Notes From Andy Reid’s Day-After Presser

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy ReidSome notes from Andy Reid‘s day-after press conference:

— On the injury front: Brandon Hughes has a lung contusion and was hospitalized overnight Thursday and released Friday morning.

“He got sandwiched out there,” said Reid. “He left here and it was hard to tell what his symptoms were so we kept him here for a long period of time and then send him home. He coughed up blood and so they were able to get him to the hospital and they kept him overnight for observation, and everything checked out OK.”

LeSean McCoy has yet to see an independent neurologist as he recovers from a concussion. He will likely visit the doctor on Tuesday. Brent Celek (concussion) has passed all the concussion testing, according to Reid.  Evan Mathis is dealing with ankle inflammation. Clay Harbor has a low back contusion but should be OK. Stanley Havili has a hamstring strain. Kurt Coleman (chest) and Chris Polk (toe) should be ready to go.

Michael Vick has an been cleared by an independent neurologist but Reid did not commit to him being the primary backup for the remaining two games.

“I’m going to look at how many guys I can active and not active and see how the numbers work out there, and see how he does this week; see how he feels.”

— Reid addressed the blocked punt, in which Marvin McNutt ended up taking out teammate Mat McBriar.

McNutt ended up getting beat. McNutt was supposed to be in the game. That was his spot. He was replacing  Jason Avant. The problem with [ Ryan] Rau was supposed to be on the other side where Clay [Harbor] went in and didn’t get there.”

Did he consider using a timeout to get the right personnel out there?

“No, because Clay was okay. Clay knew what he was doing. It wasn’t Clay that the problem was on. It was on McNutt. He was in the right spot.”

— On whether Colt Anderson has earned a starting spot for the remainder of the year:

“I think you could say that. Now, listen, I haven’t sat down and talked with Todd [Bowles] about that but I would tell you that he’s played good football. Good enough to be considered at keeping him in that position.”

— Reid was asked if the changes on the defensive side should have been made sooner.

“There are two parts to that. I think the defense played well yesterday for the most part. Are there some plays that we’d like to have back? Yes, there are. I didn’t think that was the problem. On the other side of that, I did what I thought I had to do at that time. That’s how I felt. The rest of it is hindsight, and I can’t go back on that.”

— On the Nick Foles interception down the left sideline:

On that particular play, instead of taking what would normally be a five-step drop, he took what would be a seven-step drop. When you’re in the gun, it would be a five as opposed to a three. He held too long on the safety and tried to look the safety off. These are rookie mistakes, and he’ll learn from that. He’s very diligent about those things, and he’ll get it right. It wasn’t a lack of arm strength that would cause that to take place.”

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  • Pomo

    Why didn’t someone ask how does Bobby April still have a job?

    • Myke Lowery

      He just needs to put players in a “better position” to do a “better job”

      • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

        Looked like the Bengals guy really put McNutt in the right position to succeed!

        • Johngiam

          bobby April is just a clean. How that baboon is still coaching not so special teams is something I just can’t fathom. NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!!
          OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!

          We lost Thursday because of our special teams, and skilled players on offense not helping the QB. I’m not putting that loss on Foles or the defense. Hw many times does Foles have to hit a RECIEVER in the head or chest with a missile that they just drop? It’s sad. When your starting qb goes down, the team should rally, and EBERYONE should elevate their game to help the rookie….not in Philly. Keep improving day to day Nicky boy, and you will be a BOSS in no time! Really like what I see for the kid

    • Wilbert M.

      How did April have a job after last year????????? The Eagles special teams were at the bottom of the NFL last year. Andy values (valued) loyalty over accountability. Bobby April is a joke.

      • Johngiam

        Loss of accountability is the numb one issue with our downward spiral. Players know, there pretty much isn’t anything they can do to ever be benched, why should they do better? Vick doesn’t know how to slide? What a joke. If you bench his ass for the rest of a game, aft he doesn’t slide…bet your ass he learns how to slide real fast. It’s just a joke. Football needs to be run like the military…instead of coddling your damn players all the time, use the media to fire up your players, and send messages to the players the way most of the all time great coaches have done. ACCOUNTABILITY!!! We have none!

  • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

    I sure as heck hope AR doesn’t dare put McCoy out on the field these last two games. No reason to jeopardize him to another concussion when absolutely nothing is on the line.

    • Johngiam

      Forget jeopardizing him…..the issue is that there is absolutely no reason to add any meaningless wear and tear to our franchise running backs tires. that kid is special… I don’t ever want to see him on the field when we aren’t playing for anything. Shady needs to units and, and take the benching as a compliment

      • xlGmanlx

        Agreed, i’m hoping DJAX’s IR trip was the same reason. Season is done, see who you have on the roster, save the core. Fans would prefer that then losing Shady in real games next year due to some stupid injury this season. Give the fans some credit.

  • Septhinox

    – On whether Colt Anderson has earned a starting spot for the remainder of the year:

    “I think you could say that. Now, listen, I haven’t sat down and talked with Todd [Bowles] about that but I would tell you that he’s played good football. Good enough to be considered at keeping him in that position.”

    Wait..ho is this missed by most people, media included? Reid just benched Coleman.

    • Wilbert M.

      Symbolic of this season – take credit for replacing a guy that sucked because he got hurt and couldn’t play in the first place. I have news for Andy or Todd – Nate Allen sucked against the Bengals and he’s been horrible all year. Our management is so bad that we have to play guys that can’t play. We have NO safeties on the team. Howie thought so much of Sims to give up a draft pick and the guy can’t play. But, we play revolving doors with Phillip Thomas, who appeared to have potential.

      • Johngiam

        Yeah man, the Phillip Thomas situation has really pissed me off. Out of four safeties on the roster, we don’t have a single nfl starting caliber player. How the hell does that even happen? Don’t think I have ever seen that before. Thanks howie…20million under the cap, and you couldn’t outbid the jets for Yeremiah Bell? Bell is no Ed reed, he wouldn’t have saved the season..but it’s just symbolic of the retardness of the front office. Yo sitting on 20mil under the cap, yeremiah is going t sign a 1 yr deal, and you don’t outbid everyone for him? Why cause you don’t think he is worth the value? Yo have 20 friggin million under the cap…that money isn’t there for yo cheap frocks to DIY up…It’s there to spend on talent. yeremiah is far from a pro bowler, but ATleast he is a starting safety….something we have NONE OF, around here!

        Just like everything else in life you get what you pay for. You wanna spend money like the jaguars..l.surprise surprise…the jaguars is what you have on the field!! There is a ten year wait for season tickets, we been so close so many times…how is it acceptable to never even been close to maxing out the cap?
        No big market team in the past ten years has spent less money then the eagles. is it really a coincidence that the teams that are running the nfl this year are the ones with the least money left under the cap. 20million under the cap. Y realize how absurd that is?? Wasn’t this a Super Bowl or bust year? Yo short changed your coach 20million dollars worth of talent. What backups did we spend money on? King Dunlap? Derrick landri? If you are going t draft bad, and not spend money on backups who can play….you better not suffer any injuries…and when does that ever happen?

    • xlGmanlx

      Of all the blunders big red has made, that isn’t even on the radar. Coleman is terrible, been saying that for years, anything at this point is an upgrade. Plus Colt actually broke up a play coming over the top, when is the last time coleman did that? At this point, even NFL players/coaches knows coleman shouldn’t be in the league.