Cosell on Foles: ‘Not Blown Away By Anything’

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.Now that Nick Foles has made his final start of the 2012 season, the Eagles will have to evaluate what they’ve seen from the rookie and figure out what direction they want to go in at quarterback in the coming months.

As I’ve written in the past, I think the plan should be to develop Foles, while also looking for other options in the draft, via free agency, trades, etc.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films (whose opinion holds much more weight than mine) seems to agree. He spent some time talking about Foles during this week’s podcast with Adam Caplan.

“I’ve watched every game of Foles really closely,” Cosell said. “I think there’s been some steady improvement, some incremental improvement, but I must admit, I’m not blown away by anything. I don’t think there’s a lot of pop in his arm, and I think when you watch him throw live… you probably say his arm is pretty strong. But I don’t think he plays that way, and that concerns me.”

While Cosell is not just talking about the deep ball, it’s worth noting that Foles completed just 6 of 27 pass attempts that traveled more than 20 yards from the line of scrimmage.

“I don’t think the ball jumps off his hand,” Cosell said. “Every once in awhile, it does, but I think overall, he’s not one of those guys you look at and say wow, that ball really jumps. I just don’t think he throws like that, and that’s a concern for me.

“I also think he’s not real comfortable in the pocket at this point. I think he has a tendency to move a little too much. I think he has a tendency to play a little randomly. All this is not a surprise to me, given his college career.”

Meanwhile, Cosell had some interesting things to say about Michael Vick. While it seems unlikely that Vick has a future in Philadelphia, the coach will have the final say. The Eagles owe Vick a $3 million bonus on Feb. 6, so they don’t have a lot of time to spend on the quarterback decision.

“This may seem crazy to people… but I would not rule out Michael Vick, depending on who the coach is,” Cosell said. “With the proliferation of all this option stuff and pistol and shotgun, Michael Vick is still a pretty talented guy.”

“I think he’ll be in high demand because I think there will be a coach who will think, ‘I can take Michael Vick, I can run the read option, do all these option principles, and I can make him RGIII or Russell Wilson.'”

While many snickered when Vick said publicly that he believes he’s a starter in the league, Cosell is not the only one who thinks there will be a market for the veteran quarterback.

“Sunday’s game against the New York Giants might be Michael Vick’s last with the Philadelphia Eagles, but it won’t be his last as an NFL quarterback,” wrote’s Michael Lombardi recently. “I hear that several teams will actively pursue Vick’s talents once the Eagles have finished making all their changes.”

Meanwhile, if you want to get a look at some of the top QB prospects available in the draft, be sure to check out the Pinstripe Bowl between West Virginia and Syracuse this afternoon at 3:15. The Mountaineers’ Geno Smith could be the top QB taken in April’s draft. Ryan Nassib, a Malvern Prep product, could be a Day 2 pick and has drawn comparisons to Andy Dalton. ESPN will carry the game.

And click here to listen to the full podcast with Caplan and Cosell.

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  • dislikedisqus

    Any coach who thinks a 33 year old Vick can play like RG3 is nuts. He doesn’t have his old speed anymore. He’s taken too many hits. He loses games to hits every year. He’s got no upside.

    As for “not blown away” by Foles, please apply the same test to every other realistic QB alternative.

    These guys have identical qb ratings and identical w-l results over their last 6 starts so how is one “not blown away” but the other is “pretty talented”?

    • I like Cosell. But he’s a scouting guy. He has to err on the side of caution all the time. He can’t be out and out wrong about something. So everything he says is kind of in the middle with a lean one way or the other. With national scouting pundits it’s a personal preference and “show me” kind of thing. There are attributes that he likes and attributes that he doesn’t. That doesn’t mean everyone else agrees with him. And they leave themselves room to go back and say, “well I was worried about this, but turns out, while I was right to be concerned, the player was able to overcome the odds and fix the issue”.

      And it’s hard to argue with the fact that Vick is more talented than Foles. He is. But if you put the two of them in a game, you’re reminded that Vick has wasted most of that talent, while Foles will probably do everything he can to maximize the talent he has, lesser though it may be.

      • Atb124

        Disclaimer: semantics argument follows.

        People act like The word “talent” describes arm strength and footspeed and stops there. But accuracy is a talent. Reading a defense is a talent. Keeping your eyes downfield is a talent. Smart, quick decision making is a talent. You can work on those things and make some improvement, but some guys are just naturally better at it than others. Exaclty like arm strength and footspeed. I’m sure we could come up with plenty more things to add to the list. Looking at the word talent as a whole, I see no reason to declare that Vick is more talented than Foles.

        I also disagree that Vick never fufilled his potential. I think he’s done his best with the talents he has to work with, and his best is below average by NFL standards.

        • You’re right, that was a whole bunch of semantics…

          But seriously, you’re right in that I should have said “athleticism” instead of talent. And that accuracy and anticipation are talents as well as arm strength and fleetness of foot.

          But where I think you’re wrong is in Vick fulfilling his potential. What’s different about athleticism and a lot of “talent’s”, is that athleticism can’t be learned. Talents like reading a defense and anticipating a receivers route can be honed and refined via study and hard work. Vick never put in the time to do that in Atlanta. He did it for a short while here, and gave us the mirage that was the 2010 season, then reverted back to the mean the last two years. And boy, did he revert hard. So I don’t think he fulfilled his potential. He left himself well short of what he “could” have accomplished had he done all the studying and self-improvement. Now, whether or not that ceiling of what he could have done is a whole lot higher than the best we’ve seen out of him during his time in the league…that’s entirely debatable.

      • GoBirds1

        Cosell is a scouting guy for who, his own blog?

    • Vick Supporter

      How can you accurately say that Vick can’t run anymore? You don’t have to run a 4.3 to be “fast” as a QB. Cam Newton and A.Luck run 4.5s. Would you consider them slow?

      • dislikedisqus

        Because Vick in the past two seasons has been caught from behind by linemen, which never used to happen.

        • Vick Supporter

          Maybe that’s because he’s looking to throw on the run instead of looking to run only when he he did in ATL? You ever though about that? NOPE. Of course not lol. Blame the QB!!! You’re a lame

          • Johngiam

            Dude shut up! It doesnt take a rocket science to see Vick is no where near as fast as he used to be. Sure he is still a fast qb, but only a biased fool would say he still has elite speed. Sck of all the bias either way…like have you people already forgot the slop Vick has put us thru these past two years? Vick and Andy EQUALLY SHARE THE BLAME FOR ENDING OUR SEASON before Halloween. How can anyone, stand anther season with either….last season was NO FLASH IN THE PAN, anyone remember the year before when he was a fragile china doll. ENOUGH!!!! take out all the trash and start over….wtf is wrong with you Vick lovers? You should all be gathered into one big room and forced to rematch all his games the past two years!

  • Eric79

    While I do not have a lot of hope for Foles, I really do not understand why people care what Cosell thinks. This is the same guy who stated that Jay Fiedler was a better QB than McNabb.

    • 85

      Did Cosell really say that about Fiedler being better than McNabb? It sounds too ridiculous to be true, but if it is I need to remember to disregard anything this guy ever says.

      • Eric79

        Yes, he made that statement many years ago on Daily News Live. Les Bowen basically called Cosell a racist in response. It was the only memorable moment in the history of that show.

  • IgglesFanInPhx

    Eric: Jay Fiedler was a better QB than McNabb. Just wasnt put in the same situation. Any clown could have done what mcnabb did

  • Wilbert M.

    I don’t agree with Cosell when he says Foles isn’t comfortable in the pocket. I think that’s one of his strengths. He feels the pressure and moves as much as necessary to buy time. This really stands out positively in comparison to Vick, who has terrible pocket presence.

    • saunhi

      Pocket presence?? Where was the pocket during Detroit, New Orleans, etc?

      Vick had to deal with a newly replaced center who needed to learn his main priority was blocking the guy who lined up ON-CENTER. Steve Young said anyone but Vick would have been sacked twice as much.

      I have learned to pay most attention to what the real players say (Steve Young, Ray Lewis) over the bloggers who often just repeat what they hear.

      • 1972

        smart people listen to everyone and then come up with an educated opinion of their own. steve youngs not the end all be all.

      • Wilbert M.

        No doubt that Vick is elusive, but there were so many times where he took off unnecessarily, or rolled right or left when stepping up would have worked (or vice versa). I see more of a natural feel for avoiding pressure (like Big Ben) out of Foles. I’m not saying Foles is a savior or even a franchise QB. The jury is still out. But Vick is in the same boat as Andy – it’s time for a change of scenery. He has talent, but he’s not taking anybody to the Super Bowl.

      • Vick Supporter

        Thank you

      • defroe81

        um yeah ok well he had a pocket to work with the previous years and even when he had a pocket to work with he scrambles when his first option isnt open…

    • defroe81

      couldnt agree with you more one of the best things about foles was his pocket presence and ability to avoid the pressure and keep his eyes down feild but wth do we know we are not cosell or sheil…

  • 1972

    Foles should be treated like big ben, joe flacco, matt schaub, russell wilson.. all of these qb’s rarely threw over 20 times early in their careers. With a running game and good line he has the potential to be a decent play action passer.

    The only real problem im having is his arm strength,i notice the only time he’s thrown a accurate deep ball its been on the run( the pre season long ball to damaris johnson, and the deep ball to maclin against the skins) when he stands tall in the pocket it seems like he only throws it about 35 yds in the air. that can be a problem in some if our cold weather games

    • johngiam

      really solid post man! well done, couldnt agree more….as for the arm strength,from what I hear, and from what my non qb guru eyes see, its just small, and fixable mechanical problems that I expect to get fixed RIGHT away this offseason, in which he will actually get some attention, instead of being a third string after thought. its not a Tebow type mechanical problems that you cant do anything about. In Fairness to Andy, that is the 1 thing that you could count on him fixing..andy was fantastic at developing and tweaking footwork and throwing mechanics on QBs. Donovan owes Andy alot, because he would have not gotten that level of tutaledge on every team in the league..Andy was a really good coach back then, and I do believe that he probably got as much as anyone could have gotten out of Donovan….but its been spiraling out of control around here since the day we stepped onto trhe field to lose to arizona in the conference title game.
      As for Foles..Never once have I ever said, I know for a fact that he is our franchise guy, we dont need anyone else. What I do know for a fact is that a 33 year old VICK IS NOT THE ANSWER! In a offseason, with Alex smith being the best guy on the market, and an abysmal rookie qb class…I just dont think its worth investing in any QB that you arent blown away by, and that isnt obviously SIGNIFICANTLY better then Nick. I dont see that in anyone that is available this offseason. I think Foles can be developed into anyone of these guys that will be available..maybe not as early as next year, but eventually Foles has to be as good as alex smith…..and thats not saying much. We arent looking for the next alex smith..A veteran who couldnt win with the best defense, a great run game and offensive line, and more then competant recievers!
      Bad franchises, that dont sell tickets are DESPERATE for QBs….so no matter how bad the QB class is, teams will reach for 2-4 QBS in this class…by the time the combine is over, desperate teams could convince themselves that these dudes are worth reaching for. I wouldnt be shocked if teams fool themselves into drafting the first two picks of the draft as QBs, or even 5 QBs of this weak class selected in the first two rounds….You know what those silly desperate teams will get? blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker….
      With a defense with the holes that we have, and an opportunity to draft in the top 5 of every round…I think it would be a collosal mistake to invest and take quality draft picks away from our swiss cheese defense thats in desperate need of playmakers…or to spend 6mil a season in free agency….so we can draft Gabbert or locker, or sign Alex smith to compete with Nick Foles!
      I would love to get significant competition for Nick Foles….but the slop that you will get in return just isnt worth the cost, especially when yuo have plenty of needs to fill. WE are Bad, and the good QBs who got to play as rookies, and went on to have good careers, historically have taken a big leap in year two…so given the circumstances, I think the best course is to strengthen the team around the QB…give the kid the offseason and season to try and grow and show that he can grab the franchise by the throat…..and if he cant show that by the end of next seasos, we will most likely be bad, and having a top draft pick…so Next offseason, you can then invest in a quality QB to compete with Nick in a year when the crop of QBs will be better in the draft and free agency………..This offseason, I would look for a kirk Cousin type in the 4th or 5th round to compete with Nick after solidifying the defense early on!

      • GoBirds1

        I am always confused how Reid developed McNabb’s arm. He could always throw the intermediate to deep ball and the bomb at Syracuse and in the Pros, but I never saw improvement in other throws. He was the master of the safe ball that no one could catch, including his own player, remember the worm burner. The swing pass in the flat he struggled with, the slant and crossing pattern he could never hit them in stride, when did he get better at that?

        • Johngiam

          Not saying Andy turned mCNabb into Brady…I just think that sy for example McNabb was after by the browns, he wouldn’t have grow to be half the qb that he grew into here…who knows, maybe another coach could have gotten more out f Donovan…but certainly a lot of coaches could have gotten a lot less out of Donovan.

          I want Andy gone as much as anyone, I don’t have a problem giving him credit where it’s due…Then again, he has been a completely different coach these past 4 years, and that is not a good thing

          • schwartz

            thats because he has more control/responsibility than he can handle…the right thing to do would be to hire guys to handle the personnel end of things, and let Andy get back to coaching…prob not going to happen tho…good old days are gone

    • aub32

      With the exception of Schaub, these guys all displayed much more talent in their rookie seasons. Foles has not shown that if his pass attempts were limited, he would have a good game. Every QB makes less mistakes when given less opportunities. From what I have seen, I am not sure if he had less opportunities that he would look that good. Last week he threw for 350 on 48 attempts. His numbers are inflated due to the attempts he gets.

      • 1972

        he wasnt given a chance to show if his passes were limited, u gotta let it play out.Thats the only problem i have with all the vick comparisons.vick has played 3 years here. foles has played 6 games. Neither one of us know what he is. i try to give the pros and cons. its never I LOVE FOLES or I HATE VICK…i just wanna win man.. and with a new philosophy and young qb i think we have a chance to do that

    • Kimbafuzz

      Except Big Ben went 15-1 to start his career. He’s way better than those other QBs.

  • Vick Supporter

    Greg Cosell hit the nail on the head. Cmon people. Philly fans are supposed to be some of the most knowledgeable fans in the country and I constantly see post saying that Foles is a frachise QB. Unbelievable. We need to keep Vick, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my favorite QB of all time.
    I give credit to Foles for two things…he steps up in the pocket and side steps nicely and he throws well on the run on the intermediate throws. Vick does these same things and no one notices lol..and the difference is that Vick can do that and make the throw DEEP DOWN THE FIELD ala Aaron Rogers.
    Vick is a unique talent and LIKE EVERY QB IN THE LEAGUE, THINGS NEED TO BE RIGHT AROUND HIM. Say what you want about Vick and he does have some fault in this, Andy came in and changed EVERYTHING instead of going with what worked in 2010. WHY CHANGE? SHIEL, CAN YOU PLEASE PROVIDE AN ANSWER FOR THAT?
    Mudd comes in and he has to have “his guys” and gets rid of a lot of lineman who all of a sudden are playing well on teams that are now going to the playoffs lol. He happened to have a QB name P. Manning who damn near does not have to have a coach and is the best of all time in getting rid of the football quickly.
    There’s nothing wrong with Vick holding the ball longer at times…Big Ben has made a career out of it and is PRAISED for it while Vick is criticized for it. Vick needed to play his game and have a coach to play to his strngths and ANDY CHANGED IT. Foles needs to be a backup. Period. Keep Vick…if they let him go, I gurantee you that he will have success again. Vick can play at a high level. Yes, I know, “what about the turnovers”. Vick tried to do to much..BECAUSE HE CAN…and sometimes it works..and sometimes not. We need to keep Vick man…there’s not alot of QBs out there and nothing in the draft this year. Hell, they could find another Nick Foles in this draft if they wanted to lol.
    It’s a team game and we sucked all they way around this year, not just the QB. It would be nice if we could get a damn kick or punt return for a TD or at least provide us with some good field position or MAYBE A TURNOVER OR TWO ON DEFENSE!! bloggers on here do not talk about that!!! Only DUMP VICK is all I see on here lol. We went like ten games without an INT lol.

    • 85

      I don’t hate Vick, but fumble, fumble, fumble, fumble, fumble, fumble – and no inclination that he was ever going to start taking care of the ball – is all I need to see. Whether it’s Foles or not, it ain’t Vick.

      • aub32

        Has Foles not also had his share of fumbles? Ahh, but they don’t count because the O line didn’t protect him. So he fumbled as a result of a missed block.

    • 1972

      u said vick will have success again. whats ur idea of success? the last two years as the starting qb he hasnt made the playoffs.Whatever excuse u have for it he didnt get it done. can u deny that?
      or do u make excuses for him fumbling 20 times in 22 games. or its someone elses fault that he throws a int at the goaline, those turnovers lost games.
      BIg ben won a chip
      u gotta stop comparing vick to qb’s that are proven winners.
      and he cant stay healthy.
      u want a qb that misses key games every year due to injury??

      • Vick Supporter

        Did you not see in my post that Vick has his faults in this too? When we fell behind, he tried to do to much. It ain’t hard to see woman. I think that a real fan, which you are not, does not place all of the blame on one player. The blame falls on the entire organization, but you’re one of those lames that blames the QB for all issues with the team. Next, when Foles sucks you’ll want to say “I told you so” lol. I compared Vick to Ben because their games are similar. And you say Vick isn’t a proven winner? Look at his record as a starter. Yeah, a fan like you would say that a QB that hasn’t won a SB is a “loser” I guess you would call Marino a loser too? Tecnically, Vick IS a winner looking at his record.
        Your “Savior” is 1-5 as a starter, and you could call him a turnover machine too..especially is he didn’t luckily have all of those INTs he threw dropped by defenders. You would probably still stay Foles is better lol. You have a personal hate for Vick. It’s so obvious.
        Blame the team, not the player

        • 1972

          number 1 , im a man, and number 2, why would anyone take anything u say as credible with a handle like MIKE VICK allegiance lies with the team as a whole, not mike vick. Ur the woman that wants to be the mans boyfrieind or something. and please stop comparing the guy to hall of fame qb’s!!!!!!

          • Johngiam

            dude, don’t you feel like you being PUNKED sometimes by the ridiculous bias crap that Vick nut HUGGERS spew? LIke you said, we are supposed to be eagles fans, not fans of players that just rent the jerseys for a couple years…I want what’s best for the franchise. just the fact that there are people they attack my posts, just shows how bias, people are. Bias, leads to skewed perceptions of reality.

            how the hell can any argue with a a statement like: We Can’t possibly kNow if Foles is the guy yet, but we do know that Vick is not the guy?
            How can a rational human being argue with that statement?

            players do get older, their physical attributes do diminish. Vick will be 33yrs old next season. You know what type of players get to play the game at the age of 33? Athe cerebral ones! Qbs who can read defenses so well, and play mistake free football to overcome their diminishing physical talents which carried them throughut their careers. Even the illustrious Marcus Vick, number one on the Vick payroll would NEVER refer to Mike Vick as a CAREBRAL QB lol…I could see, if this team all around was just so good and on the cusp of winning the Super Bowl to make an argument for bringing Vick back to compete in training camp, or as insurance for a Super Bowl run…But, if everything goes right, we have some good luck, and. Make all the right decisions. By the time we will be ready to really make a run at that Super Bowl, Vick will be 35 years old…so please tell me what would be the point in bringing this man back, to cloud the picture? This is a mike Vick we are talking about who will never play 16games. This isn’t 2006 mike Vick flying around the field, or the electric Vick of 2010…this isn’t Video game Ick. Have you blind loyalist watched the past two seasons….I know he could have better coaching, but have you not seen the fundamental, amateur at best mistakes? Foles has had his share of his own, no rational person would dispute that..but If you have to sit an watch amateur, rookie mistakes, wouldn’t you prefer it being from a kid who has only had a handful of games, instead of a friggin staring nfl qb of over a decade? THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT FOLES WILL IMPROVE! The only question is how much…Vick is what he is, and it will never be consistently good enough to win a Super Bowl. No matter how many explosive and exciting players that he makes to tease your imagination, the critical, crucial, boneheaded mistakes, will always shoot yourself in the foot which will never allow you to win the Super Bowl. NEVER! You can’t count on him going thru a playoff and making less mistakes then ALL HIS COUNTERPARTS?

            I think it’s ridiculous that we even have to list why Vick can’t be the qb…we fancy ourselves as an intelligent fanbase…blind Vick loyalists really set us back.

            BEFORE YOU BLIND VICK NUT HUGGERS GO IN ALL OUT ATTACK MODE ON ME, I REPEAT! I have no clue how good FOLES WILL BE, and I don’t even care to compare who played better this year. this isn’t about my faith in Foles, or me pretending to Know what Foles is…This is about any RATINAL FAN knowing what VICK IS NOT, and that’s a man capable of leading us to a parade on broad street. I don’t know that 26 year old super athlete mike Vick was ood enough to win us a Super Bowl…but I damn sure know that a 33yr old qb with diminishing speed who still makes boneheaded mistakes after a DECADE of starting in this league is NOT THE ANSWER! get it?…you mite solidify the team around Vick, you might get a coach that asks Vick to do very little, and MANAGE the game, but the definition of managing the game is not doing anything stupid..It’s In Vicks DNA to swing for the fences and try to always make hat super play…that’s what dazzled us, but it’s also what inevitably kills us…can’t have a game manager, who can’t help himself from turning the ball over, and he can’t read defenses and no longer has ELITE speed to just Unleash him, so what n the world can you to with him to be successful over 16 games, and 3 more in the playoffs? Who cares, we all know he CAN’T PLAY 16 games let alone 19. Give me a break! And they still blindly support him after he just stated that he won’t take a pay cut. That’s the qb you want to pay 100million dollars to? I would rather pay Foles his hump chAnge and n yield a beast of a supporting cast with that hundred million.

            I feel dumb even having to have this argument. If You guys have just been trolling us, the joke is over, please just admit you guys were just trolling beforeI blow a gasket!

        • defroe81

          qb is the the leader of the team the leader is supposed to accept the blame if he cant he is not a true leader. excuses excuses…

    • dislikedisqus

      You actually won’t find anyone saying Foles is a franchise QB. The argument is that Foles is the best option available. And he costs 1/30th of Vick, despite having an identical QB rating.

      • Vick Supporter

        Well when you go on and read some of the articles it seems that way. I don’t live in Philly so it’s hard to get a feel on how the REAL FANS think. You’re exactly right as far as the cost. The “identical” QB rating doesn’t mean much to me. They put the rook in and all of a sudden we have a “balanced” attack when B.Brown was wrecking the league for those 2 weeks that he did. We should have been doing that from the beginning and I believe that our record would have been better. I’m not sitting here saying that Vick didn’t have a hand in this. He did, but to blame him for all of the woes of the team is crazy. I wish that a time would come where the QB doesn;t get all of the glory or the blame..that a team would be judged AS A TEAM. Too bad that will never happen.

        • defroe81

          it all starts with the field general, with the leader of the team. he plays horrible so do the rest. if he is the leader of the team then he deserves the blame. a lot of those mistakes where his to make and he made them. sure the rest of the team sucked ever think everyone was following the lead. if he could make all those mistakes and be kept the starter with no consequence than why should the rest of the team be any better there is no consequence to their horrible play there is no consequence to vicks horrible play… excuses excuses…

  • It’s absurd how quick people can apparently figure out these rookie QB’s. Thanks to Luck, RGIII and even Wilson, if you don’t come in and immediately start winning games you apparently aren’t impressive.

    What happened to the days when you needed to give a rookie QB 2-3 seasons as a starter before you can actually judge him as worthy or not? How can anyone say that a QB that’s been running the scout team for most of the season, with this rag tag offense line, and 2 of our best offensive weapons missing, is “not that impressive”.

    Foles doesn’t feel comfortable in the pocket?! Who the hell would behind this o-line!!

    Any fan with any common sense knew that when we handed the job to Foles that we were going to lose games. Foles did not put us in the best position to win games NOW. But what Foles did do was improve from game to game, working on his footwork, his timing, amongst other things.

    There is still A TON of work to be done. But you can’t sit here and tell me those 4th quarter drives he put together against the Bucs and Redskins (didn’t get W, I know) didn’t at least show he has a some promise.

    Obviously you bring in competition, he’s a 3rd round pick, you’re not going to hand him the reigns that easily. But I think Foles has done some things to warrant at least at closer inspection. Let’s not write him off just yet.

  • Carlos C.

    Greg Cosell is also the same guy that thought jaiquawn jarrett was a good pick. Let’s give Foles a full offseason and see what we got.

    • johngiam

      a rational man!

    • Well said. Pundits and scouts, especially those that function on a national level, are often wrong as much as they’re right, if not moreso. Hence the reason they’re pundits and not football coaches or talent evaluators.

    • GoBirds1

      Since when did Greg Cosell become an authoritative football talent evaluator. He is a TV producer, nephew of Howard Cosell, otherwise we would have never heard of him. He is another expert that has never played the game, ever! And never worked ‘in’ football in any capacity except as a TV producer. Just another talking head trying to make some noise. Surprised he is not the Eagles’ GM, consider his credentials in entertainment and production!

    • The fact that this guy still thinks Vick can be RGIII or Russell Wilson erases any credibility that he may have had as a talent evaluator if he ever had any. Vick has noticeably lost a step and no longer has the speed that these young guys have. If he had looked at Vick’s film from this year, he would have seen him being chased down from the back side time and time again. You can not run the read option with a guy that can not run anymore.

      Any coach that comes in should be looking to rebuild this team, especially on Defense and then evaluate at QB. If there was a good college QB class coming out, I would say grab one, but there isn’t. So give Foles a year to try to prove himself and concentrate on improving the O-Line and Defense.

      If Foles stinks and your record is bad, you get another high draft pick that you can hopefully use on your franchise QB if Foles isn’t that guy.

      I saw another blog where somebody put up the stats for the first 7 games for Luck, Foles, RG3, and Wilson and Foles passing numbers were very comparable to Lucks and RG3’s and were better than Wilsons numbers. So let’s not count him out after 7 games or try to compare him to guys that played the entire season and looked much better at the end of it.

  • johngiam

    BTW: Im officially retiring from any debate involving mike Vick…any man who thinks that Mike Vick should be the starting qb of the eagles next year, is a man I have no business interacting with anyway. If you dont know, you will never know! Arent we supposed to be a knowedgable fan base? Blind, Vick, biased, nuthuggers…feel free to visciously attack. My new years resolution is to not waste another moment on the non rational types! lol
    After everything that Philadelphia has done for Mike Vick..the way the fans embraced him, the franchise giving him his life back…If he beats the Giants tomorrow, I will HATE HIM FOREVER! and to this year I have supported him loyally, and wish him all the best of luck wherever he goes…. If Vick is as good as you blind loyalist delusionally think he is, then Andy will try to take him with him to his next stop, since andy knows we will discard him…If andy doesnt make a play for Vick, if he gos somewhere like Kansas City where he has NO QB…then Vick is DONE!

  • Mike l

    Vicks decision making is horrific….how can Cosell be fooled with Vicks “fools gold” ability. I think Jaws and Cosell spent to much time with Vick and it has effected their judgement!

  • Jerry from Flawda

    Cosell may be right, but Foles is the Best option available. Period. I still think they should draft a qb with upside and sign a veteran (hasselback?) to push and teach him. The intangibles he has, can not be taught. They need to see what he can do with an offseason, better o line, etc. He has shown enough to deserve the opportunity.

    As for Vick, I respect him, but he’s not the guy for this team. He’s had his chance. Move on. He’ll have a job somewhere else come September. I don’t buy using him like rg3 either. Btw, Vick should not want to be a sprint option guy; well, if he wants to live a long life.

  • James

    You guys can say what you want but, with a line like that no quarterback will be successful. Everyone puts the blame on Vick instead of on the GM, Head Coach, the O-Line, And especially the defense who could not stop a high school team from scoring on them if they tried. I am a huge eagles fan but, Vick is the best option if we have a line that can block.

    • Johngiam

      What a,joke! Don’t you guys me, because a rational man such as myself uNDERTAND THAT THEY ARE ALL TO BAME and ALL should be replaced. I can’t blame our starting lineman for getting injured. but I do blam Howard Mudd for a GIMICKY chime significantly different frame the way players spend their entire lives blocking, I blame Andy for bad schemes, I blame howie and Lurie for being cheap, having 20million dollars and not investing in better backups, and drafting horrible backups, who I don’t know if they are flat out bad, or just bad in MUDDS way of blocking…but I have seen plenty of plays where it was a good play call, the line gave him plenty of time, and VICK ON HIS OWN did something STUPID to KILL US! Anyone that can disagree with that is a fool. if Vick was 26yrs old, he should be given another opportunity…but at 33, his head needs to be on he chopping block next to Andy, Howard Mudd, Howie (who unfortunately will survive), Marty, Bobby April, and MIKE VICK! Especially now that he won’t even take a pay cut.

      I feel sorry for anyone who thinks its acceptable to pay Vick 100mil, will all the holes and problems that we have…especially when I can pay a rookie chump change to make the rookie mistakes that Vick makes..only difference is Foles atleasthas a chance from learning and eventually correcting those mistakes..If vIck hasn’t done it at 33yrs old, after a decade of starting in the league….OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

      Howie is the only cockroach who will escape the chopping block. The measure of how good Vick is, is if Andy goes to a crap franchise with no QB such as the cheifs and doesn’t try to take Vick with him. if even the loyal Andy, wants nothing to do with Vick…then I damn sure don’t want him

      • defroe

        i hear you man vick lovers are ridiculous… i think im done arguing with them my self they make no sense what so ever. and when vick is gone i hope they leave with him. me i bleed green till i die no matter what players or coaches are involved.

  • lozgod

    Funny everyone bashes his deep ball but the NFL average is a 30.4% completion on passes 20 yards or more. Foles is 36.3% smh.

    • schwartz

      lotta bad qb’s out there

  • Kevin

    So Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees were studs when they first came to the league?? Drew Brees got benched for Phillip Rivers. And Rodgers was Favre’s back-up for about 2-3 years. But Foles is definitely not gonna be good. Greg Cosell thank you for helping me through life. Without you I would be no where. (Sarcasm)

  • Bob A

    You could be not blown away by a lot of things. For instance, studying film in the same room as Ron Jaworski doesn’t make you an authority on football, so I’m not blown away by any of Cosell’s opinions or blown away by his alleged “knowledge” of the game.

  • P

    Keep vick he had a bad line

  • aub32

    Thank you Cossell. You will undoubtedly be criticized by the Foles faithful, but I am glad he said it. Foles has shown flashes against bad teams and worse defenses. He is new and does not look as awful as what most think a third round project rookie should look like. In addition, many Eagles fans are tired of seeing “athletic” QBs under center, after our stents with Randall, McNabb, and Vick. Foles looks like the last several QBs who have won a SB. However, this does not make him the next Manning, Big Ben, or even Flacco.

    Many will give the rookie excuse for Foles. However, that is the wrong way to judge Foles, if you do believe he should be the starter next season. If this is the case, then you have to look at Foles’ game play and judge it based on a starting NFL QB. In this regard I do not think he measures up currently.

  • gino

    Alright the vick supporter is an re cuz vick is trash straight garbage he cant event hold onto the ball n everytime he throws the ball its either a int are into double coverge u say vick is better then foles u need to go to the doctors cuz ya sound sick now dont get me wrong I domt think foles is gud but I dont think he is bad either.the guy is a rookie give a break vick is a vedren an he makes a lot more mistakes then foles

  • morgan c

    Vick sucks.

  • Rick

    The main problem with Vick is not talent, but durability. I am not sure he has ever made it completely through a season without an injury, dating back to his Atlanta days.

    • Rick

      Without missing games.

  • joe goldberg

    This team can contend quickly with good coaching. The offense already has the personnel to be championship caliber, although not the depth on the line or at TE. The defense needs upgrades in the backfield for sure and greater depth elsewhere but the critical difference needed is in coaching. Vastly improved special teams is also more a matter of improved coaching than anything else. The team has a number of kick returners who were among the best in college and could be effective again as pros with proper blocking schemes, i.e. coaching and blockers. Foles can win super bowls with this team. Personnel-wise I believe this team is better than any in our division and inferior to only a few, although defensive backfield is really in need of a major upgrade.

  • dom9041543

    Lol shocking no body’s mentioned Nnamdi Asomoha’s consistley play horrible. Get rid of vick. Glad Andy is gone. Draft a linebacker (mabey T’eo from notre dame) and get a Damn knowledgeable defensive cordinator and some safeties!!! Defense defense defense!!! Our team is soft. Hopeful the new head coach decides to actually run the ball!!! Restructure Jackson contract it was a mistake to pay him that much money.

  • topwopcop

    Been following the Eagles since 1960. Attended the NFL championship game at Franklin Field that year. The team had excellent veteran leadership during the champioship run. Bednarik, Brooksheir, and VanBuren to name a few. In two years the team fell apart and into a revolving door of players and coaches lasting until Dick Vermiel took over. Andy Reid provided franchise stability. However, when his sons got into trouble, he should have taken some time off to resolve the situation rather than juggle family and coaching. Notwithstanding personal problems, he did a poor job of drafting. Too many 1st and 2nd round busts, e.g. Bunkley, McDougle, Watkins, Allen, Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell. Perhaps the best example of poor drafting was taking L.J. Smith over Jason Witten. Smith is probably flipping burgers at a Mickey Ds in Camden while Witten will be in the Hall of Fame. Anyway, good luck Andy; take some time off and recharge your batteries. Next time surround yourself w/ winners (unlike M.M. and B.A.). Keep an aging vet like Brian Dawkins to mentor the younger safeties. Happy New Year!

  • defroe81

    sorry sheil i love your articles and you seem to be fair for the most part but with the arrival of foles you seem to keep wanting to prove the rookie doesnt have what it takes to make it in the nfl thats just m y opinion. as far as vick he is 32 going to be 33 and nothing in his ten plus years has shown he can win the big game or stay healthy enough to play for a whole damn season. i just dont see how anyone would want vick except for anyone believing in the excuses made for him the past ten plus years… read option or not i just keep seeing an inconsistant flashy player who keeps making wrong decisions under pressure. i dont see him running like when he first got out of college i think everyone supporting him just doesnt want to give up hope after two years of excuses i just dont see what cosell, you and all vick lovers see in the guy anymore its called denial and thats what everyone of you and vick are in…