Coaching Buzz: Mayock on Kelly’s Prospects

As we’ve already discussed many times in this space, Oregon’s Chip Kelly is going to draw polarizing opinions in the coming months when it comes to his prospects as an NFL head coach.

One analyst who offers a unique perspective is Mike Mayock. Mayock calls Notre Dame games for NBC, but is also the color guy for NFL Network’s Thursday night broadcasts. The Daily News’ Paul Domowitch recently caught up with Mayock to get his opinion of Kelly.

“People want to say it’s a gimmick, but I don’t think it’s a gimmick,” he said. “I see some similar things going on in the NFL right now. There are teams that spread it out to run and teams that spread it out to throw. Some teams do both pretty well.

“That’s what Buffalo is trying to do. Spread the field. They have a gifted tailback [C.J. Spiller]. Run the spread-run game and also have an NFL-style pass game. They do all the bubble screens and the quick stuff that Kelly does. So do other teams.

“And I love the tempo component of Oregon’s offense. You’ve seen what Belichick and [Tom] Brady have done with that this year up in New England.”

Mayock also offers his thoughts on Stanford’s David Shaw in the piece. As always, Domo’s entire column is worth a read.

Meanwhile, David Jones of the Harrisburg Patriot-News discusses the decision that Penn State’s Bill O’Brien will likely face in the coming weeks. Last week, O’Brien was non-committal when asked if he’d be back with the Nittany Lions next year. Now, he’ll have to weigh the pluses and minuses of potentially bolting for the NFL. Writes Jones:

* This is your chance. And considering what’s in the offing for the next four or five years, might it never come around again? What happens after, say, a string of 5-7s or 4-8s at the nadir of the sanctions? Does anyone come knocking again? (I wonder if O’Brien ever imagined an opportunity would happen so soon. Did he envision a long slog like everyone else?)

* You never signed up for a program burdened by any sanctions let alone the ones handed down in July. How can anyone blame you for doing a terrific job under unprecedented circumstances for the year you were here, then taking your dream opportunity? It’s not exactly comparable to Todd Graham bolting for Arizona State after one year at Pitt.

Keep in mind that Penn State is ineligible for a bowl game, meaning NFL teams might try to put out some feelers with O’Brien sooner rather than later. The Nittany Lions play their final game of the season against Wisconsin on Saturday.

A reminder that we’ll have all of the latest coaching buzz right here in our special section.

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  • Mike Mastrangelo

    Couple things here. To say O’brien didn’t sign up for a team with sanctions is flat out wrong. He had it negotiated in his contract to get an automatic extension if sanctions were handed down, so obviously he was thinking about it. He also has a 9.3 million dollar buy out in his contract. Why no mention of that? You think a team will honestly pay that? Did it ever occur to Jones that he’s been non committal on the issue to get people talking about him and Penn State, keeping them in the spotlight and raising their profile with recruits? I usually like what Jones has to say but that article is simply lazy.

    • Wilbert M.

      This is the first thing I’ve seen about a $9.3M buyout. That probably means O’Brien isn’t going anywhere. But, I’m not sure I could blame him if he left. Unfortunately, his leaving would be devastating for PSU.

  • NB

    People kill Andy for his clock management. Oregon wins by 30+ most games. Kelly has little to no experience making tough calls late in games. That is a very big deal at the next level. Haven’t heard many people mention that.

    • Elias Rappaport

      Possibly Chip Kelly’s best attribute is his clock management. You clearly don’t watch Oregon. They never take a break. It can be 4th and 5 and the offense is ready to snap the ball before the camera is even on them. Watch their next game and see.

      • NB

        Ok. What on earth does being able to run a play quickly on 4th and 5 have to do with a game changing, late 4th quarter decision? You’re missing the point. He won’t be able to rush for 250+ yards/game in the NFL. And he sure as hell won’t get 90+ offensive snaps off consistently…if at all. System will have to change. You clearly don’t watch the NFL.

        • Elias Rappaport

          I clearly DO watch the NFL. Why else would I be on a small beat writer’s site if I didn’t care. I understand he’ll have to adjust, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you one of his best attributes is clock management. The 2nd quarter is the same thing essentially and there has been that where he is down a FG with 2 minutes in the 2nd and drives for a TD.

  • Devilock

    I would much rather get Shaw than Kelly. The Chip Kelly gimmick will fall flat on it’s face in the NFL. The funny thing is is that Mayock mentioned the Bills using it. They are 4-6 and don’t look like a good team. Terrible example to use. As for Beliceck, if he sees something someone does that he likes he’ll use it…doesn’t mean he’s using the “Chip Kelly Offense”…I BEG YOU EAGLES! Do not hire Chip Kelly

    • UncleCarm

      I don’t know a darm thing about Chip Kelly, but 4 – 6 looks pretty good about now.

      • Johngiam

        Get me jay gruden and I will be happy

  • barry_nic

    Kelly, I hope not. First, The spread doesn’t work for long in the pros. If you don’t believe me watch Monday nights game. Two, he doesn’t know how to spell DEFENSE, again watch Monday night. Three, I don’t think he’ll reconsider the Eagles, which is probably a good thing. Four the college coaches that have worked in the pros are the ones that opperate out of the pro set(see Harbaugh).
    So I’d like to see Shaw, he has the organizational skills, and the knowlege to get the job done. Unfortunately with 12 or so oppenings this year good luck hooking him.

  • tommy

    watching nick foles run the hurry up would be like watching a fat person run a mile. Lumber along stupid dbag. keep vick can foles. chip kelly and the hurry up with vick and that offense would be electric. to fast. mv7 fa life highlight king.