RB, WR, TE Review: Maclin’s Future With the Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy MaclinHere’s a review of how the Eagles running backs, wide receivers and tight ends performed against the Redskins on Sunday:

LeSean McCoy – He suffered the concussion late in the game. Prior to that, McCoy carried 15 times for 45 yards. But he had his most effective game in a long time as a receiver with six catches for 67 yards. The Eagles had a perfect call as he took a screen 20 yards in the first. Two plays later, they ran a fake wide-receiver screen and then came back to McCoy for 25 yards. He has to do a better job of taking care of the football. McCoy now has four fumbles on the season. He had three total in 2010 and 2011 combined. Ups and downs as a blocker. Good blitz pickup on Nick Foles’ first interception. And again on Foles’ 21-yard completion to Damaris Johnson in the second. Poor job picking up linebacker Keenan Robinson on Foles’ second interception. McCoy blocked Ryan Kerrigan to the ground in pass protection in the fourth. But there were issues. The Redskins showed blitz on 3rd-and-9 in the red zone, but only rushed four. That left McCoy on Kerrigan one-on-one, and he gave up a sack/forced fumble. He could not hold his block on third down in the fourth as Foles was forced to scramble and throw the ball away. It looked like McCoy was in position to help Dallas Reynolds after Barry Cofield went right around him, but he didn’t get there, and Foles took a huge hit.

Bryce Brown – If McCoy’s out, he figures to be the primary back. Brown ran five times for 35 yards against the Redskins. He had a nice 13-yard run to the right side in the second and later broke a couple tackles for an 18-yard run (but Jeremy Maclin was called for holding). In his last three games, Brown has carried 12 times for 85 yards (7.1 YPC). He’s getting better as the season’s going on, which makes sense, considering how little he’d played in the past couple of years.

Stanley Havili – A 9-yard catch and run in the first. That was it.

DeSean Jackson – The Eagles had no success getting him the football. Jackson had two catches for 5 yards, and those both came on wide receiver screens. It looked like he might have had a chance at a big play down the right sideline, but Foles’ pass floated out of bounds. Foles looked for him deep against a blitz in the fourth, but Jackson was covered. He did a horrible job as a blocker on one play, not even attempting to block Brandon Meriweather on McCoy’s run that was stopped after a 1-yard gain in the second.

Jeremy Maclin – Zero catches on two targets. We’ll need to wait for the All-22 to see if he was open and just not getting the ball. Decent block on the WR screen to Riley Cooper that picked up 15 in the first. He was called for holding on Brown’s 18-yard run in the second. And Maclin took a big hit on an ill-advised Foles throw in the fourth.

But with Maclin, the bigger picture is intriguing. He’s only signed through the 2013 season and then is scheduled to become a free agent. The new coach is going to determine the Eagles’ identity on offense. Maybe he’ll decide to go to more two tight end looks. Maybe he’ll want to run the ball more. Maybe he’ll decide the Eagles need a bigger, physical receiver to complement Jackson. Or maybe he’ll see a lot of untapped potential in Maclin. We just don’t know. The Eagles could let Maclin play out his contract and decide what to do with him after 2013. They could sign him to an extension this offseason. Or they could at least see what kind of interest there might be in Maclin for a possible trade. Unless the Eagles extend him this offseason, it makes sense for them to consider using an early draft pick on a wide receiver in April.

Riley Cooper – He finished with five catches for 61 yards. Cooper picked up 15 yards on a WR screen on third down in the first. He also had a 23-yard catch and run in the first, but dropped a 10-yard out in the fourth. Good effort as a blocker on the 20-yard screen to McCoy in the second.

Damaris Johnson – His lone catch was a 21-yarder on 3rd-and-17 in the second. Terrible job as a blocker, allowing DeAngelo Hall to go right past him and drop McCoy for a 5-yard loss in the fourth. Johnson had a 16-yard punt return, one of his best of the year.

Brent Celek – Drops continue to be an issue. Celek had the ball bounce off his hands on the interception in the first. And he had another drop on 3rd-and-5 in the second. On the season, Celek’s got seven drops, tied for fourth-most in the league, per STATS, Inc. He did a good job as a blocker on the 8-yard screen to Jackson. But Celek did a poor job on linebacker Rob Jackson on a McCoy run that was stopped after a 2-yard gain.

Clay Harbor – He didn’t exactly seize the opportunity either. Harbor had two drops and one catch for -1 yards. It’s tough to know what his responsibility was, but Harbor was the only player who had a chance of blocking Hall on the bootleg to open the game, and he was late getting to the cornerback. He gave good effort as a blocker on Brown’s 5-yard run in the first. And Harbor delivered a good block on Kerrigan on Brown’s 13-yard run in the first. Foles targeted him on a bootleg in the second, and it looked like Harbor was open. Either he tripped, or Foles just misfired.

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  • Joe Jones

    A group once thought to be promising, now is rife with questions. I agree that the new coach is gonna shape the direction of this group. The guys I like are DJax, Cooper, McCoy and Brown. The rest? No strong affinity for. Well, Celek is having his worst year ever. I think his track record is strong enough to merit another year to determine if its an anomaly or the beginnng of the end.

    • usmcnole

      While celek has been inconsistant…I believe his ability, heart and intensity earn him another couple years on the roster

      • I don’t. Celek has blown it more than enough times for me. The Detroit game with all of his drops was enough.

  • 85

    I’ve been wondering about Maclin for a few weeks now. Had a nice game when Foles came in against Dallas, but on the whole I think you’d have to say he’s been pretty disappointing this year. For his career, has he played up to his 1st round pedigree? Eh, I’d say he’s borderline at best. Unfortunately, I think he’s a little bit redundant in this offense. He doesn’t seem to play with the kind of speed his numbers coming out of school would suggest. He doesn’t provide the vertical threat Desean does, and he hears footsteps on occasion between the numbers. I’d be willing to bet the FO does their due diligence on extension negotiations this offseason, and it’ll be interesting to see what Maclin thinks he’s worth.

  • TXEaglesFan

    I think Celek has just taken too many hits this year, and throughout his career, and is starting to wear down. He toughs it out, playing through injuries, but that is starting to catch up with him as he approaches 30.

    • JofreyRice

      Maybe. I tend to think he’s just an inconsistent player that has the talent to make plays sometimes, but has some pretty big holes in his game that cause a lot of Eagles fan’s remote controls to go flying through the air at other times. All these drops aren’t new to this season, he’s been pretty consistent.

      I think the reasoning behind his down seasons in 2010 & 2011 were that he was being held in to block. Eh. I just think he’s not that great.

  • Dilts

    How many times has a Celek deflection resulted in an interception?

  • Joe D

    Reggie Brown, I mean Jeremy Maclin can definitely look for work this offseason. I’m done with the guy. We have enough small receivers that just go through the motions as it is. This team needs a legit freak WR with size and speed and that isn’t afraid to go over the middle.

    • morgan c

      And how do we get that receiver? I agree that that type of player would be great, but you are going to get someone like that in the early first round, probably. So are you saying we should pick a WR in the first round, instead of a QB or OL? Personally, I think we need to draft Oline and Dline for the first 5 rounds, minimum. Line play is where it all starts and ends (see: Niners, San Francisco).

      • JofreyRice

        I’d probably say it all begins with the QB, but that’s just my opinion. I’d certainly agree they need to upgrade the talent level on the OL & maybe DL.

        Even if I did think WR was critically important, I wouldn’t draft either of the top 2 big receivers this year–Cal’s Keenan Allen or UT’s Justin Hunter–with a top 10 pick; no way. The only WR I could see going top 10 is WVU’s Tavon Austin, and he’s more like a Percy Harvin type than what Joe’s describing. I think he’s actually shorter than Desean!

        The ’13 draft is going to have some awesome wide receivers at the top, but we’re not there yet. Since K. Allen had a poor senior season, maybe he falls to the 2nd, or 3rd, but like you, I think the team has bigger issues.

        Very depressing this team has me thinking about the draft in November!

        • FMWarner

          I would go OL first heavy and hard. I’m not thrilled with the QB prospects in next year’s draft. I don’t know why everyone’s so eager to get Maclin out of town. I think he’s a very good receiver who’s having a bad year. It’s not like he’s the only one, it’s a team thing.

  • Wilbert M.

    Jofrey has it right on Celek – physical tools to be great but just can’t put it all together. For every good catch and run, there’s a drop or missed block. Of course, if the Eagles dump him he’ll get it together and become the next Gronkowski.

    As far as the WR’s, I don’t know if its the playbook or the receivers fault. Maclin is invisible and I worry that there’s too many Smurfs, but there’s a possibility that the plays just don’t work as far as getting guys open. I watch other teams (especially whoever is playing the Eagles) and their wide receivers get open. Of course, other teams aren’t stupid enough to run a play where all three wide receivers go deep with a QB starting his 1st game and the worst OL in professional football (yes – that happened on Sunday). I’d like to see what Maclin can do in the world beyond Andy & Marty. I’d like to hear an NFL insider’s opinion on Maclin and Avant. Cooper has looked good. I think if Belichick had Cooper, he’d be catching 80 or 90 balls.

  • GoBirds1

    Celek is what he is Average and declining. Good after the catch but never catches the ball clean and less than 50% to catch one in traffic. Below average blocker and worst of all he can’t run anymore. Watch him. He is in the bottom third of starting TEs.

  • Who do you really want to keep from this team? Herremans, Celek, Kelce, Peters, McCoy, Brown, Ryans, Kendricks, Cox, Patterson, Curry, Cooper, Jackson, Foles, Mathis, Henery, Dorenbos, Jenkins, and MAYBE Drc or Nnamdi? That is alot of retooling…..

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    We all can recognize that there is no REAL promising QB coming in this draft and hopefully that will result in a high 1st round Oline pick. I think that at even over 30 Vick has more upside than Foles who I believe can be a reliable BACKUP in the NFL. I’m not prepared to give up on Vick even though I realize he should be much farther along at this stage in his career. As far as the Oline with Jason Peters coming back I think it will be beefed up atleast a little more. Dont care for Celek and while i believe Maclin is an above average reciever, we just might need that big reciever opposite DJax hopefully through free agency or trade. Heard DBo’s name thrown around not sure if its a possiblity but it sure sounds nice

  • Tom

    How about Marty stops putting Maclin on all the kill routes (getting killed running across the middle). You don’t see Jackson going across the middle. He is always on a fly route to the end zone. Where are all the WR screens? Where are all the 3 step drops to a WR for a quick hit for 5 yards? Where are the shallow crossing routes to Jackson?
    It seems like the opposing defense knows the offense better than our WRs and TEs. The offense is predictable, predictable, predictable.