Nnamdi Injured Maclin During Celebration

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy MaclinJeremy Maclin popped up on the injury report with a groin strain following Sunday’s dramatic win over the Bucs. Turns out, it happened after the final whistle had blown.

Maclin was slow to come out with it. Here’s how the exchange went with reporters:

Did you injure yourself on that game-winning touchdown?

“My groin is a little sore. I’ll be alright, though.”

Was that the play?

“That is kind of what did it.”

Was it sliding or running back out to midfield?

“No, it was actually when the guy jumped on top of me, hit me.”

Have you given whatever teammate jumped on you a hard time?

“It was Nnamdi [Asomugha], and I already gave him a hard time.”

There you go. The jokes have already started in earnest.

Andy Reid said Maclin should be able to play on Thursday against the Bengals, which — assuming he is not limited — would make this nothing more than an ironic footnote. For the rest of the injury situation, click here.

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  • JofreyRice

    Ugh, didn’t think it was possible to be annoyed with Maclin this week…

  • UncleCarm

    I don’t believe this story at all. I don’t believe Nnamdi can hit anyone hard enough to hurt them.

    • yatin

      ha! has nnamdi done one positive thing since he joined the team? cut him tomorrow, let’s see what Marsh can do

    • bsn

      He broke Chris Cooley’s hand last year.

    • http://abigbuttandasmile.com/ A Big Butt and a Smile

      LMAO!!! That made my day. lol

  • jjay

    why can’t nnamdi get hurt so we can see if we have anyone else to step up from the bench

  • Alex

    The corners actually played better without Nnamdi in there when he got hurt. Can someone just trip him, or hit him over the head with a crowbar or something?

  • daytoday

    Why bash Nnamdi? if you dont like how much money he makes, one piece of advice id give you is to get over it, he is a pro athlete who struck gold in free agency, and 2nd Nnamdi will restructure his deal this offseason to allow the eagles to get other guys and keep DRC…..but idk why philly fans have to live up to our national media sterotype, one min we love a guy the next we want him gone, among other sterotypes….
    – if you know football, then you know that the wide 9 and the safety play is most to blame for big plays and busted coverage this yr….Nnamdi is a stand up guy on and off the field.

    • morgan c

      Have you actually watched Eagles games this year? I’m not being sarcastic; I seriously want to know, because suggesting Nnamdi has been good is frighteningly inaccurate.

      • daytoday

        was the lions game this yr or did i dream that? isnt calvin johnson the best WR in the NFL, how on earth did a scrub like Nnamdi manage to shut him down? do you watch other games besides eagles games? cuz if you do then maybe you would know that the NFL is a PASSING league, EVERY CB is going to get beat for big plays, r u serious right now? its part of the game of football, you have to live with the good and the bad players are going to have good games and bad games, its common sense, but here in philly, we dont have common sense

        • Lerma

          Yeah, he’s only a top 20 cornerback now instead of a top 5. Still good enough to be starting.

          • JofreyRice

            He’s only in the top 20 if they’re going alphabetically. Did you not see him give up 100+ yards to Vincent Jackson & Mike Williams? Dude got thrown at 7 times and allowed 5 catches. Freeman had a 150 QB rating against him. He broke his ass on the one play he did make. He sucks.

          • Lerma

            I did watch all the games. Every corner in the league is going to give up those games, except for your hall-of-famers, which I’m not sure that any are in the league right now. And he didn’t give up 100 to Jackson, he was lined up all over the field, Chaney had him on his touchdown. My point being, “good” cornerbacks are only good because quarterbacks target lesser corners on the team, which is why he looked hall-of-fame in the first place in Oakland. Now Nnamdi has slightly better DRC opposite him who is more of a threat to pick a ball than him. If he starts picking off some passes, QBs will target somebody else and then he’ll look top 5 once again. He’s also pretty good inside ten yards, and if we had even average safety help, he’d look a lot better this season. Curtis Marsh isn’t better. Brandon Hughes isn’t better. They’re stop-gaps until you find another ballhawk. Or Troy Vincent.

          • daytoday

            yea i agree, lets get some good safteys without the wide 9 and i promise our secondary will b sooo much better

          • Mike

            No he’s not he is garbage and im an eagles fan

        • morgan c

          That was the one game this year he played really well. I’ll give you that. What about slow VJax destroying him last week? Getting bailed out by the refs on what should have been the game-winning TD against Baltimore? The non-called arm bar on the final drive against the Giants? Julio Jones completely undressing him? Terrible coverage against Larry Fitzgerald? Getting abused by Miles Austin down the seam? Not attempting to tackle him? Getting abused by Mark Ingram in run support? Letting Dez Bryant blow by him repeatedly? Blaming Castillo last year and tacitly blaming his safeties this year (even if true)? Not accepting responsibility, and excusing his own mistakes even though he is the highest played payer on the team not named Vick? More concerned about throwing up his arms and giving up on a play to make sure it’s clear it’s not his fault, than trying to make up on a busted coverage (Cardinals game, Redskins game, Atlanta game)?
          Look man, I’m not a “typical Philly fan,” whatever that means. I don’t hate everyone on the team. But I sure as hell blame him more than Kurt Coleman (a 7th round pick making league minimum trying his damn hardest despite his obvious lack of talent) for our issues covering guys. It’s about attitude and Nnamdi simply doesn’t care as much as he should. THAT is obvious if you watch the film. Sorry man, but it’s unavoidably true.

          • Bob A

            Let’s not get nuts about the calls that went his way. That Giants game had about 2 iffy PI calls( on that drive alone) that went against the Eagles before they finally got the one that went their way. And the TD Baltimore scored should have been nullified, the guy clearly pushed off; if Desean Jackson had done that, they would have flagged him for offensive PI, so Jacoby Jones shouldn’t get a break either.Sometimes the calls go your way, sometimes they don’t. Don’t get me wrong though, I agree with you about Nnamdi’s effort, and even John Lynch on Sundays telecast called out him and DRC, saying that their effort is disrespectful to their teammates, coaches and the game of football. Perhaps now that they’re not in that wide 9 formation anymore, the secondary will start looking more professional.

          • 1972

            Agree with everything u just said.. hey daytiday what has nnamdi done well this season? dont tell me he shut down anybody. what game changing play has he made?

          • daytoday

            ok lets go over what you just said:

            – the baltimore play was a push off

            – the giants game Nnamdi drew a PI that won us the game

            – julio jones got him, he does run like a 4.3 but like i said EVER cb in the league gets beat so it happens

            – larry Fitzgerald was nate allens man, he even said so himself, the stats show Nnamdi was targeted 1 time that game for no catches

            – if ur talking about blown coverages against dallas when we went down there and played, everyone missed tackles

            – when dallas came up here and played, Nnamdi wasnt targeted 1 time, DRC got beat for a TD against dez bryant, should we cut him 2?

            – in a zone coverage your responsibility is to stay in ur zone, you cant blame Nnamdi for someone else fault

            – and wat you said about kurt coleman being a 7th round pick, is what im talking about….philly fans want to blame the high paid guy, just like ppl blamed iggy cuz he got paid alot, come on they are all pros

    • 1972

      theres still nnamdi supporters out there? u must be a giants fan, he helped u guys discover victor cruz with his terrible coverage skills. Seriously though, the guys toast. watch the games, he cant stay with one single reciever in the league one on one. even when he has help over the top he gets beat. the post and slant to jackson both had help over the top.. too old, too slow, please be gone

      • daytoday

        detroit game, first 3 quaters till they switched the coverage? held calvin johnson to 1 catch, cardinals game thrown at 1 time for 0 catches, you want me to keep going?

    • Felipe Sparks

      What games have you been watching? Any? He simply CAN NOT PLAY. It’s painfully obvious. He may be a “stand up guy”. But what does that do for us in winning a game? It’s not the money. Good for him.

      • daytoday

        did you miss the lions game?

    • Your an idiot

      He blows… If u think hes good then your an idiot!!!

      • Mike

        I am an eagles fan but everyone knows tht he is trash and doesn’t deserve half his current salary

  • morgan c

    Can we just cut this guy already?

  • 1972

    i dont wish inury to my team but when nnamdi went down i wanted it to be a mild concussion just so i can see a player that can actually still run out there.. this guy is always 5 plus yards behind the reciever its embarrasing at this point. How can reid keep running this guy out there?

    • GoBirds1

      Even when he is in position he never makes a play on the ball, because he can’t. Thanks Howie. There was reason you were able to get him at a much lower price than you thought you could, it’s because you were the only one that wanted him. And this is the dope that is going to rebuild this disaster called the Phildelphia Eagles? Boy, are we screwed!

      • FMWarner

        I have no opinion on whether Howie should stay, but that’s a bit of revisionist history. The Cowboys went hard after Nnamdi, and were pissed not to get him. The Raiders tried like hell to keep him, and they weren’t the only suitors. If Howie blew it, he has a lot of company among both other GMs and fans alike.

        • GoBirds1

          I guess you believe that he came here for less money too. And Jerry Jones is the master architect of NFL rosters and supreme talent evaluator! Once the book was out on NA, everyone bailed except for Howie and Jerry. Even of it is revisionist, he is done. Did you not see the two escorts into the end zone in the Dallas game. The guy is a bump!! He quits on plays all the time.

          • FMWarner

            I never said he wasn’t done, only that hindsight is 20/20 and several teams were in on this guy despite the price tag. And who would think he came here for less money? He didn’t get less money, unless you think 5 years/$60 million is below market for a corner. If “the book was out” on him, then why did everyone do cartwheels when we signed him?

          • GoBirds1

            Check Howie’s quotes after the deal and his explanation of how we got him. It happens because he is an NFL outsider being played by the good ol’ boys network. It happens all the time in many industries. Fans are fans and they drink cool aid and where green tinted glasses, not player personnel experts. Read what experts like Lombardi was saying about NA BEFORE the deal! Bottom line, if he is now marginalized with an inflated salary on a sunk season, why is he playing when there are young CBs that need PT to be evaluated going forward.

  • http://twitter.com/THEKID_ Mike Jehle

    My goodness…it’s enough to put up with the Reid Apologists (which I can understand…a lot of people haven’t known how to use a computer for 14 years much less had to endure Reid that long) but Nnamdi Apologists? Wow…

    I knew his name but really didn’t watch any Raider games. Only took Nnamdi on his reputation. After nearly two years I really don’t know how he obtained that reputation. He is a very, very average cornerback…and the angst comes in because average corners do not make $12m-some a year.

  • Jimbo99

    Somebody needs to tell Asomugha to tackle the opponents players only ? Oh yeah, they did and he doesn’t seem to be able to get close enough to them.

  • Eagle fan

    He has been the worst high dollar free agent signing ever! He should be out of the league!!!

  • Scotty Like WO

    That’s the only guy he hit all year!! Figures. Good job Nnamdi Asksomeoneelsetocover… Why to cause insult to injury….AGAIN!!!