Coaching Buzz: Chudzinski A Sleeper For Eagles?

We gave you two potential dark horse candidates for the Eagles head coaching job on Wednesday.

Mike Lombardi added a name of his own. From

If the Eagles fire Andy Reid and can’t get [Chip] Kelly, Lombardi said Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski could be a sleeper selection in Philadelphia.

The Panthers set a team record for yards last season, thanks in large part to a standout rookie year out of Cam Newton. That was Chudzinski’s first year on the job. Prior to that he was the tight ends and assistant head coach for the Chargers, where he worked with Antonio Gates. He has also served as an offensive coordinator for the Browns and the University of Miami.

Lombardi also agrees that Kelly is going to be a sought-after coach.

“He’s the prettiest girl in the school,” Lombardi said. “Everyone is going after Chip Kelly because of what he brings uniquely offensively.”

Playboy has an interesting piece on Jon Gruden (I read it for the articles, I swear!). The subject of whether he’ll return to the sidelines is broached:

When asked if her husband is happier broadcasting than he was coaching, Cindy pauses and then says, “Sometimes I think Jon has two monsters on his shoulder. One is go back to coaching, and the other is stay with this, have a nice life with his family. He’ll always have those two monsters.”

Gruden nods, seems to think it over and shrugs. “At least, no matter what happens, I’ll have tape to watch—and a seat at the FFCA.”

The FFCA stands for Fired Football Coaches Association. Gruden has rented a dingy office overlooking  a swamp in Tampa where he can hang out and watch film at all hours (turns out, Gruden is an insomniac). Fired coaches apparently come from all over and use the place almost as a refuge. Pretty good read.

Gruden’s name is always being linked to one team or another. The latest is the Raiders, who quickly shot that rumor down.

As always, you can find all the latest coaching buzz in our special section.

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  • morgan c

    I don’t want Gruden. I just don’t. Most of all, it’s just his style – he annoys me. I admit that’s a poor reason to not want him as your coach, but his constant babble and overly hyperbolic style on the booth must extend into his coaching?? How could it not. I just don’t see guys taking him seriously, and he also seems a bit reactionary, and hot-headed. As for coaching, I don’t even know what he’s done since he won a SB with a team that was going to win anyway. I’m not really impressed with him and especially since it seems it will take a record amount of $$ to land him. Since when do people think he’s Bill Walsh??

    Anyway, appreciate the insight / post regardless. I know he’s a possibility. I just don’t want him.

    • Capt. Undapants

      Thank you. Thank you very much. Well said.

  • daytoday

    the ONLY coach id entertain getting is david shaw from Stanford…otherwise just keep reid and see what happens when all the healthy players are back, and some holes filled

    • The Guru

      Keep Reid? Are you insane?

  • Philly_Bigz

    …if they wanna keep reid…i’d say dump Mornhinweg…but i’m sure they’re both gone

    • Anebriated

      theres some truth to this. The offense started going downhill when Childress left. AR and MM are two peas in a pod, they both preach passing to set up the run. Childress at least balanced out Andy’s desire to pass, currently there is nobody to do that. Vikings had a solid run game under Childress and now the Browns do as well.

      That said it would be cruel to send Andy back to the scene of the crime at Lehigh… maybe they can switch back to WCU?

      • Johngiam

        I think a lot of the problem is, that when we hired Reid, he was in that fraternity of a hot young assistant coaches, so he was able to put together a great staff. After 14 years as a head coach, and all his assistants moving on to promotions around the league, he is out of touch with who the new crop of hot young assistants are, thus having to snatch up old senile bats, and grumpy old men out of retirement….the assistant coaches have gotten worse and worse as time went on…I don’t see how Reid will ever be able to correct this problem going forward regardless of what team he is coaching. You assistant coaches REALLY MATTER IN THE NFL. For Reid to coach it would take help of a strong are really connected around the league, GM who is in touch with the young assistants around the league, and can give Reid candidates to interview. If Reid’s ego gets in the way, and insists on putting together the staff alone, I don’t thiNk he will ever be very successful again. I like the man, and appreciate what he has done for us. Time is up, but I wish him success in the arc

        Get me a coach from the steelers, cardinals, niners, ravens, texans family tree. Physical style coaches, who respect and value the run game, can put together a good staff, will build a great defense, attack opponents weaknesses, and can make in game adjustments on the fly

        • GoBirds1

          In general DC do not transition into successful head coaches. Clearly there are exceptions. But what Cardinal tree are you talking about.

        • Anebriated

          nailed it. The young successful coaches have, for the most part, surrounded themselves with the best of the young assistants who can relate to the players. The one big exception to the young assistant route is Tomlin who kept LeBeau as the DC(and for good reason). He just hasnt been able to keep up with his coaches leaving for other jobs.

        • morgan c

          To your point about Reid now not being in touch with the young minds of the game, and having to rely on the old men, you are absolutely correct. It seems an obvious point, but I haven’t seen it elucidated as clearly before. Well-done.

      • Johngiam

        This city will riot if Reid comes back for another year. I don’t see how they can bring him back….fans already hate Jeff. I don’t think he can ignore the fans anymore. If any owner was arrogant and dumb enough to make that colossal mistake it would be Lurie

  • Dewey

    McDaniels would be awesome. Innovative, young, experienced failure so doesn’t think he’s the bee’s knees.

    • Johngiam

      Pass on all these dudes. Give me a coach from the cardinals, bears, ravens, texans, niners, steelers family tree! All philosophically believe in strong defense, and all value the run game. Defense is what really wins championships. Even the greatest offenses will struggle in certain games…but a great defense that gets turnovers and keeps you in every game, is how you win in this league. My whole life I been a die hard 4-3 guy, but I can’t help look around today’s nfl and all the best defenses now play a 3-4, I’m not sure I can continue to call that a coincidence….if we do switch to 4 linebacker base defense, I don’t see any way we can pass up drafting Jarvis Jones, and having our Von Miller type rush backer for the next 8years. He is that freak Jason Pierre Paul type from this draft, but with a better college pedigree. I don’t see anyway that you can move to a 3-4 and pass him up in the draft….

      curious to hear your thoughts on this one guys?

      • Myke Lowery

        switching to a 3-4 would require a overhaul of personnel. bigger stronger lbs. remember..that’s why they got rid of demeco Ryans after that switch.

        • johngiam

          i know. dameco is my onl issue with switching to a 3-4…absolutely love damecos game

  • Meh1988

    Chud’s a good coach. Panthers are shit this year but a lot of that’s on Cam being himself…I’d be happy to have Chud as coach. Plus he’s good with disguising runs and play-action.

    • 47_Ronin

      Lol, we have one of Chudzinski’s relatives trolling on this blog! Chudzinski is so good I bet he will be relieved of his duties as Panthers OC.

  • Eagles in Canada

    How about making a run at Chris Petersen from Boise State. May be the opportunity to get him out of Boise.

  • JofreyRice

    Yeah, I think Lombardi made some whacked-off comment about the Panthers switching to a 3-4 before the 2012 season. There are times when he’s just generating baseless content.

    I don’t want Chudzinski. You have to give him credit for helping rookie-Cam adapt with the read-option stuff, but at this point, I think it’s hindering Newton’s development. He’s also turned Deangelo Williams & Jonathan Stewart from premier franchise RB’s into Newton’s handmaidens, averaging <3.5 YPC. Turning into a pumpkin at midnight is a trend for Chudzinski–it's what happened with his offense in Cleveland when he made Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards look like superstars for one year. PASS!

  • CapeCodEagleFan
  • 1972

    Davd shaw, Gus Bradely,Vic Fangio.. Those caoches have a completely different philosophy than what we have seen for 14 years..any one of them will do for me.At least i know my defense will be tough