Eagles Must Now Deal With Character Issues

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek.At this stage of the season, you are just looking for that flicker. Signs of anger and pain and resistance to the losing culture that has seeped through the walls.

The front office will be evaluating more than talent as they sift through the wreckage of this season. They will be evaluating effort, and resolve, and want-to. And that’s just sad.

“At the end of the day it’s about locker room accountability,” said a fired-up Troy Vincent after his Eagles Hall-of-Fame induction ceremony. “The talent is here. When you hear someone talking about play-calling, just play the call that has been made. I was asked a question about someone hustling; why are we talking about a professional hustling to the football?

“And people know, the third eye in the sky doesn’t lie.”

History will not look favorably on this 2012 team. They will be labeled underachievers and their character will come into question. It already has.

That is not to say that it’s all rotten apples. There are definitely some prideful individuals on this team that agonize over what is happening.

“I’m so pissed off right now I can’t even explain. By the end of the game I was just ready to fight,” said Cullen Jenkins. “It’s weighing on you over and over again. We have to give ourselves something — the coaches, the fans, we have to put on a performance, do something. Seven straight now? It’s hard to comprehend that.

“I’m so mad right now. Out of all the losses, it feels like I’m more angry right now than any of them. With all the bad stuff that has happened to still have a chance, even if it’s a far chance, to still have chances, you have to look for any kind of positive or motivation you can get. And to keep blowing them away or whatever, it’s frustrating.”

It is telling that guys like Jenkins held out hope up until this point, and that this Carolina loss stung the worst because it crushed the last strand of that hope for a winning season.

“I can’t stand it. This is what I do. This is my livelihood. I could be doing other things but this is what I do and I want to succeed at it. I want to be the best in the league at it, I want to help my team win games,” said Brent Celek. “It’s all about winning a Super Bowl. I grew up at a young age dreaming of winning a Super Bowl, and when you are in a situation like this, it pisses you off. I doubt we have a chance now, and that’s annoying.

“There’s not many of us that can get to this level, and when you get to this level you’ve got to give everything you’ve got on every single play to win football games.”

Is everybody on this team giving it that kind of effort?

“There are some guys on the team that I’m not really close  with so I don’t know them too well and can’t talk about that,” said Celek. “But that’s up to them. I hope they do. I really do. And if they don’t, they better start caring because it’s embarrassing for them, too.”

Vincent was asked about the 3-13 season that he went through in 1998, and what it was like to look around the locker room knowing your teammates may not be there next year.

“Well, in some cases, I wanted some of the guys out of the locker room,” Vincent replied. “You know. As a player, you know who’s there. You know who you can line up and fight with and the coaches know. It’s not a secret and, the fans, you identify them every week that you play. You want those guys removed; it’s just not your responsibility, your role to do so.”

That falls in the hands of management.

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  • The Guru

    Dear Brent,

    You will be doing something else next season. Good luck in Tampa Bay or wherever you land.

    • Sb2bowl

      you think he will be gone? based on what? one bad year? a few dropped passes?

      • The Guru

        Or because he’s a one dimensional fraud. He can’t block anyone and now he can’t catch the ball. There is no point of bringing him back.

        • Sb2bowl

          He can’t block anyone? Gotcha. So, if we cut him at the end of this year, what kind of penalties do we incur on our salary cap? Or doesn’t that matter to you either?

          • The Guru

            1.2 million to cut his sorry ass. Do your own homework assclown. That’s peanuts to make him go away. Or do you enjoy watching him stand up and point first down after a 7 yard catch which he SUPPOSED to make?

          • Sb2bowl

            So, Clay Harbour is our only TE then? Gotcha, I suppose we’ll just draft a couple also to make up for your roster moves.
            I do enjoy watching him bowl people over, and then signal first down. Got an issue with that?

          • The Guru

            Or you go out and sign Jared Cook who can do block and catch. And hate to break the news to you, but he gets laid out more than he “bowls people over”. And yes I have a serious issue when you’re on a 3-8 team and you catch an 8 yd pass and do it EVERY time. How about you pancake someone blocking and then do it. Ever see that happen?

          • Sb2bowl

            How much will Jared Cook cost? Would a new coach even want him, and will he fit the scheme?

          • The Guru

            A TE who can block AND catch? I’m fairly sure every coach would want that and would fit every scheme. Not like your boy who can’t block Reno Mahe and has 4 balls bounce off his hands into INTs…

        • 1972

          damn i never agree with marc jacobs.Hell has definitely frozen over lol .. good points

  • Mike

    I’m so glad Jenkins and Celek are angry. Now if only one of them would play well, it would be nice. Jenkins is an over-paid rotation DT and Celek has sucked for 3 seasons with his ham-hands.

    • JofreyRice

      I’m expecting them to come out really angry on Sunday–still shitty, mind you–but REALLY ANGRY.

  • TurdFerguson

    For a someone who was touted as a high-character guy, Nnamdi seems to throw people under the bus on a weekly basis.

    • Absecon

      Roger that! He is the girl that was too good for anyone else at her high school!

      • bsn

        Someone sounds bitter…..

    • Joe D

      Nnamdi is a dog. One of the most over-hyped wastes of roster space I’ve ever seen. The guy is just out for a stroll in the park on a weekly basis. I hope he fails in his life after the league too. He can definitely land a recurring acting role as a terrible cornerback.

      • morgan c

        hehe, love the vitriol!

      • FMWarner

        Do you honestly hope that? Everything people say about Eagles fans is exactly right, and this season is bringing it all out.

      • daytoday

        Nnamdi is a dog? and is one of the most over hyped? dude you need to get a grip, DRC and Nnamdi are not the problem in the secondary, allen and coleman are, they always blow the coverage, you cant do your job as a CB if you dont trust the safteys behind you, every CB in the nfl gets beat on plays from time to time, its part of the game, the nfl after all is a passing league….i swear reading some of these posts on here and other sites, you can tell who has played football in there life, and who is a arm chair QB

    • Wilbert M.

      Nnandi is a total dog and a bullspit artist as well. A total phony that people bought into. If he had any heart or passion for the game he might be OK even with his diminishing skills, but he doesn’t even seem to be trying.

  • UncleCarm

    Celek is getting a bad rap. Yes he dropped some passes that cost the whole team, but he has taken some of the hardest hits this season and kept on going. He still has heart, and he still has talent, and can be part of the rebuilding.

    • mike

      People love the white guy who tries hard. The fact is he hardly gets open, can’t catch in traffic, and is a below average blocker.

      • Dave w.

        I don’t agree. Celek last night caught a pass over the middle btwn 2 defenders and got creamed for it but still hung on. There are other receivers who would have alligator armed it so not to get hit! He may have dropped a few passes but It was not for lack of trying.

        • http://abigbuttandasmile.com/ A Big Butt and a Smile

          Celek has lost more than one game this season. Detroit being the most egregious. However, overall I think he’s just having a bad year and should be kept. He works hard, plays hard and is a decent blocker. He’s not the biggest problem on the team.

          • 1972

            hes below averege blocking. in 4th and inches we ran behind clay harbor.. clay harbor!!!!

        • Septhinox

          2 things:

          1) a catch last night is anectdotal evidence. 1 catch means nothing when you have a body of work that includes hundreds.
          2) There is no award for trying. Think of Yoda’s “Do or do not, there is no try” quote.

      • Aaron

        Mike you know very little IF ANYTHING about Celek dont you? Stop talking altogether.

      • 1972

        i dont agree with the hard working white guy thing, but i do agree that this guy gets a pass. he let vick down on several drops this year that turned in to big picks..get the clay harbors stanley havili and brent celeks off my team.. i want a speedy tight end that can maul on running downs

  • FMWarner

    Celek has had a disappointing season, especially because some of his mistakes have wound up in the hands of opposing defenses. But I still think he’s a good player and seems to be one of the ones who gives a damn. I’d keep him around.

  • Joe D

    I’ll tell you what bothers me about Celek. The fact that he makes that catch in the first drive last night and leaps to his feet signaling first down as if it was the super bowl and this team wasn’t the worst in the NFC. Where is the humility with these guys? Do you think the fans that have a clue are going to see that and get fired up? C’mon. Get a clue. This entire roster is so out of touch with how much this bothers the fans.

    • FMWarner

      I think you misinterpreted that. He was just trying to get the team fired up early during a promising drive that could have set a tone.

    • Aaron

      He was firing up the team on the first drive….let that go dude. If he was doing it in 4th quarter down 20 pts then its an issue. Let Celek go from serious criticism hes having a shit year on a team full of quitters!

  • knighn

    Speaking about character: the Eagles just released Jason Babin.

  • JM

    I love the Celek defenders on this site. He has been horrible this year and has been responsible for at least two interceptions. But you all talk about his character and the fact he tries so hard. Do you cut Vick the same slack? There is no doubting his character or fact he puts it all on the line for the team and takes an absolute beating each week and still gets back up. There is so much hypocrisy among the fan base it’s not funny.

    • atlvickfan

      Hmm, I wonder why Celek gets so much slack. Probably the same reason people thought Foles would be an upgrade.

      • MAC

        Here we go with race card. LOL you are in Philly where we have had 3 black franchise QB’s. No one cares about race!!! We want a franchise QB to get us a super bowl. People wanted Foles bc Vick has shown well he is a decent QB he is not good enough to win deep in playoffs! He has won 2 playoff games in his career!!! What is the Vick excuse for that or last year? Get over the race thing!! If we had RG3 we would all be happy! It’s not a race thing atlvickfan!!! If Foles was Black and Vick was white then people would have wanted to see what the black rookie had. We just knew what have in Vick and it’s not enough. So insecure!!
        Answer how a guy w 2 playoff wins in 10 years at $15 million a year and last years performance should be brought back? Do not avoid the question.

        • atlvickfan

          Yeah, and y’all booed McNabb before he even took the field and didn’t give him credit until he was gone. Give me a break. All Vick has shown in 2 and a half years as an Eagle is that he is an elite passer when you protect him and he struggles when you don’t protect him. Kind of like Aaron Rodgers last Sunday night, or Brady in the Super Bowl, or any other QB in the history of the NFL.