Vick: ‘You All Know What I Can Do’

Michael Vick practiced on the scout team last week before the Eagles’ matchup with the Redskins.

On gameday, he was inactive, as a rookie third-round pick (Nick Foles) started and a journeyman who was out of the league last year (Trent Edwards) backed him up.

In his last 22 games, Vick’s thrown 23 interceptions and fumbled 20 times.

But if you’re expecting that the 32-year-old quarterback has lost any of his confidence, well, you’d be wrong.

“I’m not looking at it like that,” Vick said, when asked if Sunday’s game is a chance to show other teams in the league that he’s still capable of being a starter. “I know I’ve got a lot of good football left in me, and I think we all standing right here know that. …I know what I can do. I think you all know what I can do. And I believe in myself. I’m only going to continue to get better. That’s in hard work and preparation and putting myself in tip-top condition in the offseason and training hard. That’s all you can ask for. Hopefully I can help somebody’s organization next year.”

Prior to suffering a concussion against the Cowboys on Nov. 11, Vick had completed 58.5 percent of his passes, averaged 6.85 yards per attempt and thrown 11 touchdowns to go along with nine interceptions. His 79.2 quarterback rating ranks 24th in the league.

Certainly not all of the Eagles’ problems rest squarely on Vick (offensive line, defense, special teams, etc.). But after a full offseason of working with Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg, he did not make the leap some had anticipated.

“It’s difficult,” Vick said, about being asked to serve as the No. 3 quarterback last week.”Especially after watching the game last week. You want to go out there, you want to play. You get that feeling back about what it’s like to be behind the center, to be in control. And as a quarterback, I love being in control. I just miss it so I’m going to have an opportunity to go out this week and play and I’m excited about it.”

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  • Kraxx

    We know what you can do, just wondering why you so often don’t do it.

  • 1972

    what do we expect a guy who is about to be the top free agent qb to say? i like his skill set, but he cant stay healthy.So hes not dependable. he’ll hold up in a the jets offense. sanchez thrws the ball about 10 times less a game than vick and had the same amount of turnovers. right philosophy he’ll win u some games. just not the big one. time to go with a 23 yo over a 33 yo

  • jliv163

    In his last 22 games, Vick’s thrown 23 interceptions and fumbled 20 times….Yep we know what you can do Mike.

    • Run Eagles Run

      once again. foles has 5 ints and 8 fumbles in his 6 games… but a lot of people there to accept the same excuses for him that they wouldn’t for vick. oh, and foles is a rookie. and hey, look at all the yards he got throwing screens against crappy D and D in prevent. I’m SO impressed with his poise and intelligence (he’s white). I’m also really impressed with his 24 hour rule, which makes sense because any experience he gets from the game is forgotten within 24 hours. That allows him to be a rookie forever, and Foles fans can have that excuse as he goes 4-12 next year.

      • Vick_Supporter

        1000% correct

      • There’s plenty of stupid white QB’s. No need to bring race into this.

        • Run Eagles Run

          a lot of people bring race into it without knowing it. Im white. I know my people. they see this white kid foles, and they see black mike vick, and they just assume foles is more intelligent of a QB? based on fucking what? his interviews with the press? foles made a handfull of stupid moves just last game, in fact ending the game on one. so get out of here with that crap. sorry for being honest. I dont think everyone who doesnt like vick is racist. but on three occasions, I went over the ups and downs of vick’s career as an eagle. he has not been perfect, but he also hasnt gotten a fair shot. morgan C, how do you figure this offense is taylored to mike vick? are you out of your mind?

      • morganc

        Ah, no, he shows poise and intelligence by checking into correct plays and throwing the ball away. And sure, Foles has similar number to Vick… do you not see this as the issue with Vick?! Do you really expect the rookie qb playing in a system completely designed for someone else, with no offseason to become familiar with the first team, to have BETTER numbers than the great MV7? And no, he is a rookie this year, not forever. The fact that Vick makes even more egregious mistakes than Foles, repeats them over and over and has shown an inability to change / modify his mistakes, and is an experienced veteran at that, is the problem. In other words, HELL YA there are different standards for the two and there damn well should be. Next year? No. This year? Yes.

  • Hmm let’s see. Turn the ball over at a breath taking pace, not read a defense to save your life and win one playoff game your entire career. Yeah, I know what you can do Mike.

    • Run Eagles Run

      nick foles: 6tds + 5 ints + 8 fum = SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Koz

        Where are you getting this 8 fumbles from? Do you know football? Vick played well in 2010 when D Coordinators had no idea how to defend him and all Philly’s weapons. They sat back in zone. Then Lezlie Frazier decided to bring 5,6,7 man pressures and dictate the game to Vick. Frazier found Vick’s weakness and just about every game since has been the same…blitz,blitz,blitz. The last 2 years D coordinators did the same thing and made sure to snuff out any RB or WR screens. No easy way out. Knowing what people are doing to defend him, Vick has not been able to beat it. There is an answer to every defense out there, but he has been unable to find it. Notice how much teams blitzed Foles? He is far from perfect, but he is a rookie. Vick is a 10 year veteran. We praise him for making pre-snap reads, we praise him for learning a “hard count”. He should have been doing that in year 2-3. You may not be able to win a SB with Foles, but you WONT with Vick! Move on.

        • Run Eagles Run

          its up to the coaches to adjust when other teams make adjustments to your quarterback torching them.

        • Run Eagles Run

          and the 8 fumbles, go to and look and foles stats. had 3 fumbles in his first game against washington alone.

  • paulie

    He had a BACK-UP offensive line damn of course he wasn’t going to have pro bowl #’s this year why does everyone use that as an excuse for nick foles buy turn a blind eye when it comes to Vick?!…idiots!

    • therealpistolp

      what about last yr??

      • Run Eagles Run

        last year the line looked pretty good in the last half of the season… but it took them the whole first half to get their shit together.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          LOL. Exactly, That’s the point most forget. AND those FIVE fourth quarter leads with a defense that couldn’t hold ONE of them. NOT. ONE. San Fran in particular was like the Lions game this year. Oline and Defense have been the BIGGEST problems these last two years – fix one of them and we’re in the playoff each year.

          • morganc

            Right and good quarterbacks have the ability to get those leads back. So the defense gives up a TD? Okay, that sucks. As an offense, I have the rest of the quarter to do something about it. Eagles had the lowest 4th quarter points of any team in the NFC last year. Look it up. Do you expect the game to be over at the third quarter? YOU PLAY FOUR QUARTERS. Their offense executes against our d in the fourth, our offense must do the same. You can’t go into fourth quarters with a 17-13 lead, expecting that to be enough. Seriously, check out how many times we added 3 points or less to our third quarter score in those games.

          • paulie

            our d gives up points nd everytime Vick tries to respond sumthing goes wrong..tipped interceptions, free rushers etc stop trying to blame it all on Vick he’s been getting killed mostly b his teammates its not All his fault but everyone constantly puts it all on him like they aren’t watching wats going on not to mention we don’t have POSSESSION Receivers like wtf

          • Run Eagles Run

            how are you supposed to get the lead back when the clock runs out? did you watch these games? was vick supposed to convince the steelers to let him have 4 more downs after they kicked a field goal with the clock expiring? how was the detroit game his fault? the D let up a score and it went to OT. the line shit itself. I repeat, did you watch these games dude? are you blind or just listening to them? TB gave foles a million chances to get back in that game and he FINALLY and BARELY beat them. but good for him. he has looked like shit every other game until the other team starts running out the clock. wake up dude.

        • paulie

          Thank you!. why does it seem like half of these people didnt watch the games

          • Run Eagles Run

            they watch the games, they just see what the want to see. Team struggling? Offense looks bad? Its the QB. Bench him. Get *flavor of the year* in there. He HAS to be better. If he struggles its cause he is a rookie, right? it cant be cause he’s not talented enough. They are all things he can work on. Keep telling yourself this. I know what I saw. I saw a coach who isnt as smart as he thinks he is, but itsnt as dumb as we think he is, change up the offense to fit this kid a little better, and the players around him stepped up. bryce brown ran for 400 yards in 2 games. avant and maclin made some great plays. the line stepped up. yes, still flawed. still let up some ridiculous pressure in foles first start. but overall, it was respectable and 100 times better than the first half of the season. Nick Foles doesnt have the tools to be what everyone wants him to be. there would be a glimmer of that. Beating an atrocious tampa d that gave him chance after chance to score… it doesnt impress me. sorry. if he did that against the bengals, Id be the first to say hey I was wrong, this kid is impressive. andy dalton showed glimses last year. foles doesnt.

      • Cordero51

        Did you even watch the games last year cause I know I did. Last year we had 6 games where we had the 4th quarter leads I REPEAT 6 and our defense couldn’t stop the opposing team so we lost. You know why because of the the whol bs wide 9 defense scheme lay year had nothing to do with Mike vick. Last year had nothing to do with the offense at all so quit blaming one person. We had a crappy season because of outlet defense. We won I think the last 4 or 5 games that’s the only real reason we decided to keep the wide 9. Defense wins games haven’t u heared of that even with foles as the qb we still lost because our defense sucks so shut the f up

  • Go away.

    • Run Eagles Run

      if you dont like it, you can GET out

      • Did somebody pee in your Cheerios this morning?

  • therealpistolp

    we all know what you used to be able to do…ain’t seen that since 2010…Vick should know nobody trynna hear that…”what have u done for me lately…”

  • The problem with Vick is his inability, or unwillingness, to avoid a hit. He constantly lets himself get hit – even when he runs out of bounds.

  • morganc

    Vick: “You all know what I can do… lead the league in red-zone turnovers and compile a losing record, both with and without a good offensive line!”
    One of the biggest problems with Vick is his sense of himself; I’m not sure whether he just talks himself up as bravado to the media to give himself confidence or he really thinks it. Assuming he really believes he is as good as he is, well, that is simply delusional, and perhaps disturbing. I think all of us, even the Vick supporters on this site, can admit he isn’t a top-5 QB (or top-10 really). But he really thinks he is. You can look at the numbers / stats, the wins, whatever you want – he isn’t close. One can’t judge quarterbacks solely on their hot streaks (meaning, Vick thinks just because he is capable of great things – and shows them less and less as he gets older – that means he is that guy all the time).
    Self-perception is a real issue with this guy. Same thing came up when he was fumbling, throwing picks, not checking into new protections, not sliding… it’s always “look, I know what I’m capable of [not necessarily doing or showing, but potential], I don’t worry about that, I just go out and give it my all.” The problem is, giving it one’s all often results in forcing things, foolish and selfish play, and a lack of control which is the hallmark of his game, and completely anti-thetical to success in the modern day qb position.

    • Run Eagles Run

      how many tipped passes for INTs did celek alone have this year? not saying its all his fault either. I love brent celek. But every aspect of this team looked like shit this year. its easy to blame the qb, especially to a majority of fans. wake up. think for yourself. watch the games.