Eagles Wake-Up Call: Vick And the Remainder Of the Season

A couple things regarding Michael Vick:

The Eagles do not plan on making a roster move at quarterback right now. They have had two QBs active for the majority of their games, and feel they can get by while Vick recovers from his concussion.

It is unknown exactly how long  that will take. According to a source who had a recent conversation with the signal-caller, the 32-year-old sounded “alert and strong.” While that is certainly good news, it is not necessarily an indicator that he is nearing a return. This week is out. Beyond that is more hazy. Vick still has to go through the NFL’s concussion protocol to be cleared.

In the meanwhile, Nick Foles gets to audition.

It has been suggested that Vick will be held out for the remainder of the year so that the Eagles can gather as much intel on Foles as possible. While I understand the thought process, I am not convinced that is how they will proceed. The first thing that needs to be considered is the divisional race. The Giants sit at 6-4 after dropping two in a row. Following their bye this week, their schedule goes like this: Green Bay, @Washington, New Orleans, @Atlanta, @Baltimore, Philadelphia.

That is not easy. The rest of the NFC East — even the Eagles, who have four division games remaining — could be alive for a while despite subpar records. Assuming this is still Andy Reid‘s call, you would think he would go with the quarterback he felt gave his team the best chance to win for as long as the team has a shot, however remote. If he determines that is Vick, then Vick is in.

“You don’t count anybody out in the National Football League. So, I’m surely not going to count this football team out,” said Reid.

As we explored here, Jeffrey Lurie could assert his power and force the coach’s hand if he wants to see the rookie for the remainder of the regular season. It seems unlikely the owner would make such a move before this team is eliminated from contention, however.

Also, though the wave of popular opinion has already pushed Vick out of town for 2013, I am accounting for at least the possibility that he returns. You would think that Lurie and Howie Roseman would consult the next head coach before making such an important football decision as who the quarterback will be. Seeing as we have no idea who that coach is, how can we know for sure what his take will be?

Vick’s hefty contract has to be figured in. But as Sheil pointed out on our show, the leverage is on the Eagles’ side and it is certainly possible they could convince Vick to restructure his deal.

Maybe they do cut ties and start fresh with a new quarterback to go with the new coach after this season. Call it the most likely scenario if you want. But until that decision is made, it makes sense to keep Vick invested. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


Even if Foles is lights out down the stretch, it will not be enough to save Reid.

What are the chances Foles is dynamite? We look at the rest of the rookie quarterbacks to see if they offer any insight.

Sheil’s review of the offensive skill position players includes Troy Aikman‘s tough words for Jeremy Maclin.

Here’s what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

Nnamdi, the blitzer? That’s what Kapadia’s All-22 review of the defense revealed.


The Washington Post looks at whether the Redskins are “licking their chops” with the Eagles up next.

When you consider the Eagles’ current woes, the Redskins’ issues nearly pale in comparison. Washington has also been losing games it could win, can’t cover in the secondary and hasn’t been able to make many plays in the passing game. But the quarterback and running back are young and trending up.  Injuries, to players like OLB Brian Orakpo, DE Adam Carriker, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Fred Davis and S Brandon Meriweather are a legitimate excuse for some of the Redskins’ poor play.

But at least Washington hasn’t checked out. Philly’s players could rally around Foles, but if they were going to rally, why didn’t they do it after their bye, against the Falcons… or against the Saints … or against the Cowboys? Washington is playing against a team that seems like it has no fight left in it. The Redskins, with a couple of successful drives early and a lead, can take advantage.

Les Bowen gives his thoughts on the upcoming head coaching search:

I’m pretty sure Lurie and Roseman will go for a “bright young man” type. Of course, that has its risks, too. A lot of those guys look less bright, once they’re in charge. See Steve Spagnuolo, Todd Haley, Ron Rivera, Tony Sparano, etc.

The guy that everybody is talking about, in regard to every potential NFL coaching vacancy, is Oregon coach Chip Kelly, who certainly is a successful innovator. I am leery. Kelly has never spent a minute in the NFL, as a player or coach. “Pure” college coaches have been really, really unsuccessful in the NFL lately — Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino. Yes, Jim Harbaugh and Greg Schiano have been good hires, but both had strong NFL backgrounds, which they took to college coaching, before returning to the NFL.


The Eagles begin preparations for the Redskins. All eyes will be on Foles as he gets ready for his first start in the NFL.

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  • Sure, mathematically we’re still in the East…but with this defense (and now special teams) does anybody really think we have a chance?

    It’s a perfect opportunity to see what Foles can do. Because everybody on the staff is a Reid Sheep, we can’t go the interim head coach right now because what would be the point?

    But we can find out what Foles is made of (and from the small sample size Sunday, I like it) and get ready for 2013…

    • southy

      the good thing? it may not matter. if foles plays well this week and we win, that’s a good argument to keep him in and not rush vick back. if he wins again, well, ride the hot hand.

      if he loses? we’ll be circling the drain pipe anyway, so you keep him playing.

  • If we win the Washington game and Dallas loses then expect to see Vick again. If they don’t, then there is a better than even chance Foles stays in.

    • defroe81

      if foles has a decent showing behind the same offensive line with limited sacks what will we think then?

  • BrickSquadMonopoly

    Thank you for writing this its the first time I’ve heard anything positive about Vick. I am a HUGE Michael Vick fan, but an Eagles fan first. With that said theres clearly aspects Vick could improve on ie. pre snap looks but he is not to blame how the offense is performing i think we all know its more about this horrible OC and this undiscipined “players” coach. Most of Vick’s turnovers are fluke so I’m not worried about him being able to adjust and protect the ball more and I feel the wideouts need to be bigger threats in the red zone (a fade to riley cooper…really?), but that just may go back to the OC.

    • saunhi

      Pay attention to what commentators who have actually Played the game have to say.

      Ray Lewis, Ditka, Young, Theisman have all said Eagles lack of protection make it Impossible for the QB to succeed.

      Defenses punish the QB to kill his ability to focus- and the Eagles lack of depth has allowed the QB to be punished all season.

  • The Guru

    Michael Vick in his career has played 120 games. He has 120 turnovers (81 INTs and 39 fumbles lost) in those 120 games. He’s going to be 33 yrs old. He has giant accuracy issues and durability issues. He has no idea how to read a defense or where the blitz is coming from. There is ZERO point to bringing him back next season. You cannot win with him.

    • atlvickfan

      Peyton Manning in his career has played 217 games. He has 223 turnovers (204 INTs and 19 fumbles lost) in those 217 games. Vick read defenses and threw the ball accurately in 2010 when they blocked for him. They absolutely can win with him.

      • The Guru

        Oh you must know that from all Vick’s rings and playoff wins. My mistake. Vick has gotten 2 coaches fired already in his career. He’s about to make it # 3. But you’re right….you can win with him! hahahahaa

        • atlvickfan

          What have Dan Reeves and Jim Mora accomplished in their careers after Vick “got them fired”? Way to deflect the conversation away from your feeble attempt to highlight his so-called turnover problem.

  • big red and vick hater

    yea tim, lets keep vick cause he’s really good…..tubby is a very good coach too….way to brother-in-law your buddies in this post.