Coaching Buzz: Pettine, Saban And Reid/Polian

An accomplished assistant with local roots is going to become a free agent at the end of the season, according to a report.

A source tells Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has turned down a contract extension with the team.

Pettine has spent the last four years with Rex Ryan in New York. He was a defensive assistant with the Ravens from 2004-2008 and is a well-known name in high school football circles. Pettine’s Dad coached 33 years at C.B. West in Doylestown, and Pettine was the head coach at North Penn for five seasons.

Despite the Jets’ offense being a train-wreck, Pettine’s defense ranks seventh, according to Football Outsiders. And keep in mind, that’s without Darrelle Revis. In 2011, they ranked second; in 2010, fifth; and in 2009, first.

The New York Daily News article suggests Pettine could get some look as a potential head coach. That might be true, but there’s certainly a chance he could go elsewhere and become a defensive coordinator. We’ve seen in recent years with Andy Reid how crucial assembling a staff is for the head coach. Pettine’s a name to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.


The Nick Saban rumors don’t appear to be going away any time soon.

A longtime source told Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports that Saban was staying put at Alabama. But Cole heard from another source who felt differently:

As I posted on Twitter, take the adamant denial for what it’s worth, particularly when another source I spoke with on Thursday claimed that Saban has already begun interviewing potential assistants he would take to the Cleveland Browns with him. The source laid out the timing of how current Browns coach Pat Shurmur will be fired after the season, one or two candidates will be interviewed (complete with the name of a minority candidate) and that Saban will be hired on Jan. 8, the day after Alabama’s BCS title game tilt vs. Notre Dame.

Joe Banner and the Browns had previously been linked to Saban by Greg Bedard of The Boston Globe.


Could Andy Reid and Bill Polian team up somewhere after this season? The National Football Post is hearing their names mentioned together:

We’ve heard Bill Polian and Andy Reid could be paired up as a package deal to a team that has cleaned house and has deep pockets. The Polian-Reid combo would be especially attractive to a team that needs to sell tickets or has credibility issues with its fan base.

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  • xlGmanlx

    I could by the Saban to the browns, and it is probably the only team he would leave Bama for, but who knows. As others have stated, the DL coach for the 9’rs or the OC from the Pack probably are worthy of a look.

  • Graham

    I say keep Reid. Let’s look at this as strictly a business decision, a decision based on what is best for the ORGANIZATION. Reid is the best available. The players are lobbying for him to be back, they all still have utmost respect and want to continue playing for him. All that talk about Reid losing his touch flies out the window when you have most starting players coming out and saying he should be back…. He still has utmost respect and confidence from them.
    This may not involve the change that everyone wants, but maybe the fan base should be blocked out of this decision, and make it a decision based solely on WHAT IS BEST FOR THE ORGANIZATION AT THE CURRENT TIME. This is obviously the conservative approach, as many will note, but I think 2 lousy seasons, with very bright spots in both seasons, isn’t enough to justify getting rid of a coach that has given us glory days for a decade.
    Reid will be fired because the fans want him fired, and Lurie will PROBABLY give in to it. If you take a step back and think about it as strictly an business decision on what’s best for the organization and ONLY the organization (blocking out external influences like the harsh fan base),you see that keeping Andy is what’s best for the organization and it is what will give the Eagles the best chance at success.

    – a die hard eagles fan scared of change to come

    • I’m not sure if this is Jeffrey or Howie but I’m not falling for it guys.

      • Graham

        It’s truth. Reid will get fired the whole staff will be cleaned out and we’ll be stuck in a worse position than we are, all this talent and no stable staff. Reid has 2 sub par seasons and he’s treated like they were both 0-16… I don’t know it’s just my opinion. I guarantee if Reid was given a year and given a chance to get a DC in place (Pettine, he would probably drool at the opportunity to run a group as talented as Eagles D), possibly a new OC, new DL (If Brasher wants to retire) and Juan back to OL/Assistant HC, probably a new STC… Babin is gone, Vick will be gone, Wide 9 is gone, things have been somewhat improved (besides at S, and of course the question at QB) the group is where it should have been a year ago. Hopefully Lurie’s too cheap and he lets Andy coach out his contract and he turns this thing around.
        Will Jeff listen to the impatient fan base? Or will he do what’s right?
        time will tell

        • Johngiam

          Reid can’t put together a cent staff anymore. Proof by the senile old bastards he has been taking out of retirement…. YES PLEASE to Pollian! I would keep Reid only if it meant switching Polian for Roseman. get me bill Polian, and I would consider keeping Andy….although I have no clue how he can ever again assemble a staff that would make us a competitive teAm

        • Kelz911

          He lost me after he said, “he would probably drool at the opportunity to run a group as talented as Eagles D.” Who is he talking about, the bust from Oakland, our safeties, or the defensive line that was projected to break the all time single season sack record?

          • Graham

            Ok the safeties yes I agree, and I mentioned that. The bust from Oakland again, agreed, although he has played better since Brasher came in. The DL shows tons of potential and we’re seeing that now you can’t disagree…. Cox, Graham, Cole, Jenkins DAMNN.. The LBs are real strong. You replied to me so why do you said he he he… you you you is how it should be written. Eagles D has a lot of talent (EXCEPT AT SAFETY), and I bet many D coaches would hop at the opportunity depending on other things

        • GoBirds1

          You are an IDIOT! Reid had his chance this year and last, how did that work out for you as the BEST thing for this organization. Yes, firing Reid would clean out his staff, isn’t that what is needed and what you want. Name one current coordinator or senior position coach you would keep.
          Andy had his chance with the team and the offense, his playbook is so stale even he wouldn’t eat it, and every DC in the NFL knows what play is coming before it is even called. Follow Reid where ever he goes and enjoy yourself.

          • Graham

            Follow Reid wherever he goes? Didn’t it say die hard EAGLES fan above? Good one.
            Ya Reid had his chance, you know I can’t disagree with what you just said, because it is staring me right in the face. But all I say is give him another chance, he screwed up ya, but I think he’s the best chance at turning it back around. As far as his whole staff getting cleared out, I just don’t see that as the best thing for this young group of guys… He gets a new OC and DC and that whole playbook talk is fixed, if an OC brings in a bunch of new things. All in all I don’t really care what happens, my opinion is simply that keeping Reid gives us the best chance at success, rather than cleaning out the house and taking 5 years to rebuild everything. Hopefully the staff transitions can go over smoothly enough so that they don’t get in a big slump for half a decade….

          • GoBirds1

            You are absolutely clueless, with a new Philosophy, HC and staff this team can be turned around in a season or two. With Andy Reid what will change? NOTHING! He is stubborn, arrogant and his out of the box ‘creative’ thinking is completely retarded. The streak of blundering decisions over the past 2.5 years is mind boggling. You could not screw things up this bad even if were trying to.

    • FMWarner

      There is no bigger Reid guy on these boards than me (or so I thought), AND I’m a big proponent of ignoring the fans’ opinions on personnel and management because they’ll support a winner no matter how it happens and curse a loser no matter how it happens. That said, I think the atmosphere is just too poisoned for Reid to be effective here anymore. He’s a fine coach and I’m sure he’ll do well in his next job, but it just ain’t working here anymore.

      • Graham

        Yeah agreed… given the circumstances this is the way she goes..

    • Run Eagles Run

      andy reid has grown stagnant. i dont hate him but its clear he has to go. this organization needs a breathe of fresh air. I know that sounds cliche, but look at the circus andy reid has caused in his time here, not just the wins. no, he has to go. there is no question. marty moronwig is our OC. I repeat, MARTY MORONWIG! Do you want your HC hiring a guy because he knows he’ll do the job better than the rest, or hiring guys because they are old buddies from Green Bay? Andy thinks he is smarter than everyone else, but every team in the NFC east laughs when the eagles trot out the same dated playbooks every year, with hardly any new wrinkles. it took other teams less than a season to catch on to vick after he torched the league for 10 games. andy adjusted nothing. he just went out with the same gamplans from week 3. it took teams less than a season to catch on to the wide nine. andy reid made no adjustment, until his fat arm was bent behind his back and he finally fired washburn with no chance of making the playoffs. I dont think andy is the horrible human being people make him to be sometimes, but he needs to go, and he needs to go like, last year. its over. its a bad marriage and only pain is gonna come from it at this point. cut the cord.

      • Graham

        Good perspective to look at too… I agree with most of your points. I just don’t see it getting any better before it gets worse by getting rid of Reid… I see it getting worse for a while. But we’ll see.. who knows

        • Run Eagles Run

          you cant let the uneasiness of the unknown scare you from making big decisions. I have supported reid, like a few have, until this year. But no its just obvious to me that the situation isnt good for andy or the organization. maybe the guy who comes in right after andy will flop, but anyone who comes in is gonna be on a short leash. this team has young talnet. we arent miami, or the bengals of 10 years ago. there are guys on this team with a lot of talent, this isnt a rebuild. this is a come in and take inventory of what is here, plug in a few draft picks and FAs, and make the playoffs. I dont think whoever replaces andy is gonna have much room for failure unless its sean payton, and lets be honest… payton is gonna tell howie to fuck himself, there is no way he coaches this team if howie roseman is his boss. just my opinion.

          • Graham

            This is what I’m scared of, that the new guy won’t know how to use all this young talent and it doesn’t get used to it’s potential… I agree with what ur sayin… whoever comes in will be on a short leash and it’s not like they’ll get the chance to go into a slump. Who knows what happens to Howie now after signing the extension… if the new coach wants to control decisions then he may be taking the back seat there… hmmmmmm…… lots to do eagles..

  • TheGhostofNormVanBrocklin

    Then why don’t the Eagles just hire Polian and put a real football mind in charge of football decisions?

    • johngiam

      ding ding ding! it would be to smart of an idea….

  • aub32

    I think AR has to go after this season, and he has no one to blame but himself. He has allowed the players too long of a leash. Of course they want to keep him as coach. Where else could you fumble twice in a game and the coach feel bad for you? He has not held players accountable, and I find it hard to believe players will not feel upset if he tries to change next year. In addition, his stubbornness doomed this team this year. He could have switched the offensive game plan so much earlier. Instead, he let his QB get killed and his talented stable of backs go unused. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Reid era, and I wish him well, but I believe in tenure is over in Philadelphia.

  • daytoday

    stop with the fire andy….instead of looking at this season as a negative and saying “fire andy” look at the bright side, you have to admit this yr was bad cuz of injurys, even with that we were in every game except the cardinals, falcons, and redskins games
    1. we are going to be able to draft a dominate player, maybe star lotulelei or manti te’o or jarvis jones, all would make our defense much better
    2. next yr our offense will have everyone back healthy, plus we now have depth on the o-line and we found out we have ALOT of WR and running back talent
    3. the wide nine is gone which makes everyone on defense play better, and we got the cancers out
    4. i still think vick can play behind our healthy o-line, but if they want to move on der are going to be some QBs available while we develop foles, maybe alex smith, matt flynn, mark sanchez,(who has shown he can win with talent around him)
    ***i dont care what you say, if you cant admit that this season went down hill cuz of the injurys, you dont know football, you cant win when 4 of ur linemen are out…look at the colts last yr, you take peyton off that team and they were trash on offense and defense

    • Johmgiam

      dude, season went downhill before the injuries. Good teams win inspire of injuries. The steelers are still in the hunt for crying out loud, and they have been decimatated and play in a tough division

      • daytoday

        the eagles are the 3rd youngest team in the league, the steelers have vets all over there team…..BIG difference

    • Graham

      This is what I’m sayinnn…. Let him have another year. In any other fanbase with a team that’s expectations aren’t so strict, he would be given another chance. Look at Lovie Smith and Marvin Lewis for cryin out loud, they’ve been given multiple chances. Reid has 2 sub-par seasons (one sub par, one bad) and everyone wants to fire him. Fan base is so harsh. Hopefully Lurie does what’s best for the organization and not what’s best for the irrational fan base.

      • daytoday

        yea lurie did say injurys could save andys job so hopefully he keeps his word and keeps andy

        – and thats a great point about marvin lewis and lovie smith
        – if the fan base had there way we would prolly NEVER win anything in any sport

    • GoBirds1

      Keep drinking the kool-aid and wearing the green-tinted glasses. What happened in ’11 when the OL was healthy, 4-8. Peters was out since March and the rest of the injuries happened over time, the replacements and back ups were pathetic. What is the excuse for the D, they had virtually no injuries. TOs are systemic with this team and that is coaching and philosophy. Takeaway ratio the worst in the league. Every team didn’t have an off season last year and every team has injuries, but we have the gold standard to not be able to manage it, which is all part of the game.

      YOU ARE WHAT YOUR RECORD SAYS YOU ARE. The Eagles are the worst team in the NFC and practically the worst team in the league. Stop fooling yourself, this is not good team, no where close to good, they are bad, real bad. They are are not loaded with talent, they have a handful of good to great players, other than that, a bunch of players stealing money that don’t belong on any NFL roster.

      • daytoday

        the wide 9 was the reason our defense sucked…..last yr our defense blew atleast 4 games in the 4th quater….we coulda easily won 12 games last yr… do realise if you get your wish and we blow this team up, who knows how long it will take us to get back to being good
        – every team has TOs, but this yr we have alot of young players learning how to play and they will make mistakes

        • GoBirds1

          And who was responsible for bring in the wide-9 BEFORE hiring a DC, I mean Offensive Line coach. After seeing a year of the effect of the wide-9 and a position coach that thought he was DC, but we kept in place for another season. The ineptitude of Reid and his decisions over the past 3-4 years is unfathomable. But you want more of this from this arrogant know-it-all. Your worried what is going to happen if we lose Reid… How can we get any worse. This is THE WORST TEAM in the NFC and fighting to be the worst team in the entire NFL. Did you not watch this season and last week was an all time low point. TOs, dont get me started, we have 7 takeaways this year. The all time team low record is 12. This team is on pace to smash that stellar record. There is nothing good about this team, absolutely nothing, and this is Andy Reid’s team. His players, his coaches, his plays and schemes. This is what you get with AR, and none of this will change giving him another year!!!!!!!!

          • johngiam

            dayday get a clue…..i dnt even need to get into all the collosal boneheaded mistakes andy made….just his Phlosphical aroach is enough to get that fool canned. Fast, small, plays with a motor….;give me a break! Bring THE BEEF and POWER to philly!

  • Nick

    I went to CB East, and in Bucks Co., the Pettines are local legend. I would love to see a local guy like Pettine Jr. come to represent the birds. Also, he brings hard-nosed football to the table, something that unfortunately Reid lacks–or should I say the Reid that is available to Philadelphians. That dude is an effigy, and it’s time to get the matches.

    • Koz

      If Polian were to join Andy and keep Roseman as your cap guy. Then I would do that. Bring in a Pettine Jr., and let him hire his guy’s to run the D ala Jim Johnson. Bobby April? I don’t know how a respected coach just becomes a poor coach? Is it the talent evaluator that cannot understand what makes good backups/STérs? Move on from Vick whom D coordinators have figured out how to beat w/ 5,6,7 man pressures. Oh, and bring back Childress to push him to run the ball more.

    • KevinShinn

      Mike Pettine Jr had a hand in revolutionizing the way game film is done in the NFL while in Baltimore with the Ravens (where he made Rex Ryan’s acquaintance), and it’s worth noting he played his college ball for George Welsh (another Pennsylvania boy–from Coaldale northeast of Philly), at Virginia. Coaching is a real endowment with him, even if he is an economist (no, really).

  • Gthmbt

    Whiy do the sheep think its best to keep Andy Reid? What has he done right since 2008? Bad hirings, bad on field decisions, bad personnel decisions. When Andy was hired 14 years ago did anyone know who he was? To use the argument that ” there is no one better” is insulting to qualified candidates out there. The bigger worry for the fan base is that Howie ” not qualified” Roseman will still be here. That’s the bigger problem. Accept the fact that Reid is gone and deal with it.

    • johngiam

      fans fear the unknown…How anyone could want andy reid back is an absolute Joke. whoever hires Reid next year isnt getting the andy reid of 2004…He has gotten a stale, unevolved version of andy reid. Andy no longer can put together a decent coaching staff…since he was hired 14years ago, his assistants have gotten worse and worse til the point where he had to beg old senile men to come out of retirment…Have no clue why ANYONE would hire Andy Reid. He was a great coach for about 5 years…and then the decline…The andy of today, is not even a top 15 coach in the nfl
      MINDLESS SHEEP! How about we get on Roseman? or our joke of an owner who has spent less money then any major market team in the past decade. 20million under the cap in an all in superbowl year? what a joke. Does anyone think its a coincidence that the best teams are the ones with the least amount of cap space? you get what you paid for! you paid for the Jaguars, surprise surprise, thats EXACTLYT WHAT YOU GOT ON THE FIELD! the jaguars!

  • unnummm

    I fear for the team that has deal with Bill Polian next year. Lightning doesn’t strike twice buddy.