Eagles Wake-Up Call: This Time, Foles Comes Up Short

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.In that split second when the ball was in the air and Jeremy Maclin flashed open in the end zone, the mind went back to Tampa. Similar situation, same lead characters, the ball thrown to the same spot on the field.

It was all happening again. Only, it wasn’t. Foles pass sank and hit the turf, bouncing incomplete. Twenty-three seconds and a couple mistakes later, and the Eagles were walking off with their 11th loss of the season. Five of Foles’ six starts have now ended in defeat.

“He came up short. He tried to get it out as fast as he possibly could before that corner settled back on it,” said Andy Reid. “He was able to get it out but it wasn’t an accurate throw, and he came up short.”

Foles finished 32-of-48 for 345 yards with a touchdown, an interception and a lost fumble. His 132.6 quarterback rating after one quarter of play settled in at 85.6 by game’s end. Somewhere along the way in the first half he sustained an injury to his throwing hand that the QB said had nothing to do with some of his errant throws. Still, you wonder.

“Everyone knew [that Foles was hurt],” said Riley Cooper. “Nick is not the only guy with an injury out there. Yeah, he had a hurt hand but the majority of the team is hurting too. Did we know it? For sure, but we look right past it. If he’s good to go, he’s good to go.”

Reid said he thought Foles actually played better in the second half (X-rays on the hand at halftime were negative) and credited him for playing through the pain.

“I have to eliminate mistakes,” said Foles. “I fumbled and threw an interception and it’s the quarterback’s job to make sure that we get more points on the board than the other team and I didn’t do my job today.”

There have been miscues, but there have also been glimpses of promise in just about every Foles start. His 27-yard touchdown pass to Maclin early in the game was another example of that. Foles now owns the two highest passing performances ever by an Eagles rookie for both yards and completions. The first came in Tampa, the second Sunday against the Redskins. The first time the deciding pass to Maclin was true, the second time it fell short.

Despite the inconsistencies, most of his teammates left the Linc encouraged about what they are seeing out of Foles.

“I know you all know that he can be great,” said Cooper. “He’s a rookie and the way he’s running this offense is impressive for how young he is.”


There was little acknowledgment Sunday that this was likely Reid’s last home game.

LeSean McCoy is not feeling very positive at all about this season.

Sheil gives his instant observations from Sunday’s loss to the Redskins.


Jason LaCanfora furthers the Chip Kelly conversation:

The Philadelphia Eagles will consider Chip Kelly to replace Andy Reid, according to league sources, and multiple executives with rival teams anticipate Philadelphia making a heavy push to land the Oregon head coach.

As previously reported in the space, Kelly will be a hot NFL commodity. And with possible NCAA sanctions looming over Oregon, the noted offensive mind is expected to make the jump to the NFL. The Ducks finish out their season in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl against Kansas State on Jan. 3. The Eagles won’t be the only team to contact Kelly, but league sources expect them to be among the first to try to interview him and believe he could emerge as a quick favorite for the position. The attractiveness of the Eagles job, versus other potential opportunities on Kelly’s plate, remains to be seen.

Reid, whose 14-year tenure with the Eagles is believed to be coming to an end, is seeking to coach elsewhere in 2013 and is expected by those close to him to move on regardless of whether Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie wanted him to return.

Dan Graziano gives his rapid reaction to Eagles-Redskins:

What it means: The Redskins have their first winning season since 2007, and if they beat the Dallas Cowboys at home Sunday, they will be NFC East champions for the first time since 1999. The Redskins also retain a chance to make the playoffs as a wild-card team, though they cannot clinch their playoff spot today. The Eagles have lost 11 games for the first time since 1999 — Andy Reid’s first season as their head coach. They have not lost 12 in a season since 1998, when they finished 3-13 under Rich Kotite.


Christmas with Andy! Reid will address the media at noon.

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  • http://twitter.com/corry_k Corry Henry

    Chip Kelly scares the crap out of me as a head coach. His offense is so radically different (in my amateur mind) that if he can’t get it right, we’re looking at multiple rebuilds and years of futility.

    • dislikedisqus

      Agree totally. The Eagles biggest needs are defense and qb develoent. Kelly has an abysmal track record on both fronts. He is a one trick pony. You can’t win in the NFL with that offense. Too much speed and dfensive penetration opposite you. It will be a travesty if he comes here, another Spurrier. I may become a Redskin fan if he does.

      • Johngiam

        I will cry if we hire chip or Saban. We can’t be that stupid!

      • morganc

        Totally agree. Chip Kelly hire would infuriate me. Poach someone from niners or broncos please!
        Foles played with broken hand too entire game.

    • borntosuffer

      Yes. Not liking the idea of being the guinea pigs.

    • atb124

      I agree completely.
      Hopefully this “Eagles making a strong push for Kelly” is just your typical made up news.

      I’ll take my chances with any of the top assistants around the league.

      • Johngiam

        yup. I will take a hungry young assistant any day…. As long as he has common sense, doesn’t think he is smar enough to reinvent the wheel, can adjust on the fly, is a natural leader of men who will get his players to run thru brick wAlls, can adjust on the fly, attacks opponents weaknesses instead of always trying to go against the grain…Most importantly tho, he can put together a good staff, and bring us a defensive coordinator finally worthy of succeeding the great Jim Johnson… Don’t want any coach with a set system. Who will try and force a square peg into a round hole…I want a coach with brains to build a system that fits with what his players do best. I want a coach that respects the game and doesn’t devalue certain positions…..and I want a philosophical change away from these fast, small guys with high motors…when the hell will they realize that these players wear down?….I want lineman who look more like Reggie white, and less lI,e Trent cole

        I beg them not to hire a college coach with no nfl experience. A popular nfl assistant should be able to put together thebest staff, and know what works and doesn’t work in today nfl

  • dislikedisqus

    Foles was not perfect ans could have played better but the same is true of Eli, Rivers, Big Ben, Kaepernick, Schaub and we could go on. It’s fair to say that Foles, right now, is a legitimate starting QB in the NFL. It’s also fair to say that he costs 1/15 the going rate and that is meaningful in a capped league. What’s NOT fair to say is what Jeff McLane and a lot of others are saying, which is, he’s not the greatest QB possible and therefore he should be cast aside, without identifying who is superior, how that mythical alternative is superior, what his price tag is, and how is that Superman available? This isn’t fantasy football and you can’t draft Aaron Rodgers. In the reality-based world, Foles is the best available QB for 2013.

    • Johngiam

      Well said…couldn’t agree more….combination of cost, potential (plenty of room to grow) and the fact that he is undoubtably a starting QB in this league, would make us really foolish to not give him a year in a healthy environment, with a coach who i will actually gameplan to help him, while surrounding him with actual STARTING NFL TALENT…to develope him, and see how much he can grow in year two. fans judgment has been completely clouded by success of rookie qbs lately, but every rookie is different, every rookie is ini a different environment….Some QBs will look great right away, but that doesn’t mean that some won’t continue to make that major leap ini year 2, which is traditionally when you really find out what type of QB your kid will become…Aaron Rogers sat for like 4 years. cam was Phenoinal in year one, took a major step back in year two…Peyton was TERRIBLE in year one, Brady was a 5th round pick, who was great from the start…every situation is different…..but just because you haven’t been completely blown away by nick Foles in his first 5 games, that doesn’t mean that he can’t grow into a damn good starting qb….

      Foles has to be THE GUY next year! Especially since their isn’t that supreme sure shot talent that you just have to have out there to acquire this offseason. Get a coach, who will tailor the o defense around st. Nick next year to give him the best possible chance of succeeding, the way Washington has done for RG3….allow this kid some room to grow, and let’s see what he has!

      • GoBirds1

        BTW Brady was a 6th round pick and did not start until his second season and it took him at least a couple games to find his magic on a great team.

    • Sean Bealer

      Foles has only earned a chance to win the Job next year, he has not earned it. I would bring in competition, someone like Flynn or Mallett (if the price is right) or draft a guy, whoever it maybe. It would be a huge mistake to give him the job based on these games, but it would also be a mistake to not give him a shot based on these games.

      • Johngiam

        Dude have you seen how much friggin money Flynn makes? We would be idiots to pay him. What’s with this competition crap? Of course there will be competition. Think the next coach won’t want to ATleast bring in one of his own qbs? Think they will go ini the season with Trent Edwards as the number two? Of course not. We will draft another qb somewhere near the 4th round…..a bigger investment then that is not warranted for the type of guys that willbe avalable

        • Sean Bealer

          Umm…. Flynn makes like 6.5 mill…. With Foles on a rookie contract, 6.5 is perfectly affordable. And since he has that salary, I would expect the compensation to Seattle to be only like a 4th at most, probably more like a 5th. And I am not talking about a 4th round Kafka guy. If they want legitimate competition, go for a guy like Glennon, Barkley, Nassib, Wilson, or someone like them in the 2nd or 3rd round.

          I don’t understand how you can say, watching the games that I watched, that he is a “starting QB” for sure. He has shown flashes, yes, but still struggles throwing the ball over 8 yards. He is completing only 46% of passes from 11-20 yards, which isn’t bad, but isn’t great either. The big problem comes on the deep ball. He has legitimately only thrown 20 passes over 20 yards, and he has only completed 4 of them! 20% completion percentage for passes over 20 yards! and he is a starting QB! All he has earned is a chance, and to not bring in a guy who can actually steal the job from him if he doesn’t preform would be a mistake. I think he can be a starting QB, but he has a lot of work to do.

          • Johngiam

            I think he is a starting qb….not superman! Watching the same game you watched. A don’t know how you have failed tonoticetheslop around him. I also understand that this is like the 5time playing the game at this level, and that IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO BE SUCCESSFUL behind a terrible line! Even the great Brady or Peyton, look like crap intnegames where they are getting smacked around and under constant pressure…other then the handful of throws per game that EVERY QB would like to have back.,,I’m not exactly sure what more a RATIONAL HUMAN BEING could expect our of whoever our qb would be playing behind this line, and with these coAches…. I view Foles as Encouraging, Ihavent ANNOINTED him, and I haven’t discredited him….Matt Flynn, joe Flacco, Alex smith…wouldn’t invest a penny in any of them. Regardless which one of them is our qb next year, we won’t win a Super Bowl next year, and FOLES will develope INTO one of those qb at thie very least.. So No I don’t need to pay any qb 6million next year, and I would rather use my fourth round pick to draftcoetition for Foles, instead of paying it as compensation for an average at best QB…..Matt Flynn? Give me a friggin break. And you say this after watching him, a total of what? Two games?…..un.ess you have seen someone play a minimum of five times, you probably shouldn’t be talkin about that player either way

          • Johngiam

            just the fact that you asked an inexperienced kid to drop back to pass 48times behind a historically bad offensive line, against a playoff team, and it wasn’t a complete DISASTER…is very encouraging. Take Foles out, and insert an Arizona QB behind this mess..and it would have been a complete DEBACKLE! He should’ve commended for leading the bad news bears within yards of tying TE ANNOINTED one,Mr. Rg3 himself…..how much better did Luck, tannahill, or weeded look then Foles yesterday? Must be nice to be asked to throw the ball 15 times like Rg3

          • Sean Bealer

            Not disagreeing with you on that, in fact my OROY ballot goes Luck, Wilson, RG3, (btw, if you wanna talk about a team with no talent around his QB, look at the Colts, wow is Luck good, making that team a 10 win team in his rookie year). RG3’s offense will need to be changed next year, cause the league will figure it out.

            Like I said, Foles has shown signs, but I am not ready to say he is a starter in this league. That’s all I am saying man.

          • Sean Bealer

            The thing is, you have annointed him by not bringing in a legitimate competition for him. It doesn’t need to be Flynn, but someone who has been in this league more then 1 year who has shown something or a high enough draft pick where it gives Foles true competition. When you said, “bring in one of his guys” I think Doug Peterson. That is not the guy I am talking about. Needs to be someone who will a) make foles work in the offseason on his flawed footwork and timing, b) be a legit backup if Foles were to get hurt. Flynn, Mallett, or a drafted guy would do that. The guy you are talking about would just give Foles the confidence that he is the starter and he may not work as hard. I don;t understand why Foles needs to be the starter next year if we can bring in someone who outplays him and earns it. A rational human being watches these games and say, “He might be a starter in this league, he might not be.” you say, “he is a starter in this league”

          • dislikedisqus

            to spend 6.5 on a backup qb with less game experience than foles is a bad use of your cap.

          • Sean Bealer

            Like I said, doesn’t have to be Flynn, but you need to bring in someone with the ability to actually beat Foles if he is not ready in Training Camp. I just think 6.5 mill is reasonable seeing that Foles makes like 400,000 and it shouldn’t cost us to high of a draft pick. I agree its a high price, but they need to bring in someone.

  • Johngiam

    I don’t really understand what more people expect out I st. Nick so early in the process….these aren’t the seat,e Seahawks that nick is leading…I really don’t see how any qb could do significantly better given he circumstances….I mean, had we stuck Aaron Rogers behind this slop of a line as a rookie, I would be willing to bet he doesn’t do significantly better then Foles has done..l.can anyone really say Andrew Luck outclassed Foles yesterday? I can’t!…Can I really compare RG3 being asked to throw the ball 15times with nick dropping back to pass 48times, behind probably the worst offensive line in the history if modern day football…..I can’t sit here and proclaim with certainty that Foles is THAT FANCHISE guy….with that said Only a fool would proclaim with certainty that he can’t be the guy…. The success that other rookie qbs are experiencing this year have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH FOLES. Just cause you are seeing rookies have success, it doesn’t mean that if a rookie doesn’t duplicate that early success that he is a bust. Some QBs get it right away, others take years of grooming. After this flash in a pan year of rookie success, people have forgotten that the norm for franchise QBs is a GIANT LEAP IN PLAY DURING YEAR TWO.

    You have to be a real fool to watch a rookie playi 5games, with the worst supporting cAst in the nfl…..and say that he can’t be the guy.”….YEAR TWO for a qb is soooo much more important and telling then year one. python was terrible in year one, great in year two…Cam was great in year one, terrible in year two…..Andrew lucks rookie year has been grossly over rated, but I’m willing t bet, next year he takes a tremendous jump in quality of play….on the flip side RG3 has been lights out, and I won’t be the least bit surprised to see him struggle next year…every players is different….every situation is different…

    for anyone to proclaim that they know for certain whethere Foles can or can’t be the franchise is just a fool!….If you told me to describe Foles play so far….I think ENCOURAGING, is the best way you can describe it…

    We have an absolutely TERRIBLE team! No one player will fix this mess….onside ring the offensive line, and coaching…how much better could a qb realistically do in this situation?

  • hillbillybirdsfan

    I have seen some nice flashes and some typical rookie mistakes so far. I think the only thing we know at this point for sure is that he’s not as good as Peyton Manning but he’s better than Bobby Hoying.

  • TXEaglesFan

    I’m not opposed to bringing in some competition at qb, but not if it means trading draft picks or breaking the bank which could be spent on other positions. Breaking the bank for Alex Smith or Joe Flacco? Who else is available that would ‘definitely’ be better than foles? The team needs more competition at CB and safety (more like an overhaul). They need a starting capable OT and better o-line depth. They could use a big run stuffing DT. If an RG3 type magically appears in the draft then take him.

    • aub32

      If you don’t spend legit resources, how do you expect to bring in legit competition? Foles is making so little money as a 3rd round pick that you can afford to spend some at the QB position if Vick is released. Also, it’s not about bringing in someone who will be “definitely” better than Foles. He needs someone that can possibly be better and really challenge him for the job, and there are guys out there who can do that.

      • GoBirds1


  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.bayer Billy Bayer

    Folds is a rookie! Let him take his lumps and let him grow as a starter. This o line is terrible, shady has been hurt for 4 games, desean is out, and the play calling has always been head scratching. He is basically playing with back ups and still showing flashes of being a good starter in this league. Not all rookies come out of the gate pro bowlers and just cause rg3 and luck are doing great doesn’t take anything away from how foles is doing. There is no one out there in draft or free agency that would make sense to start over him. Give him the reins this offseason and see what happens. His teammates aren’t praising him this much for a reason.

  • Explorer51

    OK, so now that we know that he had a broken bone in his throwing hand, shouldn’t this column be updated? It’s probably likely, regardless of what Foles said, that a broken hand will shorten a throw by a couple of yards almost ninety minutes after the injury occurred and after he threw a ton of passes. A few plays later, he threw a perfect slant to a TE off the street (why was he the first option on that play?) that would have tied the game if it wasn’t dropped. This kid QB is playing behind one of the worst lines in Eagles history, throwing 40-50 times a game and would have had two 4th Q comeback wins in three games if that pass was caught; cut him some slack!