Reid Defends McCoy Decision, Gives Update On Vick

Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy.Two of the Eagles’ biggest stars are concussed. Just another sign of the times.

Andy Reid gave an update on the health of LeSean McCoy, who was injured in the waning moments of the blowout loss to the Redskins as a result of a head-to-head collision with safety Madieu Williams. McCoy has a headache and remains in “Stage 1” of the league-mandated testing process, but his concussion does not appear to be as significant as Michael Vick‘s.

“It didn’t seem to be quite as bad just from where he was after the game and his response,” said Reid of his star running back. “But he took a good lick there and we have to make sure that we go through the protocol. We’ll see how things go.”

A source close to McCoy added that the 24-year-old seemed “pretty alert” on Sunday evening.

The head coach is under fire for his decision to keep McCoy in late in the game despite the lopsided score. Reid defended his decision on Monday.

“There’s two sides to this,” said Reid. “You’ll probably come back and ask me, did you feel like the players quit? Well no, these guys want to play, they want to win the game, they want to get better. They want to show that they’re all-in. There’s a fine line there, and likewise as coaches you want to make sure the guys know you’re all in, too. With that, I don’t regret it. It happened. Do I wish he wouldn’t have been hurt? Yeah I do, I wish he wouldn’t have been hurt. But I don’t regret that.

“It’s my job to weigh that out. If you want to put that on me I fully take that, but I also have a pretty good feel of our football team.”

As for Vick, Reid said that he is making progress but failed an impact test on Monday and remains in Stage 1. If healthy, Vick remains the starting quarterback over Nick Foles, according to the coach.

“We’ll see how he does this week but, yes,” said Reid.

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  • The Guru

    Andy kept McCoy in the game so Andy could pad his “rushing attempts” and touches. He knows the numbers are so skewed one way that meaningless attempts/yardage would balance it out a little. He wasn’t trying to “win the game”. He was trying to save his own fat ass

    • FMWarner

      Yes, you’re right. Throwing a few carries McCoy’s way at the end of one blowout is going to change 14 years of accumulated playcalling. I’m sure that’s exactly what Reid was thinking.

      • morgan c

        Dude, there is no reason our one good player was in the game, with the game out of hand completely. The fact you are saying “Reid can’t win,” is beside the point, and incorrect. No one would blast him for taking McCoy out of the game with 1:51 left down by 25. Are you serious? Who would blame him and what would they say? Like seriously, I’d like to know…

  • FMWarner

    Andy can’t win here. He’s getting criticized now for leaving McCoy in, but if he’d taken him out he’d have been accused of raising the white flag. Reid should be fired after this season, no argument. But the tenor of the criticism is getting ridiculous. At this point I’m waiting for him to be accused of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.

    • wilbert31

      yup, I Andy is the best coach in team history but his time in Philly is nearly over.

      It would be nice if he didn’t get all the blame for everything the team is doing wrong.

      • Really??

        Did get all the blame? Right. Because he’s not the one who put the team together.

    • Raising the white flag? It was a 25-point game with less than two minutes left. That’s four possessions. It was over. Hell, it was over after Coleman/Boykin got beat by 96-year-old Santana Moss.

    • not DaveH

      poor andy it so unfair. why is everyone being so mean to him all of a sudden. its not like he’s doing anything different. he still make $5.5 MIllion a year and if there was a problem, he’d make less – so theres no problem.
      also how lucky are we that we have a coach who is ready to try and fight back and will until the very last play!
      also lucky we are in that andy gives us good insights into how he uses his timeouts: “because i wanted to” … my 9 yr old son says the same thing — guess it just means MY SON IS BRILLIANT !
      im pulling for ya dear ol pal Andy – you’ve led us to so much victory and joy that im standing by you until your last paycheck is in your bank!
      129 PROUD VICTORIES ..and ya ddint even need the lat 6 games to do it!!
      STAY ANDY STAY ..thats what ill be chanting!!

      • FMWarner

        Thanks for not bothering to even read what I wrote before getting that out. I thought this had a chance to be a place where reasonable people could talk about the Eagles and have a difference of opinion without being…well, like that. I guess it’s just going to be an Eagles version of PFT instead.

        • daveH

          no, i read it see mine “20 minutes ago”, yours “4 hours ago” ..i read it several times .. (lindbergh baby 1932 — so thats even way way WAY before a 6’2″ 8yr old andy reid dominated the local punt pass, pass and pass contest)

    • KeithPetres

      Agreed. Apparently Reid should just forfeit the remaining six games (and no practices either, not even wind sprints) because if anyone tears a knee then it will be Reid’s fault for playing him when he obviously should have been saving the players for the new coach next year.

      On the other issue, I’m in the minority, but I believe he should get another year. I understand the justification to fire him, but even if the Eagles lose out and finish 3-13 I still think Reid has done enough winning to make up for the recent losing. Unfortunately, familiarity breeds contempt. Reid will get his pick of jobs when he wants to coach again and the fans there will love him, because those fans have the distance and perspective to realize he’s a very very good coach.

    • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

      Wait till Foles goes down because AR dials up his usual 40-50 passes behind this high school-quality o-line and then see how you feel.

  • saunhi

    Jason Peters back yet? Somebody who can protect the backfield? Anybody?

    Even Philly bloggers have figured out that No QB wants to sit back in the Eagles shooting gallery.

    Put the QB in punt formation- at least he’ll have 3 seconds.

  • 4for4

    Although I agree with Reid on this one, it appears that the too many injuries will end up being a perfect platform for Reid to keep his job. Will Lurie fall for it?