DeSean Speaks On Leadership Void

DeSean Jackson spoke candidly Wednesday about the lack of vocal leaders on this Eagles team.

“When I came in it was a little different just with the leadership and the personnel that was here. Those folks are not here anymore, so the team that presents itself now, whoever it is somebody is going to have to be that person,” said Jackson. “Myself, I’m not a big vocal guy as far as yelling and screaming and doing all that, just try to go out there and show by example. As far anybody being that vocal guy, there is really nobody on this team that is like a Brian Dawkins. We don’t have that here.”

Is that a problem?

“It might be. But I can’t speak on that because we don’t have that going on with this team,” said Jackson. “When I was a young guy coming up through the organization that’s who we counted on, Brian Dawkins, [Brian] Westbrook, guys like that. Being here eight, seven, 10 years, whatever the case may be. The guys here now we have to mold together to get things done.”

DeMeco Ryans is often pointed to as one of the natural leaders on this team, but this is his first year in Philadelphia. He is not speaking from a place of authority when it comes to representing this organization.

Jackson talked last season about how some of the newcomers had yet to learn what it means to be an Eagle. The next six weeks will help determine which players have run out of time to figure it out.

“If people still want to be here next year, everybody just has to step it up a notch,” said Jackson. “In crucial times, everybody is under a microscope. Everybody is probably being looked at extra hard. If you want to still be here, my suggestion is to continue the things you need to do to keep a job and be a professional and go out there and produce and do what your job asks you to do.”

Vick, McCoy Still Sidelined

Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy are still in Stage 1 of the concussion testing. Andy Reid said that Vick is close to progressing to Stage 2, and stated again that he is the starter when healthy. The smart money is on both sitting out Monday night against the Panthers.

Vincent, Carlin entering the Eagles HOF

Troy Vincent and longtime team employee Leo Carlin will be inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame at halftime Monday.

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  • Loke2112

    Well when you draft as crappy as this team has it’s tough to cultivate home grown tenured leadership especially when you look at the pathetic draft history on the defensive side of the ball.

  • Zachary Kahn

    DeSean hit the nail on the head: this team lacks leadership. You do not build winning teams through free agency in the NFL, you develop a group of core players through the draft and add the odd free agent here or there to fill voids. Look at the past superbowl winners and youl see that trend. When the eagles were good in the Andy Reid era they also followed that trend. Now they are just a bunch of individuals getting paid and not really understanding, as Djax put it, “what it means to be an eagle”. Runyan, Thomas, Dawkins, Westbrook, Lito, Sheldon, and Akers all understood that. Time for the eagles to get rid of the bullshit players and start building a new identity.

    • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

      “What it means to be an Eagle.” – I’m not sure what it does mean these days, at least team identity-wise. It used to mean an aggressive “bend-but-not-break” D mixed with an offense dependent on two playmakers in McNabb and Westie playing behind a rugged o-line and committing few turnovers.
      Now, we’re into gimmicks on both sides of the line (where the game is really won or lost) and have a talented, but error-prone, QB that is being asked to win games outright while taking an incredible amount of physical punishment. Plus, none of the reserves can step up and play NFL-quality football and they all suck at playing special teams as well (except for Colt). And, lastly, there is an amazing lack of discipline and penalty-taking that’s starting to rival the Raiders back when their ex-HC Bill Callahan called them the “dumbest team in America.”

      Given that, what I would suggest is that we first need to get rid of all the bullshit coaches, starting with AR and MM and continuing with Mudd and Washburn. Interestingly enough, the one coach I’d like to see back is Castillo, because he fits that old Eagles mold.

      • Some Guy

        You realize Mudd and Washburn coached the best O-line and D-line in the NFL in 2011, right?

        • bsn

          True. I don’t want to see Mudd gone, we just need our starters back. But to say Wash had the best defensive line and only saying that you draw attention away from the fact that it affects everything else on D. The safeties have to play the run first and the LBs are immediately hit because the Dline focuses so much on pass rushing. Our Dline sucks against the run and since the safeties bite so much (because they’re asked to) it leaves our CBs in bad spots when they’re expecting the help. Wide 9 have major flaws.

    • FMWarner

      I’m not sure that “what it means to be an Eagle” is an actual thing as much as it is a platitude. Talented, well coached, and properly motivated players win, not historians. The Eagles simply don’t have enough of those three things to be competitive right now.

  • Dan

    Jackson needs to sip some of his own kool-aid. ” If you want to still be here, my suggestion is to continue the things you need to do to keep a job and be a professional and go out there and produce and do what your job asks you to do.”

    • bsn

      You mean the guy who is on pace to set career marks for yards and receptions?

  • UncleCarm

    Demeco Ryans has that leadership quality and that intangible Eagles thing, but to ask him to be the leader in just one year is unrealistic. There is a certain time element to it. Not all teams have that leader, but they rely on the coaches. Our coaches just are not getting it done. But there is always next year.

  • Wilbert M.

    Leadership from a teammate is almost impossible to define. I think what it comes down to is not wanting to let your teammates down. If you blew a tackle and the guy ended up with Dawkins, I bet you felt like a loser to Dawk and you’d do anything to not let your teammate down. Same with Trotter before he lost it. Next year, DeMeco will have that power. This year, he has the same credentials (all-pro, etc.) on a few guys (like Nnamdi) and can’t crash down on them. Next year he can be a true leader and put the hammer down.

  • southy

    Strong vocal leadership is something good teams need to become great teams, to “get over that hurdle” so to speak. We lack effort, depth, discipline, coaching, an o-line…

    That said I will say I’ve been surprised by Desean this year. Granted our offense generally sucks but he’s been a bright spot and has shown heart and a willingness to step it up.

  • jamesbondage

    Reid’s self proclaimed ‘lame duck’ status and Lurie’s ultimatum going into the season were potential warning signs. It’s difficult for Reid to push players when your job is potentially on the line. The lack of Oline depth and overspending roster spots on DLine was a big gamble that blew up on Andy’s face. Mix that in with coaches’ inability to adapt and change their system to suit the players strengths really did the players in.

    Just seems like everything that could possible go wrong pretty much has going wrong for the Eagles this year so far. It sucks being a fan because every year there’s always something that happens to mess the season up except that this season, there are at least 10 different things…