Eagles Wake-Up Call: Nnamdi Willing To Cut His Pay?

Philadelphia Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha.Nnamdi Asomugha was asked on Wednesday how important it is to him that he stays in Eagles green beyond this season. The question was tied to his sizable contract, and the reality that changes surely are ahead.

“I think really important. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” said Asomugha.

So you would make decisions potentially coming from that stance? If sacrifices were asked to be made?

“Yeah, I mean all I can say right now is I really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” he replied. “I definitely want to be back here.”

And with that, we have our first indicator that Asomugha could be open to restructuring his deal.

The 31-year-old defensive back inked a five-year, $60 million contract prior to the 2011 season. He is scheduled to make $15 million next year, $4 million of which is guaranteed. A paycheck that fat may have made sense when he was billed as one of the very best cover corners in the league, but it is out of whack after two seasons of unmet expectations. It is difficult to envision any team paying him that much.

While Asomugha is under contract, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will be an unrestricted free agent. Keep neither? One? Both?  The Eagles are facing some big decisions when it comes to the cornerback position.

Many have wondered whether Asomugha wants  to be in Philadelphia. He was under less scrutiny in Oakland, after all, and fully admitted that coming here from the West Coast was quite the adjustment. But Asomugha says he wants to stay put, holding onto the belief that progress is being made both in his game and as a defense overall.

“I think the comfort level has always gotten better and gotten better,” he said. “What we’re doing now has kind of helped everyone’s comfort level, especially mine from what we were doing once the bye week ended. I think we finally jelled over the last two, three weeks on defense.”

We have seen improved play in the secondary since the Eagles moved on from Jim Washburn and his Wide-9 scheme. In six weeks with Bowles as defensive coordinator and Washburn as defensive line coach, the Eagles allowed opponents to complete 76 percent of their passes. In the past two weeks minus Washburn, that number is 44 percent. The opposing quarterbacks (Andy Dalton, Josh Freeman) have not been as potent of late, granted, but that’s a dramatic change regardless.

One thing that some of these veterans will have to come to terms with is that a good deal of the hard work will be undone as a result of a new coaching staff coming in.

“I haven’t really thought about that much, just because you never know what is going to happen. We’ve made some good strides, though, with what we’ve been doing, so that’s always good to build off of,” said Asomugha. “But when it all changes around you’re kind of starting all over.”

As it stands right now, Asomugha sounds like he wants to remain in Philadelphia regardless.


Scratch David Shaw off your wish list. He is staying at Stanford.

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Ian Rappaport of NFL.com says that Michael Vick has eyes for Chip Kelly:

Sources who have spoken to Michael Vick say the veteran quarterback believes he has another four years left in the NFL and wants to be a starter with whatever team signs him in the event he is released by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Those sources also said Vick would not want to join the New York Jets if Mark Sanchez still is the starter, but he would consider signing with the Jets if he were paid more than Sanchez, making it clear that Vick was the No. 1 quarterback on the depth chart.

Aside from the Jets, the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and Cleveland Browns are mentioned as possibilities.

The sources close to Vick said he might wait to see if Oregon coach Chip Kelly decides to take an NFL coaching job in the offseason, adding that Vick already has imagined himself playing in Kelly’s fast-paced spread offense.

Mike Shanahan told the Philadelphia media that RGIII practiced at “full speed” Wednesday. Barring a setback, it looks like he’ll get the nod on Sunday. Those who watched practice said the rookie “looked smooth.”


Eagles continue to get ready for the Redskins. Marty Mornhinweg and Todd Bowles will address the media.

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  • 1972

    NNamdi’s a smart guy, he’s seen the tape. His skills have eroded, hes no longer a good player so of course he would take a pay cut.. if the eagles cut him he might be a back up for the rest of his career.Thanks but no thanks nnam, cut him and negotiate with d.r.c.He can be lazy at times but he still has skill. asomugha is finished

    • Wood334

      your just way way off on Nnamdi…in about every single way Nnamdi is a elite corner and way better then DRC your nuts

      • 1972

        what does nnamdi do to make him elite?and dont say shut down recievers. i want real analysis..An elite corner has to have one or both of these things, speed and ball awareness . nnamdi has neither so what makes the guy elite?U wanna see elite corners. check seattle , 49ers and the jets. asomougha stinks

      • Johngiam

        It’s not about the money…I would let Nmandi keep every penny if he could stop receivers from catching the ball…to say Nmandi is better then drc is one of the top absurd things posted on this site. Drc could play corner sleep walking better then n,and I can. Only way u can keep Nmandi is to pair him with an elite safety who will help him instead of blowing coverages. Drc has more talent in one leg the Nmandi has in his body

      • The Guru

        Wow you couldn’t be more wrong. First neither corner is “elite”. Second, DRC when playing motivated is a MUCH better player than Nnamdi at this point.

        I’d actually be open to move Nnamdi to safety like they did Charles Woodson and Rod Woodson and see if he can play free safety (with an obvious pay cut). Then you just get a strong safety and another corner.

        • JofreyRice

          What skills have you seen him display that makes you think he could be a safety? He played S/CB at Cal, and got switched to CB full time in Oakland because he has no idea what he’s doing in zone coverages–no feel for it, for when to switch off on his responsibilities, etc. He doesn’t have good ball skills, and is a below average open field tackler. Don’t you remember Juan Castillo’s brilliant plan to try and turn Asomugha into the next Charles Woodson? I think we’ve seen that act, already.

          The only thing he’s ever done well is play press man coverage on the outside. He can’t do that any more, so what the hell is he?

          • The Guru

            Well, first, you can’t just replace 4 players in the secondary in one season. And I can’t put much stock into a Juan Castillo’s defense with the entire defense designed around the defensive line’s wide 9. He doesn’t have the speed to keep up with WRs. But he can play the Jason Avant’s of the world and TE’s pretty well still. If he’s a free safety, I think you could get by if you have a legitimate strong safety who can tackle. I’d roll the dice with him over any safety we have on the roster.

          • morgan c

            I don’t think Nnamdi could do any better at safety than either Allen, Coleman, or Anderson. I agree with other posters; I like the idea in theory, until you consider that he is terrible in zone coverages (free safety would be bad bit for him) and can’t tackle (strong safety would be ever worse). I know you can’t replace all 4 guys, but I say get rid of Nnamdi, keep DRC, draft a corner and a safety and keep ONE of Anderson, Coleman, or Allen to play other safety spot. If we do resign Nnamdi, keep him as a 3rd CB.

          • JofreyRice

            I hear you, in that it’s going to be a major project to overhaul the entire secondary. I think Wade Phillips benched 3 of the 4 previous starters when he took over the Texans D in 2011, and they did pretty well. If DRC didn’t have to be “motivated” every 2 games to play up to his potential, I’d say we keep him, and replace the other 3 spots, but I just don’t trust the guy. I don’t think you can say “You can’t replace everybody”…why not? They have been historically bad, and the Eagles are one of the worst teams in the league. This team is not a tweak or two away from being a contender, they blow.

            I don’t think Nnamdi can be a safety, at all, but we may see him return because they’d have to pay him 4 million just to walk away.

        • Septhinox

          The difference between Woodson and Nnamdi? Woodson actually had skills to transition to S. Woodson was a great tackler and played the run very well. Does that sound like Nnamdi to you?

          • The Guru

            Free safeties don’t have to play the run all that well. But he can cover the slot and TEs. Allen and Coleman can’t even do that.

          • Septhinox

            The point went right over your head. Nnamdi can’t tackle. A safety that can’t tackle becomes…Nate Allen.

            Also, you don’t make roster decisions because “Allen and Coleman can’t even do that.”

          • The Guru

            I got your point and disagree. Ok then we’ll just replace all 4 guys. It should be super easy. Why didn’t I think of that?

          • Septhinox

            You’re the one saying replace all 4 guys. I pointed out the flaw in your logic. Don’t get upset because you don’t ave it all together.

          • The Guru

            My logic is fine. Free safeties don’t have to tackle well genius. So what’s your plan for the secondary then?

          • Arancar

            they never said replace 4 players, you did.

          • Septhinox

            Reid said Allen was benched because he couldn’t tackle well, yet you say they don’t need to tackle well. Ok. Lol

          • The Guru

            Nnamdi is Ronnie Lott compared to Allen. So it’s 2013….name your four starters.

          • Anebriated

            DRC, Jarius Byrd, colt Anderson(or new draft pick if he does well in camp), nnamdi…. Boykin in the slot.

  • Myke Lowery

    in regards to the Vick comments..any truth to the Vick to jets rumors? can they trade him for one of their DBs?

    • FMWarner

      In reality, they can’t trade him unless he wants to go where they’re sending him. Nobody will pay him what his contract calls for next year, so he’ll have to make a restructuring agreement with the team trading for him – something he won’t do if he doesn’t want to go.

  • Kimbafuzz

    NFL.com has a report that Vick “played” RG3 on the Eagles scout team. Its like the Eagles sent him down to Triple A or something. Wow.

  • Beavis

    Asomugha is just the latest Eagles DB that has fallen from grace. Just look at the past decade. Guys who were dominant faded away: Bobby Taylor, Sheldon Brown, Al Harris, Quentin Mikael, Michael Lewis, Lito Sheppard, hell even BDawk. The problem is that Philly had these guys during their prime, whereas Asomugha was brought in just as he started to decline. The problem is the team overpaid and his talent level has dropped precipitously in only two seasons. Both he and DRC could be useful, but it’s sad to think how bad this team’s secondary will be next year.

  • Anebriated

    Cut Nnamdi’s pay and use the savings to sign DRC to an extension. Still need a CB in the draft though

    • 1972

      i would run a rookie out ther before nnamdi.The guy is never in position to make a play. its pathetic at this point

      • Anebriated

        This is the foolish thinking that shows why most fans don’t work for the team. Nnamdi has struggled, nobody will argue that. To replace him with an untested rookie is just a terrible idea. You can easily get NA and DRC for the price nnamdi was supposed to make. Bring them both back and then brin in rookies to push them for their playing time. Change in schemes should help both corners as will improved safety play. No point in letting our 2 best corners(sad truth) go after the aeason

        • Johngiam

          A lot of teams have Bad years, players have down years, injuries can kill the most optimistic of seasons….but we are so much more screwed up then the average bad season. ATleast the other bad teams like the jaguars can properly evaluate players. Our situation is so screwed up and dysfunctional that I don’t even know how we can evaluate what we have. let’s see, you brought in a completely different way of blocking, then the traditional way players have blocked their entire life..and you were dumb enough to make that switch without ATleast a 5yr commitment to it. Now we have two years worth of game tape, in a drastically different way of blocking..so how do we evaluate the way players will play next year when we go back to the traditional way of blocking? Watkins looks like the worst pick ever, but for all we know he could be significantly better next year in the traditional blocking way, you know the way he blocked when we drafted him out of college….then they did the same thing with the defensive line attacks scheme, which was worse, cause it affected the entire defense…then to compound the problem, are corners played with the two worst starting safeties in the nfl. It’s clear Nmandi has lost a step, but I don’t know how bad he is…how can I evaluate his play, when half of his bad plays, came from him playing his man a certain way, expecting Nate Allen to help a certain way, and Nate would do the exact opposite and blow the coverage…

          being a bad football team is one thing…but using cockamamie schemes that are drastically different from whatever the next coach will instil, is just a disaster! The next coach will have ti basically guess how are lineman are gonna transition into the traditional blocking scheme..or watch tapes of the plays from 3 years ago. Past two years of game film are pretty much useless.

          I have no idea how bad our corners really are. it could not have been easy playing in the. Ost dysfunction defense in the history if the modern nfl. There mite be worst defense, but non as dysfunctional…and no one had it worse then the corners who had to mesh and coordinate coverage with two pathetic safeties. Lack of size, and ability is one thing…add blown coverages…how the hell can I know whAt Nandi and DRC could be after you paired them with this slop. The best secondaries play as a well coordinated machine.

          This is such a mess, the next coach is going to really have his work cut out for him, trying t evaluate lays, after 2 years in dysfunctional schemes that will be drastically diffent way of doing things then whoever we hire as the next coach.

          let’s start with a phylisophical change, and get rid of these fast midgets…bring the BEEF and POWER to Philly. As baldinger would say, I want us to pass the airport test next year, you know actually looking like a big strong football team when you are walking thru the airport…how does this philosophical change. Happen when you GM, has ONY ever been around the small and fast guy philosophy since he has been here…If the next coach ever utters the words FAST and plays with a MOTOR, HE SHLD BE FIRED ON THE SPOT! They needtoadd that clause in his contract!

          • Johngiam

            My dream scenario of a secondary for next year is:
            DRC, Jarius bYrd, Matt Elam, Marcus Truphant

            Doubt it’s vey realistic, but that’s the dream!

          • Anebriated

            If the Jaguars could properly evaluate talent they wouldnt be a perennial cellar dweller. We do need to beef up a bit in certain areas but its not as dire as you make it seem. We have good talent on the roster, need to sure up certain areas but its not a terrible rebuild. What we need more than any player is the right coaching hire who brings with him a good crew of assistants and the proper schemes.

  • JofreyRice

    Nnamdi trash

  • BdawkBdawk

    I admit that there is a massive gap between my expectations for Nnamdi and his play these past couple seasons, but he is still an above average corner. In this league, great wide receivers will always beat great cornerbacks – especially when there is minimal pass rush. If we can restructure to an above average CB contract, you have to pay this guy. Results will be better without sub-par safeties playing run-first or having gap assignments out of the Wide 9.

  • aub32

    I hope we do keep Nnamdi. His physical ability has fallen off, but he is still a good CB in this league. I do think that the scheme had much to do with the decline of his play. I also think having safeties that did not provide help when they were meant to left him holding the bag on many play where he did his job correctly.He does do some things better than DRC, as they are different style of CBs. With the right DC and safety combo, they could compliment one another well.

  • daytoday

    Nnamdi takes a pay but, resign DRC, and then go out and get 2 good safetys….jairus byrd, AND or dashon goldson….and our secondary is set