Eagles Wake-Up Call: Looking At Reid’s Last Home Game

Big moments have been few and far between during this the lost season, but we are approaching one.

Andy Reid is about to coach his last home game for the Philadelphia Eagles.

It is not an absolute but it is a cuticle shy of a slam dunk: Reid will not be back for a 15th season. That means the complex relationship between city and coach has just a couple more chances  to be played out publicly.

If the fan base was surveyed, the majority would feel that Reid has done more than enough to earn a dignified exit. But there has been no guarantee that the end is coming. As a result, the fans on Sunday will have to act unprompted if they want to send a  positive message.

“I think Coach Reid deserves the utmost respect,” said Brent Celek. “When I grew up I really looked at two coaches in the NFL that I admired — one of them being Bill Cowher and one of them being Coach Reid. He really helped build this place into what it is today. The Eagles when I was growing up were a powerhouse. Coming from Cincinnati, the Eagles were a powerhouse year in and year out. You guys didn’t win a Super Bowl back then but you were going to NFC Championship after NFC Championship and then the Super Bowl. I looked at the Eagles and they are one of the top two, three teams in the league.”

That identity no longer applies. But the loyalty factor remains.

“There are times when you are going to have ups and downs in your career or with seasons,” said Celek. “I just hope he gets the respect he deserves because for what he did for this organization and this city, I think it’s huge. And from an outsider looking in from another city, it’s gargantuan. And people would love to have a coach like that.”

It will be interesting to see if any moments between the fans and their longtime coach come to pass on Sunday afternoon.


Sean Payton is between New Orleans and Dallas, right? Maybe not.

Garrett Reid was in possession of steroids when he died, Northampton’s DA confirmed. The NFL said they will “follow up as appropriate.”

Michael Vick sounds less than enthusiastic about returning to Philly in a backup role.

Sheil’s look at the All-22 tape reveals how the defense got the pass rush going.

Where  do the Eagles sit when it comes to the draft? Here are the details. 


LeSean McCoy could play against the Redskins Sunday.

RGIII is setting some records off the field: Via PFT:

Darren Rovell of ESPN.com reports that the league has sold more No. 10 Redskins jerseys this year than they have sold of any other player in a single year. While they’ve only been keeping the records for six years and don’t release exact sales figures, it’s a pretty good indication of how popular Griffin has become in and out of Washington in a short period of time.

Jason  Garrett seems to be gaining some security. From Dan Graziano:

His in-game coaching skill appears to have improved, and I think Sunday’s game showed the kind of cool-headed crunch-time decision-making that was lacking a year ago. But regardless of that, the more important part of a coach’s job is what he does throughout the week, the ways in which he leads and prepares his team. And when you watch the Cowboys these days, I think it’s easy to see Garrett’s influence manifesting itself in the way the team prepares and plays.


An off day for the Eagles, but since when has that gotten in our way?

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  • Ted

    The Linc will rise to the occasion and give Andy an appropriate send off. He’s had a tough year but the Eagle fans know he was our best coach. It will be a day to honor 36 and to give Andy an ovation as the Eagles put an end to the Redskins playoff hopes.

    • Kimbafuzz

      I think the only way this happens for sure is if the Eagles win. If they lose….? I don’t think so. I also think this is the weekend they’re going to honor Brian Westbrook, so maybe that will inspire the team.

  • The Guru

    I’m not sure he deserves any ovation whatsoever. I completely agree he’s the best coach in this franchises history, but he had 14 years to win a Super Bowl and he wasn’t successful. Why does that deserve applause? You can argue that in the height of his success, he was winning because of Ray Rhodes roster and Jim Johnson’s defense. Now those players and JJ are gone and look how far the drop off has been since 2005 with Reid’s handpicked roster and his choice of defensive coaches. Not to mention, there should be at least 1 or 2 rings here and it was this man’s decision making to tell us “Thrash & Pinkston are good enough” or “we don’t need linebackers” or “Dawkins is done”. And now we’re the laughing stock of the NFL because of choices he made to lead us here. Sean McDermott, Juan Castillo, Michael Vick, Jason Babin, Jim Washburn, Bobby April.

    I’ll be at the game (mainly just to watch RGIII) but I can assure you I will not give him an ovation.

    • Patrick Henry,The2nd

      Because he gave us meaningful football, 5 NFC championship appearances, and one Super Bowl appearance in 11 of 14 years. That is rare, even if he didn’t win the big one.

      • The Guru

        So New York should be thankful Rex Ryan took them to 2 AFC championships in 3 years right? Why aren’t they?

        • morgan c

          It doesn’t matter. He made football good again in this city, and for that alone, we should be thankful. You’re too absolute man; ya he never won a SB, I’m upset about that too, but he was overall a good coach, and brought stability, respect, and quality football to this city and it didn’t go unnoticed throughout the league. He made Philly a top football organization. He should be applauded generously and that’s all there is to it. You can boo if you want.

          • cant wait to hear he’s fired

            stop with the thankful crap, he has ruined his legacy over the past 2 yrs.
            he has made so many bad decisions and chokes under game pressure.
            he has made $20 million from the eagles…thats enough thanks.
            spare me the sentimental garbage…this is the league where they play…for pay……

          • The Guru

            I was going to respond, but you said it perfectly. Not to mention, he’s the sole reason we don’t have a ring.

  • Crazy Eyes

    It should not matter if they win or lose. Eagles fans should give him a standing ovation. He has done great things for this franchise. I am frustrated that they never won a Super Bowl, but that is not the only measure of success. Four NFC championship games and a Super Bowl is outstanding coaching. He is the only coach to never go three years without making the playoffs. Even Bellichick had three years were he did not make the playoffs. Reid revolutionized the NFL with pass first league.

    • FMWarner

      I agree. Tim has said that he thinks most Eagles fans feel this way, but I don’t see any evidence of it. If you only got Eagles news from the comments on this site, you’d think the Eagles went 3-13 under Andy Reid every year. It’s time for him to go, but he deserves a dignified exit.

      • JohnGiam

        Read my post atthe end of the page and let me know if I am way off base. Thanks

        • FMWarner

          I give you credit in that you think Andy deserves to go out with applause, but as I said in my response to the post below, I don’t think Lurie’s decision will be affected by the treatment Andy gets from the fans. I think his decision is made, and has probably been made for at least five or six weeks.

  • Johngiam

    Here’s the dilemma, let me break it down for you guys…YES ANDY DESERVES TO LEAVE WITH A STANDING OVATION..lithe problem with that is, as fans we have no faith in our owner. Everyone knows Andy should have been gone four years ago…fans are on eggshells cause we have no faith in our owner to do the right thing. As fans we feel like Lurie looks for any little opening to justify bringing back for another year. 99% of owners wod undoubtably fire Andy after this season….but we have no faith in Lurie to do the right thing, so as fans we are too afraid to appreciate what little good there’s to take away from the season. As fans, I feel like if we show any sign of weakness, Lurie will capitalize and shove Andy down our throats for one more year.

    If Lurie had any class, he would stop hiding and announce that we will move in a different direction after this season. So that fans can let their guard down and give Andy the send off that he deserves.

    Any other fans feel like this?

    • FMWarner

      Andy should have been gone four years ago? I have to say, firing a guy who just took you to the NFC Championship Game would be new, I’ll give you that.

      I don’t need that assurance from Lurie. Reid’s as good as gone. An ovation isn’t going to sway Lurie’s decision – his best quality is that he prioritizes doing the best thing for the team, not capitulating to the fans.

      • Johmgiam

        4 years ago wasn’tliteral….so in your opinion it’s ok, to show Andy respect because we have NOTHING to worry about, under no circumstances will Andy be back?

        • FMWarner

          I believe there is ZERO chance Andy is back. But even more than that, I think there is ZERO chance that Andy’s reception by the fans at Sunday’s game will have any effect on Lurie’s decision. If for some reason he keeps Andy, I’m certain that won’t have anything to do with it.

          Besides, I’m not sure Andy wants to stay. I have absolutely nothing to back this up, but between his son’s death and the upheaval and losing of the past two years, maybe he’s had enough as well. Maybe a year off and a job in a new city is just what he needs. A parting is the best thing for everyone.

          • Johngiam

            Hope you guys are right. I would GLADLY give him a standing ovation on Sunday if I don’t have to worry about Andy coming back next year. We can not prolong the rebuilding process any longer. if this doesn’t need a new voice, then nothing does

        • The Guru

          Andy is definitely not coming back. But, I would have fired him after that 2003 Carolina loss. Dungy got fired for two divisional round exits and Gruden took them over the top.

    • Bob A

      Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Lurie created this with his surreal presser last year; it’s a damn shame that every thing Andy has done since 2009 has blown up in his face, but that’s part of his legacy too. I can’t stand the owner, but even I think the decision that should have been made last year at the latest was made about 5 weeks ago; he’s gone. The Andy who coached here from 1999-2004 bears little resemblance to THIS Andy. THIS Andy will draft and acquire low character players who are talented before he drafts winners, that’s not what he did before. The Andy who coached here early in the 2000s will get a huge ovation Sunday, THIS Andy needs to spend his time away from coaching remembering to stay true to he is. If Reid had done that years ago, he’d still be here after New Years Eve.

  • metaReign

    I remember Dick Vermeil for the way he pushed the players and made a team to be reckon with.

    And Buddy Ryans created the fearsome defensive unit, a signature the Eagles was known for, years after his departure.

    Neither of them nor any other Eagles coaches, has accomplished what Reid has done in his time with the Eagles.

    In the past two seasons, he tried to change the look of the team, with coaches known for their position strength, throughout the league and whom were past their prime.

    Coupled with free agent spending. And a move that forever changed the whole history of the NFL, turning his OL coach into the DC.

    He had the reign to create the perfect team. Vick did not turn out to be what AR hoped he would be. Reid’s stocks has blown right into his face.

    Will always remember his achievements and what he has meant for the organization and the city of Philadelphia. Whether or not he remains for a final season of his contract, is in Lurie’s hand.

    • Johngiam

      It would be a tragedy and just crapping in the mouths of the fans to bring Andy back for the final season. The sad part is I don’t put it past luthier. He is dumb enough to give him an extension. What I would give for a new owner. Like five more years of howie? How did this happen to us? Lol