Allen Demotion Another Hurdle For ’10 Draft Class

The top of the Eagles’ 2010 draft has been a popular topic of conversation here in Philadelphia, and not for the purposes of throwing verbal bouquets at the parties in question.

Brandon Graham, the choice over Jason Pierre-Paul and Earl Thomas.

Nate Allen, the Donovan McNabb pick and successor to Brian Dawkins that just doesn’t have those Dawkins’ qualities. (Few do.)

Both have spent time recovering from serious knee injuries and both have spent time down on the mat. Graham’s struggles have been highlighted more given that he was the 13th overall pick and it’s so easy to contrast the start of his career with that of Pierre-Paul’s. Beat up and labeled a bust, Graham looks like he has turned the corner and his stock has rebounded.

Allen’s, meanwhile, has taken a hit, as Andy Reid announced on Wednesday that Kurt Coleman and Colt Anderson would be the starting safeties against the Redskins this week.

“I feel for him,” said Graham. “I talk to him before every game and tell him, ‘Hey, we’re the 2010 first and second picks. ‘ I know everything hasn’t been going his way and I know everything hasn’t been going my way, but I try to keep him up as much as I can. You can ask him, I always say, ‘Nate. You’ve got to get you one. You’ve got to get you one, man. Don’t worry about nothing else.

“I know that he tries hard and I know that it sucks that the production is not there like he wants it to be, but Nate’s a great player and he has to make sure that he doesn’t get frustrated because we’re still young and things can still happen.”

Allen was pretty strong out of the gates, recording three interceptions in his first four games as a rookie. But that was it for the rest of the season. The South Florida product ruptured the patellar tendon in his right knee in late December against the Giants while attempting to tackle Mario Manningham, and had a down 2011 season as he fought to regain strength and confidence.

You can argue that the confidence still has not fully rebounded. Allen has been shaky this season and, at least for this week, will be out of the starting lineup in favor of Anderson and Coleman, who was drafted in the seventh round of that ’10 draft.

Reid’s explanation?

“It was just, ‘Colt’s been playing well and that’s just the best fit for right now,'” said Allen.

“You’ve got to be a professional about it and continue to work and contribute and help the team however you can.”

Allen has been nothing if not professional since being selected 37th overall by  the Eagles. One of the criticisms coming out of college, though, was that he was not a great or violent tackler, and he has not been able to shed that label at this level. Reid indicated that Allen’s demotion has to do with that aspect of the game.

“Right now Kurt is a little more stout in there and we need that this week,” said Reid, who added that Allen will likely be working in on Sunday.

Bigger picture, the Eagles are about to go through some serious changes come the end of the regular season. There will be roster turnover along with the likely coaching changes, and the secondary will be seriously looked at by the powers that be. It might not be the best time, in other words, to be getting demoted. But Allen seems to be taking it in stride.

“That’s the game of football. There’s going to be ups and downs,” said Allen, “you just have to respond.”

Graham believes he will.

“I think that he is going to go out there whenever he gets his shot again and try to make the best of it. Sometimes it takes a person to lose his job to try and regain it, and I think he’ll handle it well.”

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  • Johngiam

    If o ly players were held accountable, and demoted while games still mattered, we might not have be one the joke of the nfl. So we demote Nate, to reward Kurt? Isn’t that like quitting heroin. To start smoking crack? If we had any accountability and dignity left, both Coleman and Nate would be sitting due to their pathetic play. If I have to watch backup at best level play from the safeties, then I would rather it be for the backups

    • Al

      Agreed. Sims must not be very good, but than again look at who’s evaluating these guys.

      • Pomo

        Don’t know why they wouldn’t give him another shot. He wasn’t awful.

    • Run Eagles Run

      I think if coleman hadnt got hurt, it would be a different story. they just want to see how he looks without the wide 9 and all the drama. the rest of the secondary definitely improved. lets be honest, coleman or allen or both are gone next year. they are trying to figure that out. maybe roseman ordered it. that might be a wacky assumption, but who knows whos calling the shots at this point.

    • daggolden


  • morgan c

    Only problem is, Allen has already lost his job, twice before actually, only to be given it back. He was benched last year in favor of freaking Jarod Page. Look it up. He just isn’t good. It sucks; he was a second round pick. Safety is a hard position to fill.

  • Andy

    I have a hard time seeing how this team is better with Kurt Coleman on the field in place of Nate Allen. Colt Anderson should be playing in Coleman’s place, and Allen should be on the field. He hasn’t been a good safety, but Coleman is well below average.

  • RJ

    Coleman is probably a worse tackler than Allen, and MUCH worse in coverage. Coleman will throw his whole body to hit someone, and 8 times out of 10, the guy will take the hit and keep running. Neither of them know how to wrap up and bring the guy down. But I guess this is the best they can do in this sham of a season.

  • 1972

    Nate allen cant tackle, kurt coleman canttackle or cover.I think once the kid tore his knee up he hasnt been the same guy. it sucks because his first few games in the league he was a pretty good player. But after this demotion its obvious both of them are gone.. Vaccaro , and Bryd 2013..or elam and byrd 2013

  • FMWarner

    There must be more to this than play on the field, because while Nate Allen might be just another guy, Kurt Coleman is TERRIBLE.

  • daggolden

    Nate Allen cant tackle eithier. The difference is Allen is never in position to make a play. Never in postion to even knock a ball down. Coleman is atleast in position sometimes but never makes a play. The secondary has been better the last 2 weeks, not sure why you make a non-significant change.

  • Septhinox

    So Kurt was demoted to play Anderson. Wow, Coleman must suck to be replaced by a STer.

    Allen was replaced by Coleman, so that’s about him?

  • jon

    What a 2010 draft for the eagles….Not one real starter (ok, MAYBE graham will be next year?), other than that, backups at best. What is the point of having a lot of draft picks if they all suck?

    1- Graham

    2- Allen

    3- Te’o not ganna be here anymore

    4- trevard lindley (coming off a busted knee if i remember – did he ever play a game?)

    5-keenan clayton

    6 – kafka

    7 -clay harbor

    8 – ricky sapp

    9-riley cooper

    10 -charles scott

    11 – jamar chaney

    12-jeffrey owens
    13 – kurt coleman

    • southy

      Te’o starts… in TB

      • dislikedisqus

        which has the worst pass d in the league?

        • southy

          … and the best run D by far. not saying he’s a stud just giving him his due.

    • Mike Donnelly

      God that has to be the worst eagles draft class of all time, oh wait 2011 was even worse, no wonder the Eagles are 4-10

  • Wilbert M.

    Wow. I can’t believe Coleman is starting over Allen. What a lousy draft. Allen wasn’t just a second rounder – he was the 37th pick – almost a first. Andy’s talent evaluation really sucked. Let’s hope the new regime does a better job.

  • Mike Donnelly

    Nnamdi was on the PS3 Madden 12 cover… ouch