Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Idea Of Kicking Reid Upstairs

We have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to the Eagles over recent years. From Michael Vick to Nnamdi Asomugha; Juan Castillo to Danny Watkins, just when we think we have them pegged, boom, they hit you with a left cross.

Perhaps that is why the city still has its collective guard up when it comes to the widespread sentiment that Andy Reid is on his way out. It is the anticipated move, the logic goes, so obviously the Eagles will do the opposite.

I can say with as much certainty as the Philadelphian in me allows that Reid’s last game as head coach of the Eagles will be this Sunday in New York. As early as Monday, Jeffrey Lurie will step to the podium and announce that after 14 years, it is time for a change.

Ah, but will there be a twist?

“I think [Reid] still has a future as a potential president/general manager, where he can go upstairs and keep the organization together, look at hiring a new coach. I think that’s a distinct possibility right now,” said Brian Baldinger on Comcast SportsNet.

“I’ve heard the same talk, too,” added Ray Didinger.

That notion has been floated this way as well. There has been enough chatter that you wonder if it isn’t at least being kicked around inside the NovaCare walls.

This would be an unwise move on several fronts.

First and foremost, it would not play well. What the fans are craving more than anything else is something fresh. New blood, new hope, new life. If Reid still has his fingers on the controls, the base will still feel caged in.

“I don’t just think it would be a hard sell to the fans, I think it would be an impossible sell to the fans,” said Didinger. “I just don’t know how you can justify moving him up to the front office.

“When you think about it, OK you’re getting him off the sidelines but you’re putting him in a position where he is going to make personnel decisions, he is going to make coaching staff decisions, and look at where this team is at right now and what’s brought them to this point: it’s been bad drafts, it’s been bad personnel decisions, and it’s been bad handling of the coaching staff. Those are things he is still going to be responsible for. I don’t see how that makes you better.”

The second point, which Brian Westbrook brought up in the discussion, is this: How comfortable would the new coach be with having the old coach hovering over his shoulder? How many candidates would that scare off?

All things considered, this is an idea that you would anticipate being left on the editing room floor. The Eagles desperately want to improve the relationship between team and city. How can they establish a new brand with Reid still in the picture?

But these are the Eagles we’re talking about, and indeed crazier things have happened.


In his mailbag, John Clayton explores the possibility of Vick landing with either the Browns or Cardinals.

First, let’s start with the Browns. Joe Banner is very meticulous and will study various options. He is still determining if Brandon Weeden is the right quarterback. There was a report this week that he might go for Ryan Mallett if Josh McDaniels is a consideration to come to Cleveland. Because Vick is probably going to be released within five days after the season, Banner and the Browns have more than a month to look at him.

As for the Cardinals, they must do something. If they don’t go for West Virginia’s Geno Smith in the draft, they will have to look at Vick, Alex Smith and anyone else who is available. I still think they should keep Ken Whisenhunt as head coach. They have a good defense. Getting a quarterback could put them back at the eight- or nine-win level at the very least.

Westbrook gave an interesting take on Reid’s legacy in a recent appearance on DNL:

“I don’t think the Super Bowl win changes his legacy. You look at the wins and losses, where [Reid] brought this team from. This team was not very good when Andy got here. He brought this team and put it into a position where they could compete every single year – 10, 12 wins every single year.”

“Winning a Super Bowl is important, it’s paramount in this sport, for players as well as a coach. But to say Andy Reid is any less of a good coach because he didn’t win a Super Bowl …

“You know, ‘[Dan] Marino’s not a very good quarterback because he didn’t win a Super Bowl,” Westbrook continued, sarcastically. “He’s still one heck of a quarterback.”

Former Eagle Mardy Gilyard was released by the Jets.


Practice begins for the regular-season finale against the Giants. Reid will address the media at 11:40.

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  • I hate Jeff Lurie.com

    if that wimp Lurie keeps Reid this team is doomed…..can’t leave my city’s team but I will never expect anything good till Lurie is gone….how I am wishing for Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, anyone with balls and brains instead of the little girl owner we have

    • Johngiam

      any owner who believes its acceptable to be 20million dollars under the cap, in an ALL IN, Super Bowl or bust year is just a JOKE! I didn’t make these stats up, look it up….there is a 40yr waiting list for season tickets, yet we spent significantly less then the st of the big market teams this past decade. Every time we made a splash in Free agency, it came as a result of short changing a devaluing another position (lb, safety, punt returner)…sure we added impact Free agents, but we went into the season with glaring holes at other positions….

      Look it’s not a coincidence that the best teams have the least amount if cap space. T redskins have showed that spending doesn’t make you great, however I think that spending is a requirement of being great. you can’t compete when you have 20million dollars less talent then the rest of the league. We are tied with the jaguars for most cap space…grasp your mind around that. The stinking jaguars, who haven’t sold out a stadium in a decade, who’s games are always blacked out…and we are tied with the tiniest market in the nfl for most money saved? how is this acceptable to anyone?

      You get what you pay for in Life! NOTHING IS FREE! You paid for the Jaguars, surprise surprise…the jaguars is EXACT!Y WHAT YOU GOT ON THE FIELD!

      keeping ANDY in the front office would be a COLLOSAL MISTAKE! Ore then a need to change Andy’s stale plays and ridiculous gameplans…a PHILOSOPHICAL CHANGE IS PARAMOUNT! Keep Andy in the front office, and we will continue to cherish: SMALL, FAST, High Motor!!! We need to completely change pHiosophies, and change what we value in football players. Speed when it’s required, Power and Beef when it’s required…. We need to start over, basic football, line up, smack someone in the mouth…and start playing the right way…then you can start adding some wrinkles. as always Reid tried to outsmart everyone, skip rebuilding, and just re-tooling on the fly…and all it did was postpone the rebuilding process two years. START OVER! Take out the trash, get back to the basics, build the right way from the ground up…..

      • HowieDon’tKnow

        We are at least talking about the right issue: the front office. For all of you Reid-despisers out there, our front office is a huge mess. We need to go with the football person running the team as a GM and then picking talent, coaches etc… I would much rather have Reid than Howie. I see some real benefits from this. Moreover, this supports my theory that Reid ran the ’12 draft but not ’10 or ’11. If Lurie is looking at that outcome, then he may have figured out that Howie is not the guy and that AR can be the person to rebuild and address our colossal talent deficit.

        • Johngiam

          Dude, I agree with you in theory….but Lurie gave howie a 5yr extension in August. e are completely screwed with howie or Reid in the front office, and COLLOSALLY SCREWED if they are both in the front office….even our philosophical approach to how football should be played is screwed up…how will we ever move away from small, fast with a high motor if we keep Reid and howie in the front office….Way worse then Reid’s coaching, has been his decision making…and we should reward him by moving into a total decision making job in the front office? I will cry like a little bitch if Andy is moved into the front office….after 14 years of Andy ball, Its time to completely move in a new direction

      • GoBirds1

        Simpletons like you get all worked up over cap space. Cap space is an accounting and does not correlate with annual payroll cash spend. For 2012, off the top my head, Eagles are near the top of the list around $90 million, Cowgirls $75 and the Pats near the bottom around $56 million. The problem with Lurie, PeeWee et al is not how much they spend, but who they spend it on. Just because Lurie is behind the scenes, does not mean he is not heavily involved in the decision making, hence a big part of the problem. Reid is the biggest yes man to Lurie, but can you blame him making $5-7 million a year.

        • GoBirds1

          should be ‘accounting number’ above

          • Johngiam

            So spend 20milliom on 1 year deals! There isn’t a team n the history of the nfl who won a Super Bowl 20million under the cap, I looked it up! Spending doesn’t guarentee that you win, but from what I see, you can’t win without spending. Is it just a. Oincidence that the teams competing for a Super Bowl this year all have I cap space at the present moment? That’s what it looks like to be ALL IN!

          • GoBirds1

            John, I try to help you out but you don’t want to learn. Dollars against the cap, actual spend it does not matter. IT IS EGO, ego is the problem – Reid, Lurie, and now Howie. A bunch of f’ing know it alls and when they are wrong, instead of acknowledging the mistake, they compound it by making another to deflect from the issue and the situation gets worse, not better.

            Case in point the Safety situation – They were good with Allen and Coleman, did they try to address it, kind of, but not really. Granted Jarrett was a bust as a 2nd round pick, but he was a backup, cutting him a couple of games into the season does not help the starting S position when there are no other options out there. So they make some noise, but Coleman and Allen are still the starters.

            Likewise with the DC situation, what was wrong with the Birds not winning games early in the season, was not the defense, it was the offense, so you whack Castillo. So how did that help the O or the D when the problem was not Jaunita, but Washburn and the stupid wide-9. So whoever says Reid would help because he would be better than Howie, is like me saying I should be GM because I would be better than my mom, which of course none of us are qualified for the job.

          • Brian

            Lol, you’re going to need to sign a TON of players to get $20 million worth of 1 year deals. Almost all the good players in the NFL want (and get) multi-year deals. The guys signing 1 year contracts are usually doing it for at or around the vet’s minimum (ya know, since they’re not very good).

      • Graham

        Eagles may have been 20 mil under the cap this year, but because of contract structures they are expected to be almost 20 mil over the cap this year. So if they would have filled up that 20 mil in space, how doomed would they be next year? 30 mil over the cap?
        The FO was just making the decisions they had to make, they were obviously aware of the contract structures and that next year their cap space will be all gone

      • E Z

        John, the Eagles are $13.9M under the cap and there are 13 teams I counted that have more cap space. (the Jaguars have $34.5M and a few good teams have more cap space than the Eagles – New England, 49ers, Bengals, Vikings, Seattle). So, there is not a 1 for 1 comparison to good teams and cap space.


        I have been an Andy Reid admirer but I do agree it is time to part ways. I see the problems with the Eagles to be a team mindset of a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that something will happen bad. All of the turnovers make no sense other than players expecting bad things to happen as opposed to good things.

        Unfortunately, a significant change is needed to break that cycle and that is what Andy Reid has been fighting and what he can’t fix. This isn’t X’s and O’s, it’s mental. I expect Andy to do well with his next team because he will start fresh and have a lot of success to sell to the new team… the last couple of years not withstanding. So I agree with you on a need for a change… philosophical? maybe, I’m not expert enough to decide on that…. we did win with Andy’s approach for a number of years.

        The Eagles will benefit from a new Coaching staff… as long as it’s not another Ray Rhodes, or Rich Kotite :-)

        I agree with

    • Graham

      LOL Till Lurie is Gone…… Ya cuz he’s just going to pack his things and sell the 7th highest valued franchise in the league….

  • Jeff lurie is a wimp.com

    Lurie doesn’t care about fans, he cares about money (which NFL owners make in spite of themselves) if he keeps Reid around this will prove it. Its so hard to be a fan of this friggin mess with this friggin d-bag owner we have.

    • LostInChiTown

      Of COURSE he cares about money! He owns a business. Is he not supposed to make a profit? He’s a good owner who knows that winning will make him far more money than losing. There are some teams, like the Browns, which make a profit by being as cheap as possible and stinking it up every year. That’s not Lurie’s game. He’s shelled out big bucks for free agents, Reid’s current contract, stadium improvements. What more do you want? Other than the Redskins, what team has outspent the Eagle’s on free agents in recent years? The Patriots? Packers? Falcons? No. The Eagle’s success rate on free agents they’ve targeted has been great. What more do you want???

      • I hate jeff lurie.com

        he ONLY cares about money….if he cared about winning he would have cut fatty last year but he doesn’t want to pay 2 coaches…..open your eyes and look at what a clown Lurie really is…..he’d rather be known for solar panels than super bowls…..

        • Brian

          You know he’s going to be paying 2 coaches next year, right?

  • E Z

    “I Hate Jeff Lurie” – Jerry Jones??? Dan Snyder???? Brains??? Since Snyder bought the Redskins they have been terrible. I think 2 or 3 playoff trips in about the same amount of time Andy Reid has been a coach. They have been the cellar dweller of the NFC East. Maybe they turn it around with RG III, but that is yet to be determined. And I can’t remember when the Cowboys last won a playoff game. Jerry Jones is a fantasy football geek in owner’s clothing. Once Jimmy Johnson left, it’s been downhill ever since because Jerry thinks he’s a football genius.

    There are things to criticize about Jeff Lurie and the Eagles, but to hate Jeff Lurie (when we have had many good teams since the initial Rhodes era and the charity work that the Eagles do) is the height of immaturity

    • Johngiam

      I will never praise those idiots Snyder or Jerry. Couldn’t find two bigger dopes then those two…but Lurie is far from the gold standard he would like to lead us to believe…You sound like a sensible fan, read my below post…curious to hear your input

      • i am sick of jeff lurie.com

        sometimes you have to be a man as an owner and just act….not try to save the planet with solar panels….not try to save society by helping mike vick….not try to be sensitive to fatso’s feeling…. At least Snyder and Jones ACT, they fire and hire without acting like pu$$ys….I am sick, sick, sick of our sensitive momma’s boy of an owner

        • Brian

          Bro, nobody’s forcing you to pay attention to this team. From your comments on this thread, it sounds to me like you hate pretty much everything about this team other than the name and the mascot. If you hate them so much, why not try rooting for someone else?

          • Super bowls not solar panels

            I do hate everything about this team at this point of time….but its my NFL team and I see it being destroyed and have had enough and have to vent…..can’t root for anyone else….but I have to be critical of wimp owners like Lurie when its called for….I am not a blind loyalist….I demand excellence…you should too…

  • Mike

    Something about that 2nd sentence of first paragraph annoys me- gives them too much credit. If I were the editor I would have changed it to “….just when we think we have them pegged, boom, they opt to throw a left cross…despite the fact that everyone watching can see that a right uppercut is the only sensible choice and will almost certainly win the fight, and in the process of throwing that left cross they miss by 3 feet and fall flat on their face all in one motion, knocking themselves unconscious on the floor.”

  • JofreyRice

    I feel like Baldinger is a bad influence on Didinger. Baldinger strikes me as an analyst that’s just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks, and it’s hard for me to take him too seriously considering how hard he was sweating Kevin Klob in 2010.

    Seems weird that it’s a foregone conclusion Brandon Weeden’s time is almost up in Cleveland. Similar numbers to Nick Foles, and Vick, really. Of course, if McDaniels is involved, he’d probably be at risk of losing his job if he were an all-pro. Don’t know why he keeps getting opportunities, he’s only ever done well with Belichick.

    • GoBirds1

      Right, I think I could look good being OC with Brady at QB.

  • EaglefaninAZ

    This will never happen. Reid has made it clear through out of town sources that he doesn’t want to be here next year. ‘Nuff said.

  • Bob A

    Nobody hates Lurie more than I do, but even he isn’t dumb enough to think he could sell this to his fans. He can live with a bunch of already purchased tickets being not used, but he would draw the line at fans not buying tickets, which would happen if he tried this absurd move. He’s going to have enough trouble getting a coach despite Roseman, he doesn’t need another reason for both potential coaches and current fans to take a pass.