”. I never felt I saw it. McNabb definitely had that something early in his career. Here’s hoping Nick isn’t fooling us, regardless of who we hire as a coach.

          • Foles does NOT pas the eye test. At. All. he looks meh. I’ve watched games from Luck, RG3, Newton and ALL of those games you can look and say “Damn they got IT.” Foles at times looked efficient and he’s calm, but that’s about it.

          • Hell even Kolb looked like he had “IT” when he played. Way more than Foles ever did.

        • 1972

          point taken, all i said is he’s a pocket passer. Not A runner

    • Bob A

      30???30???? You’re like an embryo. How would you like to be born a few weeks after Concrete Charlie sat on that guy and then never see even 1 playoff game until you were 17? Talk to me when you’re 51 and you’ve still have never seen a title.

  • JettMartinez

    From profiles I’ve read of Kelly, it’s not so much the option that he considers key to his philosophy, it’s controlling the tempo of the game and dictating to the defense. Look at what the Patriots are doing now, their plays per game are off the charts. I think that’s what he’d bring more than a pure option offense.

    • JohnGiam

      It made me feel better when Kelly came out and said its all about the personel. Tailoring your personel to get the best out of the players on your Roster…As opposed to the previous regime trying to fit the square Peg in the round hole to fit a certain Philosophy…give me some common sense, and a well versed coach who is scheme flexable and we will be a step ahead of this past year!

      • Bob A

        That’s the point I’ve been trying to make the whole time. Most guys are drop back passers, there’s no way Kelly would have limited himself to teams that have the running QBs, in fact, none of the 7 jobs available have running QBs. He’ll do what he has to do to make Foles viable, and still use Shady and DJax in a way that he gets the most out of them. I’m much more worried that Banner is going to beat Lurie to the punch. We won’t be in the interviews, but if Lurie and Roseman sense this is their guy once they start talking to him, they have to be aggressive.

        • Cordero51

          If foles does become the starter I’m nore sure desean a Jackson speed and as a deep threat would be utilized for the fact the foles has looked to be very inaccurate and undertows his balls pat the 20 yard line. Not hating or anything bit I’d hate to see desean Jackson not rbeing utilized and regressing back to the season where he hardly played because of the financial situation contract he had I have a feeling that will happen

          • JohnGiam

            relax! you know how many accurate deep balls he has thrown in his life? thousands! the kid can make every throw on the field…whether he puts it all together or not, remains to be seen! a throw is a throw..you can either make a throw or you cant,….its not like you can make a certain throw in college, but might not be able to make that throw in the nfl…it doesnt work that way..You can either make the throw or not….and I have seen way more completed deep balls then I have seen Failed deep balls from his time as an eagle and in college….so he can throw bombs in the preseason, but his arm doesnt work in the regular season? tell me you dont think he can make the right decisions…tell me that he cant lead a team, but dont tell me he cant throw deep because he threw a handful of bad deep passes!

          • BrickSquadMonopoly

            He cant lead a team.

  • 1972

    If you come here chip, please bring lovie smith with u. I need my defense causing about 40 turnovers in 2013

    • Graham

      Lovie Smith, Crennel, any other proven NFL DCs will do!!

      • Johngiam

        rather have a big name, proven Dcoordinator well versed in the 4-3

  • aub32

    Can somebody please define “running QB”? Are we saying that black QB and running QB are synonymous? If so, I highly disagree. However, if we say a running QB is a QB who takes off as his 3rd option at times, then I would put Rodgers and Romo in that category. If we are saying a running QB is just a QB with the ability to run, then we just opened up the door even wider to include Luck and Ben.

    • Yeah it amazes me how everytime this comes up people act like Rodgers and Romo don’t qualify. I’ve watched Romo take off more than Vick this year. He’s always running around back there or trying to gain extra yardage with his feet.