What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles this week.

Russ Lande of the National Football Post has the Eagles taking Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel with the fourth pick:

The Eagles offensive line was a disaster after Jason Peters was injured before the season, so adding Joeckel could give them two quality offensive tackles in 2013 when Peters is back healthy.

The Eagles are 29th in ESPN.com’s power rankings. Writes Dan Graziano:

Their ugly loss to the Bengals was five days ago, so the memory is fading, but we remember enough to know the Eagles are among the league’s very worst teams. I don’t see how they could get to 32 from there, but I guess anything’s possible. I put them 29 and so did Clayton and Jamison. Sando has them 28, Ashley 30. Doesn’t make a lot of difference. You don’t usually hear too much complaining about this portion of the rankings.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com has the Eagles 29th:

The Philadelphia Eagles put up a fight for a while last Thursday, with the front four showing signs of life. Bryce Brown was a disappointment, though, and it will be interesting to see what his role will be in 2013. Of course, much of that depends on the head coach. Don’t be getting all Chip Kelly’d out. These things certainly don’t always play out in the manner we anticipate, and my guess is someone nobody is expecting will wind up roaming the sidelines in Philadelphia. #Kotite. Kidding.

Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com assesses Nick Foles’ performance:

After three weeks of steady progress, Foles took a step back against Cincinnati. Philly’s fumblepalooza wasn’t his fault, but Foles did turn the ball over twice. His underthrown deep ball in the third quarter turned the game around. Foles has a strong arm; it just was simply a bad toss.

There were still positives in the game. Foles shows a nice ability to avoid pressure. Ultimately, the team only had 10 first downs and he averaged well under six yards-per-pass. I’ll be interested to see how he responds.

Brian Billick of FoxSports.com has the Eagles 27th:

Did Bryce Brown really lose another fumble?

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 29th:

The excitement of a week ago was gone with that bad night against the Bengals. Now they can play spoiler against their division rivals.

Brian McIntyre of Yahoo Sports has the Eagles 29th:

Somehow, Michael Vick’s future with the Eagles is still an issue this week. Cleared medically to play following a Nov. 11 concussion, the Eagles will keep Vick in street clothes for the final two games of the season. The 32-year-old currently has $3 million of his $15.5 million base salary in 2013 guaranteed for injury only. “Skill and Cap” guarantees kick in two days after Super Bowl XLVII, but the Eagles can avoid those by releasing Vick before that date. No way do the Eagles risk that $3 million by exposing Vick to contact.

Adam Schein of NFL.com looks at nine teams in need of a quarterback, including the Eagles:

I think Michael Vick is done, and he should be. He can’t stay healthy, makes too much money and isn’t the same player he once was.

I didn’t love Nick Foles during the draft process. It will be fascinating to see who becomes the next coach of the Eagles, and what type of offense he’ll run. If Chip Kelly takes over, I don’t see Foles being the Week 1 starter in 2013.

Adam Rank of NFL.com has the Eagles as his fourth-worst team:

It’s easy to overlook the effort the Eagles put in on Thursday night, but it was one of their better performances of the season. The Eagles had a shaky second quarter, where they scored 13 points to take the lead. But nobody makes better second-half maladjustments than Andy Reid, who again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Nick Foles has thankfully shaken off his one good start to perform at a level befitting a team in the Eagles’ position.

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  • morgan c

    Foles had one turnover. Absolutely ridiculous that he is tabbed with the Brown fumble. We all saw it; he put the ball exactly in Brown’s chest and Brown dropped it. Other than the terrible throw (not decision) to Maclin, he did fine actually. Call it a step back if you want, as he didn’t win the game dramatically like he did against Tampa, but even if he played objectively better, they still would have lost with all the atrocious fumbling.

    • Johngiam

      totally agree. I was not down at all on Foles after the game. His teammates were a joke. Every time Foles started getting into a rather his pass would hit a teammate in the head or chest, or someone will fumble after a catch. Foles was the last offensive player I blamed! Not to mention we had no run game, and our back up offensive players were playin against a darn good STARTING DEFENSE!

      At no point after the first game and a half, did I look at Foles and think, HE CAN’T BE OUR FRANCHISE QB. I’m really liking what I see from the kid, surrounded by backup slop, bad coaching, and the beating he has taken. Reminds me a lot of Peyton mannings rookie year, actually I would probably say Foles is ahead of where manning was at this time…is he going to be Peyton manning…doubtful! But I think, we can’t say that he isn’t THE GUY until we see the leap he makes in year two, in an organization that isn’t completely dysfunctional, and actually playing with some starting nfl players. nick is my g for next year! No if ands or buts about its!

  • JohnGiam

    I will be FURIOUS if they draft Jockel! There is no bigger problem in Phiadelphia then the defense. The main issue, is actually very simple. LACK OF PLAY MAKERS outside of the defensive line. Whee do you get sure shot playmakers? IN THE TOP TEN of the FIRST ROUND! We have room for a playmaker at SAM, Tackle, and two Safeties, and corner is always a problem although I think both drc and Nmandi can be better in a not completely dysfunctional situation with the two worst safeties that start in the nfl. The corners will play much better simply from getting two above average safetys…There are NO top Ten prospects that play safety in this draft. So realistically my top ten wish list comes down to two positions: SSLB and Dtackle. if Manti measures up as a top ten talent at the combine I take him, and start him at SAM. There are Elite athletic prospects, and then where are Kids who are JUST FOOTBALL PLAYERS and JUST MAKE PLAYS. The latter is TEO. I wouldn’t get ti caught up with is lack of straight line speed, that kid will make lays for you all over the field and he is nfl ready from day one. Teo and Kendrick’s will grow to cover backs and TE out the backfield as well as anyone, leaving Dameco free to be that THUMPER and hold down the run!…then again STAR LATULULEI is a MONSTER who could force opposing offense to play Cox honest, and Star gobbles up blocks allowing Kendrick’s and Dameco to fly around and make plays.

    If teo measures out as a top ten pick at the combine, I take him, because I know he cares about the game, and I can count on him to JUST MAKE PLAYS, and we should take advantage of having Dameco to groom him, line him up at Sam for two years until Dameco moves on and then your slide him in the middle…If TEO doesn’t measure out to a top ten prospect, Ai take Star Latululei ALL DAY LONG!

    Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Star Latululie, Vinny Curry (I have faith in the kid)…. Now that’s a line aim down to go to war with for the next five years!

    Btw, we have two pro bowl caliber offensive tackles returning from injury, a pro bowl center coming back, Mathis and Scott. Dennis Kelly will continue to improve to ATleast a serviceable backup if not more..this is a very deep draft at guard, not ti mention there is always mid round lineman that become pro bowlers… I will flip out if we dont go DEFENSE heavy in this draft once again

    • Wilbert M.

      Teo is not even the top rated LB. Jarvis Jones will be drafted before Teo.

      • Johngiam

        To a 3-4 team

      • 3-4 edge rushers and inside linebackers play the same position in name only. Pass-rushers in either a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense play a premier position and regularly go in the top 10 for that reason. Inside linebackers do not.

    • Justin

      The problem is, this is a lineman heavy draft. Right now, in the top 10, only two guys aren’t an o-lineman or d-lineman. And those are Jarvis Jones and Manti Te’o.

      • Johngiam

        so go get star Latululei who requires attention forcing opposing offensive coordinators to play honest in the way they try to b lock cox. Whats the problem? Star would gobble up blocks freeing up the linebackers and cox to use their speed to fly around and make plays. any idea how value it would be to have an interior line of Cox and Star? Makes the game a heckuva lot easier for our ends and linebackers to make plays

    • GoBirds1

      You kind of contradict yourself about TEO. What are you going to learn from the combine that you don’t already know except for his speed. But you said dont worry about his speed. With his average size, if he cant run 4.5ish forget about it. The plays he makes in college will not be there in the NFL. Plus, playing SAM he will have constant coverage responsibility, playing MLB at ND he was playing deep middle on 3rd downs and making plays, not going to happen that way in the pros playing the SAM.

      Not a great year to have a 3 overall to get a surefire stud. I have no problem taking an OT, and if you think Herremans is pro bowl caliber OT you have been smokin’ something. I think he is done at OT and time to push him back in to G. And when did Kelce get pro bowl honors??????

      You seem to suffer from Philadelphia Eagles Fanitis – over value our talent, by a lot.
      If you think NA can still play corner, you are wrong. He is done. If the Eagle do the right thing and cut him and eat the $4million, i wouldn’t be surprised if nobody picked him up.

      • Anebriated

        Agree with pretty much everything you said here. John does tend to overvalue our talent a bit and I think hes a bit too high on Te’o. Like you I worry about Manti having the speed to keep up with NFL players. *IF* the Eagles draft him it would be for the MIKE spot, not SAM. I still think we trade down a few spots and pick up a few extra picks and grab the best available OL in the 6-9 range.

        • Johngiam

          There is a difference between overvaluing talent, and expecting talent to develope! you think I would want to go into next season with Nmandi as my staring corner? Lol what a joke. im just a realistic who knows that ou can’t just change an entire rosterrin one offseason. So you need to prioritize…so YES there are bigger fish to fry then Nmandi! I can’t worry about replacing Nmandi, while we are still trotting the worst safety tandem I have literally ever seen out on the field. As bad as Nandi and drc have been, even a fool has to know that they would be significantly better with capable safety help. You think, I wouldn’t love to change the entire damn secondary and all the back ups this offseason? I just don’t see. How that’s possible. So there is a tremendous difference between me over evaluating talent, and prioritizing what we upgrade, understanding that this isn’t a video game, where you can just turn over an entire roster in one offseason.

          As for Manti, it’s not so much that I need to see him do well at the combine..it’s more that Ai don’t want to see him Bomb. Some kids are just flat out football players..and unless he doesn’t bomb at the combine, For me, drafting him means security’s that you are getting a sure shot nfl starter, heo will work har, and cares about the game, and will have a chance to be tutored by Dameco for years to come…Aim sure you said similar things about Vontzae Burfict last year, probably worse…some caseswe seriously over analyze and complicate the game.
          IN some cases, the kid is just a flat out football player. I believe that is Dameco…tho I damn sure wouldn’t complain if we drafted STAR out of Utah.
          Here is the thing with me, I would love to trade bak to like 15 and quire picks and draft say the safety Vaccaro..lbut the further back you pick, the more your odds of darting a stud decrease…and when howie friggin roseman is your general manager, hat scaresthe bejesus out of me lol…Draft Vaccaro and pull off the coup of free agency and poach Jarius Byrd away from Buffalo, and your defense will be on its way to being respectable again

      • Johngiam

        Btw, you see all the lineman we view as complete bums who can’t play, like Watkins and Dametress bell? They are stone cold BUMS in Howard MUDDS scheme, which is a way of blocking that is drastically different then the way they played the game their entire life, That silly blocking scheme goes back into retirement with Mudd in two weeks. For all we know, guys who view as. Uses now, could be good when we go back to the traditional way of blocking that they spent their entire lives doing.

        Ai guess I must be crazy, kelce was never touted as a future pro bowler right? Think it’s easy for Todd to play next to such an incompetent guard, asking to block a completely different way then how he blocked his way to becoming a pro owl player? Did you not notice the diffence it made for Mathis to play next to Peters instead of Dunlap? We are so screwed up. how did Andy allow us to drastically change the way we block without ATleast a 5yr commitment from Mudd? It’s the dumbest thing we have ever seen. We can’t even evaluate our damn oLine, because we been stuck in a cockamamie blocking system, that will drastically change next year when we go back to blocking the traditional way…we didn’t sign Bell, or draft Watkins because of the way they blocked in MUDDS scheme…we acquired those players after scouting them playing in a traditional scheme, and EVALUATING AND PROJECTING how they would play the Mudd way. Wouldn’t be the first time we projected wrong…but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be significantly better when they switch back to playing the game the way they have always played it, before Mudd ruined their lives lol

      • Cyrus

        Exactly. This sounds exactly like the Jayquan Jarritt (or however he spelled his name, I don’t feel like looking it up) situation. People thought he could make plays because he was a hard hitter and just was a football player. Well, when you can’t catch up to anybody, or you’re slow so you need to take the perfect angle to the ball carrier when you never had to do that before, well… You’re probably going to fail.
        As with the Bucs game, the running game failed because of speedy linebackers. I don’t want to see the Eagles’ linebackers getting beat to the sidelines all the time. Speed, athleticism AND playmaking ability are necessary to be successful for most positions, not just one or two.

  • UncleCarm

    We do need some talent on the offensive line, but when everyone gets back from injury, we only need backup grade talent there. Our safeties, however are backup grade. That is where we need help.

    • Are you that confident in Danny Watkins? Do you really want a repeat of the 2012 O-line scenario where the group is 1 injury away from disaster? What does the future of your offensive line look like if you only invest in backup level talent. Peters and Herremans are not young and standout tackles are not easy to find late in the draft. I’d rather not have to draft in the top 5 two years in a row just to find a future anchor for the O-line when the team has one ready to fall into their laps right now.

      I would be very happy to pencil in the following 5 starters for 2013:

      Peters (31) – Mathis (31) – Kelce (25) – Herremans (30) – Joeckel (21)

      You have 3 guys who are capable of playing tackle, a little bit of depth on the bench and your LT of the future who you are going to build the line around for the next 10+ years already secured.

      • Johngiam

        Offensive guard is the deepest position in this draft!..no safeties that are worthy of a top 10 pick!

        • I am actually talking about drafting a tackle and moving Herremans back to guard. You upgrade two positions with one pick that way.

          They can get a safety with their 2nd round pick (Elam, Jefferson, Rambo or Reid will be there).

          • Johngiam

            Keep in mind that just because Watkins looks like a complete bum in MUDDS cockamamie scheme, it doesn’t mean that he can’t block the traditional way. MUDDS way of blocking is drastically different then the traditional way..so guys who we think can’t play, might be significantly better next year when Howard mUdd retired….for that reason, I don’t see how you can waste a first round pick on anything other then a defensive playmaker!

      • UncleCarm

        I would be comfortable at -Peters-Mathis-Kelce-Scott-Herremans. Watkins is not a lost cause (yet) and can develop as a backup. Now I’m not saying I’m REAL comfortable, and it seems the best drafting philosophy is “best available” regardless of need, so I guess if a good lineman is there it might still be the best first round pick. I don’t follow college, so I am relying on folks that say there is no first round caliber safety out there, but I would be looking awful hard.

  • Mike Ralph

    Foles throws one bad pass and now he can’t be “The Guy”? In nearly every Patriots, Broncos, Saints game I have watched this season the QB has thrown one bad pass (at least). The jury is out on Foles but he definitely deserves to be seriously considered. The draft does offer any immediate hope at QB. The Eagles have much greater needs like a new defensive backfield and a legitimate starting right tackle. I agree with moving Herremans back to guard. A quality back-up at center is an obvious need too. This is not a good year to waste a high #1 on a QB prospect. As far as the head coach search goes, I would have Bruce Arians at the top of the list.

  • ian

    foles 12 dropped ints leads league.

  • barry_nic

    Whoa! slow down guys, it’s this simple. O-Line is having the biggest problem on the team, and safeties equally so. There are no safeties rated under the 23rd or so pick, basically no player projected to be a “game changer”. So safety is not a position to go after if you have I high pick in the draft. It’s not one to trade down to either if you are in need of a position that is one of the best in the draft. So you draft an O Lineman. Jockel(spelling) is the best tackle prospect out there. Herrimans was a very good Guard, put him back there. In addition Peterson tore his Achilles twice, what if he cannot come back to his previous probowl level?(remember, no player has come back from that and played effectively.) If we end up with a three/four, then we’ll need at least two Nose Tackles, that may be a pick because the tackles we have now are too small for the position and will end up being DT’s. Safeties will be picked up later or in free agency, hell Lynch was a QB in college, and became one of the best safeties in our time. ie; there may be a large physical corner that doesn’t have elite speed or small, fast LB, or heaven forbid a big muscular QB that loves contact but can’t throw a lick, about to be released buy his team?

    But this article brings up Foles, I like him, and I think he can be good. No clue what the next regime will bring in though so it’s all guessing from here.