All Is Quiet On DRC Contract Front

There is nothing brewing on the Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie contract front, and that is not expected to change any time soon.

Nothing personal against the eccentric cornerback; the Eagles are not negotiating with any players at the moment, choosing instead to focus their energies on the season at hand. They have tried to stick to the policy of no in-season contract negotiations for the past few years. With a new coaching staff likely coming in, there’s even less reason to go away from that policy now.

The Eagles have some serious decisions to make when it comes to the corner position. DRC is poised to become a free agent at the end of the season. Nnamdi Asomugha is scheduled to make a base salary of $15 million next year (and another $12 million for both the 2014 and 2015 seasons). Only $4 million of next year’s salary is guaranteed, meaning the team could walk away if they are OK with swallowing that amount.

Asomugha has failed to live up to the billing in his 1 1/2 seasons with the Eagles. The 31-year-old has one interception through nine games in 2012. Quarterbacks have a rating of 109.5 when throwing in his direction, per Pro Football Focus.

The quarterback rating against Rodgers-Cromartie, in comparison, is 62.4. That said, his play has dropped off in recent weeks. He has not had an interception since September. Teams are taking advantage of his below-average tackling ability by routinely running to his side.

While both Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie have their imperfections, they are better than the alternatives on the roster right now. Leaving one of the outside spots in the hands of Brandon Hughes or Curtis Marsh would be a big risk. Given how highly the Eagles value the cornerback position, it’s unlikely they will leave the cupboard bare. Whether it be through free agency, the draft or retaining their own, they will try to stay stocked.

Rodgers-Cromartie’s price tag needs to be taken into consideration. His cousin, Antonio, received a four-year, $32-million deal in 2011 from the Jets. He was right around Dominique’s current age (26) at the time. The Giants’ Antrel Rolle inked a five-year, $37 million deal in 2010. Perhaps the former Pro Bowler could end up in that ballpark.

The Eagles are projected to be well over the cap for next season, though they have a sizeable amount of cap money that they can carry over from the current campaign.

The safest bet is that rookie Brandon Boykin will be part of the cornerback equation next year. From there, it’s much cloudier. Will both Asomugha and DRC be back? If it’s just one or the other, who will it be?

With all contract talks expected to be on hold until the offseason, the answers won’t come for weeks.

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  • JohnGiam

    Just sign drc now. He is young, he will Improve…you already need to replace Nmandi, and a million other positions. Can’t replace your entire secondary. Would like to see the entire secondary replaced besides drc, Boykin.and Coleman and Nate, but in backup roles instead of starters. Cut every single other corner and safety on this roster and start over! I don’t think Nmandi can play safety any better then he. Is playing corner. He has to go!

    Can we please start Brandon graham he rest of the season? He is the only defefensive end playing with heart, and one of the few players that has made the most of every snap he has gotten. His production per snap percentage is thru the chart. I would be wiling to bet, it compares to JPP. Would love to see an article about the statistical analysis between graham and Pierre Paul this ear for production per snap. I believe It would be surprisingly close

  • Me

    They need to get contracts extended NOW! This is the only way to hide $ on this year’s cap as a roster bonus, so they won’t have dead $ if they have to cut guys in the future.

  • JofreyRice

    Even though DRC is not playing at a probowl level, he’s not a liability like Asomugha is. I’d extend him, for no other reason than he’s probably the best we could get in the offseason. He’s a better cover corner than a lot of guys in the league, he’s just not ever going to be a good run defender. If the safeties could clean up, or prevent moderate plays from becoming “big” plays, it wouldn’t be such a glaring issue. I don’t know what you do about those guys; I never had a very high opinion on Coleman–never thought he should be starting–but I am very disappointed in Allen’s play this year.

    I think Boykin is a nickel cornerback. I’d rather not see him on the outside. Let him get comfortable playing the slot. It’s just as important as playing the outside nowadays, but requires a different skill set. Let him develop that skill set, rather than bouncing him around.

    Seems a bit premature to write-off Curtis Marsh. The guy might have been a former RB conversion project, but he was drafted in the third round. I agree that they don’t seem to have a lot of faith in him, but you’d really hope he can take the next step, or he’s just another failed high draft pick notch for Howie’s belt.

    Asomugha is a below average CB. I’d try to mix Marsh in on the outside to see if they need to draft another CB high.

    • Ryan

      Calling Nnam a liability is just flat-out moronic. Sure, he’s overpayed. But show me numbers/statistics that can back that ludicrous statement up. An inflated QBR does not to do, so sorry to burst your bubble.

      • JofreyRice

        I already showed you the stats above, why would I bother to look up any more? Obviously, you’re going to either discredit objective stats in favor of your own home-made stats from your Asomugha fansite, or you’re going to make obeservational selections for your side (i.e. ridiculous statements like the TD he gave up when he ran into the referee shouldn’t count).

        They didn’t even have him on Dez Bryant last game, because they know he can’t run with him. They had him on Miles Austin (who got injured in the 2nd quarter) or Ogletree. The guy is a below average CB. If he restructures and returns next year, it’s because they’d have to eat 4million to let him walk. He’s not a 4million/per year CB at this point, not even close.

        • daytoday

          how many catches did Nnamdi give up against calvin johnson? how bout last week vs dallas? they put DRC on dez bryant and he gave up 2 big plays, why dont u talk about that?
          – im telling you we have 2 great CBs and ppl in philly want 2 complain cuz they dont EVER give up catches, get real, EVERY CB gets beat in the league, if we had better safteys and our line was getting pressure, this wouldnt be an issue…

  • Ryan

    Yea, don’t mention that fact that Nnamdi has 9 PD, 1 INT, and has allowed just 15 completions on 34 targets. His QBR inflated by several TD’s, one of which was a 1 yarder when he ran into the ref. The guy is still playing good ball.

    • JofreyRice

      Where are your numbers from? Pro Football Focus has him down for 22 completions allowed on 38 targets, and allowing a passer rating of 109.5 when throwing at him, with only 6 passes defensed, and 3 TD’s allowed. He’s also had some very big DPI calls that have hurt the team in critical moments. And I’m talking about in both years he’s been here. It’s also clear that he’s a very shaky tackler in the open field, missing 6 tackles out of 28 opportunities. This is the guy who allowed 1 TD from 2008-2010.

      You don’t need stats though, you can watch the guy on the field. Forget getting lit up by Julio Jones; during his time in Philly, he’s been beaten by Brandon Gibson, Plaxico Burress, Jacoby Jones, Antonio Brown, Tandon Doss, Earl Bennett, and others. He’s lost the ability to flip his hips and run with receivers down the field; when the QB is targeting Asomugha, the best you’re hoping for is a bad throw. He’s clearly lost his recovery speed, and is completely clueless in how to play zone coverage. He was a one-trick-pony (press man boundary defender) that’s lost his ability to do that trick; kinda like if Desean Jackson started running like Jason Avant.

      • Johngiam

        Ryan. Leave the stats alone and watch the games. I know you aren’t seriously promoting paying Nmandi 15million next year when he will be one year older and another year slower. Coleman and Allen need to become back ups. I’m thru with marsh, Hughes, sims…get em all out! Draft the corner out of Alabama and sign or trade for a pro bowl guard. Bring in a coach who respects line backing that will get me a stud linebacker to play with Dameco, and Kendrick’s who I want to we moved to the WIL LB to make room for a nasty thumper at SAM. I’m sick of this philosophy of cover safetys! I don’t ever want to see a cover safety again. I want a REAL SAFETY that can BOTh cover and BRING THE RUCKUS!!! Is that really to much to ask. In a perfect world we could cut every single lineman and only keep graham, curry, cox and Thornton as a deep reserve…but replacing an entire line is unrealistic. So keep graham, curry, cox,mthorton, Landry, cole and Jenkins if he takes a serious payout. Bring in another impact tackle and End as well as a veteran reserve or two from outside the organization.

        On offense: Watkins has to go!!! We need to really trade for or sign a young pro bowl guard. Dunlap and bell both need to get out of here. Avant needs to become the number 4 receiver because, Macklin has to move into the slot, with it being the last chance to reach his potential. Riley cooper needs to be cut, because he won’t be needed since its imperative that we bring in a big receiver to play on the outside opposite of Djax. I can’t wait til the day that we move away from celeb. he is ridiculously inconsistent both n the pass game, and in blocking. Too many drops,or tips that lead to interceptions, and times where he tries to block but gets manhandled. I’m tired of it I expected more from him, and I’m tired of waiting. Honestlyi would give Harbor his reps right now. Harbor has made the most out of all his limited opportunities. Don’t think he dropped a pass all season. I would love to keep harbor as a number 2 and find a real premier big target tight end. Seems like everyone has one except us..

        But the most important change that needs to happen is the coaching. From the Oline, to the wide nine, to the pass heavy offense…it’s to much gimmicky finesse crap. Get me coaches that want to Len up and punch the opponent in the mouth in every facet of the game, while dominating the line of scrimmage. A coach that will actually try to attack the weakness of the opponent instead of always trying to fit the square peg in the round hole. Coaches that won’t continuously make the same stupid. Lock management mistakes…who can actually draft players without outsmarting the,selves with off the wall draft picks that never work out. A coach that won’t tell me that retain positions like linebackers just aren’t I portent. A coach that values every position, and understands that great players at any
        Position can make a difference in a game….and finally I want an owner who doesn’t seem to think that being 20million under the cap is allegedly an “all in” year!

        • Ryan

          I’m not a proponent of paying him $15 million next year, but by the same token I’m hoping we can work out a restructered deal to keep him around. We already have enough problems with this team, and CB doesn’t have to be an issue if DRC and Nnamdi are still around next year.

          Regardless, PFF’s stats are not the end all be all. I post on a site where we track Nnam’s stats after reviewing the All-22 and that’s what we have him down for. ESPN even has him at 9 PD while PFF has somehow managed to ignore those.

          Furthermore, he’s coming off of a game where he pitched a shutout. Yes, a shutout. Complaining about his tacklingall you want, but we payed him to come here and shut down his side of the field and he achieved that against Dallas, allowing 0 catches on 1 meager target. QB’s still clearly respect him, and it’s not like he hasn’t had other ups this season either. Sure, you could point o the Julio or Jacoby TD to say that he’s lost a step, but by the same token he did a remarkable job on Megatron when he we played Detroit (allowing 1 catch on 6 targets, including 3 PD and 1 INT). He pitched a shutout against Arizona too and was targeted just once.

          At the end of the day, sure, he’s overpaid and not living up to what turned out to be unfair standards, but he’s still playing good ball, which is all I said from the beginning.

  • Benjamin Gazzi

    Asante is laughing

    • distantfires

      and he’s a lousy tackler too.

  • Rudy

    Eagles suck!!! Httr!!! Rg3, rip #21 Sean Taylor

  • 85

    Nnamdi returning could depend on him taking a colossal pay cut to stay. At his number, there’s no chance he’s back. I think they’ll get DRC done. Whether they think he’s an absolute top-level guy or not, I can’t see them taking the chance of having to replace two starting CBs when it’s hard to find one.

  • MAC

    Signing him is making same mistakes been making. he can’t tackle and is not willing to tackle. we need team guys here with a will to win. even if it means a mediocre secondary while we find these guys then have to live with it. definitely do not resign him before get another coach bc we have no idea what kind of defensive backs will want. I am tired of paying talented guys with no heart or will to win. Let’s start bringing in team guys who want to lay it out there every week. Unless next year we think we have a shot at winning it all it’s time to rid our team of many of these guys.

  • anthony

    U said they are well OVER the cap next year. I thought they had the second most room under the cap for next yr

  • daytoday

    just restructure Nnamdis contract so he can stay, if we had better safteys this secondary would be much better than it is….but at the same time people seem to forget all the plays Nnamdi has made this yr, he shut down the best WR in the NFL “megatron” for 3 quaters, and last week vs dallas i dont even think he gave up a catch, just to name a few…

    – every corner in the NFL gets beat on plays so idk why ppl are acting like he is some bum, i have seen revis get tourched many times, along with every of CB in the league, its football, the rules are made for the offense, plus with the d-line not getting alot of pressure so far this yr its harder for our corners to cover WRs for a long time, its common sense

    – Nnamdi is a stand up guy on and off the field and does many great things in our community so i hope the fans dont try and run him outa town

    • Ryan

      Good post.