Twitter Mailbag: My Top Three For Head Coach

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From @greg_busa: in order give me your top 3 choices for coach.

OK, let’s do it. I’m entitled to change my opinion as I gather more intel, but here are my three choices should the Eagles move on from Andy Reid as expected:

1) Mike McCoy (offensive coordinator, Broncos, age 40)

McCoy has shown the ability to get the most out of his quarterbacks, and a willingness to tailor his offensive design to fit personnel.

A former QB himself, McCoy helped Jake Delhomme reach the Pro Bowl; got a pair of 3,500-yard passing seasons out of Kyle Orton; and revamped the Broncos offense to give Tim Tebow a fighting chance. Now, he’s blessed with Peyton Manning.

With the Eagles in transition and Nick Foles in the developmental stage, McCoy’s strengths seem to match up well with the team’s needs.

2) Greg Roman (offensive coordinator, 49ers, age 39)

Similarly, Roman has helped give the 49ers’ offense an identity despite a less-than-ideal quarterback situation. Alex Smith turned into a serviceable quarterback last season under Jim Harbaugh and Roman, and the offense finished in the top 10 in points per game while tying an NFL mark for fewest turnovers in a season (10). Colin Kaepernick has found success as well since taking over the starting role.

Roman, a Ventnor, New Jersey native,  has 15 years of NFL coaching experience and was with Harbaugh at Stanford. The Niners play some of the toughest and most disciplined football around — a brand that would be beloved in Philly.

3) Chip Kelly (head coach, Oregon, age 49)

Kelly will be perhaps the most sought-after head coach in the coming weeks and it would not surprise me at all if Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie make a run at him. Heading into this season, the Ducks’ offense was averaging 43 points and almost 500 yards per game in three seasons under Kelly.

Will his style of play translate to the NFL? Is he willing to adjust his approach as necessary? Will his lack of experience on the NFL level hurt him? These are a few unknowns that make him a bit of a risk. But the upside is tough to ignore.

From @OHH_BEE: As Birds clean house this offseason, what specific decisions will help us tell how long it will take to get back to relevancy?

Football is pretty basic in this respect: if you get the head coach and quarterback part of it right, you’re golden. Simple concept, very difficult to accomplish. Quick turnarounds happen all the time in the NFL, and this team is far from barren in the talent department. They can be relevant next season. To get beyond relevant and into contender status, they have to get the right quarterback and the right coach. Mess that up, and the picture gets significantly bleaker.

From @johnhanf: What kind of reception does Andy get from the fans at the end of Sunday’s game?

I have been mulling this over, and I just can’t picture any chill-worthy moments happening at the Linc Sunday. Maybe the Eagles pull off the upset, helping the fans to get in the right frame of mind for an ovation at the end. But odds are the team will walk off the field in defeat, dropping the Eagles to 4-11.

Given that the organization has not said anything about Reid’s job status, the fans need to make a small leap of faith to firmly conclude that Reid is gone, and then be inspired to show appreciation in the midst of their current disappointment. I believe there will be a smattering of applause, an effort by some to generate a moment, but I think the circumstances are such that the moment will fall flat.

Maybe it will feel different come Sunday. I’m anxious to see how it unfolds.

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  • UncleCarm

    I like your reasoning for the first two coaching choices. Regarding Kelly, it comes down to: is he perhaps a truly great footbal mind. It seems obvious that the style of offense he is running will not translate to the NFL, but suppose that is just one of his ideas and he is running it because it does work in college? It all comes down to picking his brain at the interview. If he can come up with some concepts for personnel that we have or could reasonably obtain, then he might be worth a shot. The point being, just because his current offense isn’t NFL ready doesn’t mean that he isn’t.

  • 1972

    Gus bradley
    VIc fangio
    David SHAW( i know he just resigned but thats my 3)

    • Elias Rappaport

      Shaw is NOT leaving Stanford.

  • dislikedisqus

    Well, i agree re McCoy strongly. But otherwise, assuming Cowher is not interested, I like Bill O’Brien and Jay Gruden. And I really don’t believe Chip Kelly will be a success in the NFL. I think he will be another Spurrier.

    • GoBirds1

      You and Johnngiam like Jay Gruden and his two arena league titles, no thanks. Did that offense really impress you last week, or just in general? Gruden lite does not seem to have to capacity to handle the HC role in the NFL, at least not here and now.

      Bill O’Brien, love him and will be great in the NFL one day, but he is on a higher mission. I hope he does not sell-out after one great season.

      • Johngiam

        First of all, only a fool can pretend to know who they want their next coach to be. How the hell can you even say who you want as our next coach, without having any clue who the offensive and defensive coordinators are that will come with each candidate? I can tell ou who I don’t want as the coah, and we can try and project what style of football that each candidate would bring to the eagles…but that’s as far as we can go. So to scoff at Jay Gruden, as if he is coming straight from the arena league is pretty idiotic if you ask me. I can’t tell you who I want to be thenext coach! How could I? I don know who Jay grudens defensive coordinator would be, and to me that’s just as important as theman with the head coaching title. I can tell you, that I hope we bring Jay in for an interview. It would be a mistake not to hear him out! PErsonally all I can say is who I don’t want as the coach(Saban, chip, and pretty much every other college coach except Obrien and Stanford coach)…… But you honestly wouldn’t want us to interview gruden? Are ou kidding me? just the fact that he is a popular young hot assistant, extremely well connected makes me want ok nervier him. Y? Because I expect that he wod be able to put together a helluva young coaching staff the way Andy did 14 years ago. it doesn’t help that he has a first hand look at what a franchise qb/WR tandem should look like, and is a coach who inspired f having a nice passing attack, NEVER abandons the run! yes, I DEFINITELY want the EAGLES to interview gruden! It would be a mistake to not hear out, a popular well connects young assistant, with the pedigree that Jay has….but without even knowing who the defensive coordinator would be…it’s just a crap shoot! So scoffing at candidates IMO is silly. let’s due all theneccassar Due diligence, and talk to as many people as possible, before WR just anoint the next head coach….

        I will say, that if ARIZONA cleans house, and if Ken Wisenhunt comes with the defensive coordinator from Arizona….I snatch them both up in a heartbeat and I don’t look back! LIke the family coaching tree Wisenhunt comes from, and I drool ofthe Arizona defense! I’m not sure that I take Wisenhunt, without his Dcordinator tho

        • GoBirds1

          John, trying to have an intelligent discussion with you on anything is like trying to have a conversation with a ditz blonde and trying to understand her circular logic. The only differences being she has nice tits! According to you, one cannot have an opinion on a prospective HC and project his respective staff and philosophies and how well they would do. But you can apply the same analysis and eliminate potential candidates that you don’t want. How does it work in one scenario but not in the other? please exlpain.

          BTW, the Stanford coach is David Shaw and the DC in Arizona Horton. I am a Huge Dick LeBeau fan where Horton comes from. As for Wisenhut, I am not so sure of. I really did not like him in Pitt and having the best WR in football and not be able to put the pieces in around him doesn’t make sense. The ’08 Superbowl trip was a joke, God knows we did not belong and we almost beat them.

          • Johngiam

            Yeah Wisenhunt personally does worry me…Sorry I don’t feel the need to spew insults back at you, but I am always down to talk football! Yes I do know who David shaw is lol….look, oppinions are formed by personal expectations….For me, who the next defensive coordinator, is just as important as who the next head coach will be….I can’t realistically tell you eh I want as my coach, without knowing who the defensive coordinator that’s attached to that coach. That’s just my personal view..”sure we can talk about what coaches Philosophies we like, what coaches systems we don’t like….My view, is coaching style, system philosophies are extremely important, and I use that Criteria to eliminate candidates that I don’t want….but to narrow it down, I need to know more.

            Question: it’s been 14yrs since I really paid attention to a coaching change…lI kind of forget how it works…will it be released what coordinators are attached With each head coaching candidate during the interview process, or is a coach hired independently, and then he puts together his staff? I honestly can’t remember.

            Please explain how my logic is so completely off base, that you felt the need to attack me and turn a football discussion into a pissing match?

            Excuse me for really valuing who the next Dcoordinator will be. tell you the truth, the offensive coordinator, qb coach, line coach. These things are extremely important

          • Johngiam

            Basically, I would stomach Wisenhunt, to get Horton…not o mention Horton is beloved by his players…wouldn’t mind a couple cardinal defenders migrating to Philly when they become free agents. I have such a man crush on Daryl Washington, Caleus cambell, Kerry rhodes

          • GoBirds1

            I guess you think Buddy Ryan was a good HC then. What if your new head coach is a DC? Then what…Of course we want a good staff and that is part of the opinion if you think a candidate can put together a good staff.

          • Jhngiam

            Buds wasn’t a good head coach, but he was a good Philadelphia head coach. Shiiiit, I would love Rex as my Dcoordinator, but only if you had a strong enough HC to keep that loud mouth in check…it’s not as simple as being able to put together a good staff. Certain candidates are able to get better assistants then othere’s…I believe that is very important. Just look at the REID era, there is a direct correlatin between quality of assistants, and the quality of the team throughout the years. That staff that Andy put together 14 years ago was a major part of our success I believe

          • Jhngiam

            Tell you the truth I never liked head coaches as dcoordinators except buddy. Most defensive minded men turned HC abandon the defense and focus on the offense. Buddy was one of the few HC that said screw the offense, I will worry about the defense. He knew what he was good at, and he knew to delicate what he wasn’t good at. That’s extremely important n a leader

          • GoBirds1

            I guess you mean delegate and not delicate. It is one thing to delegate and it is another thing to completely abandon responsibility to the offensive side of the ball. Buddy was not a good coach here, Philly or anywhere. He had the most dominating defense possibly ever and he won zero playoff games. Rex is a blowhard, ditto for brother Rob, no thanks.

  • GoBirds1

    I think McCoy would be great and Roman a consolation prize. As for Chip Kelly, he represents an awful lot of hype, a ton of risk and limited upside. Do we want our Eagles to be HIS NFL guinea pig? He has zero NFL experience, ZERO, and his previous college experience was at that perennial football powerhouse University of New Hampshire, enough said on his resume. What is more troubling is what goes on on the other side of the football. As awesome as his offense has been, his defenses have been even more atrocious! In fact our Ole two-hand-touch secondary would be perfect for his defense. Furthermore, when faced with a good defense that game plans for his gimmicky scheme, i.e. Stanford, they put up 13 points and lose. Overall, not a good fit for Philly football and our existing talent base.

    The scary part is, it is a perfect fit for Howie and Jeffery, the rock-star coveted choice. Just like the perfect fits of Watkins at guard, Allen and Jarrett were at safety, NA at CB, Wash at Dline coach, Mudd, DC Castillo, Moronwig, April and last but not least, Vick at QB. Is it possible to make so many mind bogglingly bad decisions in such a short time period. Let’s hope Foles is the silver lining and a sensible HC selection like McCoy, will provide our children with hope…GOBIRDS!!!!!!!!!!

    • A Roy

      Disagree. Lurie certainly didn’t pick a rock star in AR.

      • GoBirds1

        That was then, this is now. When did we stop releasing 30something players, and start signing them to $30, $60 and $100 million contracts?!!!!!!!!!! How is that working out so far?

        • The Guru

          The minute they weren’t Ray Rhodes players

        • A Roy

          So, AR changed during his tenure. That doesn’t mean Lurie made a bad choice in him. It was a good ride. (If AR/#5 could’ve only managed a clock and timeouts and run/pass ratio, we would like him more than Vermeil. Don’t think you can pin it on Howie, either.

          • GoBirds1

            Mr. Roy, I think you dipped into the holiday spirits a little early this year. Your initial comment was defending Lurie, then commented and pointed the finger at AR, then concluded by defending Howie. Can’t quite follow your position. But of the three, who do you think gives it the OK when they are inking $30, $60 and $100 million contracts?

          • A Roy

            I’m saying Andy was a good choice by Lurie and Banner. Andy eventually got too close to his boys and wanted them around regardless of cost. And that I trust Lurie to make another good selection until he doesn’t. Besides, a $100M contract doesn’t mean the player actually will see that money and they know it. Always look at the guaranteed money to see what they’re actually worth.

  • JohnGiam

    I am absolutely SHOCKED to hear McMNanus would be happy with Chip Kelly. Nothing would piss me off more then hiring chip or saban!
    As for Roman, Mcoy, Fangio…I would take any of them in a heartbeat! Would like to keep an eye on ken wisenhunt. would love to snatch him up if he gets fired (nothing would make me happier then him bringing the cardinals Dcoordinator with him to Philly… none of us can really say who we want as a coach, cuz none of us know what that even means. Who will be his assistants?…. my number 1 question for any coaching candidate, is WHO WILL BE YOUR Dcoordinator? Thats what I care about! Get me the coach who A) will bring us philly style football, B) bring us the best Dcoordinator!

  • djack10

    I don’t think Greg Roman has 15 years of NFL coaching experience. He spent a couple of years at Stanford which means he would have been an NFL coach around the age of 20. We need a fact check!

    • GoBirds1

      djack, try google greg roman, fascinating how that works…15 years looks pretty accurate!

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    I like boobs.

    • A Roy

      Well, there’s one vote for Ryan.

  • Wilbert M.

    Sorry Tim, football is not that basic if you want to win a Super Bowl. Who would have said that Billick/Dilfer or Gruden/Johnson were Super Bowl recipes? Why couldn’t Don Shula win a Super Bowl with Dan Marino? You need the perfect storm and that’s what’s so frustrating for Eagles fans. We had it, but Donovan and Andy choked (literally and figurally). We had the Place or Show horse 5 times. When you’re that close it comes down to mechanics – the little things – like clock management and reducing mistakes. Belichick and Coughlin sweat the little things and don’t blow the details. Andy almost always did.

  • EaglefaninAZ

    Ariens, (sp?) Roman, McCoy. No one outta college. PLEASE.

    • Elias Rappaport

      Cause Jim Harbaugh really sucks…

      • EaglefaninAZ

        All props to Mr. Harbaugh for sure. I guess I should rephrase my hope. “No one out of college with no NFL experience”.
        Seriously, we have a fair amount of veterans on this team. I just think they’d have more respect out of the gate for a guy that’s been to the “show” before.
        Just one guy’s opinion. I’m no expert of any sort.

        • Elias Rappaport

          Sure Harbaugh was a QB in the NFL, but never a coach. It is completely different. Drafting, FA, strategy, game planning. It’s all different so being an NFL QB means nothing to me. Also Greg Schiano…

  • Mr. Magee

    No thanks as far as Chip Kelly is concerned – gobirds’ comments are right on the mark.

    As for whether Andy gets a cheer or not on Sunday, way too much is being made of that. If I were there (thankfully I won’t be), he’d get a respectful clap from me during introductions in recognition of what he’s accomplished here over the years. Certainly nothing is going to happen at the conclusion of the game… there might not be many fans left at that point anyway.

    • Elias Rappaport

      Why no on Kelly?

      • Johngiam

        because the nfl is not college!

        • Elias Rappaport

          Tell that to Jim Harbaugh.

          • JohnGiam

            dont want anyone with no nfl experience…btw, if you want to see Dion Lewis play ahead of Bryce brown, and Vick laying ahead of foles, then sure bring in chip kelly….me, no thanks! cute gimicky andy ball, I have had enough! Line the Fock up and punch someone in the mouth and Play DEFENSE! dont sound like chip kelly to me!

          • Elias Rappaport

            I’ll adress all your points separately…

            1. Harbaugh had no NFL coaching experience and Schiano had none.

            2. Lewis ahead of Foles??? Where did you get that from? Brown is the prototypical Kelly RB. Are you kidding? You just proved you never watch him…

            3. No one said Kelly can’t have Foles. Kelly would just have to adjust his offense.

            4. ITS NOT A F**KING GIMMICK! It’s a normal system! He runs the ball equally if not more than passing, he runs the no huddle, he has his team well coached, and he runs spread…

            5. Well then YOU FIND A DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR!…

            I have been an Oregon fan for years and idiots like you have never watched him… You prove that with your stupidity.

          • Johngiam

            Hhahaha bet Nick Saban is your second choice? For every schianno I can name ten spurriers…don’t really feel the need to get in a pissing Match…enjoy your day. Sensing a tad bi hostility…are u and chip related? Haha ..btw get off schiannos nuts…he is Jim swartz in year run…it was great when things were going g ood…now not so much, and I’m willing to bet schianno suffers a drastic fall from grace in year two or three….so try using someone who has done it for more then a season, or ATleast have been in the playoffs before.

          • Elias Rappaport

            I don’t like most college coaches. That’s why I don’t get your hate. I like Kelly A LOT, because I understand that college coaches come with risk.

  • The Guru

    I’d be totally on board with the first two. Chip Kelly can suck a fart out of my ass. Why aren’t we looking at the defensive coordinator from San Fran Vic Fangio? I know he runs a 3-4, but he should be on the radar as well.

    • Elias Rappaport

      How do you know we aren’t? This is just a list of his 3 favorite guys. I’m sure the Eagles are interviewing everybody. Also why no to Kelly? I think he’s great.

      • The Guru

        He has no chance to be successful in the pros. He runs a gimmick offense and he doesn’t even both coaching defense. See Steve Spurrier for how he turns out.

        • Elias Rappaport

          How is running the ball a lot out of the spread and using play action a gimmick? A gimmick is the wild cat. Something that won’t last that only consists of a few plays. He basically runs a fast paced, well coached, smart, offense. It’s basically the fast break, but in football.

          • The Guru

            The spread offense doesn’t work in the NFL. He’s going to get his QB killed. Look at RGIII who’s a fantastic athlete running the spread option. He’s been hurt twice this year. These guys who try and reinvent football always fail…and fail miserably in the the pros.

          • Elias Rappaport

            The Patriots do just fine… Also RG3 gets killed because his o-line sucks and he tries to run… It’s also different because he only passes 50% of the time… Also football is always being reinvented… Are you saying football’s been the same since 1930 and anyone that tried to change it failed? I guess Bill Walsh is trash to you.

          • The Guru

            Tom Brady. Enough said about the Patriots. Of course the game is not the same as the ’30s. But, the basic principals of the game have stayed the same. Walsh (and others) put their own spin on things, but at it’s core, the principals remained the same. I’m talking about guys like Spurrier and Chip Kelly. They think they can reinvent the game with their offenses which don’t hold true to those principals for winning NFL football. Very successful in college but it doesn’t translate.

            We can re-visit this in a few years.

          • Elias Rappaport

            Are you kidding? You must have never watched or heard of Chip Kelly because his offense is not that different. He runs the spread and bunch formations mostly (something half the league does), he runs the ball out of it a lot (something not new at all), he runs the no huddle (most of the league is switching to that ), he has his team well prepared (can’t argue with that), and he spells a lot of running backs out to keep them fresh (something you see from teams with 3 headed attacks). He is just putting together a few schemes. It’s basically a no huddle, run a lot, spread offense that is coached better than most NFL teams.

          • The Guru

            He must have plenty of rings to show for that right? Oh he can’t even win the Pac 12. Thanks for playing….

          • Elias Rappaport

            He did win the Pac 12. Plus it is REALLY hard to win it all when your team has considerably less talent.

          • The Guru

            Stanford and UCLA played. He’s a fraud and if you think he’s the best choice, you don’t know football.

          • laeagle

            Really? Like Bill Walsh? Bill belichek? Don Coryell? Paul Brown? Sure, why bother trying to reinvent football. 3 yards and a cloud of dust 4eva.

          • The Guru

            You win by running the ball and playing defense. Always have…always will.

  • A Roy

    I’m down with McCoy, Roman or another NFL-experienced offensive mind. Ideally they can find a way to ge it done offensively with the existing talent while devoting most of the draft to defensive side of the ball.

  • Johngiam

    Question: how can anyone really even say they want a certain guy as their coach? I can tell you with certainty who I DON’T WANT, but how can anyone even make an educated guess and say this is the dude I want to be our next coach? I say this because IMO the single most important aspect of hiring a head coach is….who will be his assistant coaches?????? How can anyone say who they want as a coach, without even knowing who would be the offensive and defensive coordinators? IMO next years offensive and defensive coordinators ismch more important then who the head coach will be that will oversee it all….You can get Vince Lombardi in here, but if your defensive coordinator is Sean McDermott, and Marty Morningweigh, the how successful will we really be?

    Sure we can throw around names due to the schemes that we think they will bring to Philly, and they style of football that they run…but that’s about as far as we go, until we find out who the offensive and defensive coordinators are that will be attached to each candidate

  • Elias Rappaport

    Chip Kelly
    Mike McCoy

    Jay Gruden

    BTW why does everyone on here hate Chip Kelly? I think he is going to be a fantastic coach. He runs an innovative system that fits our skill set perfectly.

    • johngiam

      havent heard you say a word about defense in yuor chi kelly man love. thats your answer to why everyone hates on him. I have watched enough sean mcdermott, juanita, bowles….I want the headcoach that will bring me the best defensive coordinator..all that cute stuff you talk about on offense sounds great, but even the greatest offenses will struugle at times. a great defense wiull keep you in every game. thats what Philly football is…and we have gotten away from that for too long!…I would gladly deal with kEN WISENHUNT, TO GET his defensive coordinator horton!

      • Elias Rappaport

        Andy wasn’t a defensive guy, but he had Jim Johnson. All it takes is a good d coordinator.

        • Johngiam

          Hasn’t seemed like good dcoordinators grow on trees in Philly

          • Elias Rappaport

            But they do in the league. It’s not hard to find.

  • Josh B.

    I don’t necessarily have a “top 3” coaches, but this is the sentence I like best:

    “…and a willingness to tailor his offensive design to fit personnel…”

    It is absolutely vital that the next coach have this tendency. Good coaches create a “scheme”, and hope to hell they find the perfect combination of players to fit that scheme. GREAT coaches look at the talent they have and create a scheme to maximize that talent. We’ve spent 14 years watching Reid try and pound square pegs into round holes – it’s time to hire somebody that would rather change the shape of the holes.

  • IHateEaglesFans

    I love the eagles have since I was a child watching Randall Cunningham run around in that green ad silver uni. But I hate like 90% of our fans, you guys are pessimistic as hell and don’t know anything about football. Andy was one of the greatest coaches of all time and as much as the past two seasons have sucked ou should be careful of what you wish for. Unless we bring in someone brilliant you better hope Andy comes back next season. Marty, April, Bowles whatever, but there’s a small chance that anyone “better” than Andy will come in here and right the ship. Also to all the Kelly haters, it’s not a gimmick offense it’s a great lightning strikes offensive strategy. New England runs the hurry up, skins and San Fran run the read option and guess what they work and work well. If anything this roster was made for chip Kelly’s offense. Jackson and maclin are pretty average unless you can open up and have an unpredictable attack. They are small and take all day to get off the ball. Also mudd has brought in and taught players the prefect attacking style to block in that system and McCoy and brown are a rich mans lemicheal James and Barner. If Reid’s gone Kelly would be one of the only acceptable replacements and as for defense that’s what you hire a d coordinator for. If Reid’s gone and Kelly doesn’t jump be ready for those years between Cunningham and mc5 . Just sayin dummies

    • Elias Rappaport

      I totally agree with you on Kelly. Thank you, but I can’t agree on Andy. Andy has failed the last two years. We haven’t won a playoff game since 2008. It’s the NFL. If that happens, regardless you are fired. He is a terrible gameday manager, his play calling is too obvious and predictable. It’s enough.

  • aub32

    I like reading all the Kelly detractors saying he will NEVER work. These will undoubtedly be the people lamenting us not going for him when we had the chance, and he and Vick or Romo go off to win a bunch of games.

  • bridgecoach

    Chip Kelly is the clear top choice. He knows how to build and lead a successful coaching staff. He is already advising top NFL teams (NE Patriots). His plays are designed to maximize the strengths of his personnel and exploit his opponents. There really isn’t any gimmick to him at all – he schemes to run it up the gut; he coaches to maximize time rather than possess it; he understands the amazing speed and athleticism available in today’s players and shapes his playbook to take every advantage.

  • Big Koch

    So disappointed this year. Try running the ball for a change. You have a great RB but Andy wants to play Madden 13 instead. The Eagles STINK as bad Geno’s nasty cheesteaks taste…YUCK

  • PositiveEaglesFan

    Kelly is from NH. Most of his close friends are in NH. There’s a high chance he’ll come to Philadelphia. People who say, ” I don’t want a coach from college” are outright ignorant. Bill Walsh’s was once dubbed a gimmick offense because it wasn’t conventional at that time. Now, the west-coast offense is utilized throughout. You haters need to go on youtube and watch his interviews. The man knows football. Ask Bill Belichick.