Foles Out With Broken Hand; Vick To Start

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael VickAndy Reid delivered some surprising news on Christmas Eve, announcing that Nick Foles suffered a hairline fracture to his throwing hand against the Redskins and will not be able to play against the Giants in the regular season finale.

His replacement? Michael Vick.

“He’s had a couple weeks of practice here. The first week I thought he was a little bit rusty out there; this past week I thought he threw it around well. He feels good,” said Reid of Vick. “He obviously deserves that opportunity to play. He’s excited about it — I had a chance to talk to him this morning — and he’ll be ready to go.”

Foles suffered the injury to the second metacarpal at the end of the first half. It appeared to happen on a completion to LeSean McCoy. Foles faked a screen to Damaris Johnson, spun and was hit by Barry Cofield as he released the ball and landed on his right hand. He was having difficulty gripping the ball at halftime, Reid said, but X-rays were negative at the stadium and the decision was made to keep him in. An MRI later revealed the hairline fracture.

Reid indicated that this type of injury generally takes three weeks to recover from.

Vick hasn’t played since sustaining a concussion against the Cowboys back on November 11. Though cleared for a return prior to the Redskins game, he ran the scout team at practice and did not dress on Sunday. Now he gets an unexpected opportunity to showcase himself one final time before he enters an uncertain offseason.

“He’s really happy,” said a source close to Vick. “He’s excited that he gets a chance to go out and lead the guys again.”

Vick is set to earn around $16 million next season. The Eagles can walk away with virtually no damage if they release him by February 6. If he is on the roster at that time, $3 million of guaranteed money will kick in.

The decision was made following Vick’s concussion to give Foles an extended tryout, which has come with mixed results for the rookie.  Foles finished 32-of-48 for 345 yards with a touchdown, an interception and a lost fumble against Washington. His comeback bid came up short as he bounced one in front of Jeremy Maclin in the end zone in the closing seconds that could have tied the game.

It was known that Foles’ hand was sore. But the news that it was in fact broken shows that play, and Foles’ effort, in a new light.

“His hand was sore. But at the same time he played well that second half and made some nice throws,” said Reid. “That could have affected it. He’s a pretty tough kid, obviously, by going through this. He never said a word about it.”

In other injury news: Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks both have concussions; Jason Avant has a mild hamstring strain.

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  • Run Eagles Run

    Remember, if Vick plays really well, it doesnt count. If Foles plays well it does. If foles plays bad he is a rookie and the line is horrible. If vick plays bad he is stupid and gets himself sacked. just wanted to go over the rules again.

    • Bob A

      There is some truth to what you’re saying , but that would be true for anyone in any job who has been doing it for a number of years, as opposed to just starting out. Foles usually doesn’t make the same mistakes again and again and again. That said, I’m excited to see Vick, because one of the forgotten things about the game where he got hurt was that he was 6-9 for 70 yards and a TD and a 127 QB rating; he did all of the things on the drive that put the Eagles ahead that they say he can’t do, like slide, quick release, etc. It’ll be interesting to see if Vick improved even more during his little hiatus. BTW, the line is horrible, whether Vick, Foles or Johnny Unitas is behind it; whoever plays behind it just has to hope they don’t get killed before they throw.

      • GoBirds1

        If you mean slide as in diving head first into oncoming defenders, then yes. But what we all refer to as a NFL QB slide, then no, Vick has never done that.

    • Pomo

      Thanks for the laugh! Merry Christmas!

    • EaglefaninAZ

      It’s a good thing you’re here. Merry Christmas! Lol…

    • atlvickfan

      LMAO. Awesome.

    • daytoday

      LMAO sooo true

    • dislikedisqus

      Their qb ratings are identical and it is pathetic that vick at this stage in his career is no better than a guy in his first 6 NFL games.

      • Run Eagles Run

        I’ll let mike’s game speak for itself, backed by a watkinsless line thats a lot stronger in pass protection than it was with vick behind center. one thing foles has had is plenty of time to throw the ball. if he plays poorly, I’ll eat crow. But I still dont want foles in camp without legitimate competition. not some scrub QB just to make it look good. not someone to groom him. once again, if foles turns out to be a solid nfl starter, I will say “hey I was dumb. I made a bad call.” but I doubt I’ll be saying that.

        • Johngiam

          Is Kirk cousin legitimate competition? What was he. A furth round pick?

          • Run Eagles Run

            I havent watched much of kirk cousin. but I want a veteran to give foles competition. a legitimate threat to be #1 qb. I dont look at strictly stats, which you are regurgitating. I watch the actual games. I watch the passes foles can and cant make. I give him credit for the passes he makes, but I also give the team and players around him credit. I’m also watching his shortcomings, his mistakes that he forgets about after his 24 hour rule, and then makes a week later. I’m not saying he is complete garbage. I think he can be a solid back up. Better than Mike Kafka, but I am not comfortable with him as our #1 qb. not by a long shot. Im not buying the stats people are throwing out. In 6 games, the one solid pass D he went up against made him look awful. Im not satisfied with Foles. You’d think after 2 straight years of complete disappointment, Eagles fans wouldnt be so quick to drink the kool aid, but damn. So many red mustaches.

        • morganc

          Michael Vick stats the past two years:

          2011 – 59.8%, 3303 yards, 18 TDs, 17 TOs, 84.9 rating
          2012 – 58.5%, 2165 yards, 11 TDs, 14 TOs, 79 rating

          Foles in his six starts:

          60.8% (better), 1699 yards (on pacer for better), 6 TDs, 5 TOs (less)

          The “rules” don’t get any more even than that. It’s called numbers. You want to blame Watkins for the difference? Okay, that makes a ton of sense… right. Bottom line, Vick has been BAD for two years. Foles already has command of the position in 6 games, as a rookie, and in terms of pure numbers, compares favorably to a supposed NFL “star.” I’ll stop with the commentary, and again, just rely on the numbers.

          Let this sink in: Next to Mark Sanchez, Michael Vick is the most turn-over prone player in the sports of football. 31 turnovers in 1.5 years is disgusting. He is a dumb-street baller that CAN’T LEARN.

          I don’t know if Foles will be the franchise guy, but he’s sure got a better shot than a 33 year old injury prone, reduced athleticism, stupid shrimp.

          • Run Eagles Run

            foles is off to a hell of a start with an almost 1:1 td to int ratio. If you call what foles has been doing “in command” of the offense, then you have the bar set pretty low. do I think vick is the franchise guy? no. do I think with a system taylored better to his style of play, instead of shoe horning him into the eagles offense will make the eagles a playoff team? yes. do I think a system taylored to foles will make the eagles a playoff team? no. there is nothing to get all pissed off about. how many wins does nick have in 6 games? how many of those losses were in his hands with time left? its just my opinion. Im not seeing it from foles. If Im wrong I will admit it. Why be so mad?

        • GoBirds1

          In what games did Foles have plenty of time to through?

          • Run Eagles Run

            Im talking compared to what vick was working with earlier in the year. Against the skins, the bengals, tampa, dallas the 2nd time. Pass protection was relatively solid, run blocking was an issue in a few of those games. It was rough when he came on in relief for the one game, and his first start. other than that, you cant blame the offensive line too much.

  • 1972

    20-35 225 2td’s 1 int… loss.. Off to n.y or the chiefs. Learn to slide buddy, ur no use to anybody playing 10 games a season

    • Sensei

      He’s gotten hurt in the pocket more than when he’s been running

      • 1972

        dallas game, last concussion outside of the pocket. got ran down by a linebacker.And ur right about that, but when u add the hits in the pocket with the runnig and getting hit it wears u down. the last hit he took before coming out wasnt even that big of a hit.. i take it u want him back??

        • aub32

          He got hurt in the pocket being chased down by a blitzing ernie sims while throwing the ball. He was deep in the pocket, but still in the tackle box.

          • CalSFro

            He said it wasn’t that play that injured him initially. That play just made him realize how bad he was hurting.

          • aub32

            Sorry I missed that. I just remember that was his last play and his head bounced of the turf pretty hard.

        • Sensei

          i wouldve rather seen Foles play another game just to evaluate what we have more as for next season that depends on the coach and his offense whoever fits best be that Vick Foles or someone else I am fine with

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    Ahhh why not end the season the way it began, with a bunch of injuries. Mike is probably happy to get a little game time to showcase himself.

  • Johngiam

    I think news of this injuries should shut people up about Foles play. not exactly sure how much better he is expected to play considering the slop he is surrounded with and the inferior game plans…Tough kid! Threw 48 passes completing 67% with a broken finger in his throwing hand….more important.ythen his play was what he said after the game. THAT IS HOW A LEADER IS SUPPOSED TO TALK! mcnabb NEVER ONCE took responsibility like that without making excuses. props to the kid. he has been encouraging…and I def believe he can grow into a solid pro….that doesn’t mean he necessity will….but I def think he deserves next year to properly evaluate him

    • Bob A

      Agree 100%. He could have easily used the injury as an excuse, but he didn’t, and if ‘hands of stone’ Evan Moore catches that pass, he rallies the team to a late win for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.

      • Johngiam

        Considering that winning the game would drop us from drafting 4th all the way to 9th, I’m so happy hands of stone didn’t catch it! Lol

      • UncleCarm

        “hands of stone.” Love it.

    • aub32

      Didn’t McNabb play and win a game with a broken ankle? Let’s not anoint him Nick “Superman” Foles because he played with an injury. Vick played last year against the Cards with broken ribs. Romo did the same last year. Players play injured. I give the kid credit, but no more than many of the players, including McNabb, who have done the same thing.

    • daggolden

      From 2000-06, season,McNabb helped the Eagles win 10 or more games six times. his career regular-season winning percentage was .629 (Peyton
      Manning owns a .678 regular-season success rate). He took the Eagles to the NFC
      championship game five times, including four seasons in a row (2001-04). McNabb has been to 6 probowls has over 80 wins, has thrown 234 TDs and 34,000 yards. LMAO. Oh yeah he also rushed for 3400 yards. He played on a broken ankle. Hes border line HOF. Only if he could be a leader like 1-5 Nick Foles. He does nothing better than McNabb. lol

      • Johngiam

        You air are dumb. I’m talki g about the vocal part of being a leader, something Donovan was below average in…thanks for comparing apples to oranges and listing all Donovan’s accomplishments as if I wasn’t there cheering him on the entire time….all the great accomplishes that you list about Donovan doesn’t change the fact that overall, he was a crappy leader….even his former teammates have admitted so…so stop getting butthurt

        • Run Eagles Run

          “You air are dumb. I’m talki g about…” – Johngiam

          that never looks good

  • aub32

    Sorry to hear about Foles’ injury, but I am happy because I think we are now in a better position to keep the giants out of the playoffs.