Instant Observations: Giants 42, Eagles 7

Here are my instant observations from Sunday afternoon’s Eagles-Giants game (note: this was posted with two minutes left in the game).


* In his first start since Nov. 11, Michael Vick did not perform well, going 19-for-35 for 197 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He was pulled in the fourth quarter with 6:51 left and the Eagles trailing, 42-7, for Trent Edwards.

* The Eagles started the game with an onside kick. But on third down, the Giants blitzed (six rushers) and hit Vick as he sailed his pass intended for Brent Celek. Stevie Brown intercepted it and returned the ball 48 yards.

* The Eagles’ first touchdown came in the second quarter. On fourth down, Vick executed a play-fake, rolled to his left and found Jeremy Maclin in the end zone for a 7-yard score.

* LeSean McCoy showed once again that he’s the Eagles’ best offensive player, avoiding defenders and picking up 36 yards while running from one sideline to the other in the first. McCoy had 10 carries for 45 yards and also caught five balls for 61 yards.

* Alex Henery missed a 28-yard field goal in the second quarter.

* The Eagles went for it on fourth down three times and converted twice. Yet on 4th-and-5, down 35-7, the Eagles punted from the Giants’ 41. They punted a second time from Giants territory in the second half.


* As disastrous a performance as you’ll see from an NFL defense. The Eagles allowed 35 points… in the first half! Eli Manning went 13-for-21 for 208 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions.

* In 17 months, Nnamdi Asomugha went from prize $60M free agent to the bench. Asomugha had a horrible game and was pulled in favor of Curtis Marsh in the fourth quarter. He was beaten badly by Rueben Randle on a 38-yard touchdown down the left sideline in the first quarter. As we’ve seen a lot the last two seasons, Asomugha just failed to make a play on the ball in the air. After a second pass interference penalty in the fourth, Todd Bowles yanked him.

* The Giants went 26 yards on four plays for a touchdown on their first possession. Randle got behind Colt Anderson for the 3-yard score.

* The Giants’ third touchdown was set up when Ahmad Bradshaw beat DeMeco Ryans down the sideline for a 41-yard gain. Kurt Coleman also missed a tackle on the play. Then it was Jamar Chaney’s turn. David Wilson beat him for a 15-yard touchdown for the Giants’ third score of the first quarter.

* The Giants’ fourth scoring drive ended with a 1-yard Ahmad Bradshaw touchdown run. Asomugha was called for a pass interference penalty in the end zone against Domenik Hixon to set up the score. He probably should have been flagged for a penalty on the previous play.

* And then there was the fifth touchdown of the first half. Victor Cruz got behind Anderson and Asomugha for a 24-yard score.

* The Eagles’ pass-rush was pretty much non-existent, but Phillip Hunt had his first sack of the season in the third quarter.

* The Eagles couldn’t stop the run either. Deep into the fourth quarter, the Giants had run 30 times for 188 yards (6.3 YPC). The Eagles clearly missed rookie Fletcher Cox, who was sidelined with a concussion.

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  • xlGmanlx

    Players were done

  • Kimbafuzz

    This season just flat out SUCKED. In every capacity.

  • TXEaglesFan

    A microcosm of the disaster the last two seasons have been. Could not think it could get as bad as today. I wonder if they keep YAC for defensive players. Coleman would lead the league. They could change the sat to Yards After Coleman. Nmadi, ouch, brutal. Would any team want him? Thanks coach Reid, good luck at your next job.

  • TexasEagle

    Eagles need two safeties, a cornerback, a defensive tackle, a linebacker, and a defensive end (in that approximate order). Let the firings and cuts begin

    • aub32

      So who’s your QB since I don’t see that listed as a need?

      • TexasEagle

        It’s Foles. There is no qb in the draft. Geno Smith was eaten alive by Syracuse d yesterday and Matt Barkley is worse than Sanchez and Leinart. There are no decent free agent Qbs. If Foles fails they will have no choice but to wait until next year to solve QB problem.
        Sent from my iPad

        • aub32

          Then I would have to put QB at the top of your list. I would agree with everything else. I do not think Foles is a better option than Vick, Flynn, Daniels, A. Smith, or G. Smith. The most important position on the field should not be left to someone who is not the best option.

          • TexasEagle

            Vick can’t read defenses. The rest of those guys are bigger risks than Foles or not going to be there. It would be insane to waste the 4th pick in draft on geno. Flynn is like kolb or feeley. If they take stud d tackle from Utah, they will be tough up the middle for next ten years.
            Sent from my iPad

          • aub32

            You can’t say that about Flynn, and why not take a risk for the most important time on the field?

          • TexasEagle

            Flynn is guy who played a few good games with a very good team around him just like feeley and kk. You give one of those guys a big free agent contract and you have no more assurance they will perform than you do with Foles. We have to fix the defense. The eagles have plenty of good offensive players if Peters, Herremans, and Kelce come back.
            Sent from my iPad

          • aub32

            I agree Flynn is not a bonafide stud, however what Kolb has been in ARZ is perhaps one of the worst QB signings in a long while. I wouldn’t say Flynn couldn’t succeed. I don’t feel comfortable with Foles being my starting QB going forward. He wasn’t that impressive. He does not have the ability to make every throw. He still has decision making problems. He has only had success against terrible secondaries.

          • morgan c

            How can you honestly defend Vick after that performance today? Didn’t you say something on a thread here last week about “eating your words” if Vick doesn’t outplay Foles this week? Dude Vick SUCKS. He effing sucks! He is bad, stupid, not fast, can’t throw, can’t start – he sucks. Foles is better right now, and that’s not saying much because Foles isn’t that good. But he’s sure as hell better than Vick. Again, the numbers…
            Under 60%, under 200 yards, 1 fumble, 1 pick, 1 TD. Healthy. Playing “for his coach who he loves,” playing for another contract, everything on the line, with the same o-line you gave a free-pass to when Foles was playing… just stop. Stop. Vick is terrible and it’s insanity to suggest otherwise. Foles will be the guy next year, whether you like it or not. If you love Vick so much, go become a fan of the Browns or whoever’s bench he winds up warming next year.

          • aub32

            I do not believe I made that statement. I also, think you have a lot of Vick fatigue and are judging him unfairly. How can you say the guy can’t throw? Really? Can you honestly tell me Foles has a better arm than VIck? Vick is slower, not slow. He is probably still the second fastest QB in the league. Did you see the Foles’ TD run. You could time that thing on a sundial. I am not going to dismiss and blame Vick when clearly 99% of the team did not come to play. I will instead be rational and form my opinion based on what I have seen.

            I have seen Vick win games. I have seen Vick move the ball and score points. I have seen Vick let down by his defense in 2011. I have seen Vick put in bad situations by his coaches in 2012. I have seen Vick turn the ball over many times, but I have seen him make drives late. I have seen Vick struggle at making read, and I have seen him put in an empty set when the opposing team blitzed 7 guys. I am well aware of Vick’s flaws. I also think they can be managed with play calling and a center who can help with protection calls. Kelce was that, but he got hurt in game 2. A new coach may be able to help VIck through play calling.

            In regards to Foles, I do not like him to start for this team based on what I have seen from him this season. He seems smart. He does have some really nice moves in the pocket. However, I do not know if he can make every throw on the field consistently. He has also turned the ball over plenty and would have many more INTs if opposing teams could only hold on to the ball. My biggest problem with Foles is that his deficiencies correlate with exactly what I think this team needs at QB. The speed and ability to get by players possessed by our WRs is wasted on a QB who can’t get the ball to them. If opposing teams don’t have to worry about the deep ball, they can play closer to the LOS. This makes Shady’s job harder.

            This is the way I see it based on the QBs, their skill set, and their performances throughout. It is not based on one game. If you wish to disagree with actual objective reasoning, I look forward to continuing this discussion. However, if you wish to just spew more nonsense (Vick is stupid, can’t throw, and is slow) then I really see no point in any further debating. I get your reason for being frustrated, but I honestly believe if you looked objectively, Vick was far from our biggest problem the last two years.

  • saunhi

    NY as good as any this week.

    Eagles pass coverage as rock solid as ever.

    Vick out for 6-wks must have just loved the Giants blitz.

    • I know right. I knew the game was gonna be bad…not this bad necessarily but bad.

      • 1972

        u still want mike back?

        • 1. I never said I wanted VIck back I said Foles wasn’t the guy, 2. If you looked a that game and thought the QB who hadn’t played a down of footbal in 6/8 weeks was the biggest problem then there isn’t much more to say.

          • 1972

            do u want vick over foles?

          • I’d def take Vick over Foles assuming we had a decent line and a solid run game. Vick is the better QB of the two. Foles can’t even throw a ball over 20 yards. Come on dude. Please. Foles is a game manager at best – and that’s fine but everything else needs to be on super point to make that happen. And if he’s the starter next year let’s hope that’s the case.

          • 1972

            saying u want vick over foles is basically saying u want him back. Just so u know lol

          • No it’s not. You asked who’d I choose. I’d choose Vick. But I have no thoughts he is gonna be with this team next year and I’m not in any way upset about that. It’s time to part ways. I’m good with that.

  • jabostick

    I thought that was a bad move to bench Nnamdi in the 4th… Shoulda been done two months ago.

    • barry_nic

      LOL. Well put. The reset button gets hit tomorrow at 12:00

  • Haan

    Thank god this nightmare of a season is over

  • Run Eagles Run

    wow, it really looked like the players were trying to win this for andy…

  • Brian

    You should delete all that text and replace it with “They sucked”.

  • Jethro

    Asomugha *might* be a mediocre corner at this point. Man was he shrunken down to size these past two years. Worst Eagles defense in a long, long time, and I’m counting the defense that had Macho Harris and Quentin Demps on it.

    • The safeties had a lot to do with that thanks to the intricacies of the wide nine. But yeah he hasn’t looked good as yet.

      • as late

        • 1972

          u wanted nnamdi back.. how about now?

          • LOL. You’re funny. I said Nnamdi wasn’t as bad as everyone said he was. Though he was def awful today…but so was the rest of the defense. I’d keep him but with a diff contract. I’d give him a full season of no-wide nine – and actually I feel that wasy about a lot of the D – diff scheme, diff coach and you these guys may look entirely different.

          • 1972

            i gotta respect ur commitment to your guys. But u sir(or ma’mm) are in denial. Nnamdi is slow AF!!!! he probably wont be a starter in the league next year unless the teams desperate.. he got pulled for his poor play. JUST GIVE IT UP ONCE!! he’s terrible

          • My take has been consistent. He was awful today. AWFUL.. I’m not arguing that. Most of the season folk were hollering about how awful he was and many of those plays were in the safety. He is slow…folk get passed him that’s it…but there are things he still does well. Like I said I wouldn’t keep him at that salary. At all.

          • DayToday

            are you watching the vikings vs packers game? cuz if you are, i guess both teams should cut all there CBs cuz they keep getting beat, did you see williams try and arm tackle peterson instead of tackle him straight up……i mean come on the NFL is a passing league….Nnamdi is going to have a restructured deal and DRC already said he will take less money to stay here, lets get 2 good safetys and see how our secondary plays next yr

          • 1972

            u believe drc when he says he would take less money to come back to a rebuilding team without a coach?? and as for nnamdi he makes more money than every cb on the feild in that packers vikes game.
            Heres the problem i have with people that support players. u never tell me what u like about hem, u always talk about whats going on around him
            what does asomugha do that u like at this point in his career???

          • aub32

            I will take on that challenge. Nnamdi can play well in shorter yardage situations. He can play bigger WRs and TEs in the slot. With teams that have one superstar WR and a bunch of no names, Nnamdi can take away the no name. (I know this last one sounds irrelevant, but it really is nice to know you can focus all your efforts on the one superstar because the other guy is being taken away.) All of this may not be worth what Nnamdi is being paid.. He clearly needs help over the top and can be a liability when facing speed guys. However I think a good DC can use the abilities I listed to the fullest, and he could still be a starter in this league.

          • 1972

            good case, randles’ not a speed guy though and he couldnt stay with him today. he was pretty pathetic u gotta agree. Ur in the vick camp… whats ur take on mike? u still want him over foles next year?

          • aub32

            Randall is by no means slow either. Nnamdi clearly needs safety help. I do not deny that, but I would much rather focus on getting a safety than having to find both a CB and a safety.

            Currently I would go with Vick. His skill set fits this team much better than Foles. Any QB can hand off, but Vick’s ability to run give the D a reason to hesitate. Also, Mac and DJax can both get deep, so can Coop to a lesser extent. Vick can get them the ball deep. I think the PA pass to DJax would be a killer play if not ran as the first play of every game but instead after we’ve established the run.

          • morgan c

            No. He can’t. You are wrong.
            Also, weren’t you talking Vick up before this game too? I haven’t seen your thoughts on his performance today, but I’d love to…

          • aub32

            LOL. I like how you can call me wrong but not dispute any point I made with any analysis. I really don’t see the point of telling you my Vick thoughts. You seem likely to just dismiss them regardless, without even bringing up a counter argument.

          • DayToday

            i watched him play on da raiders, and when he had good safetys behind him he was a beast….the skills are still there, just he isnt confident in our safetys

            – and wat u just said about the vikes game is wat i said in my comment earlier “the ONLY reason this whole Nnamdi thing is even talked about, is cuz of how much money he makes” …you just proved my point for me, thanks

          • 1972

            his skill set didnt live up to the paycheck.. do u think me or anyone else would be talking about how bad he is if he wasnt a coveted self pro claimed lock down corner?
            i get frustrated when my team loses and i vent to my fellow eagle fans, if ur a fan of individuals thats ur thing, i just call it like i see it

          • DayToday

            let me ask you a simple question and i want simple yes or no answer…..does every CB in the NFL give up plays and TDs, no matter if they make 100 mil or 1 mil??

          • morgan c

            Ya dude sorry you just need to stop. Asomougha is just a terrible football player. Scheme has nothing to do with when you see the ball is coming to you, you fail continuously to make a play. Scheme has nothing to do with failing to tackle when you are in position. Scheme has nothing to do with third string receivers running by you easily, 100% of the time. Nnamdi is bad and gets worse every week and doesn’t try or care. Stop defending him because it’s insulting to the intelligent fan-base on this thread.

          • DayToday

            he doesnt try or care? with that statement right there i know you have no idea what you talking about…..getting beat or missing a tackle doesnt determine effort

          • morgan c

            See Arizona game, last game, and Washington game 1. All three games, three times NA literally stopped running or trying to be involved in the play when the receiver beat him. What about NA literally running AWAY from Lynch last year and Miles Austin this year, as they were about to score. Running away from contact and literally giving up on a play is good effort?

    • JofreyRice

      I don’t think he’s even mediocre. They’d have to pay him 4 million dollars just to walk, and they probably will. I can’t see him coming back. The guy can’t cover, who can you trust him with?

    • Wilbert M.

      Speaking of Macho – why did the Eagles ever try to make a CB out of the guy. He was a prototypical SS. Sure wish we still had either Quentin.

  • JofreyRice


    The guy has been utter trash on the football field since he put on the Eagles uniform. If they don’t replace the entire secondary, they are making a mistake. DRC let Henry Hynoski break free and catch a TD and needs a friggin’ ultimatum to not loaf all over the football field every week. Colt Anderson coughed up two more coverage TD’s, and Kurt Coleman was back missing tackles.

    1 apparently decent draft–which is still very far from proven–does not save Howie’s job, for me. He’s sucked, and the nosedive of talent on the roster and win total has DIRECTLY coincided with Howie’s promotion to GM.

    • Wilbert M.

      Jofrey – you are so right about Asso. Remember when the line was he took less $$ because he wanted to be an Eagle? Probably it was more like the Eagles were the only ones unable to see through his deficiencies.

      At least with DRC, he was cheap and we got him in return for a cast off that looks like he probably can’t play.

      As far as Howie – I think a lot of people are overestimating his influence on these drafts. Andy had final say on everything. I can’t believe that Andy was ever going to allow a guy who was an intern a few years before to decide between picking Earl Thomas or Brandon Graham (as an example). The drafts were all Andy.

      • JofreyRice

        I’m not sure you can really say the drafts were really all on Andy. Look at when Howie took over as GM, and look at the horrible drafts of 2010 & 2011, and all the big missteps in Free Agency that were sooooo different than when Heckert (as Banner’s stooge) was the GM. They just extended Trent Cole who was getting single blocked by Martellus Bennett (a TE) this week, and getting blocked to the ground by the Redskins FB last week.

        Everyone wants to crown Howie after the 2012 draft, but all those young guys have a lot to prove. Cox looks very good, and taking a flyer on Brown late was smart. Boykin was solid this year, if unspectacular. Kendricks is still very much a work in progress, Curry barely saw the field. Kelly got abused today at RT, by both Tuck & JPP. Foles is the biggest piece, and absolutely no sure thing. I have hope for the 2012 class, but Cox is the only player that looks like he can be “special”. That’s a pretty poor track record for Roseman.

        • Wilbert M.

          Howie holds the GM title, but I don’t think (my opinion) he was making the draft picks. I think ANDY was making the draft picks as well as all personnel decisions. We’ll probably find out the true story once Andy is gone.

  • professor619

    I have a question if I may be incline to ask… if you’re paying shady mccoy all this money knowing he’s one of the best backs in this league then why not give him the ball more… he goes out with an injury they run the hell outta brown (fumble issues aside) but nope he comes back and no we don’t want to give him the ball anymore

  • dislikedisqus

    Here is my instant observation: they sucked. Top to bottom, with possible exceptions for Evan Mathis and the RB’s, everyone who played or coached today sucked. I don’t think there were even 5 players who played today who deserve to start next year. They were an embarrassment to the organization and the city.

  • See. I said when they first said they would start VIck that it was a bad idea. Outside of the fact that he hadn’t played a game in what 6/8 weeks – if was Edwards job. He was number two on the depth chart at this point. SO instead of starting him you wait ’till the game is gone – pull Vick and play Edwards? What? And bencing Asmo…now? Really? Cluster*&$# all around

  • 1972

    TO the nnamdi and vick supporters, times yours

  • DayToday

    HAHAHA can you say overreaction much? like i have been saying since day one, THIS IS THE NFL, EVERY CB WILL GET BEAT, ITS A PASSING LEAGUE……the ONLY reason this whole Nnamdi thing is even talked about, is cuz of how much money he makes (which he already said he will restructure)…..let me tell all you ppl who live in a fantasy world something, if you think your going to find a CB that never gives up plays, you should either stop watching football or walk to a very high cliff and make a choice….its almost like eagles fans only watch eagles games and no other football games, cuz if you watched other teams play, you wouldnt be crying everytime Nnamdi or DRC give up a play

    • 1972

      nnamdi gave up 3 touchdows and was pulled for curtis marsh. thats a little more than a play bro. he cant tackle he cant run he cant play the ball in the air. what do u like about his game???

  • aub32

    Reid is gone, and it really is a shame this was how his final game looked. I wish him the best.

    In regards to the players, many will get on Nnamdi and Vick. However, outside of McCoy and a select few, they were all horrible. I hope Nnamdi and Vick are not released until the new guys in place have a chance to look at them.

    Maybe Nnamdi has lost it completely, but I really find it hard to believe he has lost this much, and that the coaching he received from an O line coach had nothing to do with it. He does not have good speed. However, he has shown in games the ability to stick with guys who aren’t streaking down the field. I would like to see how he does with a coach and DC who will help him. I know this sounds like an excuse but be reasonable. In ATL he lined up against Julio with no help. That is a terrible matchup speed wise, and the coaching staff could have helped him by not putting him in those type of situations.

    As far as Vick, I hope he stays. I am not a Vick apologists. I recognize he has weaknesses. However, he also has strengths. I think he is still a top 14, if not higher, QB in this league. In another system, he could be more successful. Mainly, I want to keep him as he appears to be the best available option at QB. If he is released, He will undoubtedly be the most sought after QB on the market, including what’s available in the draft. I don’t know why you would let that go prior to getting a new guy in here to see if what he does can be compatible with Vick.

    • 1972

      we scored 7 points aub32! cmon man, he couldnt generate more than 7? thats unacceptable. u dont believe with foles we would have scored more than 7?it was really bad man. He missed damaris wide open in the endzone early in that game. i cant take the inconsistency, why can u?

      • aub32

        I would never blame Foles for fumblemania against the Bengals. Likewise I am not going to blame Vick for today. The entire team was awful. Demaris could have caught that pass. It was a high, but catchable. I do not think Foles would have done any better. In fact I think Foles would have done worse, as Vick had to use his athleticism to make a few plays. Had the rest of the team showed up, I might agree with you, but they were all terrible as a unit.

      • Um…so Vick made Maclin drop those balls? Look dude hadn’t played in a minute…he looked bout how I though he’d look but if you look at that game and thing Vick was the biggest problem..well…

  • morgan c

    So runeaglesrun, and all you Vick lovers out there… ya, he’s definitely our long-term answer! As a pure player at this point, Foles is simply more talented (not even counting that one is a rookie and one is an experienced veteran), and that is scary because Foles isn’t even that good.
    Vick is atrocious and stole money from this franchise. Oh, and NA, Jenkins, I DO HOPE the door hits you in the head, hard, on the way out. You shouldn’t be in the league.