Eagles Wake-Up Call: Window Closing For Foles?

The only thing that is certain for Nick Foles is that he will be starting against the Cowboys, in his home state of Texas, on Sunday night.

Beyond that, cloudiness.

Michael Vick “has hit a plateau” in his recovery from a concussion but the team’s medical staff believes they know why the quarterback has stalled and, having adjusted the rehab accordingly, are optimistic that the imPACT test on Monday will show improvement. From what I can gather, the higher-ups are eager to finish this season strong, and will play whomever they feel gives them the best chance to scratch out some wins down the stretch. You would have to imagine that they view Vick as the better option at quarterback.

That means that Foles could be heading back to a reserve role in the near future.

“I really zone all that out. I’m focused right now on playing this game. I’m ready to go out there,” said Foles. “We’ve had a great week of practice. I’m ready to go out there and play. I really don’t think about anything else. I’m fortunate to play this game. I’m fortunate to go out and play with my guys again and with the guys out here. I’m so excited to just play football and be able to play at this level.”

The honeymoon period was short-lived for Foles. The excitement level stemming from a strong preseason showing has been replaced by skepticism after a bumpy 2 1/2 games of regular-season action. It is all  knee-jerk, of course. But it can at least be said that he has not done enough to convince anyone that he is the present or the future. And in the  fickle world of the NFL, it’s impossible to tell when the next opportunity will come. Maybe it’s next week, maybe it’s next season, maybe he’ll be boxed in indefinitely. You just never know.

“I just stick to what I know. I stick to the people close to me and I just stay the same. I’m going to keep working hard no matter what,” said Foles. “I’ve haven’t played as well as I’d like to but I’m going to keep working at it. I’m going to work as hard as I can to be the best player I can. No matter what, win or lose, I’m going to treat it the same when I look at the film [and] try to get better no matter what. It’s a day-to-day thing. I just have to keep working. There’s going to be highs, there’s going to be lows. [I] just have to get to a steady thing and get solid all around. It’s a never-ending process [and I] always have to be working.”


Sheil provides his cheat sheet for the Eagles’ defense and gives an update on draft positioning.

A look at the  injury report reveals that the Eagles aren’t the only team that is banged up.

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Bill Simmons gives his Eagles-Cowboys prediction, in Bill Simmons-like fashion.

The Cowboys shouldn’t be favored by seven points over anyone; 10 points is so idiotic that I can’t even see straight. Ten points? Have you watched the Cowboys???? Plus, the Eagles are 1-9-1 against the spread right now … you really think they’re going 1-14-1? Come on. Grab the 10 and thank me later.

Speaking of the Eagles, roughly 10,000 readers e-mailed me during last week’s Packers-Giants game wondering if a now-mustachioed and seemingly heavier Mike McCarthy had finally completed his transformation into Andy Reid, pointing to their physical similarities, Green Bay’s lack of a running game and shoddy offensive line, Green Bay’s erratic season and the clock management issues that plagued Reid over the years. There’s a scene in The World According to Garp (on my all-time “most underrated movie” list) when Garp tells his mother (played by Glenn Close) that they’re naming his new child “Jenny” after her, and she smiles and blesses it by saying, “I’ve been Jenny long enough.” That’s where we are during the final days of Andy Reid, right? He’s been Andy Reid long enough. We needed a new one. I fully support McCarthy’s creepy transformation into Andy.

RGIII is feeling confident about his team’s chances. From Dan Graziano.

At the end of this interview with Robert Griffin III, he is asked to answer this question: TheWashington Redskins are going to the Super Bowl in how many years?

Griffin, nonplussed, offers this answer:

“This year. I mean, it doesn’t matter. Our season’s not over. We’re not out of the playoff hunt. If we win this game Monday, we control our own destiny. So it’s every year, until we don’t win it.”

No pretense, no bluster, just the same, matter-of-fact tone he uses earlier in the interview when he honestly offers up John Elway, Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham among his influences and says Ray Lewis is the player whose autograph he would most like to get. Griffin doesn’t suffer mundane convention or consensus protocol. He doesn’t seek the sound bite. He gets a question, he rolls it over in his brain and offers his honest answer. Why wouldn’t every player believe he could win this season’s Super Bowl until his team is mathematically eliminated?


Eagles at Cowboys at 8:20. We will be live chatting during the game so make sure you stop in.

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  • dislikedisqus

    It’s ridiculous to make a meaningful decision on Foles in this context. 4/5ths of the OL and 1/2 of the skill positions are second-string. The D puts him in a hole. The coaching staff is pass-happy. Outside of a few rare exceptions like Luck and RGIII, it usually takes a rookie 2 years to master the passing game in the NFL, especially a pocket passer who can’t keep the D off balance as a runner.

    And the odds the Eagles would select someone better in April are slim. None of the candidates jumps out as superior.

    This team has to be rebuilt. The sooner they rebuild, the sooner they get back to the top. Putting Vick back in now is heading in the wrong direction. They will be better served letting Foles get a head start on mastering the position by playing out the season and going into 2013 with 7-8 games under his belt.

    • Well folk didn’t seem to have a problem evaluating VIck behind this line. Either the line is a problem or it’s not. So I don’t see how evaluating Foles is any different or any lest meaningful.

      • Cranky Caucasian

        Because Vick is in his 30s and has been in this league for years. You know what he gives you and what he can/can’t do at this point. Foles is an unknown rookie. Plus Vick got to play when he was only missing one starter, and did not impress. Foles never had that chance.

        What I don’t understand is why any “higher-ups” think it’s so important to win any games down the stretch. How will that help the team in anyway whatsoever? Did that 4 game streak last year help? If anything, that contributed to the train wreck we’re seeing this year. I’m not saying throw games, but start as many younger players as you can so you can evaluate and get them experience.

        • meh1988

          I think it goes towards the idea that a future coach might see the Birds play a strong game and be enticed. I think Lurie’s more concerned with showing we still have potential than he is with a high draft pick in a weak class. I tend to agree with him. “Luring” a good coach here is priority numero uno.

          • Cranky Caucasian

            That’s a good point. Personally, I’d still roll the dice with the younger players and try to steal a win, it’s not like they were winning games with the vets. What better way to show potential than having one of these guys step up.

          • JohnGiam

            Even luck and rg3 would not be the players we have seen so far in this situation. Those guys got to work as the starter in camp, preseason and then rolled right into the season having had continuity. Foles sat on the bench and got very limited snaps til about two weeks ago. Thats a LONG time he sat on that bench between the end of the preseason and when Vick got hurt. forget the lines that RG3 and Luck are playing behind, they got extremely valuable continuity…it’s been all about them for a LONG time now. Foles is in a very different situation.

            Regardless what happens the rest of the year. There is no franchise qb to go out and get this offseason..I don’t need to see a revolving door at qb for the next 5 years. Vick we all know is not the answer. If I have to watch stupid mistakes,it better be a rookie who is learning that’s making them, not a season veteran in the backed of his career. Regardless of what happens this year, Foles ismy qb next year from the ota’s all the way thru the entire regular season. Ge him some good coaching this offseason, and strengthen the team around here, give him a year to playthrumistakesand grow with a competent cast of players surrounding him..and then at the end of next season,we can better evaluate and decide if he ISP ur guy or not, if not, ATleast next season there are some legit franchise abs to try and go after

          • Run Eagles Run

            you are out of your mind and Im glad you are not running my team.

          • dislikedisqus

            That wd (1) be hard to do with a team of 2d stringers and (2) not say much about the candidate if he was impressed by the Eagles 2d team.

        • Um…didn’t we win those games when he was “missing one starter.” No QB looks good with a bad line. Not. One. Vet or rookie. Rodgers looks like crap as late. I wonder why. The line is no more an excuse for Foles as it is for Vick. Or it is as big an excuse for Foles as it is for Vick. Either or.

        • And the one starter you’re referring to was one of the best lineman in the league. The one starter helped mask the deficiencies of the other not so great lineman.

    • Nik

      I can’t believe anyone would evaluate a rookie QB based on two starts. There is zero urgency in making a judgement call on him now – they’ve still got Vick on the roster and it’s not shaping up to be a great QB draft class. Give the kid a chance to finish out the season, retool the secondary and o-line next year under different schemes and then make a call on where to go at QB. I can’t imagine this team contending for any silverware over the next couple of years, so hold out and take a QB that you actually want rather than are forced to draft / sign.

    • Run Eagles Run

      hahahah ok keep telling yourself that. foles is garbage. good luck rebuilding on a swamp

  • Alex Karklins

    Why does Robert Griffin III make it so hard for me to hate him? I guess I could hate him for that, but no, I just can’t do it. Playing him twice a year is going to be torture.

    • dislikedisqus

      Agree. There have been running qb’s, mad bombers and smart qb’s, but other than Steve Young one year, there’s never been anyone who gave you all three. He’s everything Randall was supposed to be. Eagles need to invest in D and a ruunning game to keep him off the field.

      • Johngiam

        Eagles need stud linebackers!!! Manti teo, Dameco Ryan, mychal Kendrick’s….BOOM!
        yeah, it’s really hard to hate Griffin, and are right, we need to run the ball and play stellar defense if we are going to see hi, twice a year

        • 1977

          id take a safety over teo, but he is a major upgrade over jordan

          • Johngiam

            Positionally, I agree with you! Safety is much more important then TEO… However no safety will warrant being selected as high as we will be selecting (I’m honestly expecting the 1st or 2nd pick overall because all the bad teams we are competing with for draft positin all play each others nthenext couple of weeks. We have too many holes, to just draft a greatplayerthat fills a need at 1 position. The intangibles that TEO would bring are for more valuable then fillining 1 position of need with a great player…draft TEO and instantly your defense is no longer soft. DRaft Teo andthePHILADELPHIA PARAkeets will turn back IMO Philadelphia EAGLES. We can probably draft a better player then him…but no player would have the impact on our defense and make players around him better by leading and holding chumps accountable…I will post this every single day until the draft……

            MANTI TEO is the Heart TRANSPLANT this TIN MAN defense DESPERATELY NEEDS!

  • Mothra

    only problem with Bill Simmons saying McCarthy is morphing into Andy is that McCarthy already has a super bowl victory. damn shame.

  • 1977

    no good coach wants to come in to an organization with a bad QB so foles has to show promise this year. Despite the line, despite the injuries, no excuses. You think gruden , kelly, shaw, or any other hot coach wants to come here with foles throwing the ball to the other team every game?they ll be gone by year two. the want a stable qb so he has to show he can be that.

  • Mr. Magee

    Yeah, I’m with ‘cranky’ on this one. Would be counterproductive to pull Foles at this point – he needs to get some experience and show what he can do. Same goes for any of the other young players. I doubt any coaching candidate is going to be swayed by a few meaningless wins late in the season (even us fans can say that we learned our lesson after last year). Winning is the goal for the players who actually get on the field, but we don’t need to see any more of Mike Vick (for example) this season.

    As for Foles and his potential, I must say I have some concerns at this point. His arm strength is certainly not a strength – hopefully it’s good enough. I don’t like the way he’s been staring down receivers and not using his eyes as a weapon of (mass!) deception. Also Foles doesn’t pump fake, but that might have something to do with OL situation and the effort to get rid of the ball quickly. Accuracy has not been great either.

    Everone needs to see as much of Foles as possible between now and the end of the year. And if I were Lurie and Andy gave me a hard time on this, that would be enough for me to relieve him of his duties.

  • Keepin it real

    Alright here’s the problem that I have with everybody saying we should see what foles can do and not vick because its the online and we have seen what vick can do with a healthy line hits it’s not good. I think that’s all a bunch of BS and il tell u why, WE have seen what vick can do and that was his secound year with us when he took us to the play offs and took Kevin kolbs job. Last year we went 8-8. Because of our defense if y’all don’t remember we had 6 games where we had 4th quarter leads by more than 10 points and ou defense couldn’t hold them down why? Because I the stupid wide 9 D not because of vick or our offense if our d he’l up last year we would have gone 14-2 instead of 8-8 this year our problem is both our O AND out D bit it’s not because of one player. U guys really need to remember things n not go off by one season

  • barry_nic

    Foles played very well. Missed a couple, but stood in the pocket and delivered strikes, something we haven’t seen it two years now. I like the kid, and he can do well with the right situation.