Maclin Defends Himself After Being Called Out By Aikman

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy MaclinJeremy Maclin got called out by Troy Aikman — and from there, a good portion of this fan base — for pulling up on a slant route Sunday to avoid contact. The receiver defended himself on Wednesday.

“I think it’s funny, personally,” said Maclin. “The only people that really understand what happened on that play are the people that are down on that football field. It wasn’t like I was easing off because I didn’t want to get hit, I thought I couldn’t make the catch on the ball so I was bracing myself for the hit. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

The play happened early in the third quarter. On first down Nick Foles targeted Maclin, who had Dallas safety Gerald Sensabaugh bearing down on him. Maclin appeared to cut off his route and prepared to absorb the hit.

“He saw Sensabaugh sitting there in the safety position, and he didn’t want any part of it,” Aikman said. “He knew it was going to be a big-time collision had he continued to go in and make a play on that ball, and he just said ‘No thank you.’”

Maclin had the 44-yard touchdown catch later in the drive.

Here are some still shots from the All-22 film:



Maclin injured his back after being flipped earlier in the game and had to leave the field briefly. He said that was not connected with the play in question.

“It has nothing to do with that,” said Maclin. “It was just the course of the play. I was taking a different angle, the ball is on a different angle. Simple as that.”

The ball looks catchable on film, hence why Maclin has been catching flak this week. To his point, though, it’s impossible to know what the actual angles were unless you were right there. It may very well have not looked like an uncatchable ball from his vantage point.

“So at the end of the day, if you want to call that soft or scared, so be it,” he said. “But anybody who understands, who has been here, I have gone across the middle and have gotten hit plenty of times and made plays, simple as that.”

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  • The Guru

    Hey Maclin….you’re going to get hit if you catch it. You’re going to get hit if you don’t catch it. Might as well catch it Mr. Softy. I’d trade his sorry ass in the off season.

    • FMWarner

      You would trade the best wide receiver on the team because he short-armed one pass? This is not a soft guy. He just made a soft play. You’re not going to be able to field a full roster if you trade everyone who’s taken a play off.

      • UncleCarm

        I agree FM. He short armed it, no matter how you want to re-engineer it, but one play does not a career make. Now if he does it again…. then we may have a problem.

      • The Guru

        I want to trade him because he misses 3 games a year, he’s never had a 1000 yd season, and you could easily get Dwayne Bowe from KC who would compliment Jackson much better. And Maclin is soft. Not only from that one play….anytime he gets hit he misses the next series.

      • Dutch

        He makes to many soft plays, that’s the problem. He’s more suited for flag football not running routes in the NFL. What good is Maclin if he has a fear of crossing routes?

  • philliesfan136

    Please, cut me a freaking break!! That play was nothing less than cowardice, he pulled up without the effort that any of the elite wide receivers in the league would have made. That is exactly what type of softness and lack of ” All out effort ” , that permeates this team. The team is soft, uninspired and not fun to watch. I have a quote for jeremy Maclin, if he want’s to keep it real……. ” For who……for what ! ” That’s how this team is playing, they know Andy’s gone and the broom is coming to sweep clean next year. I will answer the question for all the Eagles players that are jaking it out there…….for who ( for the fans! ), for what ( for yourself, your pride and your career! ) PS……Howie Fu%#ing Roseman BLOWS !! He brown-nosed ( with Joe Banners help ), his way from a salary cap – mail room boy, to the most important position of the franchise!! Shit runs down hill……..and i’m so, so tired of Jeffery Luries’ ” Gold standard/ Multiple championships ” bull s*&t running down my neck! Sell the dam team, pay Mommy back her, $ 185, 000,000.00 ( 185 million ) that she gave you to buy OUR team, and go make Documentaries. At least you know how to hire the best people to do that job! Gold standard of talk, that’s all we got birds fans.

    • ohitsdom

      “For who, for what” was my first thought as well…

      • Dutch

        my sentiments exactly……

    • big red hater

      jeff lurie is a spineless, clueless, cowardly weasel

    • FMWarner

      This is the kind of thing that makes it impossible to defend Philly fans with a straight face.

  • docboy

    even my 12 year old boy, watching the game with me, pointed out to me..” did he just alligator arm that?!? “

  • Bill Betts

    The best part that i love is how he says “The only people that really understand what happened on that play are the people that are down on that football field.” Um the person who called you out on national TV was Troy Aikman, aka Hall of Fame QB aka 3 Super Bowl Rings. So I am sure when a hall of fame QB see’s a wide out going across the middle then all the sudden pulls up before the ball was even there, knows what the fu*# he is talking about. All you are is a second rate wide out on a team with absolutely no heart and your performance on that play is how your team has been playing for the past 2 years. When you cash your check this week, you should put a mask on because you are doing nothing but stealing money from this organization.

  • Telmert

    Assuming my memory is OK, watch the tape and check Clay Harbor’s reaction – he was the closest receiver in the middle of the field. He went nuts after Maclin let the pass go. Maybe he thought he was being held or there was some other uncalled penalty, but it certainly looked like he was upset about Maclin opting out of the catch.

  • DoDobrown

    Al e gator arms

    • UKEagle99

      He short armed it but he ain’t taking Todd Pinkston’s crown… not yet anyhow.

  • zbone95

    Maclin is free agent this year just let him go and go after Bowe. He will complement D-jax’s speed very well with his physicality and route running and good hands.

    • Sb2bowl

      no, he’s a free agent next year. Do some research

  • Benjamin Ben Yisrael

    Why do people want to see one of our receivers get destroyed on a hit like that? In a game where a single play can easily end a guy’s season or career, it seems smart, even for the benefit of the team, to avoid getting crushed. Did anyone else catch the camera angle of the look that Maclin shot to Foles after that play? It was like “Hey rookie, that’s not how you lead a reciever…” I thought it was great. Everybody wants Vick to slide, and everybody’s glad DeSean knows how to get down after a catch over the middle, but now people want Maclin to take a stupid hit for crap yardage in a throw-away game in a season already flushed down the toilet? Come on. I say smart play by Maclin.

  • Rskuggs

    Once again this Fan Base shows how stupid they are. They parrot everything they hear from Color Analysts and Talk Show Hosts and adopt it as their own opinions.

    • Dutch

      Not true, Ricky Waters made the alligator arm, “For who, for what” famous in Philly. We have seen a player itch up on a route over the middle, he can’t be counted on when there is a need and the middle partially open, he’s either all in, or not at all.

  • Dutch

    Shades and images of Ricky Waters, “For who, For what” He plain old *itched up. Maclin has questionable physicality. It’s bad, Maclin Itched up in a nationally televised game. The entire league now knows he is scared of contact.

  • dig it

    Unfortunately JMac is yet another player with potential who came to Philly and never realized it.