Reid Vague About Vick

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael VickMichael Vick has finally been cleared by an independent neurologist after suffering a concussion on November 11 against the Cowboys, and is expected to participate in the Eagles’ light practice Monday morning. It could be an interesting day at the NovaCare Complex, as we may just get to hear what’s going through the quarterback’s mind after losing the starting gig to Nick Foles.

Vick’s long-term future is cloudy. If he is on the roster three days after the Super Bowl (February 6), $3 million of his contract becomes guaranteed. It seems likely that the Eagles will terminate the deal before then. The one potential caveat is if there is no head coach in place by that date, and management wants to get the new guy’s input before choosing a direction when it comes to quarterback.

Maybe the incoming coach prefers Vick. Maybe the 32-year-old, having recently bought a house in New Jersey and with growing ties to the community, would be amenable to a salary reduction and/or a backup role to stay local. But odds are, team and QB move on. What happens from there is anybody’s guess.

Vick’s short-term future is also a bit fuzzy. We know that Foles will start the remaining two games barring injury, but Andy Reid would not even commit to the one-time franchise quarterback being the primary backup the rest of the way. Or even active.

“I haven’t gotten that far yet, but he’ll be able to practice. I’ve got to look at the numbers and how that goes. So, we’ll see,” said Reid.

Which numbers do you have to look at?

“I’m just literally going to look at how many guys I can have active and not active and  then see how the numbers work out there and see how [Vick] feels this week,” he replied.

There is no question that at least one backup will be active, so if Reid is crunching roster numbers, that doesn’t seem to suggest that Vick will be the No. 2.

If you take a step back, it’s hard to believe how this has all unfolded. Coming into the year, Vick was hoping to take that big leap into the Steve Young stratosphere; Mike Kafka was the backup and Foles was a questionable pick that would be at the far end of the bench. Kafka got hurt, Trent Edwards bumped him out. Foles soared in the preseason and took the No. 2 spot. Vick struggled, then got hurt, and now might not even be able to dress for what very well could be his last two games under contract for the Eagles.

The best-laid plans…

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  • Wilbert M.

    We thank Mike Vick for his contributions to the organization and with him the best of luck as he explores new opportunities.

    • Run Eagles Run

      I wouldnt be so excited to show him the door. whats foles record so far?

  • Johngiam

    Wow! Brandon Graham rated as the number 2 defensive end in football this season! Time to stop talking about Earl Thomas and JPP.

  • The Guru

    Enjoy Kansas City or Buffalo Mike! Stop poisoning this team!

    • Capt. Undapants

      Poisoning the team? You just don’t know football, do you?

      While he did commit his fair share of turnovers, Vick does not deserve this type of treatment. You clearly did not watch him as he took hit after hit and continued to stand up. Not once did he call out his inept o-line, his idiot o-coordinator, or the head coach that refuses, until his starting RB has a concussion and he has a backup QB in, to run the ball, yet Vick is a poison?


      • The Guru

        See actually I do. He brought most of the hits on himself by holding on to the ball too long, not knowing where the blitz was coming from, not having any sort of pocket awareness (to step up), and never audibiling to a correct play. It’s been 2 teams and 3 different coaches so to blame the o-line or coaching staffs is just making excuses. Fact is, the guy is just not that good and you can’t win with him. I have 10 years of proof to back me up.

        Only reason he’s kept his mouth shut is because it’s a contract year.

        • Maniki Jenkins

          He took the Falcons to the NFC championship game and almost notched a win against GB when they won the superbowl had Riley Cooper attempted to jump for the ball! Damn near by himself! His o-line has NEVER been good since Vick has come. They’ve allowed almost 300 hits in three years and if you think it’s just Vick they allowed plenty more with Mcnabb. Why people waited so late to scrutinize the o-line i’m not sure. His wideouts are not Elite! They need a legit 6ft 3 speedy, physical guy who can hold his on.

          • The Guru


        • Carl

          As a matter of fact, Vick had been doing a noticeably better job at picking up the blitz than he was in recent years with the Eagles. Plus, any quarterback that is constantly harassed with pressure, regardless of skill, is going to show a dip in production and a spike in turnovers. I would agree with your statements if Vick would have had a solid o-line and a firmly-established running game to help, but there were too many times where those luxuries were absent.

          • The Guru

            Last year he had a good offensive line and Shady was an all pro. What’s your excuse for last year?

          • Carl

            Last year we averaged around 25 points per game, with Vick having almost no time to work with his team in the offseason. Or is Vick responsible for the defensive side of the ball too?

          • The Guru

            He also turned the ball over at an impressive rate last year. Or was that someone elses fault too?

          • Carl

            Actually, a generous amount of those turnovers weren’t. Some came from poor protection, tips from our own receivers, and mid-hand off fumbles. There was even a pick that hit the floor that AR decided not to challenge. I’m not saying Vick is turnover-proof, or a great quarterback, but he is by absolutely no means a “poison” to this team.

          • The Guru

            You must know that from all his rings…..oh wait.

      • Birotte

        Thanks you know football. It wasn’t this mans fault with NO protection at all.

    • Vick Supporter

      Matt you have no idea what you’re talking about. Vick could have easily blamed people, but he did not. It’s funny how Nick “Mr Checkdown” Foles comes in and now they want to have a balanced attack. Any QB that throws 40 times a game is going to make some mistakes. You hate Vick personally..that’s what this is all about.

      • The Guru

        I couldn’t care less about his personal life. I watch him in games and while people are mesmerized by his 40 yd run and the ball he threw 60+ yds in the air…..I see three wrong reads, two terrible turnovers, escaping the rush and never keeping his eyes downfield for open WRs, and taking sacks when he’s holding on to the ball “trying to make a play”. He is a lousy quarterback and no team can win a title with him.

        • Vick Supporter

          Damn bruh so he’s supposed to make every read perfectly?? I see Foles do this same exact thing but you white people use your “he’s a rookie”excuse.Drew Brees leads the league in interceptions and he gets no criticism yet Vick gets hammered because he’s athletic. That’s all white fans can see unfortunately. You people said the same shit about McNabb and he was the best qb in Eagles history. Take the hate out of your critique. Vick was awesome when he had time to throw.

          • The Guru

            Dear Marcus Vick….it’s not about race. Obviously race is an issue for you, but it doesn’t factor in to this equation. Foles gets a break because he’s a rookie. Brees gets a break because his whole team was suspended. Vick doesn’t get a break because he’s had 10 years to prove he’s a good QB and hasn’t done it. He’s had good o-lines, good coaching, good WRs, good TEs and still can’t be successful. Remind me how many rings McNabb has again? All you have to do is win. They couldn’t do it.

          • Next year

            Lets not forget drew Bree’s also hold the altimeter td record

      • MAC

        Speaking of having no idea. Get your facts straight buddy. Foles threw the ball 51 times against Tampa Bay and 46 times against Washington. Also Foles has played 5 games and you call him Checkdown? One of Vick’s biggest problems was he never checked it down when there was pressure. He either forced an INT or held it ignoring check down until he got hit and fumbled! So since we are making nick names up today Foles is “Mr Checkdown” and Vick’s is Mike “turnover machine” Vick! Also I have posted below for you and any other Vick supporters that claim Foles got a more balanced attack than Vick some real stats.

        • Vick Supporter

          Vick is better than Foles. No doubt about it. It’s a team game and it’s a shame that the QB has to take all of the blame. That’s a bitch move to blame one person.

      • MAC

        So let’ take a look at the more balanced attack statement for Foles than Vick. here are the stats:

        Vick( 5 Games): vs Saints Pass 45 attempts Rushing Attempts 23
        [ Ran 34% of time]
        vs Falcons Pass attempts 35 Ran 23 [Ran ball 40%]

        vs Lions Pass 46 Ran 24 [ ran 34%]

        vs Steelers Pass 30 Ran 18 [Ran 37%]

        vs Giants pass 30 attempts Ran 30 attempts [50%]

        So with Vick in his last 5 games he threw on average 61 % and team ran

        ball 39 %.

        Foles in 5 games (make it quicker will just give 5 game totals) Threw ball 185 times and team ran ball 108 times.

        In Foles 5 games Eagles Passed ball 63% of time and ran it 37% of time.

        So that means that the balance was the same essentially and in those 5 games Vick pass yards were 1190 yards and Foles threw for 1137 yards. So if Foles is “Mr Checkdown” then seems that his pass yards are almost same as Vick’s. (please remember that Vick had Celek, Jackson, Herremans, and McCoy for all those games and Foles did not).

        So please tell me what other excuses that are not even valid do you have for Vick? Just wanted to mention I am african american so please do not use the race card on me. I deal in facts and do not play that game.

    • Next year

      I think Matt has a valid point mike brought a lot of the hits on his self it’s hard for the o -line to protect someone that is holding the ball to long and the way he runs around it makes it tough to know where to protect. I not doubting the guys heart, or if he’s good enough to be pro quarterback .

  • Sylvia Richardson

    Two years ago, Vick was the toast of the town in Philly and his jerseys could be seen everywhere! It is a given that he did not have a good year in 2011, and the turnovers surely didn’t help this year, but it is unfair to blame everything that has gone wrong with the Eagles on Vick. I think that he still has the ability to play well in the NFL and I sincerely hope that a team will make him a decent offer for 2013. I don’t believe in kicking a man when he’s down and, although I feel that Andy Reid is probably acquiescing to Mr. Lurie’s wishes, I also feel that Vick does not deserve to be treated with such irrelevance. Let the man know exactly where he stands!

    • xlGmanlx

      I don’t think anyone is blaming 7 per se, I think it is obvious the iggs might go in another direction next year. The best thing for both sides is to attempt to trade him to a location that makes sense for both parties. That would be interesting to see if Howie can pull it off. The Mecco trade took everyone by surprise as an example, but pretty similar criteria – going in different direction of athletically gifted proven NFL player.

  • dislikedisqus

    I’d forgotten Kafka. And yet what word better describes the season?

  • Eagles1

    As far as I’m concerned, I think the Eagles defense should go back to playing Jim Johnson’s Nickel ,it would tighten up the holes on the front lines and Give the O-Line a Whole Lot more Power up front to stop the RUN, it would also help the corner backs to turn the plays inside and would contain the outside short passes and throws in the flats, we call that better containment.It would also give the safeties more time and vision to cover the receivers and I would like to see a MIDDLE LINEBACKER that stops the runs up the middle and can cover the tight ends inside and out along with stopping the quarterback from running this is my opinion Signed GANG GREEN FOR LIFE.

  • wtk007

    I feel the next head coach should decide if Michael Vick should stay or go. Depending on what type of scheme the new head coach brings to Philadelphia will determine Vick’s fate. Yes, Vick had problems this year, but 85% was due to the O-line and Reid’s game calling. Don’t rush to get rid of Vick, let the new head coach and his staff see if Vick can still make a game difference in their new system.

  • john

    Classy Mick. Hope Chip Kelly wants you to run the Eagles offense when he takes over from Reid.

  • Eagle Fan

    I wouldn’t be so fast to show Vick the door, I don’t think the franchise has two to three years to wait for foles to develop. look at all the other rookie QB’s they ran offenses in college. so when they transitioned to the NFL they fit right in. you’ll saw it on primetime last night. who fills in if foles get’s hurt? I say keep vick and build a solid offensive line around him. keep foles as a back up and look ahead to draft a good QB in three to four years. I say get rid of the whole coaching staff and let’s not leave that roseman out.

  • truefanwithlogic

    it’s simply pathetic the way you “sports fans” talk so badly about mick vick! It just goes to show you don’t know shit about football really. Any die hard fan will know that with an O-line, scrapping the wide 9 which already happened, and better coaching, Vick is the only hope for a superbowl in Philadelphia! Nick foles or any other QB on the Eagles roster will never even get the eagles to the playoffs with all of those positive acquisitions! Mick vicks only major flaw is reading blitzes great. That is one thing he has came a long way at and continues to get better! The eagles dishing Vick away like trash will only make next season for this franchise trash! If the Eagles don’t, hopefully there is a team waiting to snatch Mick vick up and build around the 4 time pro-bowler, who has a heart of a lion, and the skills set to shock the naysayers! Good luck Mike Vick! Only a true man takes blame knowing this seasons tradgedy was a team effort! #1 problem was coaching!