What They’re Saying About the Eagles

From Jim Washburn to Andy Reid to the NFL draft, here’s the weekly roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

The Birds are 30th in ESPN.com’s power rankings. Writes Dan Graziano:

Can’t fall much farther, so even an eighth straight loss doesn’t push them down into the bottom two. Sando did it, though rating the Eagles as the absolute worst team in the league through 13 weeks. Ashley has them at 31, ahead of only the Jaguars. It’s pure personal opinion when you get to the bottom of the ballot, and I have the Eagles 27th, but how can you argue right now if someone wants to tell you there’s no one in the league worse? They haven’t won in more than two months.

Russ Lande of the National Football Post has a mock draft out. He’s got the Eagles going with Alabama guard Chance Warmack:

Peters back at left tackle, so they add Warmack who can bring stability and a physical presence to their interior offensive line.

I can only imagine the reaction in this city if the Eagles spent another first-round pick on a guard.

SI.com’s Peter King offers his take on the firing of Jim Washburn:

Andy Reid hired journeyman defensive line coach Tommy Brasher, and I wonder what he said to ol’ Tommy. Maybe, “Tommy, you’ve got four weeks, and your players have their bags packed for the offseason already. Good luck.” Washburn didn’t like the firing of Jason Babin last week and said so internally. But this doesn’t matter much. The whole staff will be gone unless owner Jeffrey Lurie has a stunning change of heart — which the Eagles’ fans will not let him have — after the season, a season with a losing streak that reached eight last night in Dallas.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com has the Eagles 29th:

Does 29th seem harsh? Would the Philadelphia Eagles complain? Probably not. This group does enough to hang around, stay tied, get a small lead … before seemingly always having a breakdown in coverage at the worst possible time or a turnover that changes the course of a contest. What can Brown do for you? Sunday night, Bryce Brown fumbled — again. Down four, with plenty of time to go, the Eagles were moving on the Dallas defense again before Brown delivered … for the other team. Just like the previous Monday night.

Mark Kriegel of NFL.com argues that Reid naming Nick Foles the starter is an attempt to save his job:

I kept hearing that Andy Reid would put Michael Vick back in the lineup just as soon as he was ready. Well, I’m still waiting. Reid likes Vick. But Reid loves his job.

Brian Billick of FoxSports.com has the Eagles 30th:

The last time the Eagles lost eight consecutive games in a single season was in 1968. Nick Foles will get the rest of the year to prove he can be a starting quarterback in this league.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 29th:

Andy Reid has taken to firing coaches and releasing veterans. It’s nice of him to get this team ready for next year — for another coach.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has the Eagles 29th:

At some point, Andy Reid’s final year in Philly will make it impossible for another owner to sell him to a fan base as a viable coaching option.

Vince Verhei of Football Outsiders has Foles’ Week 13 performance ranked 15th among NFL quarterbacks:

Foles’ numbers in the middle of the field demonstrate why completion percentage isn’t always an accurate indicator of a quarterback’s effectiveness. Foles went 6-of-7 between the 40s for 50 yards, but only gained one first down. He also had a midfield sack-fumble.

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  • Tim Greene

    If the o lineman is rated that high,drafted where he is supposed to be (ie not a reach) and can be plugged in as a solid starter for a decade…hell yea take him!

    • Johngiam

      I will flip out if we don’t go defense in round 1 and 2(reserved for a safety)! First of all, the offense light years ahead of the defense right now..defense needs a major makeover..and secondly, I’m not wasting a MAJOR asset on an Olineman until I know exActly what we have in our returning injured starting lineman. The draft is probably a ill too soon to know how they will look, so I nest a fourth rd pick on a guard..then I address the line, whether it’s starters or backups in Free agency…we have to invest heavily in defense, especially since Foles has to be the qb next year because no franchise qbs are available this offseason. I don’t want these journeymen free agent mercenary defenders. Hire ray Rhodes as a defensive draft consultant, and draft yourself a young, ferocious defense that we can mold into a group of killers…address lineman in free agency, believe it or not, my number one need to fill is a big blocking TE…if Foles proves not to be the answer next season, the following summer we look for a franchise qb, and concentrate on lineman and receivers/TE in next seasons draft

      • GoBirds1

        Rhodes is not infallible as a drafter. Remember that top 10 reach pick DE out of UVA. Complete bust, I don’t even think he made it out of his rookie season.

        • Johngiam

          true, by he is the last eagle that drafted a special safet…..this is what happens when the sky is falling…u reach and bums start looking appealing!

          How can I be a die hard fan of the worst team in the league, and I’m gonna be led into the future by revenge of the nerd, howie Scholnik roseman? It’s a frightening time to be a birds fan

  • Chance Warmack is the most polished player on that Bama line, which is really saying something. Danny Watkins was pretty raw. It’s more likely the Ealges draft a LT and move Peters to RT or draft a physical run stuffing DT. Maybe Dee Milliner?

    • bsn

      No way in hell they move the best LT in football to RT.

      • Johngiam

        I don’t know that I agree with what I am about to say but, I hear that Dennis Kelly is showing significant strides on film from one game to the next, and I hear that us fans shouldn’t be surprised if with the remainder of the season, mini camps. Ota’s, training camp…that he doesn’t play himself into the starting RT spot for next season. that’s what I heard today…of course that would instantly be scratched if he doesn’t continue to improve these remaining 4 games..but I hear that it’s a possibly that Kelly will be the rt, her remains back at guard, Kielce, Mathis, peters, and we invest in sme competent back ups. clearly that’s not a sexy idea for us fans, but I won’t bash it or rule it out til I see how he plays the rest ofthe season. Just passing along what I heard today…..don’t shoot the messenger lol

        • bsn

          That’s actually perfectly fine by me. IF Kelly continues to improve and is actually a decent to good starter, I don’t see why not.

          • Johngiam

            remai s to be seen… But why someone would shoot down the idea of a young player improving… I have no idea. I wouldn’t be shocked if he grew into a starter, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he plateaus. Could go either way…don’t care where good players come from. Developing them, drafting them, whatever..lust get me guys that A) CARE, and B) have talent

        • GoBirds1

          You heard from who, THE VOICES IN YOUR HEAD? FYI we are getting a new HC, and that has yet TBD. Or did you have an interview with our HC to be, and he confided with you, that if Kelly continues to progress he will be RT starter next year. John, put the pipe down and check yourself in…

          • Johngiam

            brianpipe rain baldinger idiot! Someone who’s opinion I value slightly more then yours. You know, someone who actually looks at thegame film…that wasn’t my opinion you idiot. I thought. I made that clear…I was passing along an opinion I heard From a respected analyst.

          • Johngiam

            No Brian baldinger does not live in my head. You know? Nfl analyst, former player who actually watches game tape, and might no a thing or two about the offensive line. Get real fool, 99% of fans are lucky if they actually watch a particular lineman, maybe twice a game…so don’t sit here and act like you or I for that matter know a damn thing about what Kelly is doing, technique, improvements from week to week. Hell we don’t even know what schemes they are using on any play, we have no clue about what their responsibilities are from play to play..the most fans know about the Oline is a general view of how they are controlling the line of scrimmage, penalties, and what the stat sheet says. ..so excuse me, if you scoffing sounds kind of silly to me. Enjoy your day

          • GoBirds1

            You are a clown. I like Baldy and I think Kelly is a good OT prospect seeing him at camp and the pre season when Herremans was nicked up.

            The point is, you used the phrase ‘I hear that’ like five times, like you have some inside source with Eagles. FYI, as knowledge as Baldy is, he is now part of the media and he jumps on every trend like every other talking head. Remember how he loved Foles in the pre season, then sold him down the river after two games, and if he finishes strong he will be pumping up Foles again. Last time I checked, Baldy is not in the running for the HC position, so what says and what he thinks will not mean squat next year. Going forward, if you are referencing someone’s opinion, then reference them, don’t act like you have some special Birds connection.

  • Anebriated

    I dont think there are many people who would oppose us taking another OL early in the draft. At least not many who know what they are talking about. With Mudd gone and a new coach in we will most likely get away from the small but athletic linemen that we currently have. Peters will be back, Herremans isnt terrible at RT(also a possibility to move back inside to LG) but the other 3 spots should be up for grabs. Figure 1 of those will be filled by a FA. If we have a top 3 pick I say trade down to the 5-7 range and take the top available OL at the spot. I like the kid from Alabama or possible the OT from Texas A&M. One of them should be available. Then turn to the secondary….

    • Andy

      I think Evan Mathis will start at left guard going into next year.
      Don’t know if Kelce will thrive outside of Howard Mudd’s world, but he may.

  • UncleCarm

    I thought we had decided no more Florio? Reid is still a good coach. He may have lost his magic here (and maybe not) but his son died for heavens sake, his offensive line blew up, and some free agent acquisitions flopped, coaches with proven records fell through, and players that looked like they had promise just stopped developing. Did Reid make some mistakes, sure he did, but coaches like everyone else on this planet make mistakes. It does not make him a failure at his craft.

  • ej

    History will see Reid in a much harsher light than his minions and apologists in the media currently do.

  • Max

    What do you guys think the chances are that we get the number 1 pick? We have tampa, washington, cindy, and nyg. the chiefs have the browns, raiders, colts and broncos (potentially backups). The jaguars have the jets, dolphins, pats, and titans. and the raiders have the broncos, chiefs, panthers and chargers. I feel as though there is a possibility we could get the number #1 pick but I don’t know what’d we do with it. I’d like us to draft Luke Joeckel but he’s definitely not a #1 pick. How much value do you think we could get trading down in a relatively weak draft?

    • JohnGiam

      I honestly believe that the eagles will pick no latter then 2nd overall. We won’t win another game, and the teams we are jockeying for draft position against, all play each other and teams that will rest starters, so they will get a couple wins. THERE IS no clear cut “suck for LUCK” type number 1 prospect so I don’t think anyone will purposely tank games…after 14 years of Reid, I look at my what would Reid do bracelet, and do the exact opposite…and the exact opposite of what Reid would do is to draft LB Manti Teo. This Tin man defense needs a heart transplant and a leader. His intangibles that he brings are the underlining problems of the 2012 eagles defense. Draft him, and we will no longer be soft. He will change the culture and bring back that Philly style of defense we have been missing. I would draft any position on defense that would bring that intangible of changing the culture of the team..in THIS draft, that player is LB Manti Teo, so that’s who we need to draft…would I prefer if that player was a cb, safety or DT? Absolutely, but in this draft, that player is a LB…so DRAFT HIM! His intangibles are so much more important then just filling a hole with a great player…this man will hold the other 10 men on the field accountable, which is the number one thing that needs to be corrected by the dense

      • bsn

        Will he really though? Is he really that good? Or is he just the face of an awesome defense? Is he going to come in and lead Ryans around? I don’t see that happening…

        • Johngiam

          Haven’t seen too many LB in coverage better then him to be honest. All those INTs out of themlb spot is appealing

      • dug

        Te’o in the first round? Seriously? My God, you’ll probably be hired as the next HC. That kind of crazy is just what the Roseman Eagles like

        • Johngiam

          Get a clue dude, teo is going in the first round whether we draft him or not. Crazy to get one of the best coverage LB to come out in YEARS, who can also tackle and blitz? Is an interception machine co,pared to most lb…you don’t think Manti could have helped with Witten? Of course Manti wouldn’t have come in and made an impact with this group of parakeet, but next years defense, I expect to be significantly younger, so having a young leader IMo is extremely valuable. Btw, as crazy as I sound to you, Mel kipper just predicted that the chiefs take him number 1 overall.. If you aren’t going to take teo in the top five, the only other players you should take are star latulelie or Jarvis (tough to get excited about drafting him since we have no idea if the. Ext coach will shift us to a 3-4 defense or not). I just don’t see how Jarvis fits in a 4-3…. There really isn’t another player I would consider in the top 5… Look, the senior bowl and combine are extremely important in how it all shapes up, so to call someone a fool for their opinion, before even seeing the combine is senseless. I’m having a feeling that contrary to popular belief, Manti goes into the combine and blows people away, instead of him underwhelming like most are projecting…still remains to be seen

      • fran35

        I think Demeco has been a great addition and plays with alot of heart. It didn’t seem to rub off on anyone on this defense. Not sure an unproven rookie MLB could do any better.

        • Johngiam

          Dameco is a godsend…and none did not runoff on a bunch of veteran mercenaries…bet your ass Dameco rubbed off on guys like cox, Kendrick’s, graham..I expect a completely new and young defense next year. A defensive leader to grow with them seems like a good idea to me

    • JohnGiam

      You guys really view jockey as a Matt Khalil type of prospect? I don’t, and I hAvent heard any draft experts that do either. He is the best tackle in the draft, but I wouldn’t touch him in the top ten. Just because he is the best tackle, doesn’t make him top 10 value….He is more likethetallest midget in the room lol…. he is a major reach IMO…. only way I accept him is if we trade back and get some serious value in return….because he is the best at his position in this draft, and he plays a very important position…some dumb team wl make a mistake and reach for him around #6, BIG MISTAKE in my humble oppinin

      • Max

        I haven’t done that much research on joeckel but from scouts inc and mcshay and kiper putting him top ten I figured he was a solid prospect in a weak draft

        • Johngiam

          He will be a starting tackle in the league, but I don’t see him as a sure shot pro bowler AT ALL. Anything short of getting a pro bowler with your top 5 pick is an epic fail. He is a good player in a really thin tackle class which is an important position, some BAD team will reach for him. Y would I want to draft him in the top 5 when a) I got two returning pro bowl tackles coming back, and a million other holes and B) top five pick we can get a pro bowl defender. Even with our qb issue, the offense is light years ahead of our defense right now..so it’s in fathomable to me to not go heavy on the defensive side of the ball in this draft…only offensive players I would draft, a big WR in round 3, versatile lineman that can play both tackle n guard in the mid rounds…but IT’S ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that we get a serious blocking TE that can play, and they come cheap, even un drafted so there is no excuse not to get one? Any idea how much a blocking TE could have helped us this year?

        • Sensei

          According to most “experts” Joeckel is a great prospect great against the pass solid against the rim just not overly athletic I wouldn’t have a problem with the Eagles taking him in the top 5

  • OK so here’s my 2 cents. With a great draft pick for once,
    let’s not screw it up. We need to get
    these high picks right for once. Too
    many busts in the top 3 rounds in recent years. I.E. T’eo, Watkins, Nate(yes I
    think he was a bust), Marsh (Who knows guy doesn’t get on the field),
    Jarrett, I mean in the last 3 years to
    have this many duds in top rounds in inexcusable!!! I can start throwing in
    other names form 4th and 5th rounds like macho Harris,
    Cornelius Ingram, Lindley, but whatever those are mid rounds and are hit or
    miss. So this year how about we get in
    some fresh eyes while we are cleaning house.
    Maybe someone from the 49ers or Houston, or St, Louis even.
    There are many needs for this 2013 team.
    Some may be sorted out in the next 4 weeks as we play younger players to
    generate more tape of these guys to evaluate during the offseason. The biggest question marks are QB, Secondary,
    and O-line in that order. I have O-line
    3rd because most of that was due to injuries and the only real
    question is Watkins. My idea there is move Herremans to guard and grab a OT via
    Free agency. There are plenty of good
    tackles in FA this yr. Guys like Andre
    Smith, Ryan Clady, Branden Albert, Sebastian Vollmer and even Jerrod Bushrod
    has come on as of late. Definitely think
    we need to draft a OT, and a Guard, but lets save that for mid rounds. As for Qb, most pundits domn’t believe this
    year to be good for drafting one. Many people
    are saying we go for Geno Smith and I am not sold on this idea and hope that
    Foles really improves each week from here on out, and shows enough that he
    deserves to be the Qb here. We will
    definitely need some CB’s, and safeties this draft no matter what we do via
    free agency. I wish we would give Marsh more
    time to see what he has learned.
    Although with this coaching not sure what learning if any is taking
    place. There are some quality FA and I
    personally would go for 2 and then leave the rest for the draft. Guys like Goldson, and Rhodes should be
    pursued so we are not starting 2 rookie safeties next year. Although could it really be any worse than
    this year? I really like Coleman, but he
    is not a starter. I think at corner DRC
    walks? And Nnamdi restructures contract and takes a pay cut unless new coaches
    think they can turn their play around??
    Maybe take a chance on a injured FA corner such as Grimes or Revis? But think best option at corner is through
    the draft. With these scenarios we can
    actually trade back in rd 1 for more picks, and grab best available player like
    Geno if we need a QB or stay put and get an impact player!! Hopefully
    get a tall legit #1 WR in 2nd or 3rd round. I like DeSean as a #2 to stretch the field and
    make big plays, but I think Maclin is garbage.