Twitter Mailbag: On Roseman, Geno And Vick

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From @riggitty: would the eagles take a chance on Geno Smith if he’s available?

A lot depends on what they think of Nick Foles by the end of the season. If they believe Foles can develop into an above-average quarterback, then I doubt it. If they come to the conclusion that his ceiling is not very high, all options come onto the table.

I don’t pretend to know whether Geno Smith will be a good NFL quarterback. Same for Matt Barkley. But I am also hesitant to sway with the ever-changing winds of public sentiment. Barkley was a sure-fire stud. Now he’s not. After the combine, maybe his stock rebounds. Who knows.

Bottom line, elite quarterbacks are the rarest commodity on the planet. If you think you have found one, snatch him up — even if Mel Kiper  and 89 percent of the sane world disagrees.

From @TomMcKennaNJ: Any chance Howie Roseman loses his job or at least personnel responsibilities?

There is always the possibility that this collapse has shaken Jeffrey Lurie to his core and he changes direction, but the plan heading in was to keep Roseman around and I believe he sticks to that.

One thing we don’t have a full understanding of is how much of what went wrong over the past two seasons falls on Roseman’s lap. Take, for instance, the 2010 and 2011 drafts. The draft is Roseman’s baby and he owns some of the responsibility. But how much? Remember at the time he had both Andy Reid and Joe Banner above him. Who wanted Danny Watkins? Jaiquawn Jarrett? On what picks was he overruled?

Is the 2012 draft evidence of what he can do when he has more control?

Few people know these answers, but Lurie is one of them.

From @BDAWG_30: Sucks #Birds are one year too late with this collapse; could be rolling w/ RG3 & Bryce Brown combo out of the Pistol #RG3MVP

Way to depress Eagles Nation, B-Dawg!

Remember when news of the Eagles’ pursuit of RGIII and Peyton Manning created a stir? There was even some debate whether it was the right thing to do. Just think if the Eagles were able to pull either one of those deals off now. Manning might be helping Reid make one final charge; RGIII would have the city drunk with excitement about the next decade of Eagles football.

The Redskins were questioned for giving up a king’s ransom to move up and select RGIII. What team wouldn’t do that deal now?

From @derfdy: What’s the order of operations regarding the QB situation with the Eagles now? Do they hire a coach first? Release Vick? Draft?

One of my favorite questions to ponder. The way I understand it, the Eagles have to cut Vick before February 6 to avoid paying the quarterback $3 million. There is a decent chance they have a head coach in place by then. If that’s the case, all the powers that be can weigh their options and then decide on how to proceed at QB.

What if the search drags on and there is still no coach by the deadline? Would they take the financial hit in order to allow the eventual head coach to have a say, or make their own judgment?

I am of the opinion that the head coach should absolutely be not just a voice but the voice when it comes to an on-field decision as critically important as how to move forward at quarterback. If he doesn’t get that opportunity, it will tell us much.

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  • Randy Jobst

    Unless they are waiting on a NFL assistant for a team that is in a conf title game or THE title game, the new coach will be hired by mid-January.

  • LT

    I’m not sold on RGIII yet. He’s running a total gimmick offense, and NFL defenses figure those out in time. His mechanics are sloppy. I don’t see a guy dropping back and surveying the field anytime soon. We’ve seen this QB plenty of times before, and they have a hard time staying healthy and operating NFL offenses with consistent results.

    • Johngiam

      Yeah, I haven’t made rg3 a god yet either..we have seen that type of qb before, have an incredible year, then teams figure him out and he gets banged up. We have seen it ore times then not. Is RG3 finally the truth? Remains to be seen…what I do know is unless we build a real defense, and a pound the ball, ball control offense, he is gonna be tap dancing all over us for years to come!!! Other teams defense might figure it out, but our defense as it stands, ain’t figuring out a damn thing any time soon lol

      • Loke2112

        Cam Newton anyone?

        • johnGiam

          very well could be. we will find out next year.. “sophmore slump” Cam style? or does he continue to improve? I love their Left Tackle! so jealous that he isnt an eagle!///curios to see how they can possibly improve next year: No draft picks, and Synder has usually BOMBED every time he opened his checkbook in free agency!

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          Carolina is losing games by less than a touchdown – there problems are bigger than Cam’s “sophmore slump” and last I checked he wasn’t the first rookie QB to have a bad second year – Carolina fixes some of it’s other problems and they are winning games.

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      Huh? While the offense they r running aren’t doing him any favors…he’s VERY accurate and has a crazy arm. He’s a pocket passer with sprinter speed. The guy is the real deal, but they do need to switch up the offense for him next year.

      • geezer

        What do they need to switch up the offense to?

      • LT

        The arm is strong, the mechanics are sloppy. His release is slow, for example. And he is not necessarily learning to drop back and survey the field running this gimmick offense — thus his development is really being delayed.

        • aub32

          So let me get this straight. Foles has so much room to grow because he’s a rookie, but RGIII couldn’t possibly get any better because….?

          • LT

            I have no idea what Foles will become and I’m hardly arguing for Foles over Griffin. That would be foolishness on my part. Of course, Griffin has room to grow. But the facts are that running QB’s often don’t. We will see how things develop with Griffin.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          And you’re the ONLY person who says that. But okay.

          • LT

            I’m not trashing Griffin. He’s an exciting young player. He’s singlehandedly made the Redskins relevant again after more than 20 years of being one of the biggest jokes in the league. Of course he can improve. I’m just pointing out that we’ve been here before with running QB’s. There is an initial burst of excitement. Then, when defenses adjust, the QB has to transform into something more than just a runner if he wants to have a long career.

      • Loke2112

        At this point RG3 is no better than Mike Vick and that isnt saying much at all.

        • A Big Butt and a Smile

          LMAO. Some of the comments on these blogs are SOOOO predictable. He’s beating every rookie QB in every stat and has the Redskins – of all teams – in the hunt for the playoffs. But okay – as he continues to whip the Eagles ass over the years (unless we manage to get our ish straight) you can keep talking foolishness.

  • Johngiam

    I will be furious if they draft Geno or higher a college coach with no nfl experience. You can’t drafts top 5qb like geno when you have holes everywhere unless he is a cant miss prospect like luck and rg3., I don’t view him as such. …once again we have to draft heavy on the defensive side of the ball. I would like Manti, simply for his intangibles and freakish ability in coverage. Most Lbs that can cover as well as him, aren’t so darn good against the run. He is a complete lb. If the raiders steal him, then I want Star Latulelie….then again, I view Jarvis jones as the Jason Pierre Paul of this draft…so considering that I want a coach from the texans, niners, steelers, ravens, cardinals family coaching tree…which would probably bring the 3-4 defense to Philly. in that case I don’t see how you can pass up the biggest freak in this draft, Jarvis and have him as your VON MILLER rush LB from day one.

    I’m fed up with Andy ball, and gimmicky, cute, greatest show on turf crap. I’m ready to start lining up and start punching people in the mouth again. I’m ready to pound the ball with two featured backs and set Desean up as the most dangerous play action pass that in the nfl…it’s an absolute crime that Andy didn’t establish the run, to really sell the play action making desean absolutely lethal once again….and mostly, I want that Philly style fete see back. you know, the tough, stingy, opportunistic, nasty defense with MADMEN that you have to kill beforet hey let you waltz into our sacred end zone….Even the greatest of offenses will struggle in some games. DEFENSE is the key to a championship. set up an elite defense that will keep you in every single game! TE veteran, mercenary style defense didn’t work. Time to rebuild, a young, ferocious defense with players that can be molded into being worthy of playing defense in Philadelphia!!!!

    • aub32

      Please tell me where these millions of holes are? Yes our secondary, but you can bet at least two of those players will be coming back and starting next year. The O line is decimated by injury. Next year when everyone is healthy, we should be ok. Not to mention Kelly and Scott/Watkins give us the depth we did not have early this year. We are set at WR/RB/FB. You can argue you want a bigger WR, but I think Cooper has earned that role and should be given a shot. We have 2 LBs that look like starters, and that’s really all you need in today’s NFL. I would hope we didn’t switch to a 3-4 as we don’t have the personnel. Ryans, arguably our best defender, does not perform well in a 3-4 which is why he was traded here. We don’t have a dominant NT, nor the OLBs. Yes you suggested getting Jarvis, but ask D. Ware how it feels being the only dominant rusher on the team. The Texans were able to do it because they had the personnel in place. It wasn’t just scheme. Look at how much losing Cushing hurt despite running the same D.

      • JohnGiam

        dude…read my other posts, every point you have made, I have alreday made. I never suggested draftinbg Jarvis. I said if the new coaches moves us to the 3-4, then WEW CAN NOT AFFORD TO NOT DRAFT Jarvis. I have already made the dameco ryan point before. I alreday think we are set at Oline, thus not needing to draft one with the 1st pick. Yes we do need to upgrade to reciever. Im fed up with Macklin. I move him in the slot next year and give him 1 last chance to prove he should be here long term. I am not ready to start cooper as my number 2. Get me a real, big, explosive number 2 to play opposit of Desean, but not in the 1st two round…just cause we only use 2 LBs dont assume the next coach will. Keep in mind, maybe we used 2 LBs so little because or linebackers 3-6 are terrible…….in my other posts I talk how I have always been a 4-3 guy…but I cant be naive to the fact, that the coaching trees I want my next coach to come from happen to be 3-4…who knows what defense our nex coach will want to run. But if he does happen to switch us, then we cant afford to not draft Jarvis…where are our holes?
        1 big better reciever
        2 safeties
        atleast 1 corner
        Manti teo playing Sam for us, Meco in the middle, Kendricks at Wil were he belongs
        A stud young Tackle to pair with fletcher in the future
        dying to replace Celek, but thats too much to ask in this offseason
        seems like plenty of holes to me…
        at the end of the day, in terms of the draft…drafting in the top 5, anything short of a sure shot pro bowler is unacceptable!

        • aub32

          I will admit I did not read through all your earlier post as they came in arguments where there were too many points to discuss. I can’t agree with the WR. Look at the teams that have a superstar WR that gets big money. Only the Texans are doing well. The Giants don’t have that guy, neither does NE, SF. BAL, or many other teams that do well. I would much rather take a chance on a QB than a WR, especially given the talent on this team. I don’t think any hole you listed is more important than QB. I think our biggest hole is safety followed by corner then DT. Everything after that is luxury. Celeck is still in the better half of starting TEs. Harbor has shown he can block and make some grabs. My LB point is that I rarely see a team with more than two stud LBs, and the recent SB winners were no where near stacked at that position. Just because there isn’t a pro bowl level player at every position doesn’t mean it’s a hole there.

          • Johngiam

            I just think that until you give Foles a year and a half, and a year with some actual starters who aren’t injured and a competent defense…I don’t think you can ever say if he is or isn’t THAT GUY! I do NOT want to get in a 5yr revolving door at qb, where we draft one every year just to take a shot… I would not acquire a qb, until he is a guy, I ABSOLUTELY believe can become the franchise guy. Man, we have holes everywhere! We don’t need pro bowlers everywhere, but at the very least we need competent depth. There is a major drop off between the talent in the starters and the lack of talent in the back ups which manifest itself in the putrid special teams play…You are going to play a lot of. Nicole in today’s NFL, but I think we played even more because we only had two competent LBs…I just believe that LB are more important them they ever were in today’s nfl, with all these freak tightens coming out that just simply can’t be guarded by a cornerback. personally I can’t help but be impressed with what Manti teo does in coverages. It’s rare that you see an interception macHine at the LB spot..A guy so darn good in coverage, yet also stout against the run, and blitzing the qb. I think he can be developed into a tremendous asset to a defense to help neutralize the stud freak caveman pass catching TE of todays nfl…We also need a young Dtackle to pair with Fletcher. I don’t think anyone will argue that we don’t need 4 new safeties..yes harbor can block, but that is very different from having a big blocking TE that functions pretty much as a 6th lineman. We don’t have ANYONE like that on the team. I know asking to replace Celek this year is asking for too much, but I have to admit I am fed up and disgusted with him. Like yu pointed out, a to half of the league veteran TE, and leader of our team, who not only didn’t step u when the rookie QB came in the game, but he was actually a hindrance t the kids success. that’s not acceptable. i would have benched him SO many times this year and given harbor his snaps… I’m not saying we need Brandon Marshall opposite of Desean, but I would like a big outside RECIEVER with more potential and talent then Riley. not suggesting we cut cooper, but I’m not ready to see him as a starter.
            Lets give Foles a chance. Let’s do ourselves a favor and evaluate properly and give him the time to show us exactly who he is. Don’t just start swinging for the fences with QB….do NOT acquire another QB until you are reasonably certain that he is the Franchise…any qb that we can bring in this year, will be a Foles type, talented but far from a sure shot franchise guy
            Please don’t waste any assets on long shot qbs…keep in mind, we have no idea wh our next coach will be. He can very well bring in the 4-3 defense. If that’s the case we will need to overhaul more then half the defense!

          • aub32

            First I think you meant to say switch to a 3-4, and if that’s the case I agree we would have to overhaul many of the defensive starters.

            You are right about Celeck, and that’s another example of why I think Reid has to go. There is no accountability on this team.

            I wil admit did not factor in Manti’s cover skills. I would look at getting a safety who has the ability to cover TEs, but I can see the argument either way.

            We remain on opposite sides of the fence on getting a big receiver. If you’re not going to pay big money or use a 1st or 2nd round pick, then I don’t think you’re going to get anyone better than Cooper, and we already have a big project WR in mcnutt.

            In regards to an exclusively blocking TE I would suggest taking a page out of Harbaugh’s book and just line up a 6th lineman. Kelly could do that well enough.

            In regards to depth I think it’s a bit redundant to say the drop off from the starter to the back up is significant. If that wasn’t the case then they’d be starting here or somewhere else. I do think the poor ST play is like many problems on this team a result of coaching.

            Lastly, I think Foles chance comes in the next 4 games. He’s playing 4 playoff hopefuls, who are going to being there A game. If he doesn’t show anything in these games, then I’m all for keeping Vick or drafting a QB high (Smith not Barkley). I also don’t want a QB carousel over the next 5 years, but I also don’t want to waste a year on 3rd round pick who had a good preseason. This team still has the talent to be in the mix. We are far from rebuilding, and I want the best available QB on the field regardless the resources that need to be expended.

      • Elias Rappaport

        I wouldn’t mind actually switching to the 3-4. It is the superior defense. We will have to switch at some point. I also think we do have the personel. The only sad cut/trade we’d have to make would be Ryans, but I’m fine with that if that means our defense will get better in the future. Cox is a 3-4 DE, Kendrichs in college was a 3-4 ILB, and Graham can play 3-4 OLB. Cole would have to learn a new role, but he might still be good. This draft too is full of 3-4 players. There are no 4-3 guys to take. You’d have the options of Star (NT, gonna be a “star”), Te’o (all around great 3-4 ILB), and Jones (Clay Matthews like 3-4 rusher). I wouldn’t mind it.

  • Andy

    Let’s see how good the Redskins are in three years with a banged up RG3 and two years without a first round pick.

    • UncleCarm

      Thank you Andy. I agree that RGIII and this pistol offense or whatever they call it is pretty dynamic right now, but have you seen the hits RGIII is taking? It is unlikely that this can continue for 10 years as everyone is saying. In some ways I think they are squandering him. He is a smart kid and a good quarterback, they should use him as an NFL quarterback before its too late.

      • morgan c

        A good point. With their cap penalties from last year, their lack of a draft going forward, and their somewhat flukey running game, they are due for regression. And with Jim Haslett running their defense, they will never compete. Dude is a predictable all out blitz fool. I just hate that guy. Anyway, I digress.

        • JohnGiamn

          I think in the long run,. the Rams will look like Genius’s. Bradford already outplayed RG3 to a win over the redskins this year..Once the rams start using all the skins draft picks to continue to build a defense that is already on the right track, and finally get Bradford some weapons…I think trading the rights to aquire RG3 will prove to be a BRILLIANT move that took alot of Balls. They should be commended.
          The redskins were Putrid, so RG3 was still a good move for them. It throw a bone to its fans…but I think teams like the lions, Rams, Colts, will hoist the lombardi trophy before the skins do!…wait til the concussions sink in, the missed games…skins fans will start singing a different tune. They have no draft picks going forward, and every single time SNYDER goes into his bitch as purse lol during free agency, HE BOMBS!!!! good luck trying to improve and take that next step skins fans!
          oh yeah, and btw, like Morgan C pointed out, they still have HASLETT! hahahaha

  • GoBirds1

    ‘I am of the opinion that the head coach should absolutely be not just a voice but the voice when it comes to an on-field decision as critically important as how to move forward at quarterback.’ Isnt that a GM/player personnel decision. Agreed, the HC should have his input, but giving all that responsibility and power to the head coach does not work anymore, isn’t the last five years enough to prove that out. Also, to characterize this as an on-field decision is inaccurate. It is the lynchpin to building the team.

    • LostInChiTown

      I agree that the days of HC’s also being GM’s are behind us and for good reason. However, I do think the HC should have final decisions on his players. Not having that is part of why Dallas is always underachieving. The line I keep hearing is, “if you want the coach to cook dinner, let him buy the ingredients.”

  • eagles2zc

    I tend to believe the assertion that the power shift at the Eagles FO in the recent years paint a picture of who was responsible at the drafts. The banishment of Banner coincide a little too perfectly with the lackluster draft of 2010 and 2011.

  • southy

    Let’s not forget Howie’s own comments about the 2010 and 2011 vs 2012 drafts. He himself admitted to a change in approach.

    • Loke2112

      A smart man learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from others. I want a wise man rebuilding this team. I doubt I will get one.

      • JohnGiam

        I just want someone with power in this organization to be a football guy! wtf is that too much to ask? Howie shouldnt be doing ANYTHING besides Negotiating contracts! what a joke to send howie around on recruiting trips. Howie and Doug Peterson were spotted together at the syracuse game If I remember correctly. I just dont understand how you can possibly go from law school to scouting talent. How can REVENGE OF THE NERDS, who obviously NEVER played the game, and never coached the game be scouting players? I dont get it! I will say that I loved this draft. was it a coincidence that it happened with Banner finally out of the way? unfortunately we will never be privy to that intel. How many eagles fans are out there in Eagles nation? 6million? not a single fan I have ever head, has ever said that they are excited having Howie as our GM! I have literally NEVER heard that!
        Call me crazy, but is it really too much to ask to have a REAL, establihed, proven FOOTBALL GUY, with some damn power in the organizational Hierarchy!

  • Loke2112

    “RGIII would have the city drunk with excitement about the next decade of Eagles football.”

    Really Tim, ya think? I for one am completely sick to my stomach just thinking about 10 more years with an athletic QB that relies on his legs. Am I the minority?

    Lets Foles develop, he has the stuff you can’t teach. IQ and height. A good coach can fix the rest hopefully.

    • JohnGiam

      If I ever see a running QB again, I will cry! Since Randall, thats basically all we have ever seen. We havent won anything, so maybe its time to try something different, Yeah, I know that we didnt win with Jaws either, but that was a diiferent time, significantly different game.. I just want a stiff QB, so unathletic that he has to master the nuances of stepping around in the pocket to avoid rushers, a Big guy, that will just sit back there, side stepping defenders and just CHUCK IT!!! Its a blessing in disguise that we didnt get RG3! It would have meant another decade of concussions, exciting, close but no cigar QB play! Sometime in this lifetime I want that GOD DAMN CIGAR LOL!!!! No running QB has won…so Im more then ready to move away from that type of QB. Make no mistake about it, dont listen to what anyone in washinbgton says…they would have taken LUCKJ in a heartbeat given the chance. The rams, passed on RG3 in favor of Sam Bradford, who by the way, outplayed Luck this year and led the rams to a win over the skins. As great as RG3 has shown, I believe that took some balls and brains in St lous, and with all the redskins draft picks, it will start to show dividends as soon as they get bradford some weapons!
      Im fine with having Foles as the starter thru next season. Then we can properly evaluate him, after this half season, and a full year as the guy from ) OTAs all the way thru the regular season, and with a better supporting cast next season. After next season we evaluate him, and make a decision..unlike this offseason, there will be some FRANCHISE QBs available on the market. Too many holes to waste any of our assets on anything short of a sure shot Franchise CHUCKER..we already have a maybe type with potential in Foles. A 5 year revolving door at QB will make it a decade before we compete for a QB. Ride with Foles, until he A) PROVES to be OUR GUY, or B) OUR GUY can actually be aquired!
      Build a strong defense, feature the run, we will have a better line by default…and lets see what the kid can do next year, before we start wasting assets on kids that might not pan out, just like him!..Foles is my guy, until andrew Luck reincarnated is available!

      • aub32

        I am getting so tired of fans thinking an athletic QB can’t win or doesn’t have the ability to win the big one. Rodgers is athletic and runs very often. Big Ben is athletic and has won 2. Seems to me like like many fans are substituting the word athletic for something else. Look at your own example of Luck. His “athleticism” rivals that of Cam Newton. He put up the same numbers almost exactly. I really hate seeing this type of response in 2012, and since the Eagles are out of it this year, I will be rooting for RGIII to shatter this stereotype that has no place in today’s game.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        RGIII is NOT a running QB. He is a pocket passer with sprinter speed. Luck, Rodgers and Big Ben are athletic QB’s as well. I don’t see you complaining about them.

        • LT

          He’s a running QB at this point. Calling him a pocket passer is extremely premature. He may develop into one in time, but guys like him often don’t.
          You cannot be serious comparing him to Roethlisberger or Rodgers. They are pocket passers FIRST with functional mobility. Griffin is running a gimmick offense designed to take advantage of the fact that he is a runner first and foremost at this point in his career.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        And no one and I mean NO ONE beleives Bradford is a better QB than RGIII.

    • eagles93

      RG3 is not strictly a running QB like Vick or Vince Young. He’s more of a pocket passer than anything. He just has great athletic ability that the coaches take advantage of. Granted, the way they’re running him, he’ll be lucky to be healthy in a few years.

    • aub32

      So are you implying RGIII is not intelligent? We have no idea what Foles will become. There are plenty of “nonathletic” smart QBs who suck. McNabb was the best QB in this division during most of his tenure here. I get he didn’t give us a SB but let’s not act like he only put on a show but failed to win games.

      • JohnGiam

        close but no cigar shit means NOTHING to me! Mcnabbs entire career has been a complete failure, just like every other eagles team faioled that didnt deliver a sb. Until the organization achieves that mindset…and doesnt believe that the gold standard means that you get close every year,,..we will never win, the only thing we should be playing for

        • aub32

          So every great QB or player who didn’t win a SB is a failure? If that’s how you feel across the board than fine, but I have to disagree. I don’t think that just being in the hunt makes you the gold standard, but I wouldn’t reduce McNabb’s to that of all who came before. For a decade I went into every season knowing we had a shot and saw the team do well. I would prefer that over knowing I had nothing but losing to look forward to.

          • Johngiam

            No. Let me rephrase. our great Eagles players of the past are not failures..but every single EAGLES team that hasn’t delivered us a Super Bowl is NOTHING but a failure. That T.O Super Bowl team…FAILURE! Those 3 NFC championship teams, ALL FAILURES. I won’t call an eagles great, a failure for not winning the AB, because football isn’t a game that one single player can win for’s the ultimate team game, so I won’t disrespect a player like that…but from team wise, gold standardize…we are nothing but a failure and a joke of an organization. Any team that calls themselves the gold standard, dynasty, dream team having never won a Super Bowl is indeed an absolute JOKE!

            When will it be our turn to smoke the cigar?

  • HowieDon’tKnow

    HR should be gone or returned to his contracts and legal work. JL needs to hire a qualified GM to pick coaches, talent, etc… The AR experiment came close but the all-knowing coach structure has really only worked with Jimmy Johnson. Belichick is similar but needs to be viewed differently than Johnson because he only won SBs when he cheated. The knowledgeable GM with a great scouting group approach can bring in enough coaching to overcome bad coaching (Tom Coughlin) and make mediocre coaches into SB winners (Mike Tomlin). Look at NY, GB, NOLA, Steelers for proof that this model works. JL should hire the GB, Giants or NOLA head scout to be his GM and get things rolling.