• daveH

    sheil – just so you know.. i came to your site to check the game ..and i for one really dig the fun bs & 1 liners .. but also tonite i have like 6 minutes to read you advertisments and see whats goin on with the game … so in this instance..i just plain couldnt find the real game details .. is there any way that you can write a real game commentary above the very important banter ??

    love u man , love your site, love your insights ..but i had to go to philly dot com or the rest of the internet to find wtf is goin on (btw why isnt this game on tv?? what am i missing>??? is this game so inconsequential in nyc that no one cares ??)

    • Anawer

      Dude, it’s on NFL network.

  • morgan c

    i can’t chat because I don’t have facebook or twitter (weird, I know), but WHY THE HELL DO WE CONTINUE TO RUN 1ST DOWN PLAYS OUT OF AN EMPTY BACKFIELD!?!? I mean, at least show a run set, if not run it. And that series at the end of the first half where we settled for a FG? Pass pass pass. Run it up the freaking gut! This, above all else, is why Reid is clueless.