Alex Smith Could Be An Option For Eagles

Alex Smith and Michael Vick sustained concussions on the same day, November 11. Smith’s came in the first half against the Rams following a hard hit by linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar; Vick’s in the first half against the Cowboys after being thrown down by linebacker Ernie Sims.

Neither has seen the field since. Vick because he has yet to get medical clearance, Smith because head coach Jim Harbaugh has decided to roll the bones with second-year signal-caller Colin Kaepernick.

“I mean, it sucks,” Smith said. “I don’t know what else to say.

“You state your case with your play, and I felt I did that. I feel like the only thing I did to lose my job was get a concussion.”

Through nine games, Smith was completing a career-best 70 percent of his throws while averaging a career high in yards per attempt (8.0). The 49ers were 6-2-1 with him as the starter.

Last season, San Francisco went 13-3 and advanced to the NFC Championship game, where they lost to the Giants 20-17 in overtime following a special teams fumble.  Smith completed just 53 percent of his throws in two postseason games last season but threw five touchdowns to no interceptions and also had a memorable rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Saints in a divisional-round victory.

Including those two playoff outings, Smith has thrown 35 touchdowns to 10 interceptions over the last two seasons. Not coincidentally, both seasons have been played under Harbaugh.

The knock against the 28-year-old is that he is an unspectacular game-manager who is a product of both the system he plays in and the beneficiary of a stout defense and effective ground game. His supporters will point to the playoff game against the Saints in particular as evidence that he is able to lead the charge when called upon.

Smith signed a three-year, $24 million deal this offseason and is slated to make around $8 million next year. If he continues to sit on the bench, chances are he will ask out of San Francisco. Philadelphia could be a logical landing spot, depending on how the front office and the head coach are looking at things.

The Eagles have the ability to get out of Vick’s hefty contract if they cut ties this offseason. But then what are they left with? Nick Foles could be the answer but has not shown that he is as of yet. Do you keep Vick (perhaps convincing him to restructure his contract), put your faith in Foles or go with a third option via the draft, free agency or trade?

With no clear-cut stud in the draft and the free-agent market pretty barren, going the trade route makes sense.  And if you believe the Eagles should rely on a ground-and-pound, turnover-light offensive philosophy as they transition into a new era, then Smith could be an attractive option.

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  • James lemon

    I said it the day he got benched! Bit i’m still a supporter of Michael Vick first and foremost.

  • DutchEagle

    “And if you believe the Eagles should rely on a ground-and-pound, turnover-light offensive philosophy as they transition into a new era, then Smith could be an attractive option.”

    True, but I think Foles could be a game manager as well. Would cost less. If we get another pass-happy HC/OC, Smith would turn in to the next Mark Sanchez: Just not good enough when asked to pass 60% of the time. A credible running game makes any QB look good.

  • Myke Lowery

    would Vick or Foles look as good if placed on the 49ers right now? would a potential coach want to build around Smith?lol

  • Um if Philly goes with a a ground and pound option then there’s no need to get rid of Vick. I’m not a fan of getting rid of one veteran QB for another. I am a fan of fixing the other problems on the team…which will help either of our QBs Vick or Foles. Smith is good b/c Harbaugh worked with the talents he has and masked his weaknesses. No reason we can’t do the same with the QBs we have.

    • dislikedisqus

      Vick is the opposite of a game manager. He heroically tries to make plays but often turns them into negative yards or TO’s.

      • Vick is high risk high reward. So was Brett Farve. The point is if he has a strong running game and a decent offensive line he can and will win games.

    • 1977

      i agree, i think vick can play like the kid from seattle. get him a good run game and defense.Low risk throws , a few scrambles a game and he can succeed. But i think foles has the potential to be that too. No alex smith. he thinks he’s better than he is, and he has a 3 year deal. i dont wanna see this guy throwing to rb’s on third and long for 3 years. He’s the check down king

      • Faced

        Incorrect Carson Palmer is the check down king

    • JofreyRice

      Besides the fact that Vick is wildly inconsistent, turnover prone, and leaves a lot of yards on the field, he’s a bonafide injury-risk. I can’t see how even the most ardent Vick supporter can ignore the fact that the guy’s body is battered, and his week-to-week health is completely unreliable. The way he plays the game is too rough for his frame.

    • Smith4philly

      Vick is old and cannot read defenses for his life, smith is 28 coming off his best 2 seasons, makes good reads and great descisions, it’s clear cut

  • “who is a product of both the system he plays in and the beneficiary of a stout defense and effective ground game.” And why is this a bad thing if the name of the game is winning games? Dilfer definitely benefited from this philosophy as does Eli. Just saying.

    • 1977

      u hate eli lol.. i use to.. luckiest qb of all time. but he makes big plays and hes durable. two qualities i need in a qb… u cant put him and dilfer in the same sentence lol

      • Eli is far and above Dilfer. lol. I was just saying the philosophy of a solid run game, good defense…good TEAM ball is beneficial to Qbs who aren’t Brady, Bress etc. I don’t hate Eli, it’s just he’s the luckiest most overrated SOB out there.

        • JohnGiam

          eli is like an idiot savant, rain man type of qb. You think he stinks, but he gets it done. Its baffling. The way Bryce is running, the ground n pound play action route is the way to go. Get manti teo to change the culture of the defense and invest heavily in a ferocious defense, and a guard, safeties, a tackle to pair with cox.

          Start Foles for the year with a ground n pound two headed monster run game to set up the play action and ball control..with a stingy and opportunistic, PUNISHING defense

          • LMAO I’m stealing this: “eli is like an idiot savant, rain man type of qb” The sad part is…I might agree with you.

          • morgan c

            ya that was good

    • MAC

      Eli is clutch & far from a game manager my friend. I know in super bowl’s he didn’t lite up score board but when he needed to especially last year he was amazing. Eli has thrown over 27 Td’s each of last 4 years. Far from a game manager. Last year there running game was terrible and won a super bowl on his arm. He is Elite and if you think 27 td’s is game manager then what is Dilfer career. he is definition of game manager especially in Baltimore. Eli on other hand I think all of us Eagle fans would be very happy with his #’s here in Philly for his career. WOW. Just realised your the same person who thinks Vick is elite. Hilarious considering Eli vs Vick #’s, playoff wins, and overall everything!!! Not even close. Vick has 2 count them 2 playoff wins in his entire career. Eli won more last year than Vick in his entire career. Come on being a Vick supporter I guess I understand, but calling him elite and Eli a game manager show your ability to look at things with an unbiased perspective. Sorry but that is absolutely a joke!!!!

      • Where did I say Vick was elite? I said he’s a good QB who – int he right system – will do well. Eli is NOT and elite QB. please stop with that. Please.

      • The Guru

        Eli is absolutely elite. If you read Big Butt’s other posts, you’ll
        understand he is just a Vick loyalist to a fault and he doesn’t really
        understand any facet of this game. He still thinks Vick wasn’t the problem the last 3 seasons! bahahaha

        • Lmao

          Saying Eli is elite is like saying kaepernick is elite, those defenses won the giants those superbowls, Eli literally made 1 great play in each of those and all the sudden he’s elite, get outta here

  • GoBirds1

    Smith is a good game manager, and if you watch him play, that is about it. It happens, but rarely do game manager QBs win Superbowls, and that is becoming increasingly more difficult under the current passing and offense favoring rules. That is like sticking with Howie as your GM because he can write a $60 million check to get a FA that no one else wants. I promise you that will never win you a Superbowl.

    • Geeeeked

      He’s a system player just like Brady who has 3 rings, just now people have figured their system out thats why they can’t win sbs anymore

  • EaglefaninAZ

    I would hope that the QB decision will not be made until the coaching situation is resolved. Yes, it’s my hope, but with this team… who knows. I would also hope that the rest of the commentors here would agree with me. :)

  • dislikedisqus

    Nothing against him personally but it makes no sense to go with a mediocre Veteran at $8 mill. That’s just more of the same. This team is past the stage where you just patch it up with mediocre veterans. Go with Foles. If he is bad, you have good draft position. If he is mediocre, you have 7 mill to spend elsewhere.

  • Jerry from Flawda

    No thanks. Get a young guy in here if foles doesn’t work out. Foles deserves at least a half of next season if not the entire season to continue to prove himself. Smith is average at best.

  • northeagle

    And 49ers OC Greg Roman as HC

  • JofreyRice

    Might have to look into other options than Foles. Brady Quinn, who has been a professional dung merchant at QB, lit the Panthers D up today and was pretty much doing what he wanted; Foles was lost in the sauce.

    I’m not a fan of Smith’s, but he can be efficient in the right system. My big problem would be that it would negate Desean as a downfield threat. Smith can’t (or won’t) let it fly down the field. In that sense, Vick fits better.

    Hard to believe that the Eagles top 2 QB’s in the draft were R. Wilson & Foles, and had them rated about the same. They’re not even remotely similar as QBs. Wilson was looking like a mini-McNabb today.

  • Ninerfan

    Niners fan here, but I live in PA. Word is that the 49ers are going to cut Alex at the end of the season, so no trade is necessary. I believe that Alex will follow Greg Roman to a team if G-Ro is offered a head coaching gig. I am a fan of Smith and he was actually turning a corner the last half of the season before Harbaugh came. In saying that he does well in that system, which is the same as many other great system QB’s (ie. Joe Montana, Tom Brady).

  • The Guru

    I’d take Alex Smith over Vick any day of the week.

  • Tootsie

    The Eagles should take a look at Hue Jackson. Jackson had something going in Oakland last year until management surprisingly fired the coach after one 8-8 season — now look where they are. We do need a veteran QB in the offseason to test Foles in training camp. I’d take Jason Campbell over Alex Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Campbell also played the best ball of his career out there in Oakland under Jackson as well.

  • MAC

    If anyone thinks we should get Alex Smith you have lost any ability to comment on this website. he is a game manager with the best defense and running game in the league. So please do not go from mediocre Vick to Mediocre Smith.

    Also anyone who wants Vick back all you have to know is that last year he had a good o line, rb, wr’s, and te and he was below average. He has won 2 playoff games in his entire career. Yes he is exciting, but he is on the downside of his career as evidence last year. We are trying to build a super bowl contender after the end of the Reid era. That starts with a QB and if we can’t get one then at least play Foles and see if he is our future. I think he has improved each week, but doubt he is a franchise QB but can’t be determined in 3 games or with this years group. Vick has had his shot last few years and through out his career. We know he is solid but is not good enough period. No one can argue that when a guy has 2 career playoff victories. Time to look in a different direction and that direction is not Alex Smith.

    • Lolol

      Eagles were one of the best running the ball last year, you act like smith couldn’t come in and do better then Vick, smith doesn’t make terrible descisions, he can read defenses, the problem isnt getting the ball down the field, i dont recall alot of deep throws from vick or foles, smith might have had more 20 passes than both of them, the problem was bone head turnovers and smith doesn’t do those things,

  • Jim Bah Humbug

    Alex Smith deserves better than the 49ers. Jim Harbaugh is a Bill Belichick wannabe. He wants to throw the ball down the field, so he drafted Colin Kaepernick even though is offensive system (OC = Greg Roman) cannot design a downfield play properly.