Coaching Buzz: Would Chip Kelly Refuse Foles?

Would the hiring of Chip Kelly in Philadelphia take Nick Foles out of the quarterback equation?

Ron Jaworksi seems to think so.

“Nick Foles will not run a Chip Kelly offense if he decided to come here, rest assured of that,” Jaws told Jon Marks and Sean Brace on 97.5 The Fanatic. “If a coach like Chip Kelly…that runs this up-tempo, spread, speed-style option, these guys come here, there might be a future for Michael Vick. I know he’s [32], I know he’s been beat up, but I’ll tell you, some of the things I’m seeing, Michael Vick can do the same things these guys are doing in the spread option.”

Jason LaCanfora says that the Eagles will be in pursuit of the Oregon coach.

The Eagles won’t be the only team to contact Kelly, but league sources expect them to be among the first to try to interview him and believe he could emerge as a quick favorite for the position.

Bruce Arians figures to be a pretty hot name this offseason. Sal Paolantonio believes the interim coach of the Colts is a strong candidate and says that the Chargers are showing interest.

Arians was asked about the possibility of him leaving Indianapolis to take a head coaching gig.

“We’ll listen to see if it’s right for me and my family. I’m not just gonna run away to be a head coach, I’m not gonna do that,” Arians tolds WHIP radio. “I want to make sure they have a chance to win and see what the situation is, what city it is in. But definitely would listen, yes.”

One wild card in all this is what happens in Chicago. From John Clayton:

Lovie Smith probably needs to make the playoffs to keep his job with the Chicago Bears. For that to happen, the Bears must beat the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings must lose to the Green Bay Packers.

Chicago is a pretty desirable destination and a vacancy there would create even further competition in the race to land the best head coach.

And finally, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Nick Saban is not leaving Alabama:

 Nick Saban, who’s reportedly on the Browns short list of head coaching candidates, means it when he says he’s not leaving Alabama and has not been interviewing assistants to join him in Cleveland, sources said.

A report on said Saban has already been interviewing candidates for his staff with the Browns, but the sources explained that Saban has been interviewing for his defensive backs coach vacancy at Alabama.

His secondary coach, Jeremy Pruitt, accepted the defensive coordinator post this week at Florida State.

On Tuesday, Saban, who has the Crimson Tide playing for its third national title in four seasons, told reporters in Alabama that he’s happy and has no plans to leave.

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  • 1972

    vick would be concussed after game one running the spread, stop it!! bring a guy in here that values the run game and down and distance.. do we really wanna see anymore empty back sets on 3rd and 1? God!!!!

    • Run Eagles Run

      he got 1 concussion this year so he is concussion prone? stop it. By your logic, might as well get rid of shady, celek… Whats behind all the Micheal Vick hate?

      • Run Eagles Run

        its funny to me, because its clear that so many people hate him. not just dont think he cant play football…. They HATE him. HATE. I have rehashed vicks career as an eagle many times, and none of the eagle haters ever have any argument. eagles fans are the dan synders of fandumb. misspelling intentional and fitting.

        • I hate Jeffry

          Why wouldn’t a smart football fan hate him? He thought is was fine to kill dogs as a part of life, he can’t read a defense after 10 years, he holds the ball too long, he can’t recognize a blitz, he is basically a moron…and Vick lovers are morons too.

          • aub32

            Can we drop the dog thing, this is a football discussion. He did his time. Let it go.

        • morganc

          I actually agree with you here. A lot of people do hate Vick, not just dislike him as a football player. I am not one of those people. I dislike more turnovers than interceptions, a losing record, being injury-prone, and a sub-60% completion percentage. That’s what I dislike. Therefore, I dislike Vick as the Eagles starting quarterback. I do not hate the man at all.

          • aub32

            So I am assuming you dislike Foles as well, due to turnovers and getting injured. Also, Vick won more games than he lost in 2010 and 2011.

      • 1972

        i dont hate vick, i just love my team. we didnt win with him. alot of it was his doing. the turnovers, the not sliding.. i honestly dont hate the guy at all. i wanted him over kolb.. But the writings on the wall, u gotta be objective when it comes to mike. his last two years have been losing years have they not?and btw i dont like celek a little bit..and mccoy’s the best player on the team

        • Johngiam

          Someone already hit the nail on the head and I strongly agree…the issue with Vick is that there is no middle ground…people either worship him or despise him. I have supported Vick since I was sitting in the flight deck during a preseason game against the patriots and it was announced that Vick had been signed by the Eagles….If you are going to talk about how despicable the dog incident was, fine…but in the same breath you better praise his ass for rehabilitating himself into a model citizen since he has been hear, and a family man…..
          I really root for Vick and wish him all the success in the world, but that doesn’t mean that I’m a blind fool who still wants him as my QB. In five games as a rookie, Foles displayed a better grasp of reading the defense then Vick ever has. These blind loyalists of Vick are ridiculous…do they not watch the games…he has lost his speed completely. he is constantly being caught from behind by defensive lineman and linebackers, something that you would have never seen two years ago.

          HELLO!!!!!! He is turning 33 yrs old! You know what QBs get to play the game at the age of 33? THE CEREBRAL ONES! Which happens to be something Vick will never be mistaken for! …I mean, Vick couldn’t stay healthy at the age of 25…yet at 33, with a loss of speed, still struggling with reading defense and the cerebral part of decision making…people expect that Vick can take you to the Super Bowl? As if he will ever play 16games plus a playoff run without getting hurt.

          It’s just a joke! The are no second place trophys. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THE SUPERBOWL!!! You don’t go into a season with a 33yr old qb unless you have a chance at winning the SB….lNews flash, Terry Bradshaw can hop into a time Macine, throw on an eagles jersey, and step onto the linc turf, and we still aren’t winning a Super Bowl next years

          If you aren’t playing for a Super Bowl, you are playing to rebuild, and eventually grow into a Super Bowl team….you don’t do that with 30yr olds, and definitely with a 33yr old QB who has ONLY EVER GOT BY ON PHYSICAL TALENT.

          I’m proud of Mike Vick the man. I wish him NOTHING but success…lbut only a damn tool would suggest, a 4-11 team, bringing back a 33yr old qb, who’s weakness is the mental side of the game….even if you are a blind fool who doesn’t think Vick has lost his speed, HOW MUCH LONGER DO YOU THINK HE CAN SUSTAIN IT?

          I see a lot of stupid stuff around here, but bringing Vick back at QB has toe the dumbest. the ONY way I would be ok with that If Vick is genuinely OK being the backup, and it’s clear to the world that as long as Foles is healthy next year, he is our QB!

          chip Kelly is one of the last men I want coaching the EAGLES, so excuse me for not giving a Yu know what about our QB!

          • aub32

            I don’t think it’s so crystal clear Foles is the starter. Before this season started many people thought this team had a chance to win the SB with Vick. His flaws are well documented yet the Eagles were favored to win the division and picked by several experts to go all the way. If so many thought Vick was able to take a team all the way, what has changed in the course of the season? Vick did not regress, outside of him not being as fast, but we all knew that. Everyone knows he isn’t great at reading defenses, he holds on to the ball looking for the big play, and he is of a slight build, but many, perhaps yourself included, thought he could win despite his deficiencies. He was in a bad situation this year due to play calling and a bad O line. With the right coach and a few key pick ups on defense Vick can still win with this team. How does one go from SB contender to backup in the course of one season?

          • 1972

            He didnt win last year either, or the year before. So thats three years we didnt win and vick misses numerous games due to injury.So when does it come down to him? Bad coaching and bad oline, is that the excuse his entire career? maybe he’s just not good enough. I know it pains u to admit it but he’s not good enough.

          • aub32

            So should the dolphins had gotten rid of Marino. Should the Broncos have gotten rid of Elway prior to him winning his titles. In Atlanta, what did he have? He didn’t have good receivers. His defense wasn’t top 5. He was the guy. He came one game shy of the SB.

            2010- He was one underthrown ball, or Riley Cooper break up, from beating the eventual SB champs. Not to mention he was their toughest competition during that run they made.

            2011- He produced on his end. If the D can make a stop in 5 of the games in which he gave them 4th quarter leads, We win the division and who knows.

            2012- The O line was decimated and the play calling putrid, yet he did enough to put the team in position to win 5 games early, while only winning 3. It’s been pointed out by MM that the play calling completely changed with the insertion of Foles and questioned by many what could Vick have done if this change had been done sooner.

            Winning a SB is not entirely on the QB. Flacco missed the SB last year because Lee Evans dropped a TD. Alex Smith missed the SB because the PR dropped the punt. That doesn’t mean fire the QB because he doesn’t play defense, catch his own passes, or play special teams.

          • 1972

            i cant get pass the fact u compared him to 2 hall of fame QB’S lol.. thats a little disrespecful aub32. I know ur a fan of him, but u cant be serious!?
            VIck has a allen iverson sorta quality to him. Play’s hard, big highlights, only difference is A.i is a hall of fame player.. vick isnt.
            He has a chance to go out like rich gannon at the back end of his career, if he gets with the right team, but he’s not a hall a famer, and he’s not a great player

          • aub32

            How many people have compared Foles to HOFs. At least Vick has a winning track record. Also, I am in no way putting Vick in their class. I was merely pointing out that winning SBs have more to do than just who your QB is.

        • Run Eagles Run

          how many wins do they have without him? people love to rewrite history, but the offense didnt lose this season. go back and watch the detroit game, and go back and watch the pittsburg game. it was the coaching. foles is not good. matt flynn is not good. if vick would take a pay cut, I would love to just let him and foles compete for the starting position.

      • 1972

        he’s not concussion prone, but he’s definitely injury prone. can u really deny that?
        im all for being a fan , but blind loyalty is dangerous

        • Run Eagles Run

          Im not blindly loyal. I have no loyalty to vick, I just know what I see. blind loyalty is believing that nick foles is going to be a winning starting qb. THAT is blind loyalty. because he has not shown anything to prove it. he is average. ordinary. pedestrian. thats not gonna cut it. I’d rather see the eagles draft another qb and hope to get a russel wilson than hand the starting position to foles.

    • Elias Rappaport

      Kelly runs the ball more than passing so don’t expect no back sets on 3rd and 1.

      • 1972

        he’s definitely a run first coach, its just out of the spread which is bad for a qb who breaks his ribs alot and refuses to slide

    • aub32

      By that logic, Foles would have a fractured wrist by the middle of game 2.

  • ACViking

    How many QBs with read-option ability would the Eagles need to keep on the roster . . . .

    Vick is made of balsa wood. NEVER stayed healthy a full year.

    And if Roseman and Lurie are making a hiring decision off of one season of two young QBs running the read option — rather than after 2 seasons, where D-coordinators have had an off-season to break it down and defend — then they are remarkably shortsighted.

    Vick is 33 next year. How long will he last getting clobbered? Then what?

    Chip Kelly . . . bad idea unless the NFL rosters jump to 80

  • No animal farm

    No thanks on Kelly if he wants to turn the team into a zoo and run the spread. I’d rather have a guy who knows how to run a real NFL system like Mike McCoy or Greg Roman.

    • Mike

      McCoy does sound like an up and comer. Seems like it’s the offensive guys getting the HC opportunities lately- which makes sense considering the rule changes in the league- but I’d like them to take a look at Perry Fewell. Hasn’t had a great year, but did design a SB winning defense, vs. the mighty Pats no less. Also has had 2 straight years of many secondary injuries which might come in handy here if we have to re-tool the defensive backfield and coach up some less than top notch talent. The biggest problems with the Eagles are on defense.

      • Johngiam

        I like Perry Fewell, but from what I see, when a defensive guy is hired as the head coach, he typically abandons the defense and focuses on the offense….I’m not hiring Perry Fewell to coach offense. buddy Ryan was one of the few head coaches that didn’t care about the offense. he knew what he was good at, he knew what he wasn’t good at, so he took control of the defense, and delegated the sponsibility of the offense to someone else….If that’s what Perry Fewwell would do, then I would love to have him..But I don’t he would come here, and not focus on the offense, so what’s the point?

        BRUCE ARYIANS should Undoubtable be our NUMBER 1 Target. if I cant get Bruce give me one of these assistants:
        jay Gruden

        ken Wisenhunt!!!! Would love to get the cardinals defense coordinator, and if hiring Wisenhunt brings you Horton, I would strongly consider it! Whenever Wisenhunt had a capable roster, they did well…Can I ally write him off when his qbs we kolb, kindly, Skelton? I wouldn’t mind Wisenhunt at all, ESPECIALLY if he comes with his Defensive Coordinator. keep in mind, Wisenhunt isn’t Ot one of those coaches who also has the power to pick his players…so how can I really knock him for the year he has had in Arizona?

        I just want a coach who will get us to play like the Seahawks played this week!! Both the offense and the defense, for the entre game, VICSIOUSLY HIT EVERYTHING THAT MOVES! I love that Violent controlled chaos that great at defense create…let’s revamp this defens, and finally get a defense worthy of succeeding the great Jim Johnson. need a stingy, opportunistic defense that cates total mayhem for the offense!

  • daggolden

    Its coming no matter what we think. Im hearing Chip Kelly isnt stupid and everyone else is smart. He would adjust his offense accordingly in the NFL. Im hearing other coaches just call him a offensive genius who creates matchup problems on every play. If scoring 50 points was so easy why doesnt every team in college do it? I personally want a 49er/Seahawks type of team but I have to come to grips that Kelly is a real possibility and get on board. What choice do we have?

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      A “49er/Seahawks type of team” is the best type of team if Foles is gonna be the QB.

      • aub32

        “A 49er/Seahawks type of team” is the best for any QB. Could you imagine Brady or Rodgers with a top 2 defense?

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    Well if Kelly has the choice between coaching Cam Newton and coaching Nick Foles – folk who don’t want Kelly in Philly will have nothing to worry about. Rumor has the Panthers are the other team going gaga over Kelly – and for Kelly I think that choice is a no brainer.

  • Bob A

    Chip Kelly would not refuse Foles. He practically gushed about the guy last year when Oregon beat Arizona and said he was happy he never had to face him again. I think people just assume that he’ll do everything exactly the same as he had with the Ducks, with carbon copies of each Duck at each position for the Eagles , but that’s not the way the game works and Kelly is smart enough to know that. He’ll mesh his principles with the Eagles talent, and slowly build a team with more players that fit his system.

  • Justin

    Why isn’t David Shaw’s name still out there?

    • GoBirds1

      He just signed a big extension

  • 1972

    The problem with vick is ur either too far left or too far right. its worst thanthe political climate on here.I do not hate michael vick. i think he’s a good qb that gets injured too much( no excuses) i dont care how, bad line , no time, whatever. u cant win with a qb turning the ball over at the rate he does

    and on top of that doesnt play 16 games.

    now how is that hate?? or the truth???

  • Joe Jones

    I trust Chip Kelly or any other coach’s judgement where the future of the Eagles QB situation is concerned. As fans, we all want our players to succeed, none more than rookies or young, developing players. So the Foles euphoria is manic amongst fans, but a closer examination raises real questions.

    The majority of the passes Nick has thrown have been slants, bubble screens and checkdowns, thus the 6.42 yds/attempt(which would rank 30th). With a few exceptions(the 1st Maclin TD vs the Skins, beautiful pass), most of Nick’s downfield throws have been in prevent situations, after turnovers have put the Eagles in a hole, the other team plays prevent to protect a lead and Nick has had some success moving the ball. Downfield accuracy has been a real issue. He’s very effective throwing the ball in the middle of the field, good vision and I’m sure his height helps.

    But just moving the team up and down the field? Not really. The question is what standard do you hold him to? Rookie standards? Which rookies? Luck, RG3, Wilson? Or Tannehill and Weedon? Or last yrs rookie class of Ponder, Locker, Gabbert, Dalton, Newton? I know the O-line hasnt been at full strength and havent been very good, thus the quick passes to get the ball out…..point acknowledged, but that highlights the necessity to hold off on anointing Foles anything more than competition for the job.

    It would be a huge mistake to give the job to Nick or give it to him by bringing in garbage/journeymen as competition. Making a mistake in QB evaluation is lethal to a franchise. Eagles fans dont have to look any further than the last 2 years. Did Lurie/Roseman/Reid buy into Vick too soon? Appears so. Lets not make the same mistake with Foles. Time needed…..

  • FinsterBaby

    I’m not convinced it’s worth the effort even talking about Kelly because I think there is little chance he is coming here. The two things I want to see are:

    Move away from trying to make athletes like Vick or McNabb run the West coast offense – to me this is the number one example of Reid’s arrogance (believing that he can take a QB whose skills are not well-suited to running a west-coast offense and make that QB successful anyway.) In fact I want the west-coast offense out of here at least as currently constituted.

    Reemphasize defense – I’d like to see a guy like Zimmer from the Bengals as our next head coach. I want to go back to the days when we ran a bend-but-don’t-break kind of scheme and held the opposition under 17 points most weeks.

  • raza

    i know mike vick has it ruff. so let me xplain. andy reid built somethang here in philly when he took mike vick but he fell in luv wit tha wrong thang, (speed). philly had one of tha fastest offences in tha league adding vick made it tha fastest. wit a running qb u run tha damn ball instead reid try to make him stay in tha pocket. vick does knows how to read tha bliz bcuz he would run from them. reid knows how to call running plays but doesnt know how to run ball. it also keeps tha defence off tha field. its just time for reid to go and west coast offence.