Vick On Teammates’ Effort: ‘I Don’t Know How That Happens’

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickSomewhere along the line, Michael Vick lost track of the Eagles’ record.

“If you finish with four or five wins, there’s nothing to be happy about,” the Eagles quarterback said after Sunday’s 42-7 loss to the Giants. “There’s nothing to be proud of. You don’t go through training camp to go…5-11?”

A reporter reminded him he was one win too generous, and that the Eagles actually finished 4-12.

But the truth is, when you have a season like the Eagles just had, your record stops mattering long before Week 17.

Playing for the first time since suffering a concussion on Nov. 11, Vick went 19-for-35 for 197 yards, a touchdown and an interception. In many ways, Sunday’s outing looked like his first nine starts of the season.

Performance is one thing, but effort is a different matter entirely. After the game Sunday, a frustrated Vick seemed to question the effort of his teammates.

The question posted to Vick: In the locker room, a lot of players talked about a lack of fight for this team today. How does that happen, and why did it happen?

“I don’t know how that happens,” Vick said. “You watch us play, and we don’t [exude] the things that we do in practice. I don’t know where that comes from. I know it’s frustrating. It’s difficult because me, I leave it all out on the field, and I give it everything I got. Sometimes I wish I could play other positions, but I can’t, so you do the best you can. That’s all you can ask of yourself. Football means a lot to a lot of the guys in the locker room, and I know it means a lot to me. I give it everything I got whenever I step out on the field, regardless of the situation. Coming back after eight games? I don’t care, I give it everything I got. That’s something I can be proud about.”

Minutes later, Vick tried to reel his words back in.

“Let’s clear this up,” he said “I’m not saying my teammates gave a lack of effort, and I noticed it. I just know that we can play better. That’s what I’m saying.”

But what was said was said. And after the press conference, Vick told CSN’s Derrick Gunn that he did see a “lack of effort” by a lot of guys.

Going forward, Vick is unlikely to be playing with the same Eagles teammates he was talking about. The club has until Feb. 6 to let him go, or Vick will be owed a $3 million bonus. The quarterback decision will be made by the new coach, but odds are, Vick has played his final game as an Eagle.

“I don’t know,” Vick said, when asked if he wants to return. “I have to just take some time to think about everything that happened this season and reflect on it. I can take the positives away as far as what I was able to accomplish. Ultimately, I wish we could have accomplished more, for my teammates. I don’t know right now. I just need to get some rest.”

The Vick era began in August of 2009. The next year, he took over as the starter for Kevin Kolb. The Eagles finished 8-3 in games that Vick started and made the playoffs. The following year was up and down. Vick missed three games due to injury, and the Birds finished with a .500 record.

And then there was this season. 2012 was billed as the year Vick would get to work with the Eagles’ coaching staff for a full offseason and finally show what he could look like as a finished product. Instead, the Eagles delivered a 4-12 record – the worst mark of the Andy Reid era.

“I can’t even say it was ups and downs,” Vick said. “It was dismal. It wasn’t what we thought. We came into this season with high expectations, and we didn’t perform to the best of our abilities by any means. We’ve got to look back and see what we didn’t do correctly, and at some point in our futures, we all have to correct it and do it differently.”

For Vick, that process is likely to take place in a new city, with new teammates.

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  • 1972

    The posters that want mike vick back, really need to make their case today.

    • Rolls eyes. The folk who want Foles still can’t make their case. It’s not about wanting Vick back. Vick is gone and that’s been obvious for awhile. It’s wanting legit competition for Foles – if he wins the gig (hopefully we draft a QB high) then so be it. But he isn’t the guy and Vick was never the biggest problem with this team. He had one interception today…those other 35 point weren’t on him. But for those who “hate” Vick the nuances of the conversation are continuously lost.

      • 1972

        I dont hate vick big butt, i just like busting ur chops lol. i like how the other idiot conveniently left out the demoralizing int to start the game. Was it rust? was it bad protection? was it a number or other excuses?? DO u realize these early turnovers kill a young team?? its over.. good bye reid, good bye vick. NO excuse MONDAY!! i love it

        • Run Eagles Run

          I like how you leave out how hit got hit as he threw. You are a clown and a know nothing. Your opinion isn’t relevant.

          • 1972

            so i have vicks mom and girlfriend on this post. why all the hostility? What makes ur opinion more relevant than mine?

            I dont like a player and im a clown or and idiot?

            ur obviously a fan of his, so can u do for me what no one has done and tell me what he’s done in his career that u like about him???
            I thought we were eagles fans, not mike vick fans. but i get it , alot of people on here arent a fan of the team

          • Run Eagles Run

            I’m not hostile. You’re the one trolling. Its the reasons you don’t like him. They’re bullshit. It shows me you are dumb. Please neuter yourself.

          • 1972

            and why do u like him run eagles run? please tell me. ive been asking this question since he got knocked out of the cowboys game. what do vick fans like about his performance?

            and the reason i dont like him is, him, like alot of the eagles on this team contribute to the loss of games, and i hate when my team loses.Nothing more than that.

            If foles shows me he cant get it done i wont like him, i didnt like kolb, i like mcnabb so theres my reason

            now wheres yours for liking him?

          • Run Eagles Run

            What exactly has Foles shown you he can do? Go 1 and 5 and cause as many tovers as vick? U aren’t worth talking to. You’re all happy for whht? Foles? You are a grade a moron

          • 1972

            i get it, ur 14 right? u just dont have any logical opinions so u name call.

            When did foles get into this conversation?

            i dont want vick because his inconsistent play loses games.

            And for aub heres why

            Hes not dependable hes missed significant time 3 straight years, he doesnt know how to slide and refuses to learn…

            His fumbles are tops in the league

            his red zone turnovers are momentum killers(tops in the league)i think sanchez is #1
            His turnovers in big spots,and his injuries every year, are the two main reasons i dont like him..

          • Run Eagles Run

            If I was 14 I’d be the perfect person for u to discuss fb with. Look at my post history and you’ll see why I think its hasty to cut vick. You aren’t worth repeating myself for. For the record you strtee the nme.calling and brought u Foles yourself.prepare to not like him

          • 1972

            lmao! i strtee the nme. calling? breath young man, i never call people names online

          • 1972

            players maybe lol.. but never my fellow eagle fans

          • Run Eagles Run

            Not that I care, but yii brought it up. BBAAS said something about the eagles looking like keystone cops, and because you’re a moron, you thought she was calling you a name and you got all butthurt and started saying corny shit. Goodnight idiot. I’m done.

          • Run Eagles Run

            And sorry I’m using my phone. Point out some more spelling errors “lmao” “lol” and show how fucking dumb you are. You sound like a 14 year old girl “lmao” or maybe you’re just light in the shoes

          • Eagles427

            Michael Vick absolutely sucked this year. He turned the ball over more than any Eagles QB than I can remember. He was absolutely god-aweful

          • Run Eagles Run

            Howd the rest of the team look? 4tds 5 ints 8 fum. There is something to build on

          • aub32

            I can’t get on any player for sustaining a concussion. They happen. I no longer fear him getting a rib injury after dawning that flack jacket. He does not slide but has done better with getting out of bounds and diving. I believe running the ball in the RZ will cut down on the crucial drive killer. Plus, it will open up the bootleg which we saw today can be effective.

          • 1972

            its the way he got it… landed on by a linebacker trying to get more yards instead of sliding. he’s a very frustrating player

          • GoBirds1

            After a 3-1 start, what was Vick’s record as a starter? 0-6, so i guess 1-5 is pretty good compared to Vick’s 6 last starts.

          • aub32

            True but skewed. Vick put the team in position to win both the Pitt and Lions game, especially the Lions game. He also looked really good against Dallas and was winning before getting injured. Not to mention Foles did throw a pick 6 that aided in that loss. Today the entire team was God awful. Even if players weren’t dropping balls left and right, the D couldn’t get a stop at all.

          • aub32

            I am a Vick fan so perhaps I can answer. I like his talent and skill set for this team. We now have a stable of backs. We have seen with Griffin, Tebow, and Wilson that rushing QBs are a benefit to RBs.

            I like his arm. I am a huge DJax fan, but Djax without a QB with who can utilize his biggest asset, his speed, wastes his unique talent.

            I trust Vick at the end of games. No QB will win every late game winning drive, however I trust Vick will get the job done more often than not. His ability to do things most QBs cannot is a huge asset in these situations.

            My last reason for keeping Vick is I do not see a better option for 2013. If we could bring in Geno or made a trade for a high end backup, I would not mind.

            I would like to hear your specifics for not liking him. Vick not winning games is not just a reflection of his play. He does turn over the ball, but last year he did pretty well, but was let down by the kicker and defense too many times.

          • TXEaglesFan

            To jump in this conversation, I’ll throw out that Vick has clearly lost a step. He will be 33 next year and his biggest advantage, athleticism, will continue to decline. He is no longer the fastest player on the field. He has shown a lot of toughness this year and I admire him for that, but this team needs a complete rebuild. They don’t need his contract burdening them any farther. He is not a franchise QB because he is past his prime, he shouldn’t be paid like a franchise QB.

          • aub32

            He is still one of the fastest players on the field and the second or third fastest QB. I don’t think the offense needs to be rebuilt. We have a stable of backs, one of them great. Our WRs are good enough to start on any team. We have one of the better TEs. Our healthy O line is pretty good. I think the key to our offense having success depends on the QB. Given our talent, I have more faith in Vick than anyone else. I do think he should be willing to restructure.

          • TXEaglesFan

            Vick stated earlier that he wasn’t interested in restructuring. Maybe he will change his mind, but I think he is ready to try his luck somewhere else. I disagree that our WRs are that great. Jackson is a great deep threat, but is easily injured in traffic, like reverses that don’t get outside. Maclin is inconsistent, but that could be due to poor QB and/or oline play. The oline is counting on a healthy peters and heremnans returning and being who they were, a BIG if. I like Celek but he has taken a lot of hits and fear his career is on downside. McCoy is great and brown has potential. I agree the skill players are better setup for Vick, but that style of play under Reid has proven not to work, especially against better teams.

          • aub32

            I disagree with Jackson. He has only had 2 significant injuries. One came on an illegal hit. He is a better route runner than he is given credit for. He was killing that short out pattern this season.

            I also agree Reid’s system won’t work with these players, but Reid will be gone next year. A coach who will utilize the run and occasionally PA bootleg with Vick could have some success. Also, with Mudd gone maybe watkins doesn’t look like such huge bust, and our O line is complete.

          • morgan c

            Jackson is THE guy all the players talk about when they say “some of our high-priced guys don’t care and aren’t all in.” He is a typical selfish WR diva. He is talented, but he isn’t a winner. He isn’t invested like he should be, goes off to California to post twitter pictures while his team gets spanked. He is a cancer and is not worth it. I would rather grab a draft pick and start from the ground up with guys that want to be a Philadelphia Eagle, even if they are less talented, than selfish me-first guys like Jackson, who take their paycheck and check out. His own teammates think it man, wake up and smell the coffee.

            Do you not realize that the problems with this team go beyond coaching? THE PLAYERS DON’T CARE. We are rotten to the core. Guys like DJax are the exact reason we have regressed as a franchise.

          • morgan c

            Newton, RGIII, Ponder, Locker, Rodgers would all beat Vick in a footrace now.

          • atlvickfan

            Ponder and Rodgers? No way. Vick slowed down during the season because of the hits. Give him an offseason to rest and he’ll be back to normal.

          • morgan c

            Specifics: other than Mark Sanchez, Vick led the league in turnovers for the past two years. Think about that. Let it set in. His turnovers also led the league in red-zone turnovers for TDs (14 point swing) which was 4 in case you were wondering. He consistently shows a lack of attention to detail and careful-ness (not a word I know) when it comes to protecting the football. He is therefore unreliable and inconsistent. Even when he gets hot, he is capable of losing the ball at any time, as proven by the numbers over the past two years. The numbers are facts. They are specifics. They show an under 60% completion percentage, more fumbles and INTs than TDs, and a terrible quarterback rating (23rd out of 32 starting quarterbacks). You wanted specifics, you got ’em.

            Also, he cannot, after years of trying to teach him, read a blitz properly and check to a “hot” route. He does not know where pressure comes from and cannot read defenses. He looks for option one or two and takes off. There is another example.

            Also, he is slower and regressing in skill. He consistently got tripped up by fat slow white guys (see: Atlanta game, Kroy Biermann, third string DE) when trying to run downfield. His best trait (speed) is not what it used to be and he cannot break big runs anymore.

            Also, he has played 16 games once in his life. He cannot stay healthy, is small, and clearly not strong enough to take NFL punishment he invites with his style of play (as much his fault as Oline’s).

            I respect your view, though I disagree with you vehemently. You made your point and you provided reasons, so I’ll stop getting so dramatic with my disagreements. I just seriously can’t understand how you can support Vick as a football player. The fact is, he is below average and your case for keeping him and him being good is based on the defense being lights out (they aren’t), having a great running attack (we’ll see), and the special teams being really good (not the case). You have to make allowances and build around him the same way you would with a rookie (Nick Foles), but Foles is a cheap rookie who is young and will get better.

            The fact that you seriously want to keep Vick, pay him 16 million, when we will clearly not win a SB with him anyway, is just crazy to me. Foles isn’t great but he’s proved (numbers) that he is already better than Vick. Last game confirmed it. Again, not saying Foles is great, but Vick is truly atrocious.

          • 1972

            damn good post. people hate the facts

          • 1972

            these guys are vick fans not eagle fans. i wanna win..By any means, not because vick is the qb

    • Cordero51

      Are u kidding me? Don’t tell me if ur really blaming vick in this loss cause u sound like an idiot. Vick was vick like any other game some td and some int that’s Wat usually happens in ever game. But beside that we lost because of our horrendous defense couldn’t stop the giants at all they scored a td in every possession they had the ball. Our defense was crap and defense wins games. Maclin was horrible today he kept dropping catchable balls, that right there is lack of effort and vick threw a terrible pass in the redone bit the receiver had it in his hands so it was catchable. All in all the team played like crap just like thys been playing all season wether its vick or foles they played like crap. But don’t blame one guy that’s unrealistic and if foles was playing there’s a good chance he wouldn’t even gotten a td. Vick did his best n kept trying long after the team quit so show some respect n be a real eagles fan

      • Exactly. I didn’t even bother talking about the brick hand receivers. How about that fumble bowl that was played with Foles at QB. This team has been looking like the Keystone cops for awhile regardless of who was under center.

      • 1972

        hey mike vicks mom!! relax with the name calling. u have ur opinion i have mine. so relax ms vick and go root for his new team n.y or arizona or wherever. Get back to me when u want to have a civil conversation

  • Joe D

    Good luck on the jets next year mike. I’m sure your decision making will be stellar.

    • saunhi

      MartyM calls the plays. He’s been conservative since the O-line injuries

  • eagles2zc

    Vick’s holding up the double middle fingers as he exits the stage

  • zbone95

    Hey vick just cause u give 100% effort, ur 20 somthing turnovers contrbuted to the team record. enjoy the NY media

    • saunhi

      10 ints and 5 fumbles lost. But ZERO blocking back support with a dead O-line.

      Kolb in Ariz was only QB worse off (severed sternum, recovery unclear).

      • zbone95

        how many gams did he miss? it would have been much more if he didnt get injured. He just sucks at decision making and protecting the football. Not coaches or other players fault

      • Vick needs to send those kevlar flack jacket guys a thank you note, some roses and a cookie bouquet. Without that he would be out with Kolb.

        • aub32

          They definitely stood up to their claim. Talk about field tested

  • MAC

    I want no more Vick in Philly let me be 100% clear on that. However he is a class act since being here and a warrior. he definitely plays with full effort and gives his body up for the game! For that and his great effort in the community as well as a positive role model showing there can be a positive life after serving time. I give him full respect as a man and anyone who doesn’t see these things is ignorant. If anyone still wants to hold the dog stuff against him then you better look in the mirror and realize part of being a good person is to forgive. I wish him all the best and God bless Mike!

    • Here Here!

      • Jay Matt

        “Hear, hear!”.. FTFY..

    • hillbillybirdsfan

      Agreed. That little guy is one tough SOB

    • 1972

      well said mac

    • Jim

      Well said, I think age and injuries have caught up with him. He no longer has the explosive first step to make the defenders miss him. Then to leave him behind a porous Offensive line and this is the result. The guy got pounded for 3 years. Nobody can take that kind of abuse game after game.Great effort on the field and a truly stand up job in the community off the field. I admit to having reservations when the Eagles signed him but he came through with flying colors. If the rest of the “Dream Teamers” had put in his effort the last 2 years could have been really special. Just goes to show that you can’t put together a whole team of superstar prema-donnas with huge egos and only play with one football. Good luck to a class guy!!

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    I don’t hate Vick at all but it’s simply not worth paying 15mil for a QB with uneven performances that misses around 25% of his starts. In his defense, Andy has always put too much of a burden on his starting QB with his game plans. I could see Vick being a fit at a lower cap number for a team that doesn’t let him do too much. I cannot see how so many people have written off Foles already. He completed 60% of his passes with more TD than INT. If I remember correctly it took McNabb 3 or 4 years before he was completing 60%, and Vick might never have done it before 2010.

    • Look at the type of throws he was making. Look at the throws he wasn’t making. Matt Leinart’s completion percentages too were great during various games except they were all check downs. That makes a BIG difference.

      • hillbillybirdsfan

        You are correct. I don’t know if he’s the guy either. The part I don’t understand is how so many are convinced that he isn’t the guy. We don’t have enough info to anoint him as savior or run him out of town. I say lets get some competition for him next year and see how it shakes out.

    • PhillyRaised

      Wow, he missed 25% of his starts – do you think the offensive line had anything to do with that, do ya??? I don’t think Tom Brady would have lasted very long with defensive lineman in his face or climbing all over his body or pummeling him to the ground since the offensive line acted like sieves during most games – and don’t get me started on the hot and mostly cold defense! Yeah sure, the O-line was hurting but you can’t blame Vick for all the problems (his scrambling ability helped him avoid a lot of hits but the body can only take so many and start to slow down) these are supposed to be pros and they didn’t do their jobs of protecting the QB, that’s all.

  • Vick To JET out of town

    Cut Vick Monday… Can not re-build with an old broke down guy. Vick will look good in Green…. JETS Green

  • Johngiam

    Vick has been a class act since being here, he always left it all on the field, rehabilitated his life…I wish him nothing but the best, but we respectfully need to move on. I will always be appreciative for him not blowing our chance at the number 4 pick in the draft. thanks for 2010, the number 4 pick in the draft, and us being eliminated from the playoffs before halloween. I do wish you success wherever you go. you don’t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell out f here

    • parker127

      I’ve never posted on these blogs before but I have been an Eagles fan my while life. I try to stay unbiased when it comes to sports. One thing I noticed about the Philly favorite and people who don’t watch the game and have never played it is they look at stats too much and they always think their backup quarterback is always better than the starter. This teams problems are WAY past Vick. It would take me forever to post them all but I will try. First lets start with 2008 and 2009. Reid let go of the entire secondary (Sheppard, Brown, Dawkins, and Mikell) and used scotch tape to fux the holes. Second, he made poor personnel decisions with the entire roster. Then he let go of McNabb for Kolb! Let me tell you everyone looks good when you dont have anything to lose. Kolb was a great BACKUP but he was soft. Thats why he lost his job after starting 1 1/2 quarters if football. Then lets remember the Eagles were supposed to be rebuilding in 2010. Everyone predicted us to finish 6-10. Vick Saved that season. Great pleayer who inspired a city and a team. A mediocre rebuilding team. Then he put too much stock in what that bad team was able to do and started picking free agents from their Madden ratings and not by their actual ability and locker room presence. Vick is a true leader on that team and everyone makes mistakes in football. Did he turn the ball over a lot? Yes. Is he a sorry player and is Foles better? H-E-L-L NO! Like a few of you guys said earlier, the coaches ran plays that made him look better than what he is. Now with that being said lets get back to 2012. The like was playing with guys from the Invincible movie and the defense has a bunch of charmin soft players in the secondary. And the wide nine was a horrible idea that was evident since 2011preseason. So, in closing with a new coach, great draft picks and hopefully the release of Vick not coming back to haunt us as well as a healthy offensive line. We will make the playoffs next year.BUT IF NICK FOLES DOES NOT BECOME THE SECOND COMING OF TOM BRADY this team will not win a Super bowl for AT LEAST 6 years! And that kills me to say that because there is no one on this PLANET who wants us to win more than me. I’m so sick of DAMN Cowboys fans! See you guys next year!

      • 1972

        You called mike a great player. what makes him great to u parker?

        • parker127

          the is a great FOOTBALL player not quarterback. Remember, I was referring to the 2010 season. Vick elevated that team in a rebuilding year.

          • parker127

            Vick not the.

      • TXEaglesFan

        I don’t realistically think this team as constructed would come anywhere close to a Super Bowl in the next 6 years. Foles is not the 2nd coming of Brady, but you really think the eagles will win the Super Bowl with Vick next year, in two years? How long do you think his career window is? He has passed his prime. This team needs a rebuild. Let Vick go play for a contender, you should want that for him. For all the faults of this team you point out it will not be fixed in one year. Keeping Vick will only slow down the rebuilding process.

        • aub32

          I disagree. When healthy, I think this offense has the pieces to compete with anyone. The biggest difference is the QB. I would love to see them focus on the D this offseason. If that’s the case I think Vick fits the skill set of these players better than Foles does. QB aside, do you really think this offense needs to be rebuilt?

          • TXEaglesFan

            The problem with the offense you mention right in your response, “when healthy”. They don’t have enough quality depth like other teams to overcome injuries like other teams. Injuries are inevitable. Banking on Peters and Herremanns being the same players as pre injury at their age is risky. Kelce should be able to fully recover, but will he be as good in a nonMudd system? Hopefully the oline depth issues will be more seriously addressed by the new coach. Jackson doesn’t miss a lot of games to injury, but he is like a race car, any tweak and he is no longer as effective. I agree the focus needs to be defense, but the offense still needs quite a few upgrades in personnel. It can’t all happen in one offseason, I don’t think. Would live to be proven wrong!

        • parker127

          honestly I don’t think they will win in two years with Vick if the other players don’t improve a certain positions(Maclin, Jackson, Celek, Watkins, secondary, and d-line o-line chemistry/consistency. Vick still has about a year of athleticism left and a better arm than Foles. if the Eagles can either draft or trade for a better quarterback then I’m all for it but Folks isn’t the future. he was managements third choice behind RG3 and Wilson (who they worked out 3 times).

        • parker127

          they also need to invest in a good receivers coach.

        • parker127

          txeaglesfan, it takes about 6 years to rebuild a team. all the contenders have good starting quarterbacks. Buffalo and Cleveland are his best options. Weeden is horrible.

      • Wilbert M.

        I don’t understand the concept that the coaches ran plays to make Foles look better than he is. Shouldn’t the coaches always run plays that make the team look their best? Did they run plays to make Vick look worse than he is? I know the play calling completely sucked (except the Giants game – boy, we really learned something there…), but if they wanted to help Foles, they would have run the ball.

        • aub32

          They did run different plays designed to specifically help out Foles. MM even said so in a presser. You are right that it’s their job to do so. However, they did not help out Vick the same way. They called the plays the same way as if the O line was healthy. This resulted in Vick getting punished and often not having enough time for routes to develop. Foles threw a lot, but most of his passes were short completions and screens. He was not asked to throw the ball down the field consistently.

          • parker127

            Thanks Aub32 you I couldn’t of answered this question any better. they didnt want him to have any bad throws and lose confidence with interceptions so all his throws were less than 20 yards. He was 2 of 27 of more than 20 with an interception. Another thing that people didn’t notice is when Vick had his really bad games this year they either won or had the lead in the fourth quarter. With the exception of the Arizona game.

  • Ronn1702!

    The problems with this team this year have alot more to do with roster and coaching moves than with Mike Vick. In the last two seasons we have had very minimal production out of the offensive and defensive lines than in years past. I put that on Reid hiring a tired Howard Mudd and a pissy acting Washburn!! And of course, we aren’t gonna touch the Juan Castillio fiasco. To me, alot of these things were preventable. Like passing on Nmandi (not to mention what we are paying this dude) and DRC. You can also throw Marty M. in that equation also who’s play calling was never more than garbage at best. Unfortunately the players not buying into what was going on far exceeded the ones that did. Let’s just hope that the next coach can keep that b.s. from souring the mindsets of our young players and cut out the cancers!!!!! EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!

    • aub32

      Don’t forget the 2010 and 2011 drafts. Only three starters have emerged from those two drafts, and one is a kicker, and another was a lucky hit on a sixth round pick..

  • Freed From Reid

    I know the focus of this conversation is on Vick but it should be on Reid. He has always been a coach that tries to adapt his players to his system instead of adapting his system to his players. Having Vick drop back 35-45 times a game with such a weak O- Line is the dumbest thing since hiring a O Line coach to be D co-ordinator.
    His inability to call plays to pick up 3rd and short yardage or redone scores is his greatest weakness. he refuses to run the ball and his finesse approach to offense exposes his QB to unnecessary hits.
    I can’t wait til Reid gets his pink slip. maybe he will take he time to repair his family instead of destroying the Eagles.

  • morgan c

    Vick’s career is effectively over. I hope for his sake and that of his family, that he still has some money left over after paying off all his debts, etc. because I don’t think he’s getting more than a 1 year contract and after that, probably nothing. He has been a class act but he’s just not very good at football, unfortunately. I do hope the best for him and his family, but I don’t see any relevant football in his future.

  • I’m guessing Vick was crying about the O line not pulling their weight. Fact is he only needs to look in the mirror. Once the Gmen saw 7 was starting the blitz packages were loaded into the script. Perhaps if Vick learned to read a defense at some point his 10 year plus career instead of all the crap he spent his free time on maybe teams would back off instead of tee off. He cannot be cut fast enough for my liking.

  • thefadd

    you can’t be a QB in the NFL and come out and say in the press that you don’t know how to motivate your teammates

  • With a new NFL team, maybe Michael Vick will get the protection and support he is due!! He is and still remains a very talented QB.