Eagles Draft Watch: Week 17 Edition

With Sunday’s loss to the Redskins, the Eagles fell to 4-11 on the season.

Only the Chiefs and the Jaguars – both 2-13 – have worse records. The Lions and Raiders are tied with the Birds at 4-11.

The tiebreaker among teams with the same record is strength of schedule. The team with the overall easier schedule gets the higher pick. In other words, you get rewarded for being terrible against worse competition. Here’s a look at what the top five picks would look like if the season ended today.

Opponent SOS
Chiefs (1)213.508
Jaguars (2)213.533
Raiders (3)411.467
Eagles (4)411.508
Lions (5)411.571

If the season ended today, the Chiefs would have the first selection, and the Jaguars would pick second. Jacksonville plays at Tennessee next week, while Kansas City travels to Denver.

The Raiders beat out the Eagles and Lions for the third pick because they’ve had the easier schedule. If all three teams lose next week, Oakland would likely hold on to that pick. The Raiders play at the Chargers. If they win, and the Eagles lose to the Giants, the Birds move up to No. 3.

As it stands now, the Eagles have the fourth pick, ahead of Detroit. But there could be some movement if they beat the Giants next week. Four teams – the Titans, Browns, Bills and Cardinals – sit at 5-10. In other words, the Eagles could pick anywhere between three and nine, depending on next week’s outcomes.

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  • Jiohngiam

    There is a HUGE difference between drafting 3rd and drafting 9th…Really hope we aren’t stupid enough t beat the giants, who are probably the only team the eagles have a hot of beating. u really hope they don’t screw this up! Star Latululei, Jarvis jones, Manti teo…would all be great additions to our defense…..curious to see what happens with Jarvis Jones. I see some mocks that have him falling all the way to the 2nd round due to his spine condition. I used to be convinced that we have to draft Jarvis if we switch to a 3-4, but recently I’m starting to think that he is that freak athlete that could play whatever LB spot, in any scheme that you desire….I don’t see any reasons he can’t man the SAM spot in a 4-3….He is a ridiculously explosive athlete who I believe has the ability to drop bak in coverage and deal with today’s TE”…Defense is in desperate need of help, desperate need of play makers….I would gladly welcome Manti, Jarvis or Star…. Manti is the most sure shots prospect that you will find that can be counted in to be a starter for the next decade…Jarvis has that JPP tpe of ceiling but it’s a crap shoot on weher or not he realizes that potential. ..but Star is the player that will impact the other ten players of the defense the most. eagles. Ans would be lucky to have any of them!

    • Johngiam

      last years final your games of fools gold, did NOT CATAPULT us into some spectacular season this year…All it did, was play us right out of drafting RG3. Make no mistake about it…had we finished 4-12, instead of 8-8, we would have had the ammunition to move up to the rams spot. I seriously believe RG3 would have been an eagle today if it weren’t for those 4 empty wins, that did absolutely NOTHNG POSITIVE FOR US….the is a huge diffence between drafting 3rd and 9th.. When you draft 3rd, you have the shot at drafting Ndomunkung Su type of Ceiling…At 3rd, your lineman should have Trent Williams potential, where 9th, they might only have Winston justice potential lol. It could be the difference between a cant miss prospect and someone who never pans up…or it couldn’t be very much of a difference at all. the point is, you really don’t know how much, drafting 6 spots lower can cost you…I would rather be safe, just in case…If Star blows the doors off the combine, his play and character probably make him too attractive to pass up. Can’t wait til this wretched season ends so we can get to the senior bowl, and the combine….I would like to really go into full blown rebuilding mode…pRetty much willing to trade almost anyone for a high draft pick….the only problem with that, at the moment..howie is the one making the picks. However, if last years draft was Howie’s doing, then I would be excited to see what he can do this year….but first and foremost we need a basic Philosophical change away from small guys, with an emphasis on speed. Bring the BEEF and power back to Philly. Screw the HIGH MOTOR. Haven’t they realized that these smaller guys with High Motors wear down rendering their motor useless? get speed where you need speed, and power where you need power. stop devaluing positions. respect the game, and understand that a playmaker at ANY PSITION can be a tremendous asset…HELLO we don’t have a number 1 RECIEVER!!! Whatever B you decide to bring in will be LIIMITED unto you get him a true number 1. Macklin and Desean won’t work!!! They could be tremendous complimentary relievers to a true number one, Vincent Jackson type…but neiTher is capable of carrying an offense….I would def be willing to give up Macklin for a pick…then again, I would probably trade almost anyone for a high enough pick….

      Question: How do you guys view that big RECIEVER Hunter, who is slotted to go, late round 1 to round 2? Can’t really decide whether he will be a true number one or not….If he is a true number 1, then he is probably the only play I would consider passing up Matt Elam in the second round for….

      • therealpistolp

        U need ur own blog…long arse comments be all over the place and even harder to follow…

        • Johngiam

          Helps me kill time at work….also, I don’t see the point in making blank statements without explaining the thought process or backing the up with facts. Sorry if my post have caused you any sort of inconvenience lol

    • Joe

      I keep seeing people bring up Jarvis Jones, but where exactly does he play in our 4-3 defense? Unless you bring in a DC whose going to emulate the Broncos and how they use Von Miller than Jones is going to be a fish out of water. He’s too small to be an every down DE in a 4-3, and making him stand up without rushing the passer non stop is a waste of his talent.

      • Johngia

        I don’t disagree with anything you just wrote….however, I view Jarvis as that Freak Athlete that can just About do whatever he wants, or whatever is asked of him…I wouldn’t have a problem with lining him up as our SAM I the 4-3…..however if you’re going to use him as a 4-3 SAM, the our DC needs to make sure that he lets him blitz enough, because like you said, I would not want to waste that pass rush ability…..He easily translates better toa 3-4 SSLB….but athletically, he can probably do it all

  • Eric79

    I know people love Manti, probably b/c of Notre Dame infatuation, but you do not draft a LB who is not a pass rushing specialist in the top 5. See Aaron Curry & AJ Hawk.

    • Johngiam

      If you are going to pass up Manti, then you better be drafting Star or Jarvis… Your rule worked, before these cavem pass catching Monsters emerged at TE. I actually think his cover skills could be verbal unable for us atthe SAM spot for a couple of years til Dameco gets old, moves on Andy hen teo takes over in the middle….then again, I don’t see Ay Redon why Jarvis can’t drop back in coverAge..obviously 3-4 teams drool over Jarvis, but I don’t really see why he can’t transition to a 4-3 SAM…I mean the kid has the freak athleticism to pretty much do whatever he wants….Would not be opposed to a lb choreof Jarvis, Dameco, and Kendrick’s

      • Septhinox

        Most draftniks have Teo ranked after 10-15.

        • Johngiam

          Everything is just a crap shoot until the combine plays out!
          Like I said, wit that talent and athleticism Jarvis can play any lb position in any system. And that is rare for a lb….having two young stud LBers for Dame o to tutor is very appealing g to me. A young Lb can probably learn more from playing with Dameco then from coaches. The great Brian Cushing attributed much of his success to Dameco….that is the apeal for me in drafting a LB…however I can’t help but drool over the effect star Latululei would have on the other ten members of the defense…we have holes on defense at tackle, SAM, and secondary. The goal of this offseason should be to fill as many of those positions as possible with game changing play makers

          • Marlowe

            ” game changing play makers” that’s what we need on defense. Time will tell if Graham, Cox and Kendricks and be these type of guys but we need 1 or 2 in the secondary. That’s the defenses’ true problem. No game changers, especially in the back-end. Need guys who either can punish guys (a la Dawkins) or make plays on balls in the air.

      • Sensei

        Jarvis could play 4-3 OLB and he probably will end up with a 4-3 team much like Von Miller

  • 1972

    yesterday and the previous weeks show why u need a stud tackle…u cant run in short yardage situations, and u dont have a great qb.. he cant carry the team so u need solid line play.The most help is needed in the secondary after RT. theres plenty of 2nd and third round talent to get defense if u have the right evaluators..
    Teo’s not a sam, he’s just not.So drafting him would be square peg round hole. ive seen enough of that
    Joeckel or Star… please dont screw this up

    • Sean Bealer

      Those are my top two as well. I do not think Star will be there at 4, so Joeckel is hopefully the pick. Te’o is an overrated prospect who will probably go around 10-12. The only other guy I would take is Dee Millner, but you better trade back if that is the case.

      • 1972

        i agree, teo’s a middle linebacker( not a pressing need right now)if we’re really going to get rid of both corners milners a good prospect too. He just wont have the early impact like joeckel or star

        • Johngiam

          Love the impact star would have on the rest of the defense….the only way I’m ok with not drafting star, is if we get Jarvis to just wreak havoc and truly solidifying our three linebackers for the first time in over a friggin decade!….. To say for surethat Manti isn’t a top 10 pick before seeing the combine is foolish…especially since some respectable draft experts even suggest him oping number 1… Manti is one of those players that you just can’t project until the combine

          Yo has anyone else heard the rumors about Jarvis dropping down to round two because of his spine condition?…..Whoever drafts Nash embezzle in mid round one, is going to get a disruptive force!

          • 1972

            i can tell ur a defensive guy lol… i never said teo wasnt a top talent, i said he’s a middle linebacker, not a sam. so i dont want him at 4…the question that u never answer is do u like todd herramans as ur right tackle next year? i dont, and we still dont know how affective peters will be..we have at least 1 dominant dt we have zero o lineman. we gotta build that side up first.

          • Johngia

            I like Heremans more as a tackle now that we are going back to the traditional way of blocking. Do I like Todd if he has to line up next to Watkins? NO…Significantly upgrade guard, which you can easily do in the fourth round, and I will be fine with one more year of Todd at tackle, especially since we are scrapping the crappy Mudd way..

            yes, I am a defensive guy! And it pains me to see what our defense has become. Ther hasn’t been anything defensively close to being acceptable to the standards of one of my fav coaches in Philadelphia sports history in Jim Johnson..I’m starving for a Philly style defense, I can’t take it anymore…to watch a physical defense like Seattle hit every single thing that moves last night, was really painful to watch for an eagles fan. Even the greatest offenses will encounter games whee they struggle. Defense is what wins that Super Bowl. Defense is what keeps you in every single game

            When you really weigh and compare what you have coming back next year on offense, with what you will have on defense….I isn’t don’t see how anyone can justify taking a top three round pick away from the defense. The only way I draft offense, is if there is a true number 1 wide RECIEVER available….also, I believe it’s better to add free agent Lineman, then free agent defenders. I think you build a defense thru the draft with young players you can mold into that Philly style of defense….Now that we go back to the traditional way of blocking, it shouldn’t be hard to shore up the line with free agency and the 4th-6th round of this years draft…I don’t know that the same can be done with the defense.

            let’s just look at the Swiss cheese defense! We have a need at Tackle, a young tackle to pair with cox going into the future. You absolutely can not go one more single year with out THREE starting caliber Linebackers, so we really need a SAM especially since TEs are evolving…We donth be a single starting safety on this roster…Replacing those 4 positions is hard enough….We haven’t even discussed the cornerbacks yet..and If Vinny Curry ISN’T THE GUY, we will be in need of an end to replace Cole sooner or later…Not to mention, more importantly we really just have to get playmakers on defense. Don’t ally care what position they lineup in……ok so with a defense, so far away from being complete, with so many holes, probably too many to fill in 1 offseason, how can we realistically take away a top pick front he defense, to fill one of the two or three holes on offense.

            now you need to answer my question..lol:

            Watkins has been a stone cold Bum…But how do we Know that guys like Watkins and Kelly won’t be SIGNIFICANTLY better after next week when we scrap MUDDS cockamamie scheme, and players go back to blocking the way they have blocked their entire lives? When Watkins goes back to blocking the way that made him a first round pick? I don’t know that Watkins can’t play….I know that Watkins can’t block the crazy way that Mudd wants h, to block…and I know the eagles miscalculate how he would project to that style of blocking….but I don’t know that Watkins can’t play when we get away from the gimmicks, and go back to playing football the way it’s supposed to be played…add a free agent, and a fourth rond draft pick…go back to the regular way of blocking…and after next season, you can evaluate your line, and know exactly what you have going forward.

            not to mention that yes Jockel is the best of his class, but few people see him as that Khalil type of prospect…..I would rather trade down to 12, pick up a pick, and draft Chance Gormack, the best guard prospect of the past decade…then take Jockel at 4, and continue to jerk Heremans around. put a COMPETANT guard next to him, and he can play tackle one more year, and hold up long enough for us to make our defense respectable again… Just my two cents

            Great debate man. Cheers. Always enjoy finding someone I can disagree with and exchange information, without turning it into a pissing contest. Look forward to hearing your opinion

          • 1972

            i really do feel ur pain when it comes to the defense.But the top teams in the league this year have top qb’s as well.And our scoring was too low to compete.. before castillo was let go the d played well enough to win, despite the terrible safties, jason babin and nnamdi not earning their money..Peters tore his achilles twice , him and herremans are both over 30, we dont know how they’ll look next year.And i cant take that chance if i have a 10 year starter on the board..21 points per game and we would be in the playoffs despite the awful defense..I think our defense can be set up to play like the saints when they won the superbowl.Our offense would be so great the other teams would be playing catch up all year..

            the problem was reid thought he had to pass to get a lead all year when a smarter , more balanced coach would have used a 3 back attack with play-action deep balls to get our leads. People think we’re years away i think we will contend 2013.

          • Joh giam

            I ACTUALLY THINK THAT YOU can get away with this line one more season….I don’t really blame howie for the fireman. Mudd loved him, talked about how he was mean, so strong and had “HUGE WRISTS” (no I am not making this up lol),,,I think that with a healthy offensive gameplan, and starters back healthy, philosophical change, and WR will be able to compete on offense with mainly this cast returning. I want a blocking TE for the power run game, and a true Vincent Jackson type of number l e RECIEVER….Without those real weapons on offense, a qb will never be special.

            I can live with this offense with significantly better coaching and a philosophical change, but the defense is flat out embarrassing. GREAT DEFENSES lead to more points scored, turnovers, field position….we need to change the culture around here first and foremost, what best way to build a nasty defense to set the tone?

            Not to mention I simply don’t view Jockel as that Matt Khalil tpe of prospect that warrants a top 5 pick…..why would I have a good, it nothing special tackle, when I can trade down, and probably get the best guard prospect to come out in years? I would actually prefer drafting chance Gormack at 5 even tho he is a reach, instead of Jockel….y? Chance seriously has a shot of developing into the best player at his position….Jockle has no shot at being the bet tackle in the NFL….I just believe that when you are drafting in the top 5, he better have a serious chance at growing into the best at his position…..much rather have Chance and an extra 2nd round pick then Jockel…

            Question for you guys: How do you view the big RECIEVER Hunter? SAid to be the 2nd best receiver prospect mid round 1- round 2….. I simply have t seen enough of him to comment on him, but if he is a true number 1, he would be the only player I would be willing to pass up Matt Elam for in the 2nd round….just because I believe in todAys nfl, it’s imperative to have that big possession RECIEVER…….we can not go into the season with Desean and Macklin….there is no true number 1. Those receivers would great.y compliment a Vincent Jackson type….if we can Get quality for Macklin, I would consider trading him. I am fed up with him….the only way I am ok with bringing Macklin back is to give him one last shot and see if he can be converted into a slot RECIEVER…..don’t think a young QB will really take that next step without a true number 1

            If it were up to me, I sold invest really heavy in the defense this season…Gve the next coach a year with these skill players, and lineman switching back to the traditional way of blocking…so after the season he can evaluate which guys he wants to move forward with, and who he wants to replace…..Celek can not be Allowed to play on this team for long then next year. I am fed up with him. Even at his best he is no more then an average TE, who is seriously an over rated blocker…I saw him get manhandled all year, then again the scheme had him blocking guys I wouldn’t have asked him to block to begin with….We need a real TE, and a true number 1 RECIEVER…until you get those, Foles will only go so far

          • 1972

            like u said in ur other post, i want all defense… except for the first round pick.Blocking TE are really easy to aquire the problem was reid, he wants fast pass catching everthing(fb, tight, rb) its almost like he doesnt value anything but the passing game

          • GoBirds1


    • pjcostello

      Remember, we do have two Pro Bowl tackles on IR, and under contract for years to come. While we DO need to address O-line depth across the board, I’m not convinced our first round pick is the place to do that. The first rounder, particularly a high one, should be a guy who comes in and is an immediate starter and impact player. If I didn’t have Jason Peters on the roster and under contract, I’d absolutely go with Joeckel if I could get him. As it stands, the Eagles are likely to take the ‘best available’ guy who matches what the new coach/GM wants to accomplish.

      • Sean Bealer

        The problem is you are assuming that Peters comes back healthy, which you cannot do. If Peters is healthy, then a line of Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, and Joeckel looks really good. If not, then Herremans can go to RT, Joeckel to LT, and you at least have solid tackles. He is a Joe Thomas type T, which will only help.

        • Johngiam

          This is why you can’t spend a damn first round pick on an offensive lineman THIS YEAR! For the past two years, our line has been running a cockamamie blocking scheme that asks our players to block in a way that significantly different then how they have blocked their entire lives. When they drafted that Bum Watkins, they watched tape of him blocking that traditional way, and miscalculated projecting how he would translate in this crap if a scheme that basically asks your lineman to block as they would in run action on every single down…Next year we are going back to the traditional way of blocking…that’s GUARENTEED! So right now, all these lineman that we view as bums who can’t play, for all we know they will be significantly. Better next year when they are asked to go back to blocking the normal way. We know that Watkins sucks T blocking the MUDD way, yet for all we know, he could be significantly better next year…a guy like Dennis Kelly, rookie who has been improving, for all we know, he could be significantly better at blocking the traditional way….when you have a Swiss cheese defense that has made every quarterback look like a pro bowler, why in the world would I take a top five pick away from the defense…and give it to the Oline, when we don’t even now what the hell we have m our line now that We are going back to the traditional way? Screw the offense! Been too LNG since we had a philly style defense around here…not to mention that the depth and strength of this draft class is on the offensive line. I can name ATleast 4 tackles off the top of my head, that won’t get drafted before the fourth round who will go on to be good starting tackle in the nfl for the next 8 years..

          Star Latululei would be about 10 times more valuable to us then Jocke would….you will have a top 15 line just by getting everyone back healthy next year, and blocking in a way that guys have blocked their entire life…..yet you will still be left with a top 5 worse defense.

          to not invest heavy in this defense, would be borderline retarded! The only way I don’t draft defense in the first 3 rounds, if there is a true number 1 franchise RECIEVER available. Y, cause we don’t have one for sure….I would prefer knowing exactly whatIhave int he line before I start investing a top 5 pick in Jockel, who IS NO KHALIL or TRENT WILLIAMS type of prospect

          • Graham

            Yup.. Will be exciting to see the Oline next yr

  • barry_nic

    Um, you guys should wait and see who the coach is and the type of offense and defense he’s bringing in. Then make your assumptions. just sayin.