Foles No Savior In First Start

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.Any hope that Nick Foles would be an immediate cure to what ails the Eagles flew out of FedEx field three plays into the game. The rookie quarterback was intercepted by DeAngelo Hall on his second pass attempt, and the Redskins were on the board moments later.

Reality set in quickly: This is a rookie quarterback behind a bad offensive line playing for one of the worst teams in the league. There will be no meteoric rise. It will be a struggle against getting buried.

Foles finished 21-of-46 for 204 yards with a pair of interceptions. He was sacked four times and ended with a 40.5 quarterback rating.

“I didn’t play well at all, I know that,” said Foles. “I know me as a person that I’m going to work hard, I’m going to learn from it, and I’m going to get better for it. I’m going to look at the film.

“If I struggle I’m going to get better. That’s how I’ve always been, that’s how I was raised and I’m going to continue to fight. It’s one game. Tomorrow is an opportunity to get better and I will get better.”

Here is a look at some things that went right in Foles’ first career start, and some things that didn’t:

The Good

— On the Eagles’ second possession, Foles recognized a Redskins blitz on third down and audibled to a wide receiver screen to Riley Cooper, who followed a caravan of blockers for a 15-yard pick-up.

— After a pair of early interceptions, Foles used the screen game to his advantage and orchestrated an 11-play, 61-yard drive that ended in a 41-yard Alex Henery field goal.

— Facing a 3rd-and-17 in the second quarter, Foles fired a laser over the middle to Damaris Johnson for a 21-yard pick-up and a first down.

— He converted a 3rd-and-5 early in the third quarter with a touch pass to Brent Celek over the middle. Henery followed with his second field goal of the day to make it 17–6.

The Bad

— Foles’ second pass of the game was intercepted by Hall and returned 23 yards to the Eagles’ nine yard-line, leading to a Washington touchdown. The pass was in a tight window but bounced off Celek before Hall came up with it.

— The pick Foles threw on the following series falls squarely on the quarterback. The rookie forced a throw deep down the left side and it fell well behind DeSean Jackson and into the arms of Brandon Meriweather.

“I’ve got to throw a better ball. It just comes down to accuracy,” said Foles. “I’m alright with the decision, I just got to be more accurate and have to really step into the ball.”

— Foles ended the first half 12-of-22 for 120 yards with two interceptions and a 32.4 quarterback rating.

— He was stripped by Ryan Kerrigan in the third quarter. LeSean McCoy recovered and the Eagles ended up with a field goal.

— He put Jeremy Maclin in harm’s way early in the third quarter with an ill-advised pass into traffic. Maclin left for one play after being sandwiched by a pair of Redskins defenders.

— Maclin  and Jackson were targeted 12 times but had a combined two catches for five yards.

“I just wasn’t able to get them the ball today.  Those guys are playmakers, you have to be able to get them the ball,” said Foles. “They do a lot of great things for us and they were running hard all day. As a quarterback I have to figure out when I get my chances how to get them the ball.”

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  • This was a brutal game to watch.

  • Kimbafuzz

    This can’t be. I have been PROMISED that just by virtue of being tall he was going to be a savior./sarcasm

    He wasn’t good, but the defense was ATROCIOUS, as it has been since the end of the Detroit game. As bad as the offense has played, I honestly think the defense may have played worse this season.

    • disqus_3WYBm0wj8p

      Defense looked fine to me when we had Juan in there. Atleast they played hard then… we have been terrible defensively since the bringing up of Bowles..

  • Anyone with any sense knew QB wasn’t the biggest problem on this team. And putting a rookie behind this line wasn’t going to yield any positive results

  • REBOOT!!!!

  • James

    Where are the Foles fans? What excuses can they come up with this week for that performance? Can they maybe admit now that Vick wasn’t the problem? Vick deserves a medal for bravery for playing behind that joke of a line.

    • Absecon

      You’re right that Vick never was “the problem” but he most certainly has been a problem, and has to go with the coach. Since the Vikings exposed him during his Vick II tour, he has been delaying the obvious…which you have seen this year. Big whoop-d-do, he won a few games while he has helped extend a coach that has set the franchise back. Please….

      • Run Eagles Run

        Once again, who is available at the qb position and better than vick? foles? you are kidding yourself if you think he is the answer. You want to build the team around foles? ok. good luck. bounce passes, throws behind the wr, throws that will get guys killed. it worked for no. 5, right? foles is the white man for the job.

        • Warhound

          “foles is the white man for the job.” Leave your racist agenda elsewhere.

          • Run Eagles Run

            MY racist agenda? Haha Ok. Kinda funny how the same excuses people made for vick, the vick haters are now making for foles. Oh but foles is a rookie! we cant judge him off one game right? cant wait to hear your excuses when hoy… I mean foles looks just as shaky next year. 2 picks in the first quarter and people see “something” in this kid. its hilarious to me.

          • Run Eagles Run

            I know my philly fans. they are 60% racist. if vick was white, he’d get a lot more leeway, as bad as the rest of this team is.

        • Absecon

          I don’t think “better than Vick” is the issue right now. It’s “given up on Vick” and the current coaching staff. Concern for winning this year or next, to me, is just another distraction or diversion from the truth of the matter. Reid should be given the door at the end of the year (or sooner if that’s what Lurie wants), and the next coach can decide between Vick, Foles, or whomever. It’s pretty clear Vick was Reid’s QB choice, Reid’s out the door, Vick II hasn’t shown he’s an improved version of Vick I yet, so sorry if I don’t quite get or embrace the let’s play Vick so we have a chance to win argument. It’s time to rebuild. Let young players get some experience, and Foles is a young player that needs a body of work to evaluate for next year. You don’t have a clear picture after a game and a half in the Andy-Marty offensive (nice pun) circus. He needs to play the rest of the year…..

        • disqus_3WYBm0wj8p

          Your an idiot for even compairing 5 to Foles.. 5 is a superbowl short of hall of fame career. Ungrateful bigot.

      • disqus_3WYBm0wj8p

        Actually… your a dope. Lurie isn’t going to fire Andy Reid before his contract is over with.. all you jackasses calling for this mans blood are unbelievable. You run the guy who has been coach of the year 3x..been to 5 NFC championships and a super bowl.. and only missed the playoffs 2X out of 13 seasons outa town because of 2 struggling seasons is regoddamndiculous!!! You fake Eagles fans are a JOKE! ILL BE LAUGHING MY A@@ OFF at all of you when Reids back to ATLEAST finish out his contract!

    • Uncle Carm

      You want some Foles defense, well here you go. If Celek catches that ball instead of booting it to Hall, maybe we have a different game. Foles was moving the team in the first half, which ended with Washington up by 14 points. This changed the playbook for both teams, with Washington being able to tee off on our quarterback and our dink and dunk plan became useless. Remember, Vick only put up 6 points against Arizona in a similar situation. Having said all this, I also agree that Vick was not the only problem and that he deserves a medal. Vicks warrior creds are beyond dispute. Put we still need to see what Foles and all our other young talent has to offer to a 2013 team.

  • Bob A

    The first pick is 100% on Celek. If he competes for the ball at all, it’s a catch. As it is , it bounced right off of him. The 2nd one was all Foles fault. But the offensive players on this team are completely overrated. DJax did nothing and neither did Maclin. Shady doesn’t get the ball enough, but when he does, the O line causes too many negative plays. Foles would probably be fine playing for a decent team, but he doesn’t have a decent team around him, so it’ll be tough for him.

    • Kimbafuzz

      These were the same issues Vick was having as well. As Sheil asked earlier, how many turnovers can be traced back to Celek? Quite a few. As for DJax/Maclin, they weren’t even on the field today in some key situations. Not sure what was going on there.

      That aside, Maclin has completely been MIA for this entire season it feels. If he’s not wide open, it feels like he’s not making the catch. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but that’s how it feels to me.

    • JM

      Interception in the Saints game was 100% on Celek as well but Vick got the blame for it. Fans are hypocrites.

      • Bob A

        I agree with you , the INT in the Saints game was also Celek’s fault. My point wasn’t to excuse Foles today, he was awful, but at least he’s a rookie. There are a bunch of highly paid vets on that offense and they are useless. Neither Vick nor Foles can make it work behind Mudds line, it’s that bad. DJax and Maclin have just quit, and Celek went from being a top 10 TE to the worst in football in 2 years; I have no idea what happened to him. Let’s face it, many members of the media were feeding fans a bunch of nonsense about how Foles might be better; the fans have no choice but to root for him, but the Eagles problems are so widespread now that even if he plays well against the Panthers , they’ll still probably lose by 3 TDs.

        • GoBirds1

          On the 2nd int, the skins are showing blitz then bring the corner over Djack. I am no football genius, but doesn’t Jackson break off his route when he sees that to help out his QB. I am so sick and tired of seeing 3 wrs running go patterns running stride for stride with the DBs, what is the point. Reid’s playback is so stale the every DC in the league knows it inside out. We need a change. The nonsense at the end of the second half would warrant Reid to be fire on the spot.

  • Vick Supporter

    Why are people shocked? The “Savior” didn’t come through like you fans chanting for him said he would. And I’m not saying that to demean Foles at all. I hoped that we would win the game, but I knew that Vick masked alot of issues that we have on this team.

    The Line is horrible, yet alot of you people thought that Foles had much more pocket precence..threw the ball quicker, and would make the line look better than Vick.


    He did the same things..and yes he did get the ball out quickly…so quick that our WRs did not get to finish their routes. Our WRs (except Cooper and Avant) aren’t tough and we people that know football realized that long ago.

    The “rookie qb” excuse for your “savior” died years ago, as we’ve all seen rookie QBs come into the league with success.

    Make Foles move off of his spot and you have an INT..and apparently fumbles too. Now when you look at it, for Vick to have us score 17 a game with this line is a feat in itself.

    If the Eagles don’t try to bring back Vick next year would make things worse. There is no franchise QB in this year’s draft. Take this high pick we have coming and make a GOOD PICK on a lineman that’s played more than a few years and wasn’t fighting fires. Trade that girl Maclin..Jackson of all WRs has shown more toughness than him…start Cooper at the slot. He can play.

    Man this was hard to watch, but I knew it was coming. Same issues with the “Savior” at QB. Defense confused all the time. O-line sucks. Deep routes it seems every other play.

    • 17 points a game is looking pretty miraculous right now when you look at what this team looks like without Vick at the helm.

  • Wilbert M.

    I don’t think anyone with any sense thought Foles would turn this train wreck around, but he’s getting valuable experience that will help the team decide if he’s the guy for 2013. Vick wasn’t the entire problem, but his flaws are obvious and they are getting worse. The team needs to move on at QB. Foles made mistakes, but did some things well. It’s not enough of a sample size to make a judgement. He certainly didn’t have much help.

    • Kimbafuzz

      I don’t think Vick’s flaws were getting worse. Quite the opposite. In the early games, he wasn’t recognizing the blitz and was horrible. After the AZ game he got significantly better against the blitz. He was improving, just as the rest of the team was declining. Especially the offensive line and entire defense (save for DeMeco Ryans).

  • daytoday

    WAIT WAIT WAIT im about to go IN on everyone who bashed vick this yr and said foles is better

    – Tim McManus, Sal Paolantonio, Brian Baldinger, most people on 97. 5 the fanatic, all the fans who have been calling for foles….what happend to nick foles being better than vick? what happend to nick foles gives the eagles a better chance to win? vick is holding this team back? what happend to the line isnt the problem, its vick? what happend to foles wont throw INTs like vick?

    – you mean a ROOKIE isnt better behind this line than vick? WOW what a shock

    – like i have been saying this line has to many injuries, and its almost impossible to do anything on offense but when in doubt typical philly fans will say “fire andy” …there are SOOOO many fan coaching geniuses here in philly that think its just as easy as give the ball to shady and we will win, ur right!! give him the ball even when the line cant get any push and he losses yards…amd someone explain to me how its andys fault when you have 2 DBs covering moss and he still catches it? players play coaches coach, nuff said

    – philly doesnt deserve andy ried, so you know what fans and media, lets just run him outa town cuz that will solve all of our problems, just overlook all the injuries

    • disqus_3WYBm0wj8p

      Actually… you are spot on. he.. Lurie.. isn’t going to fire Andy Reid before his contract is over with.. all you jackasses calling for this mans blood are unbelievable. You run the guy who has been coach of the year 3x..been to 5 NFC championships and a super bowl.. and only missed the playoffs 2X out of 13 seasons outa town because of 2 struggling seasons is regoddamndiculous!!! You fake Eagles fans are a JOKE! ILL BE LAUGHING MY A@@ OFF at all of you when Reids back to ATLEAST finish out his contract!

  • xlGmanlx

    1st start as a rookie check
    Worst OL in football check
    Overreaction from fans check
    Season over check

  • LAdelphia

    the glaring problem today to me, besides the obvious, was the safeties. who really have been bad all year. most of the time people just blame namdi. when 9/10 it was a safety blown coverage. 4 of the TDs where on the safety’s. Colman shouldnt be starting. and allen hasnt played much better. up mid 3rd quarter, our D actually played well besides 3 big plays they gave up. our other big problem is Drops. celek has at least 1 a game. and always big moments.

    • GoBirds1

      ‘our D actually played well besides 3 big plays they gave up.’ If they gave up three plays then it was not playing well jackarse!

  • JofreyRice

    Yeah, not too impressed with Nick. Ball location, decision making and pocket presence are all very shaky. He seems to drift from his spot, and doesn’t have a sense of where rushers are coming from. Of course he’s a rookie, and we’ll have to see where he goes from here, but I’m not getting a good sense from him so far. He seems to have some of the worst elements of Eli Manning’s game–kind of “throw it up and hope for the best”. His luck only lasts so long.

    I’d still rather see if he can improve than watch Vick go through the motions over these last 6 games. The rest of this year should be about evaluating the roster for 2013, and moving towards building a winner through the draft. However, if Howie Roseman is the guy trying to rebuild the franchise through the draft, we might be in for a long wait until the Eagles are relevant again.

  • Amazing just how much Foles looked like Kevin Kolb before Vick replaced him in 2010. The calls in Philly for a new Quarterback since McNabb, and a Coach are upon Eagles fans. I clearly see the return to the pre Vermile days for 5 or 6 years if we are lucky. Here’s hoping the Eagles do nothing to ruin their upcoming draft position. A few premium choices in the draft and the Eagles can be competitive again in 2016, provide we have a General Manager in place to guide this team through the maze of drafts and free agency.

    This will eventually open season tickets and Sundays in Phila.

  • The Guru

    Love the Foles bashers….and the Vick apologists crawling out from their rock. First, comparing the 3rd round rookie to a guy who’s played 10 seasons is absurd. Vick isn’t, and never has been, the answer at QB. We were going nowhere with him and he’s about to get his third coach fired. Is Foles the answer? Probably not. But, the important thing is to FIND OUT so we know if we have to draft one (or trade/sign one) next year. Having said that, dropping a guy in his first start back 46 times (instead of letting him “manage” the game and throw it 25 times) is a blueprint for how to be unsuccessful. The kid had zero chance with that game plan and that offensive line. Vick has at least 10 years of experience with a terrible game plan…this kid had 94 snaps.

  • He was stripped by Kerrigan because McCoy was the only one who attempted to BLOCK Kerrigan on the play!! Valiant effort, but that should never have been the case. How is the running back solely responsible for taking on the other team’s best pass rusher??

  • barry_nic

    I love it. The schizophrenic QB jumpers are at it again. One, the rookie QB in his first start on a team with a terrible O Line gets 51 (I heard the number from Jaws this morning) or 46 pass plays in his first game. Not a recipe for success guys. We were running very well up and down the field, and Marty drops it for the pass in a typical panic move we’ve seen over and over again. He repeatedly starter with awful field position, and instead of going ball control and keep our helpless pop Warner size D off the field they called empty sets in the backfield, shotgun spreads, and practically no plays from under center like the kid had in the preseason. He’s not ready for this, but he went out and balled as well as could be expected. Our coach has lost his way and that is what you should focus on. Everybody, not just fans have started to question what the heck Reid and Mornhingweg are doing. During the game the announcers were flabbergasted about the play calling. So I think even Brady would get killed here with these guys, Vick did, Foles will, because McCoy’s concussion won’t matter much, they don’t run him when it counts anyway.

  • 1972

    philly fans are hypocrites!!!! u guys said foles would do better than vick, now ur trying to change the argument. well he’s a rookie so we expect bumps in the road. B.S!!!!! u said he reads defense better, he’ll get the ball to guys ect, he stunk , hes a rookie i get it, but please admit that u dont like vick thats the only reason u wanted foles in, your the same guys that want jeff garcia, JEFF GARCIA!!! over donovan mcnabb. Friggin hypocrites! all of you

    • The Guru

      Remind me what did McNabb win again?

      • 1972

        alot more than garcia, vick , foles,kolb and any other qb in this matt wur honestly saying that foles gives the team a better chance to win than vick? seriously after that performance??

        • The Guru

          Garcia won a playoff game and got bounced….same as McNabb.

      • disqus_3WYBm0wj8p

        5 was a super bowl win short of a hall of fame career.. shmuck. He won over 60 percent of his games.. carried the damn team on his BACK with no receiver talent to mention.. and oh.. what was that? We have sucked shit since he left?? Oh.. we have.. that’s right.

        • The Guru

          Hahaha….and why did he not win that game? Because he threw 3 picks and puked. Nice try though genius

        • Joe D

          I was always a 5 supporter and still will be to this day. He really was a great QB with playmaking ability. He just got out of shape as his age crept up. He did a lot with very little and for all of his wormburners and the heat he took for them I’d take them anyday over the backbreaking turnovers Vick commits.

          The reason people wanted Garcia (at least for me) was because Reid actually changed the game plan when he was in. The offense was more balanced with the run and the short passing game. McNabb’s skill set was different and Reid always just expected him to do everything himself. Garcia and the subsequent run he went on was a welcome temporary change and nothing more.

          The problem that always remains is Reid and his stubbornness towards thinking his way is the only way to win when in fact he hasn’t won anything.

          • disqus_3WYBm0wj8p

            Joe D.. You sound alot like me. I think Andy has a successful system. He just doesn’t have the pieces any longer to operate it. When we had Donnie Mac we would KNOW that he puts points on the bored.. If our defense stopped the opposing team under 18 points we won.. easy as that. Now.. with this offensive line.. we cannot do the things that Andy needs to do to be successful. He IS RUSHING the ball now.. much like back with Garcia.. the fact is that its not working.. Nothing he does is working at the moment. The offensive line has never been worse under Andy Reid.. the defense makes 0 plays.. I feel that the defense regressed extremely badly when they fired Castillo.. He may not have been a conventional choice.. but he made the defense better as time went on last year.. and the defense was top 5 in alot of categories this year with him as DC.. we lost the season when Andy.. for the first time EVER.. cut a coordinator during the season. I miss the Eagles of old.. I miss Dmac most of all.. him and Dawk.. we KNEW they would fight until it was over.. and for those who say.. “what did he win”.. he won more games than almost 97 percent of the QB’s that have ever played the game.. he may not have a super bowl.. but he won so many games that WINNING is no longer accepted UNLESS ITS A SUPERBOWL.. and that is just rediculous.

  • I’m mad

    Yeah let’s get vick back, at least when we lose with him there not blowouts everybody thought foles would be good but I knew they were stupid I mean it was the preseason it’s the same thing like the prow bo no player actually tries and do there best so much foles did well, lest at lest get a respectable record and not go 3-13

  • Joe D

    And another Donovan always did well that would really help neutralize a pass rush would be throw the screen pass. They were one of the best screen teams in the league with 5 and B-West. Now they can’t run it to save their lives. We will see if it can be brought back to life with Foles but Vick throws everything 150 mph with zero touch.