Business Decision Coming For Jake Scott

Jake Scott is a football player. And as he demonstrated earlier this offseason, he is also a businessman.

Scott reportedly turned down several offers this offseason because the price wasn’t right. His streak of 121 straight starts went up in smoke, and the 31-year-old was without a team for more than half the year before ultimately signing a one-year deal with the Eagles. After all that, he’s on the verge of hitting free agency again.

“Just kind of wait and see what happens after the season — that was kind of the deal coming in,” said Scott. “Just come in and play and have some fun with it and let’s see what happens this offseason. I think that is the only way it could have worked. They obviously weren’t going to pay me a significant amount of money to just come in for seven weeks, and I probably wouldn’t have signed for anything more than a one-year deal. It’s just how it worked.”

Why did you only want to go one year?

“Well it wouldn’t make sense. I didn’t have the leverage to get a good enough deal to sign for more than one year. There’s no leverage, so why do it?” he explained.

Scott has a little bit better leverage now, it would seem.

Speaking both to Scott’s ability and the wobbly state of the offensive line, the former Titan and Colt was signed on November 12 and was starting in place of Danny Watkins at right guard six days later. Though far from perfect, he has proven to be an upgrade over Watkins. Scott has allowed two sacks and one quarterback hit, according to Pro Football Focus. All of that damage (plus five QB hurries) came against the Bucs. In all, he has committed six penalties and yielded 11 QB hurries in five starts for the Eagles.

“I’ve enjoyed myself. It’s been disappointing that we haven’t won more games but it’s fun to be back playing football, it’s fun to be part of a group where on offense I think we have improved every week and we’re playing better,” he said. “We’re still making mistakes but it’s been fun to be a part of that.

“It’s a good place to be, good people to be around, good coaching staff. The organization has been great to me so I have enjoyed that.”

There is a good chance the coaching staff won’t be here next year. Scott was asked how that will play into his decision-making.

“Until something actually happens it doesn’t affect me at all,” he said. “I’m not going to have a say in that so I’ll have to wait and see what happens, if anything happens, and go from there.”

If we’ve learned nothing else, it’s that Scott will weigh his options.

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  • JofreyRice

    He’s been a slight upgrade on Watkins. With a team this bad, you don’t start pulling fingers out of the dyke. Re-sign Scott, have Peters, Herremans, & Kelce return, and hope that they are all back to form. None of this draft’s tackles are as good as Matt Kalil or Tyron Smith, so I wouldn’t move Herremans back to G, and draft a RT to replace him. This isn’t going to be solved in a year or two, Howie & Reid or whomever is making draft decisions has loaded the roster with bummy guys. Not convinced Howie’s the guy to turn it around, but he seems to be pretty tight with Lurie, so I’m holding out hope.

    If they stand pat in the top 5, go for a CB like Johnathan Banks. If they go to a staff that wants to run a 3-4, get a DL like Star Lotulelei, Jesse Williams, or Bjoern Werner. There are good players out there, but I don’t think this draft has much elite talent at QB or T.

    • Johngiam

      I agree. I will be furious if they invest in any of these first round QBs or tackles. Jockel is going to be a good solid pro, but he is o Matt Khalil or Trent Williams… I wouldn’t ind star Latululei at all, regardless of whether we play 4-3 or 3-4… I can see him pairing with cox and being that massive, fast ndomunkung sue type of 4-3 tackle that will require a lot of attention freeing up cox and the linebackers.

      here is the thing with the Oline, I don’t even know what to make of it, since the situation was so darn dysfunctional. The cockamie blocking scheme that Mudd brought in, his a totally different way of blocking then the traditional way. It’s a way of blocking that takes time to get used to. Scott has a lot of experience blocking that way, so he came in and looked good. One of the few things we know for certain going into next year is Mudd is gone, and we will go back to the traditional way of blocking. Would Scott still be this good in the traditional scheme, or after all these years is he a MUDD scheme specialist? Also on the flip side, there is Danny Watkins, who every single one of us perceives as a total and utter BUST! When we drafted the kid, the tapes that we watched we’re of him in a TRADITIONAL BLOCKING scheme, we then miscalculated and projected how he would translate to Mudd style of blocking…and he has been a COMPLETE disaster! But that DOES NOT necessarily mean that WATKINS can’t be significantly better un the traditional scheme… How in the world did Andy allow us to go to suck GIMICKY and specialized line schemes on both sides of the ball, with old men as coaches? To even have a chance at making that change, you need to commit to it for half a decade. That’s something you do at ground zero, day one of rebuilding a team, when you have a five year commitment from your owner. To try and drastically change the way we block, and the way our defenses line attacks, basically ON THE FLY, and in a LOCKOUT year for that matter was seriously one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. It completely ruined us, and left us in a state of chaos, that I don’t even know how to evaluate the lineman going forward. These lineman spent the past two years basically blocking like they would on a RUN ACTION play, every single snap for the past two season. next coach who will go bak to the traditional way will have his work cut out trying to sort thru this mess.

      For all we know, guys who were terrible blocking the mUdd way, could be DRASTICALLY BETTER NEXT YEAR, when they GO BACK to blocking the way they have blocked their entire life,

      one thing I do really agree with from Baldinger, is we need to make an organza tonal philosophical change, away from these fast, small players. We need ti get back TO BIG AND POWERFUL! We have to start passing the airport test(does your team LOOK LIKE A FOOTBALL TEAM)… I don’t know how we make that switch, when the small and fast has been ingrained into our GMs head after all this time!….
      I think drafting, a back up CENTER who is Huge, and drastically different from Kelce is much more of a priority then drafting Jockel. We need another center drastically different from Kelce to give our next coach options in the way he wants to build that line. I want BIG MAULERS in the interior, we have a great athlete on the outside like peters!

      • 1972

        Herramans wasnt playing well before the injury( he needed alot of chip blocks)on his side..i take joekel and dont look back.. he’s a good run blocker, we need toughness up front to transition to a heavy run team. i think joekel’s that guy..
        i dont want a corner as a my first round pick
        i think all 3 have 10yr star potential.. i dont think any of the corners have that

        • Johngiam

          I have no desire to take one of our picks in the first 3 rounds away from the defense. As bad as Todd has looked this year, I wonder how much of that is attributed to playing next to an incompetent tackle… I just want to seriously fix this defense, before I worry about the offense. Really wish they would just draft star and call it a day! He can play both in a 3-4 and 4-3, and he would have a tremendous impact on the rest of the defense, making everyone’s job a little easier. Jockel is NOT KHALIL! When Drafting a top 5 pick,anything less then a multiple time pro bowler is a complete bust. That defense desperately needs PRO BOWLERS

          out of every player that you can draft in the first round, I don’t think thee is a player who makes more of a positive impact on the other ten guys on the defense more then star Latululei. that midis a FORCE! A fast and powerful 320lb tackle to play next to Fletcher Cox? YES PLEASE! The only way I can see passing up a prospect like star, is if you go for security’s like TEO provides, and I don’t thinkI would ever suggest drafting for security, if we had a GM that we could actually trust

          • 1972

            I can live with star..are u willing to live with herramans with a bad foot injury playing rt next year?He doesent run block well from the tackle position. him and peters collapsed everything on the left side.we’re not going to get a tackle better than joekel or matthews next year..

          • johngiam

            NO, but that doesnt mean we need to use a first round pick. Do we need another tackle? ABSOLUTELY!!! does it need to be a pro bowler? NO!! But, i know who desperately needs pro bowlers…THE DEFENSE! This is such a deep draft..I can name tackles and Guards I would LOVE to have, that wont even get drafted before the 4th round…when you draft in thew top 10, NOTHING LESS then a pro bowler would do! I guess it depends on how you view star….Call me crazy, I think that kid can not only be better then Ndomunkung Sue, but be better for a longer period of time then Sue. Obviously if you view Star as Dontari Poe, you wont get too excited. But Man people RAVE over Star! prospects are disected and scrutinized, even the national darling Manti Teo gets criticied for his speed….But when it comes to Star, I havent heard a single negative kid about the kid. I mean, I only watched him play 3 times this year, but he was such a disruptive force that I couldnt believe my eyes at time. The ease in which he would exploder thru double teams was ridiculuous!
            Interesting listeng yto trotter tonight, saying the offense will be more then Ok, and that he is sold on Foles..He also said they absolutely have to Draft Defense in the first two rounds.Trot went with Star if we stay 4-3, Jarvis Jones if we switch to 3-4. Not that it matters, his oppinion is barely worth any more then any of ours, just nice to get a player who I always respected point of view…and he echoed some of the similar sentiments I have for star.
            I think we are all pretty much in agreement that sooner or later, Cox will be an ABSOLUTE BOSS in this league! If you put a MAMMOTH of a man next to Cox, It will cause a ton of problems for opposing offenses and thats a true cornerstone we can start building this team around. No pressure is worse for a qb then pressure up the middle. Remember how hard to was to play against the Vikings when they had the two Massive williams tackles? and those dudes didnt have have the speed, athleticism, and explosiveness as Cox and Star/
            Every defense has a focal point you build around. Niners built the D arround willis and Navvarro…Bears used Urlacher and Briggs….COx and Star can truly be the cornerstone of a great young defense. Offenses are gonna have to use up alot of man power to try blocking both those monsters. The ripple effect that it would have on the front seven would be extremely valuable. It makes life a whole lot easier for not only the defensive ends, but also the Linebackers who wont have lineman on them, enabling them to be free to fly around and make plays…We all know great play from the front seven then has a ripple effect on the secondary, asking them to cover recievers for a shorter amount of time, or forcing qbs into bad throws that a sceondary can capitalize on and get the turnover..
            Im sorry, but there is no way that Jockel will have the effect on not only his opponent, but also his 10 teamates on the field with him…that Star would have on the rest of the defense, opponents gameplanning. Jockel will be a fine starting tackle for a long time. star can be a GAMECHANGER, its a no brainer in my mind.. Talentwise, gamechanger wise…star is a no brainer. The only other thought I could have is Manti, because we NEED football players, we cant have a first round bust this year. howie is our GM, and manti is as sure thing as it gets. But star dwarfs manti in talent!

          • A Roy

            The guy with the most words doesn’t automatically win the argument. Herremans is 30…coming off an injury. Peters is 30…coming off an injury. Bell is gone. Dunlop is, at best, an average-to-poor backup. Eagles may have to draft an OT. Agree the focus needs to be on “D”, but unless there’s a true game changer available, I’d trade down a few positions and find a good OT a little later in the round.

          • Wilbert M.

            It looks like johngiam is writing a gospel, but picking Joeckel if he’s available is a no brainer. The cornerstones of this team were Tra and Runyan for many years. You can replicate that with Peters/Joeckel. Joeckel also provides insurance if Peters has trouble coming back. Herremans is not a franchise tackle, but he might be a franchise guard.

    • UncleCarm

      I don’t know much about college players, and this post will prove it, but I watched Werner closely through one FSU game because of the buzz about him here, and he was pathetic. He did not make a tackle, was not in on a tackle, and was not able to shed a blocker. He looked alot like our current secondary. It was just one game, but I am not impressed.

      • JofreyRice

        Really? Wow, I’ve been impressed by Werner. I think he’s going to be a very good pro. He dominated in that Florida game, and played really well against Maryland, as well. You never know though, the whole thing is a bit of a crapshoot. I will say it’s a bit concerning that 4 of his 13 sacks came against Murray State. To me, though, he’s really well rounded, much more so than somebody like Bruce Irvin was–who’s basically just a sack artist. Werner is very good against the run. Reminds me a little of a stouter DE, in the mold of Justin Tuck or Charles Johnson.

        • Johngiam

          I also believe in Werner. Reminds me of a Justin smith type. Definitely much more well rounded of a prospect then Irvin. Stout against the run…. But for the eagles to invest in another high pick on a defensive end would be a waste IMO. We have much bigger fish to fry, players to replace. you want a good Dend? Then get coaches who will develope graham and Curry… having an interior line of Cox and Latululei, will make your ends significantly better anyway.

          I do really like Werner as a prospect, just thinkI t would be a waste for the eagles. If we are going to adrenal the Dline in the first round, IMO there is no on choice but star Latululei. As of right now, we have a chance at drafting the Baby Monst out of Utah. Win another game, and we will have no shot of drafting him! I do believe that star will be a very soft fate player. just being inte position to draft him, and appearing to be set on drafting him, could get you some value for teams in a trade… That kid will be a very coveted force in this draft. IMO, there isn’t a better nfl prospect then star! His ceiling is thru the roof, but I think at the very least, he is a safe bet to be a starter fr years to come, would be shocked if I didn’t see him in the pro bowl in a few years. I see much more Ndomunkong sue in Star then I see Dontari Por in him!

          • UncleCarm

            I went back and figured out it was the Georgia Tech game. I finally found some stats for the game, and Werner had one assist. That was it. Now it was only one game, and I won’t judge the guy on one game, but it was his last chance to shine before the bowl games and…. he didn’t.

          • GoBirds1

            Do you read your own post? What happened to your man crush on Manti? you were saying all the same things about him last week. Granted, Star has a ton of potential but there are issues with him. There are no guarantees in the draft regardless of where the player was picked.

          • Johngiam

            EXACTLY!!! heres my thing…..
            Potential/ceiling Star DWARFS Manti in talent and ability (but like you said, there are question)….Manti is the closest thing to a sure thing, nfl starer that you can find in the draft. We have a GM I have zero faith in, and I drafting a bust inte top 5 this year would be such a DISASTER. The security of drafting Manti teo is what really appeals to me. Take Manti Teo, and that’s one guy we don’t have to worry about being a bust….but in terms of potential, STAR DWARFS MANTI….and that’s the dilemma Ai am having! IF we had a front office who’s oppinion I trust, and they Loved Star, I would be ALL FOR IT! But since we have a general manager who scares the hell out of me, the security that is drafting Manti Teo is very appeAling to me…

            But if we had a guarantee that both p,ayers would pan out, exactly how we project them to, I would draft STAR over probably anyone in this draft… Not to mention that he plays a position that can make a greater imact then Manti.

            If star reaches his full potential, he is a GAMECHANGER and an absolute force onthe defense that will make the other ten men better.

            At the end of the day, just draft 3 defensive players inte first 3 rounds who wont be busts at the next level, And I will be happy!….but if you held a gun to my head, right this second, and told me to tell you who I want our first three picks to be, without seeing what happens atthe combine, I would probably tell you:
            1) Star Latululei
            2) MATT Elam ( the only way I pass him up is if I can get the big wide RECIEVER, HUNTER)
            3) Chase Thomas SSLB out of stanford

            List your firstth ree rond wish list as of the moment. Just curious

          • A Roy

            You’ll have a hard time getting Elam in the second round. He’ll probably be gone by then…rated best SS in the draft.