Will Reid Finish Out the Season?

The Eagles appear to have hit a new low under Andy Reid.

They have lost six in a row and are now 3-7 on the season. They have been outscored by 90 points through 10 games. No team in the entire NFC has a worse point differential. All of this in the shadow of Jeffrey Lurie saying before the season that an 8-8 record would not be good enough for Reid to come back as the head coach in 2013.

Reid was asked after today’s 31-6 loss to the Redskins whether he expects to finish out the season.

“We’re going to get ready for the Monday night game,” Reid said. “That’s what we’re going to do.”

Is the team getting worse?

“Well, we didn’t look better today,” he said. “We didn’t do a good job today.”

Reid’s personality would suggest that he’d like to finish the season out. He’ll take it game-by-game and go through the routine of an NFL week until the season is over on Dec. 30 against the Giants. Will anything good come of it? Probably not. Then again, it’s tough to argue that the team would really benefit from getting rid of Reid now. Who would take over for him? Marty Mornhinweg? Todd Bowles? That’s not helping matters.

So the goal becomes to get a grasp on which young players can play, and which veterans are worth keeping in 2013.

For fans, the focus shifts completely from potentially making a miraculous playoff run to checking on draft position the rest of the way.

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  • eagles2zc

    Let the captain sink with the ship. Not like anyone else can save it at this point

  • ICDogg

    I was an Andy Reid defender for years, but these last few weeks have turned even me against him. It’s time for him to go. Time to bring in a troubleshooter, figure out how to reorganize things for next season.

    • Gary

      Yup, same with me.

    • Joe

      Completely agree. He presided over an excellent period of Eagles history, and I wanted him to lead this team to the Super bowl, but it is time to move on. I do hope that he has a Dick Vermeil win ahead of him, but a fresh start is called for…

    • FMWarner

      I agree 100%. To me, it’s a shame and a joke the way people are treating Reid on the way out the door, too. If this is how they treat the winningest coach in team history, I don’t know why anyone would want to come coach for these people.

      • Bob A

        “These people” kept coming to the games after they choked in the 2002 NFC Championship game.And the 2003 Championship game. And the 2004 Super Bowl. And in 2005 , when TO fractured the locker room and they went 6-10, When they went to the playoffs the following year, and lost when the idiot punted with less than 2 minutes left and no time outs, and seemed shocked that the Saints were able to run out the clock, even though they hadn’t stopped the run all day..And when they were a .500 team in 2007. And when they choked once again for old times sake in the 2008 Championship game; the third time they were the favorite, and lost. And when they were blown out in the wild card game by Dallas in 2009. And when they were beaten by the Packers in the wild card game in 2010. These are now fondly referred to by most Eagles fans as the “good old days”; but still it was an era that yielded no titles. Since then , the team has gone 8-8 ( 4-8 for the part of the season that mattered) followed by 3-7, for a grand total of 11-15. We are now the Chiefs. We are now the Jaguars. These people kept the faith when the made his OL coach a defensive coordinator. When he hired the twin morons, Washburn and Mudd, to implement 2 exotic, unsound schemes for players who are barely talented enough to grasp the fundamentals of the simplest schemes. When he fired Castillo and replaced him with an even MORE clueless assistant. Enough is enough. The team has now quit. The question you SHOULD have asked yourself is why a fan would bother to buy a ticket to see this worthless football team; in any other city the fans would have bailed years ago.

  • For the first time since 1998, the organization is in complete flux. And now there’s no Joe Banner around to guide the rebuilding process. This offseason will be the defining trial of Howie Roseman’s tenure.

    • xlGmanlx

      Agreed, I’m personally rooting for him. If he pulls it out, we will have a good front office for years to come. If he doesn’t he will be gone in three years anyways.

    • eagles2zc

      Hear Hear. Howie better be prepared to spend some sleepless nights at the Linc. Everyone and everything needs to be reevaluated

    • dislikedisqus

      I hope not. They need to replace Roseman too.

      • xlGmanlx

        I think there is less sample size on Howie than we think. Reid went out of his way to make it known he has final say on personnel. In a more traditional GM role is how Howie should be judged in my opinion. Not this Banner/Reid/Roseman thing that Lurie allowed to happen.

        • The Guru

          You mean like the 2010 and 2011 drafts? And the horrific free agent signings the last 2 years? Do you know anything about football?

          • xlGmanlx

            Get over yourself, your a dude posting comments online. I doubt your credentials are any more qualified than others, you’re just insecure about yours. beat it loser

  • I’ve read different places that brought up the idea that Lurie owed it to Reid to let him finish out the season. If anything, I think Lurie owes it to Reid to fire him now. Think of it as a mercy killing.

  • PaoliBulldog

    If you had told me in preseason that Reid would be fighting for his job by November, I’d have laughed. That said, he’s earned the privilege of finishing the season — assuming he wants to.

    • The_Reddgie

      Why? What has he done to “earn the privilege” of finishing the season?

      I want him to stay because it is the best way to ensure we keep losing, but to say he has earned it is stupefying.

      • James

        Are you serious? Have a look at his history with the team and what he has achieved in the past. That’s why he has earned the right to coach out the season.

        • The_Reddgie

          Yes, I am serious. What does years 1-13 have to do with this year? This is the NFL, as a coach you are hired to be fired and if firing him is what’s best for the team and the organization moving forward, then you do it. There is no room for waxing poetic about the past and what he did years ago. And don’t get it twisted, it has been years since this team has been anything other than a pretender.

          This team is arguably the 3rd worst team AT BEST in this league. His decisions on coaches and personnel have backfired over and over and over again. He has failed miserably at getting the alleged talent on this roster to perform up to it’s alleged potential. His team makes rookie mistakes in all 3 phases of the game week after week after week. His team is getting embarrassed game after game after game. This team has thrown in the towel instead of fighting to the end.

          And yet some of you feel like this has earned him a free pass. No, he has grossly under-performed for the second year in a row. He hasn’t earned anything other than a pink slip. If he were a man, he would admit to how bad this team is and step down. But no, he lies through his fat mustache every time he belittles himself to speak to reporters about this team and deludes himself as to how far away they actually are from being a competitive team.

          I am looking forward to your retort.

          • James

            I was never saying he should remain head coach past this season, simply that he should coach the season out given his history with the team. They need a new coach and a fresh start but to suggest he hasn’t earned the right to at least coach out the season is laughable and short-sighted.

          • The_Reddgie

            Any reason other than his history with the team?

            And don’t come at me with short-sighted. Why is Babin starting over Graham and playing over Curry? This team is light years away from contending, yet vets who are probably salary cap casualties as early as next year continue to get snaps. How does that help the organization long term? If Reid was really concerned with the long term success of this organization, then Foles, Brown, Polk, any OL on the practice squad, Marsh and Hughes, Sims and any other young guy who is a question mark would be getting valuable snaps and experience right now so we know what we have and can plan our off-season accordingly.

            This team is a disaster. Everyone knows it. Time to start planning for the off-season and 2013.

          • Stilldiesel

            Polk is injured so I am uncertain how to construct a game plan around him. Should Reid create a pitch out of the I-formation with a unique name-Pitch Right Bench? The latter might not be too deceptive or successful in the red-zone. You are a typical ungrateful Eagles fan. Seriously, Reid gave you five NFC title games and a super bowl. Additionally, he gave you a reason to watch this team as he consistently provided competitive teams throughout his coaching tenure that included the best all-purpose running back in franchise history in Westbrook and, perhaps, when McCoy is finished, the best back in the current era. Reverence should be exercised in Reid’s case. In other words, he deserves to have the opportunity to finish the season as a result of his numerous accomplishments as our coach. But, as the typical Philly fan, you probably think Buddy Ryan was ‘amazing’ with all of those playoff victories, right? Oh, and how did passing on Ricky Williams work out for the birds? It is too easy to forget the good times when we get inundated with the bad, but exercise reverence when it is earned and Reid has earned six more games.

          • FMWarner

            And what exactly will bringing an interim coach in for the last few games do to prepare the team for 2013? Whoever it is isn’t going to be around next year, so really the only thing you’re doing is getting the satisfaction of embarrassing Andy Reid because you’re mad. And that’s not how I want my team to operate.

    • daveH

      his stoopit spin & excuses last year .. i actaully want JeffeY to let andy decide what he want more: HIS FAT 5.5 MILLION CHECK or UNTENABLE but earned ABUSE.
      ive hated andy since he let DMAC roast for ANDY’s super bowl IDICOIES. now i say DONT FIRE ANDY!!
      let him play let him decide how badly he wnats the check and let all the other teams think twice about hiring him

  • xlGmanlx

    Reid used to have a great staff, nobody is looking to steal the current coaching staff, save maybe Reid and that is debatable. Reid = Jeff Fischer

    • dislikedisqus

      This is so true. Would anyone make Bowles a DC after this debacle?

  • The_Reddgie

    As long as Reid gives us the best chance of losing out (and he does), then he can stay. Bringing in a new coach might accidentally rally the troops and lead to unnecessary and damaging wins.

    Also, as soon as we are mathematically eliminated, which will hopefully happen next week, he needs to commit to playing EVERY SINGLE YOUNG GUY. The vets who have been sucking worse than the suckiest sucks to ever suck should be benched, deactivated or outright released. (Coleman, Babin, Dunlap, Nnamdi et al) There is no benefit to playing them over the young guys who may be of value and worthy of a future roster spot.

    • JettMartinez

      I was just about to comment with the same two thoughts. Spot on. This will be their highest draft pick since McNabb, don’t ruin it with a few meaningless wins.

      • dislikedisqus

        Exactly. Last year, they could have gone 4-12 and wasted 4 wins getting to 8-8. This year, 3-13 is the best we can hope for.

        • Night Owl

          And it’s not unreasonable to think that if we had gone 4-12, RG3 would be wearing green. Sigh…

          • Beavis

            They can’t even lose correctly.

    • The Guru

      Except if they fire him, Marty Morningwheg takes over and he led the Lions to 5 wins in 3 seasons…..he’d be a perfect fit here!

  • Johnny Wishbone

    It’s time to go when the players stop listening to the coach or at least they stop hearing his message.

  • csb404

    i think andy will still be a good coach to another team.
    he doesn’t have anything left in philli

    • xlGmanlx

      Maybe a good OC/QB coach.

  • atlvickfan

    Why is Andy Reid’s mustache asymmetrical? Has it always been that way? This has been bothering me for several weeks

    • dislikedisqus

      He has more losses than wins. It would be symmetrical if they were 5-5.

  • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

    Leaving McCoy in at the end to get concussed earns AR his walking papers early.

  • Mr. Magee

    It literally looks like he is trying to hide behind it.

  • big red hater

    if only we had an owner that was a man and not a spineless coward we would be spared the final weeks of this garbage. While Lurie counts his money, the city has to be subjected to this spectacle of failure. Hey Lurie, its time to be a man and make a decision and fire a few people on the spot…thats what leaders do, they make heads roll when its time to…they don’t hide in a luxury box like you do.

    • FMWarner

      I would say that by refusing to bow to the rabble by giving them scalps, Lurie is proving he’s NOT a spineless coward. Firing the coaching staff on the spot is an emotional outburst that isn’t going to help anything. All it’s going to do is make a bunch of mouth-breathing WIP callers happy. And taking your cues from those people is the surest way to take up permanent residence in last place.

  • Dan

    Lurie never once said Reids job was on the line…not once. He merely said anything less than improvement would not be acceptable. Im not 100% sold that Reid will be fired, his staff yes, but I’d be willing to bet that w/ Garrett’s untimely passing and the rash of injuries, Reid will be back. I know thats not something many of you want to hear buwt it is possible. Lurie will not be forced into firing Reid simply because thats what the majority of the fans want.

    • GoBirds1

      You are an idiot, even with what you reference implies his job is on the line. Now go and listen to Lurie’s state of the Eagles address and put it the context that it was said, and it is obvious that ‘ would not be acceptable’ meant Reid’s job. Furthermore, Lurie addressed the issues of the loss of Reid’s son and said that would not have a bearing on his performance evaluation. The only reason he does not fire him is the $7 million he would owe him. Anyone with any business sense would agree that would be money well spent. GoBirds! Make sure you whack Pee Wee Howie while you are at it.

      • disqus_3WYBm0wj8p

        Actually… your a douche.. Lurie isn’t going to fire Andy Reid before his contract is over with.. all you jackasses calling for this mans blood are unbelievable. You run the guy who has been coach of the year 3x..been to 5 NFC championships and a super bowl.. and only missed the playoffs 2X out of 13 seasons outa town because of 2 struggling seasons is regoddamndiculous!!! You fake Eagles fans are a JOKE! ILL BE LAUGHING MY A@@ OFF at all of you when Reids back to ATLEAST finish out his contract!

  • Wilbert M.

    Fire Andy, Wash & Mudd. Bring back Juan to coach the OL. Let Bowles find someone off the street to assist him on D. Make Marty head coach with the mandate that the young guys play.

  • JofreyRice

    I’d guess he will finish out the season. I wouldn’t be that surprised if he can rally the team to a few meaningless wins toward the end.

    The entire draft class looks weak at the top, not just the QBs. I think 2013 is going to be a transitional year, and we might be in position to pick a QB high in 2014, as well.

    I can’t believe we’re going have to watch 6 more of these garbage games.