Eagles Wake-Up Call: Schiano And the Chip Kelly Question

Greg Schiano was asked to weigh in on the Chip Kelly debate Wednesday, and he probably didn’t even know it.

The line of questioning by the Philly media: Just how important is having some NFL coaching experience in your history to making a successful head-coaching transition from college to the pros? Schiano pointed out that his Bucs are sitting at .500 through 12 games, so he’s not sure how successful he’s been. But he made it clear that it was a big plus for him.

“I think the biggest thing for me is I was fortunate enough to have coached in the National Football League back in the late ’90s so I had a frame of reference of what kind of went on,” said Schiano.

“The head coach training — 11 years at Rutgers as head coach — was  ultimately the most important thing…but the experience of being in the National Football League was very important as well.”

Schiano was a defensive assistant for the Bears from 1996-98 before heading to the college ranks. Similarly, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh spent two seasons as the Raiders offensive coordinator before going the collegiate route.

Kelly has never coached in the NFL, and there is a debate going on about just how big of a deal that is. Schiano believes that college coaches are better equipped now to make the leap.

“I think availability of information has helped coaches grow,” said Schiano. “If a guy has a willingness to grow as a coach he now has the information and the resources to watch and learn. If you’re willing to study tape, you can get 90 percent of the scheme and the secret.”

Kelly and Schiano’s fates are tied together. Kelly originally agreed to become Tampa’s head coach last year before he had a change of heart and went back to Oregon. That opened the door for Schiano.

“I know Chip but I never talked to him about this job,” he said. “I knew that it was going that way when I was involved with it and quite frankly I wanted the job so I wasn’t happy, but when the thing changed a couple hours later I was more happy.”


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  • maka makanani

    Schiano has done very well on his first year with Tampa Bay. With his NFL experience, he had turned Rutger into a prominent team at the collegiate level.

    Nick Saban also has experience in the NFL and brought Alabama back into their winning ways, since the days of former great coach, Bear Bryant. Nick understands the X’s and O’s in both the defense and offense, where he exploit his players strength.

    Chip Kelly is an offensive mastermind. He’s very well verse in changing the game on the fly. By his scheming on the offensive side of the ball, he built his defense to challenge his offense, which keeps both units on top of their game. He has never had any experience in the NFL, the question remains, why he didn’t take the Tampa Bay’s offer? Could he be competent enough to run the spread offense in the NFL? I believe he could,. so what’s the problem? I think he didn’t like the offer that was placed on the table, especially entering the NFL with no priors as a Head Coach. Whatever the reason he decided to continue coaching at the college level,, he seems content. What lucrative offer can the Eagles give him that Tampa Bay couldn’t or wouldn’t or what is it going to take to bring him into the NFL? The money is there, NFL is known for some stupid things from the owner of the team, all the way down to the players. Everyone knows there is no guarantee in the NFL, than it is at the collegiate level. It is a huge decision, we can’t all be greedy. Who does Jeff Lurie have in mind or is he looking?

    • Johngiam

      I can’t wait for when we find out who the candidates really are. Who the hell knows what that weirdo Lurie is thinking. He looked like Dracula sitting at the Dallas game. I don’t think he flinched all game. I really don’t have much trust in him, and less in howie boy Scholnik. It’s really a scary time to be an eagles fan, when the only football guy in the organization is Andy, and his decision making is suspect at best, and he is on the way out. Our owner is in hiding. He doesn’t even think enough about us to make a statement. Just leaves us scrambling in the wind, just chaos. The gold standard of disgrace! Can’t wait til this nightmare season is over some can stop speculating and get some friggin answers

  • Johngiam

    I would never want any coach that has no nfl exp on any level. Not to mention, after 14yrs of Andy ball, chip seems to gimmicky for my taste..
    Take that greatest show on turf crap back to the rams(our cheap dumb owner doesn’t even realize that our speed offense was built for a good field turf, it’s a disgrace that he didn’t fix the turf). Im ready to watch punch you in the mouth, pound the ball down your throat with two backs, play action to desean type of football. Nasty, stingy, opportunistic defense, that you have to kill before they let you waltz into the end zone! Chip Kelly is the last coach I Want to see in Philly. Get me a young asiatant from the steelers San Fran ravens, texans, cardinals family tree

    • maka makanani

      Keeping it in the NFL with assistance from some of the NFL teams, is a sure bet scenario to build from. Just wished when John Harbaugh was our Special Team coach, that he’d be our Head Coach. Who’d knew the talent he’d bring as a Head Coach, like his brother Jim, they know talents when they see them.

      I don’t know if I could make the comparison between AR and Chip Kelly, except they’re from a totally different league apart. The fact Reid lost his son prior to the season opening, isn’t the cause of his down year, but his approach on running the organization. He got rid of his most loyal friend, only to realize he wasn’t the problem. He is more a QB coach than he is a Head Coach, he doesn’t address the issues, probably because he doesn’t see them as we fans do.

      I can’t deny what AR has done for the organization for his first 12 years, but his approach has change in this last 2 years. He hired coaches that are past their prime and broke the bank with veteran players. His confidence may have been lost after Jim Johnson, figures he could get the team’s winning ways back with only his philosophy of being pass-happy. The morality is dawning on the team at an alarming rate and there isn’t much left of the season. He scrapped the defensive side and left the offensive side alone. His approach has been really sad, because we’re not seeing what we’re used to seeing. I think he may have lost his instinctive motivation to find talents in young experience coaches.

      As much as I know AR, I honestly can’t say the same for Chip Kelly, except for watching youtube on his X’s and O’s schematic plays, it amazes me how his plan works in actions, because he used the right personnels to accomplish his feats. Some of his plans doesn’t always work, but his offense keeps the chain moving, an important factor especially for the NFL Coaching prospect. Watching his defense, he frequently uses personnels to mirror the opponents setup. The defense might show a 5-2 set, but changes into a 3-4 or a 4-3, soon as the ball is snapped, something the Falcons has been trying to perfected. At least the defense wins 75 pct. of total game play, to be an effective unit.

      The down side to never having experience in the NFL is, who is he going to hire to coach under him? What connections does he have, that could reference his introduction to the NFL? For sure, there is going to be never-ending questions for the fan base, as well as the FO. It takes at least 3 years to become a coach to be reckon with, in the NFL.

      The general consensus is usually picking assistant coaches throughout the league or college coaches with NFL experience, because of their understanding to what it takes to be in the NFL’s “politics”, than it does in the collegiate level. It’s almost like a fraternity of sorts, whether or not they have what it takes to be in the club. For a college coach, he’d most assuredly find himself at the bottom of the list, no matter how great his credentials are or how popular his references are.

      Whether we fans likes it or not, we can’t control the end product, as it is. We voice our opinions, we speculate the non-factors and factors, alike. In the end, we’ve got to live and see it through, not much else we could do. I would love to see our Eagles rise out of the fire, like a phoenix resurrected. We’ve got talents on the team, whoever the coach may be, there won’t be much for him to breakdown, especially the offense and DL/LB, but the CB/S needs some serious remake with agility speedsters as a disruptive secondary. There is more holes on the team than it was before this year’s draft. Let’s hope whoever it is, can mend the team from the inside out and create havoc in the NFL.