With the Game In His Hands, Foles Delivers

Andy Reid caught the media a bit off guard when he revealed how the final play of the game came about.

“He wanted that last play,” said Reid of rookie quarterback Nick Foles. “He called it, he wanted it and he executed it.”

Foles called it?

“He came off and he wanted that play. So yeah,” said Reid. “It was a game that we had in the game plan in that situation and that’s the one he liked the best. He was feeling it. Hey listen, it’s a great thing when your quarterback is in tune like that. When he came off he said, ‘Hey, I’m feeling this right here.’ And you saw Marty [Mornhinweg] give him the high five, that’s what that was all about. He just goes, ‘Hey, that’s an awesome deal.’ That was a great feeling right there. I am proud of the kid.”

It was second-and-goal from the 1 1/2 yard-line, two seconds on the clock and the Eagles down 21-16. Foles rolled to his right and found Jeremy Maclin by the right sideline on an out. There were two celebrations — one immediately following the play, and one after an officials review confirmed that it was a touchdown.

“I just like a movement play in that situation because it changes throwing lanes,” said Foles. “If you’re in the pocket a guy can undercut it, whereas if you’re on the run there’s no undercut. It just felt good. It was the first play that came in my head.”

The touchdown toss capped a 13-play, 64-yard drive that started with 2:44 left on the clock. It was far from uneventful. Foles and his teammates were on the high wire, forced to come up with one third-down conversion and a pair of fourth-down conversions to keep their hopes alive.

Facing a third-and 14 from their own 32, Foles stepped away from the Tampa pass rush (he was under duress all day– the Bucs piling up six sacks and 13 QB hits) and finding Maclin for a 23-yard gain. He picked up a first down on a 4th-and-1 with a three-yard scramble later in the drive, and overcame a 4th-and-5 with a 22-yard dart over the middle to Jason Avant.

“Nick came over to me on the sideline and I said, ‘Just put your head down and keep playing,'” said Avant, who broke out with seven grabs for 133 yards.

Foles spiked the ball with two seconds on the clock and Tampa decided to take a timeout, which Foles said settled the team. It also gave him an opportunity to tell the coaches exactly what he wanted.

“Nick came over during the timeout,” said Mornhinweg, “and said, ‘I want that one.’ Boom.”

Foles ended the night 32-of-51 for 381 yards with three touchdowns (two throwing, one rushing) and no turnovers. His team down 21-10, he led the charge as the Eagles put up 13 points in the final 3:55.

With the Eagles officially eliminated from playoff contention Sunday despite the win, optimism can only come in projections about the future. Foles made that far-away place seem a little closer with his performance Sunday.

“He has the potential to be a special quarterback in this league,” said Maclin. “He’s growing up right in front of our eyes.”

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  • xlGmanlx

    As exciting as this was for nick, lets not forget that Vick brought us from behind in the past. He says all the right things.

    • Run Eagles Run

      Not only that, had the coaching not blown the detroit game, a game where vick led a comeback, this team would still be in playoff contention… I think.

  • Wilbert M.

    It’s great that he’s showing he can play in the NFL. The new coach can build a ground game and hopefully, we’ll have a balanced offense with a reliable run game.

  • Anebriated

    I found Foles’ rushing TD to be a little ironic given the way Vick went out. Good to see Nick’s decision making abilities today, was very refreshing.

    • http://twitter.com/saunla L Saun

      Ignoring Marty’s playcalling shows good survival instincts. He best continue this on Thurs against Cincinnati

  • http://www.jhkayejr.com Joseph Kaye

    Good to see Foles can deliver. I hope Chip Kelly makes good use of him.

    • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

      I know Kelly said complimentary things about Foles last year, but if Kelly wants to bring a fast-break offense to the NFL he might prefer to go with Vick because of his movement skills.

    • 1972

      please no chip kelly

  • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

    It’s too bad Reid can’t stay around to coach this quarterback. I’m not sure if there’s anyone who could develop him better. The timing of everything that’s happened with this team since the end of the lockout has just been off.

    • xlGmanlx

      Reid has won ZERO superbowls, what makes us think he can “groom” a QB? Anyone looks great talking to Young or Favre

      • http://twitter.com/PhiIs_Goodman Phils Goodman

        Probably his great track-record of grooming QBs.

        • Matt

          He has 0 track record of developing a qb. I don’t get why people constantly say this. Mcnabb was good no Super Bowl. Favre was far along when he won he Super Bowl, already developed and I forgot Kevin Kolb is lighting it up in Arizona.

          • fran35

            C’mon man. The Reid hate is warrented. He cannot coach this team because he has lost his team. But don’t take away from the fact that Reid is a great develeper of QBs. He developed McNabb into a ProBowl QB. He made Feeley look like a stud-and we got a 2nd rounder for him. He got a 2nd rounder and DRC for Kolb. And finally, the best testament to his QB developing skills is the fact that he made Brett Favre what he was in GB as his QB coach, something even Favre admits. So, yeah, Reid is a great QB coach and developer. But he needs to go so we can use our run game next year and we all know Reid won’t ever do that.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1340276463 Paul Costello

            I would say that the measure of a great player is his ability, in part, to take what he’s learned and apply it somewhere else. Favre was great in Green Bay, and gee, he was pretty good for Minnesota, too. Kolb? What’s he done?? McNabb? What happened to him once he left Philly? He went to Washington, where RGIII shows what a QB-friendly coach and system they have there. McNabb couldn’t operate there at all. AJ Feeley?? Seriously?? What did he do when he left and went to Miami…? Right – nothing. He actually wound up back here!!

            I would say that Reid is able to squeeze from his QBs every ounce of talent they have while they’re on the field, and that’s all. He’s no great QB guru, no developer of QBs.

          • xlGmanlx

            Plus Favre was there when he got there and was a HoF’r. Basically what you said, he can make lemonade out of lemons, but we would prefer he make wine instead.

          • fran35

            You arguement only serves to illustrate my point.
            My statement was meant to illustrate how Reid seems to manage QBs very well. He made Feeley, Jeff Garcia, Kevin Kolb and even Koy Detmer look good while playing for him. Two of these guys got us high draft picks in a trade. The fact that they were not able to do well upon their departure only serves to demonstrate that it was Reid who helped them suceed.
            As far as trading a washed up McNabb, it was the right choice. But do not underestimate just how good McNabb was while here. A borderline Hall of Famer. Favre is a Hall of Famer.
            So, your arguement to get rid of Reid for the development of Foles is because Reid runs a QB friendly offense that makes QBs look better than they really are? Really?

      • FMWarner

        So unless someone wins a Super Bowl, they’re no good? It’s a bit more involved than that.

        • xlGmanlx

          Exactly that, this is the NFL. Nothing but Lombardi’s is all that ever counts.

  • Run Eagles Run

    Just to put this in perspective, bobby hoying threw for 318 yards, 4 td in his rookie year. everyone got real hyped.

  • daggolden

    Wow is this deja vu? Bobby Hoying 3rd round pick also. Back in 1997. Hoyings 4th NFL start vs Cincinnati he 313 yards and 4 tds. Mike Vick i mean Rodney Peete replaced midway through season by Bobby Hoying I mean Nick Foles. Bobby Hoying lights up NFL in 4th start. Fans go crazy! Fans buy every Bobby Hoying jersey in Deleware Valley. Next year Bobby Hoying starting QB for Eagles. Eagles find out he cant play and get #2 pick in draft and select franchise QB Donovan McNabb. Raise your hand if you were guilty of buying a Hoying jersey like me. I admit it. Hopefully Foles is better

    • MAC

      Must suck to always be looking at the most negative possible outcome even in a positive moment. You and CharlieGarner25 on Philly.com should talk. You could both discuss how bad everything is and how it will never get better. I feel sorry for you guys and let me guess your just being realistic. I know I know man. Cause being happy and enjoying the moment that is a terrible idea and fools gold everytime.

      • morgan c

        Agree. Look, maybe we are all a little too happy about this last game, but after this season, I think it’s fine for fans to look at something in a positive light. We need something to go on here, and Foles could be the guy. Not to mention, he had every reason to not win yesterday (Asomougha coverage, muffed punt, zero run game from Brown, regression of o-line, etc.), and he STILL won.

      • xlGmanlx

        I can see both sides, i think it is more a lesson in restraint then being negative

    • daggolden

      I havent stated one thing that wasnt fact. Im not making this shit up. lol. I will go even one further. Bobby Hoying replaced Rodney Peete who replaced Randall Cunningham and Nick Foles replaced Mike Vick who replaced Donovan McNabb. scary.

  • Philly_Bigz

    Imagine if he had a solid offensive line. This kid has shown promise and improvement, He will have bad games and bad throws but he has shown he can move this offense. Now get him a solidified line and 1 big physical WR and i’m sure he will surprise ya.

  • http://twitter.com/Lez215 Dutch

    Most impressive is how Foles handled being punished in the pocket by the bucks, 13 hits and 6 sacks didn’t change his perspective in the final seconds. The kid showed heart.

    • fran35

      I agree. He didn’t seem to get rattled from the hits he took. Most rookies would get happy feet. This kid doesn’t show much emotion about anything. I guess that is probably a good thing. Even on the game winning TD, barely a celebration.